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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Hubberholme St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Hubberholme lies in northwestern Yorkshire high in the Pennine range and in the headwaters of the River Wharfe. Hubberholme was created from Arncliffe parish in 1765 shortly after the start of this transcription period. Hubberholme is located about 14 miles northeast of the market town of Settle. Hubberholme itself is little more than a hamlet, its main centre of population being the small village of Buckden some 2 miles away down the valley. Buckden sits on the B6160 road which runs along the valley from Ilkley eventually crossing the moors to Aysgarth. Hubberholme is very much an upland parish, dominated by sheep farming supplemented by some quarrying and coal-mining at the time of this transcript. Today Hubberholme sits at the centre of extensive grouse shooting estates but also earns a major living from the hikers who frequent Upper Wharfedale in particular along the popular Dales Way hiking trail. The Wharfe drains the parish southeastwards heading eventually for the North Sea through the Humber estuary. Hubberholme is sited at 240 metres above the sea but the land is extremely hilly with local heights rising to over 700 metres on nearby Buckden Pike, the landscape being attractive to all outdoors types. Hubberholme parish, in common with most upland parishes, was large; it covered an extensive area of over 13,000 acres, mostly rough moorland and sheep-run, and supported a population of around 450 parishioners. In Domesday times Hubberholme was held by one Roger of Poitou but its impoverished upland setting saw it taxed to just 0.7 of a geld unit reflecting the area's lack of assets.

The Church

St Michael's church stands in the hamlet of Hubberholme itself and sits on the northern bank of the Wharfe by the bridge. The church is an ancient structure dating from the Norman period of the 12th century. The western tower in particular reflects those Romanesque styles of that period. The church received a major extension in the 16th century, the northern arcade being in the Perpendicular style of that period. The church's main interest, however, is internal, the rood loft (dated by Pevsner to 1558) is one of the few surviving in Yorkshire and the only one in the West Riding; worth a visit on its own. The church is accessed from a small parking area on Stubbing Lane and sits behind a low local stone wall, there are few impediments to photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1754 - 1767 No registers exist for marriages in this period any such marriages would have occurred at Arncliffe
1 24th January 1767 - 26th May 1812 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/HBB/1/4
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 7th July 1813 - 1st June 1837 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/HBB/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Hawes St Margaret
Stalling Busk St Matthew
Aysgarth St Andrew
Horton in Ribblesdale St Oswald
Aysgarth St Andrew
Kettlewell St Mary
Horton in Ribblesdale St Oswald
Arncliffe St Oswald
Arncliffe St Oswald
Kettlewell St Mary

1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 24/01/1767 James SMITH     Dorothy HEBDEN Single  
2 26/11/1767 George SLATER Single   Isabel WEATHERHEAD    
3 14/01/1768 John IBBOTSON Single   Ann ROUNTHWAITE Single  
4 20/01/1768 Adam MASON     Ann WALLACE Single  
5 08/03/1768 Christopher IBBOTSON Single   Margaret MAUGHAM Single  
6 02/07/1768 Matthew SLINGER Widower Aysgarth Margaret COATES Single  
7 19/01/1769 Robert WALLACE Single   Alice COATES Single  
8 20/02/1769 John CRAGG   Horton In Ribblesdale Sarah ATKINSON    
9 13/04/1769 John PALEY Single Aysgarth Annas LODGE Single  
10 24/04/1769 James TENNANT Single   Jane ATKINSON Single  
11 14/11/1769 Lawrence TENNANT     Jane BROOK Single  
12 03/07/1770 Paul TENNANT     Margery TAILFORTH Single  
13 19/09/1770 Thomas IBBOTSON     Isabella RAMEL Single  
14 25/03/1771 Thomas YEADON   West Witton Isabella BARROWS Single  
15 03/06/1771 John WALLACE Widower   Isabel DUCKIT Widow  
16 10/10/1771 Joseph TENNANT Single   Jane SPENCE Widow  
17 13/05/1772 Michael FROST Single   Isabel WILKINSON Single  
18 13/10/1772 Thomas DOWNHAM Single   Fanny HEBDEN Single  
19 07/12/1772 Christopher METCALF Single Aysgarth Margaret SIMPSON Single  
20 24/12/1772 Isaac SHARP Single   Agnes LAWSON Single  
21 10/10/1774 Thomas LODGE Single   Margery CHAPMAN Single  
22 21/08/1775 Robert LAW Single   Ann WILSON Single  
23 22/08/1775 Christopher FALSHAW Single   Elizabeth WHITAKER Single  
24 08/11/1775 Thomas HORNER   Coverham Isabel TENNANT    
25 09/11/1775 John LODGE Single   Jane LODGE Single  
26 09/01/1776 William CALVERT Single Kettlewell Elizabeth FALSHAW Single  
27 17/06/1776 Matthew LOUD     Isabel CARABELL Widow  
28 18/01/1777 Richard SHAW Single   Alice HEBDEN Single  
29 13/05/1777 John MAUGHAM     Ann PARKER Single  
30 20/09/1777 Thomas PROCTOR   Horton In Ribblesdale Mary ATKINSON    
31 23/12/1777 William BUTTERFIELD   Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland Jane WILSON Single  
32 03/03/1778 James FOSTER     Martha WRAY Single  
33 23/04/1778 Christopher BEVERLEY   Aysgarth Mary LODGE Single  
34 01/01/1781 Lodge HERD     Elizabeth JUDD Single  
35 03/09/1781 Stephen TENNANT Single   Susan HEBDEN Single  
36 12/08/1782 George SLINGER   Baildon Sarah HEMSLEY    
37 02/11/1782 John METCALF   Richmond Isabel MASON Single  
38 06/03/1783 Stephan SHARP   Burnsall Agnes HEBDEN Single  
39 08/05/1783 Lawrence HEBDEN Single   Elizabeth FOSTER Single  
40 22/05/1783 Thomas PROCTOR Single Horton In Ribblesdale Elizabeth LODGE Single  
41 16/06/1783 Thomas FROST     Mary WILSON Single  
42 29/11/1783 Jacob ELSTON   Burnsall Agnes ATKINSON Single  
43 11/12/1783 Edward BOOTH   Keighley Agnes LODGE Single  
44 25/05/1784 Christopher FALSHAW Single   Rachel WALLACE Single  
45 23/12/1784 William FROST Single   Elizabeth LEVENS Single  
46 01/02/1785 John Driver HEATON   Kildwick Nancy CALVERT   Arncliffe
47 03/03/1785 Gurling WIGHTON   Spofforth Hannah LAWSON Single Arncliffe
48 11/07/1785 James FAWCETT Single   Ann FROST Single  
49 24/11/1785 William SWINBANK Single   Elizabeth TENNANT Single  
106 22/03/1786 Thomas ADLINGTON   Lancaster, Lancashire Alice STOUT Single  
50 08/01/1787 Thomas SPENCE Single   Nancy LAWSON Single  
52 28/01/1787 Thomas METCALF     Ann PARKER Single  
53 19/05/1787 Anthony BAINES   Kettlewell Agnes ATKINSON Single  
54 01/12/1787 Henry TENNANT     Elizabeth CAMPBELL Single  
55 20/12/1787 James COLTON     Isabel TENNANT Single  
56 03/01/1788 John DRAKE Single Kettlewell Ann WALLACE Single  
57 24/02/1789 James ROBERTS Single Linton Alice COATES Single  
58 18/10/1789 Richard MASON   Gressingham, Lancashire Ann SLINGER Single  
59 09/10/1790 John JACKSON   Horton In Ribblesdale Mary FOSTER    
60 15/11/1790 William ANDERSON Single   Susanna WILSON Single  
61 11/10/1792 Thomas SLINGER     Dorothy REYNARD    
62 24/12/1792 Timothy HOLMES   Haworth Peggy HEBDEN Single  
63 12/02/1793 Christopher HILL Widower   Ellen SLINGER Single  
64 13/05/1793 Robert FAWCET   Dent Bella CALVERT Single Arncliffe
65 29/03/1794 Marmaduke DRAKE   Kettlewell Elizabeth COATES    
66 13/07/1794 William TAYLOR Single   Fanny DOWNHAM Widow  
67 13/10/1794 Robert SPENCE     Ann BECK    
68 20/07/1795 George BUTLER   Clayworth, Nottinghamshire Alice WALLACE Single  
69 17/08/1795 John FROST     Mary FAWCET    
70 10/10/1795 Francis FRYER   Grinton Elizabeth IBBOTSON Single  
71 08/08/1796 John Bake ELLIS   Ripon Peggy LODGE Single  
72 12/09/1796 Robert HARTLEY     Easter WETHERELL Widow  
73 21/11/1796 John PRESTON Single   Margaret CAMPBELL Single  
74 11/04/1797 George METCALF Widower Kirkby Malham Ann ARMITSTEAD Single Arncliffe
75 22/04/1797 William BENTHAM Single Horton In Ribblesdale Ann TEMPEST Single Arncliffe
76 30/09/1797 John SHACKELTON Single   Ann STOTT Single  
77 10/10/1797 Peter BERESFORD Single   Barbara METCALF Widow  
78 14/12/1797 John FOSTER     Betty WALLACE    
79 25/12/1797 Thomas PARKER Single   Isabella BROWN Single  
80 22/05/1798 Henry GILL Widower Linton Mary WILSON Single  
81 25/09/1798 Roger PALEY Single Aysgarth Fanny FOSTER Single  
82 02/10/1798 Thomas ATKINSON Single   Nancy PARKER Single  
83 01/12/1798 Richard FOSTER Single   Ann COATES Single  
84 08/12/1799 Allen BLENKIHORN   Hawes Eleanor WILSON    
85 01/01/1800 Christopher ELLIOTT Single   Nancy FAWCETT Single  
86 19/02/1800 Henry COLTON Single   Ellen CHAMELEY Single  
87 25/02/1800 James ROW Single   Ellen FALSHAW Single  
88 07/06/1800 John HAMMOND Single   Mary WALLACE Single  
89 27/12/1800 Thomas DAVIS   Aysgarth Elisabeth FALSHAW    
90 17/02/1801 Edward CLEASBY Single Aysgarth Mary JACKSON Widow  
91 08/04/1801 John KIRKBY   Pateley Bridge Ann MASON Single  
92 08/11/1802 George WILLAN Single Melling By Tunstall, Lancashire Elizabeth MASON Single  
93 30/04/1804 Reuben DOWNHAM Single   Fanny METCALF Single  
94 01/12/1804 Roger HEBDEN Single   Isabel COATES    
95 29/12/1804 James ALDERSON Single   Peggy TENNANT    
96 30/08/1805 John DUCKWORTH   Huddersfield Anne CALVERT    
97 21/12/1805 John ROBINSON   Arncliffe Anne CALVERT    
98 26/12/1805 Charles HOLGATE Single Kettlewell Nanny HAMMOND Single  
13/10/1806 Richard BROWN Single Kettlewell Alice TAILFORTH Single  
14/09/1807 Joseph MITTON Single Horton In Ribblesdale Ellin STOTT Single  
31/12/1807 Richard FALSHAW Single Kettlewell Margaret WALLACE Single  
102 22/08/1808 Robert HUDSON     Jane FALSHAW Single  
103 26/11/1808 Samuel PICKERING     Elizabeth CARTER Single  
104 05/10/1809 Edmund MITTON     Mary STOTT Single  
105 30/12/1809 John BROWN     Dorothy WEBSTER Single  
107 01/05/1810 Thomas TOMLIN     Nancy LAMBERT    
108 10/09/1810 Joseph TOMLIN     Hannah ROBINSON    
109 01/07/1811 Stephen JEBSON     Ruth FROST    
110 04/01/1812 Joseph JACKSON   Marrick Jane BRADLEY    
111 26/05/1812 William AYRTON   Arncliffe Elizabeth METCALFE    
1 07/07/1813 John CHANDLER     Isabella TENNANT Single  
2 29/07/1813 John MAUGHAM     Alice TENNANT Single  
3 22/11/1813 William MITTON     Mary CALVERT Single  
4 23/11/1813 James CRAGG Single   Isabella PARKER Widow  
5 25/03/1815 William CHAPMAN Single   Alice SUNTER Single  
6 21/11/1815 John COATES Single   Elizabeth DINSDALE Single  
7 25/11/1815 Thomas MOOR Single   Ellen COLLIER Single  
8 30/03/1816 James DINSDALE Single Bentham Jane PARKER Single  
9 03/09/1816 James KEEN Single   Edith TENNANT Single  
10 01/03/1817 Christopher TOMLINSON Widower Aysgarth Isabella MASON Single  
11 02/08/1817 James METCALFE Single Aysgarth Margaret CALVERT Single  
12 23/05/1818 William SPENCE Single Kettlewell Mary MITTON Single  
13 06/06/1818 Christopher HUDSON Single Aysgarth Frances METCALFE Single  
14 19/09/1818 James TOMLINSON Widower   Dorothy HARRISON Single  
15 14/01/1819 John CHAPMAN Single   Mary LAWSON Single  
16 18/05/1820 Francis COATES Widower Aysgarth Ellen GREENWOOD Single  
17 03/01/1821 Robert AIREY Single Kettlewell Isabel PROCTER Single  
18 26/05/1821 John MASON Single   Mary COATES Single  
19 23/07/1821 John METCALFE Single Aysgarth Mary Ann ELLIS Single  
20 02/02/1822 Anthony WILLIS Single Aysgarth Ellen RILEY Single  
21 10/10/1822 John Kirkby LODGE Single   Elizabeth FOSTER Single  
22 24/04/1823 Robert IBBOTSON Single Deane, Lancashire Elizabeth GREENWOOD Single  
23 16/12/1824 John TEMPEST Single   Margaret LATHAM Single  
24 25/01/1825 John LAMBERT Single   Ellen MILLER Single  
25 24/11/1825 Matthew HESLEDEN Single   Elizabeth METCALFE Single  
26 13/03/1826 William ATKINSON Single   Sarah SPENCE Single  
27 29/06/1826 George BERESFORD Single   Mary SLINGER Single Aysgarth
28 30/11/1826 Richard FAWCETT Single   Anne WILSON Single  
29 14/04/1827 William DIXON Single Kettlewell Ellen COATES Widow  
30 19/05/1827 Mark BERESFORD Single   Jane MITTON Single  
31 26/11/1827 John WRATHALL Single   Elizabeth ATKINSON Single  
32 09/02/1828 Michael BUCK Widower Aysgarth Elizabeth METCALFE Widow  
33 30/04/1829 Allan LAWSON Single   Frances ROBINSON Single  
34 08/06/1829 Simon METCALFE Single   Agnes PARKER Single  
35 29/08/1829 William BALDERSTON Widower Aysgarth Elizabeth LODGE Widow  
36 17/04/1830 Thomas METCALFE Single Sedbergh Hannah LAMBERT Single  
37 06/01/1831 Henry INMAN Single Kettlewell Grace PAWSON Single  
38 31/03/1831 John TENNANT Single   Mary HEARFIELD Single  
39 13/04/1831 John METCALFE Single   Betty RYDER Single Coverham
40 04/06/1831 John HARRISON Single Kettlewell Alice DOWNHAM Single  
41 13/12/1831 James METCALFE Single   Betty WHITFIELD Single  
42 21/02/1832 John MOORE Single   Dinah WOOD Single  
43 05/11/1832 Robert RAMSDEN Single   Margaret DOWNHAM Single  
44 18/12/1832 William NELSON Single   Mary ANDERSON Single Aysgarth
45 08/02/1834 Allan LAWSON Widower   Catherine SMART Single  
46 15/02/1834 James HILLERY Single Kettlewell Barbara DOWNHAM Single Arncliffe
47 24/02/1834 Thomas MAWER Single Arncliffe Elizabeth LAWSON Single Arncliffe
48 07/02/1835 William AYRTON     Susanna DOWNHAM    
49 12/02/1835 John SHAW   Gilling West Sarah BROWN    
50 02/05/1835 John TOMLINSON     Elizabeth BARTON    
51 01/10/1835 John METCALFE     Elizabeth MILNES    
52 16/12/1835 Thomas BRUNTON     Ann CLARK    
53 26/12/1835 Reuben WILSON   Bradford Susannah ALDERSON    
54 01/02/1836 Thomas IDLE     Margaret BURDEN    
55 21/04/1836 John METCALFE     Sarah HERFIELD    
56 02/03/1837 John TOMLIN     Margaret CHAMLEY    
57 25/03/1837 Adam LODGE     Mary FOSTER    
58 01/06/1837 Thomas HEARFIELD     Sarah ADAMSON    

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