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Scawton St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Scawton lies in the central portion of North Yorkshire, Scawton is located roughly 7 miles east of the market town of Thirsk. Scawton is a rather small village, little more of a hamlet which lies within the North Yorkshire Moors National Park about a mile north of the A170 road which links Thirsk with Helmsley. There is really not much to present day Scawton, a mere scatter of farms and cottages along a narrow winding lane which rises from the valley of the River Rye to join the A170 on the heights of Scawton Moor. The main occupation of this parish would have been pastoral farming, much of the land (roughly a 1/3rd was poor quality heather moorland) would have been put to sheep with a few cattle and some arable crops in the valley. A series of deeply incised dales drain the parish northeastwards to the Rye, this is headed eastwards to join the Derwent at Malton and from there head to the sea through the Humber Estuary. Scawton is sited at around 200 metres above the sea and much of the parish is higher still, rising a further 60 metres to the A170. By the standards of the North Yorkshire Moors Scawton was a small parish yet it still covered almost 2,800 acres and supported around 140 parishioners. In Domesday times Scawton was held jointly by one Count Robert of Mortain & Robert Malet, the assets of the parish were not explicitly stated but the tax of 5 geld units was above that expected of today's settlement.

The Church

St Mary's church lies on the eastern side of Scawton's main lane. The church is a rare example of a rather sympathetically restored church which the Victorians did not unduly spoil, sufficient for Pevsner to award "a bouquet" to the relevant architects. The building is ancient, probably dating from the 11th century, with many Norman and early English style features that place much of the fabric in that century or the next. The building is a simple one of nave, chancel, southern porch and a little bell turret as befits a small community but is totally immaculate. The church sits with its western end facing the road, a low stone wall separates from the traffic and a wooden gate grants access. This is a very open site, a solitary tree singularly fails to impede photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 17th August 1754 - 7th November 1812 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/SCN/1/2
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 1st December 1814 - 30th January 1836 North Yorkshire Record Office - Reference - PR/SCN/1/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Cold Kirby St Michael
Cold Kirby St Michael
Old Byland All Saints
Helmsley All Saints
Cold Kirby St Michael
Kilburn St Mary
Helmsley All Saints
Kilburn St Mary
Kilburn St Mary
Ampleforth St Hilda
Helmsley All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
15/01/1754 John SIGSWORTH     Ann MANNERS   Helmsley
17/08/1754 John HOLLIDAY   Helmsley Elizabeth DALE Single  
25/03/1755 John WEETMAN   Cold Kirby Ann BRADLAY Single  
04/05/1755 Mark THOMPSON   Helmsley Elizabeth SIGSWORTH Single  
03/02/1756 Matthew WARD   Gilling East Mary SPENCE Single  
00/12/1756 Richard HAGG     Jane FOE    
29/09/1757 Thomas WHITFIELD   Helmsley Mary MUNCASTER Single  
24/08/1758 James BOWES   Helmsley Alitheah STURDY Single  
09/08/1759 Francis MUNCASTER     Frances ELLERKOR   Helmsley
02/09/1760 Thomas HUDSON     Elizabeth LAYTON   St Martin Coney St, York
19/04/1761 William ANDERSON     Jane COATS Single  
12/05/1761 Anthony FLINTOFF     Ellen MASON   Bilsdale
28/05/1761 John HARRINSON   Egton Ann YORK Single  
00/04/1763 John BRADLEY     Ann HOWTHWATE    
05/04/1763 Robert HOGGART   Bilsdale Ann TAYLOR Single  
23/04/1764 Thomas BIGNEL   Thirsk Isabel HARDWICK Single  
26/11/1764 William PECKIT     Jane SALMON Single  
01/01/1765 Thomas DOBSON     Mary NORDUS Single  
29/09/1765 Silvester STURDY     Sarah SMITH Single Old Byland
31/03/1766 William HORNBY   Old Byland Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
11/09/1766 Robert MEYNELL   Husthwaite Ann HORNBY    
06/01/1767 Anthony TEMPLE   Richmond Arabella BECKETT    
01/10/1768 David WINDROSS     Jane HARDWICK Single  
17/02/1770 William HAWKINS     Isabella GOODRICK Widow  
01/05/1770 Joseph CHILTON     Ann SHARR Widow Old Byland
03/07/1770 William WINDROSS     Ellenor KNOWLES    
08/01/1771 John CARTER   Hawnby Christian HARDWICK    
03/02/1771 William WALKINGTON     Ann WEETMAN    
00/00/1774 Charles DALE     Rachel SOWLER   Kirklevington
25/04/1774 Thomas BRADLEY     Ann DOBSON Single Old Byland
24/10/1774 Benjamin SMITH   Kilburn Ellen BRADLEY    
26/11/1776 William TAYLOR     Anne FEATHERSTONE   Stonegrave
00/00/1777 Christopher BLENCHAM   Helmsley Jane TAYLOR    
30/12/1777 John HOLLYDAY Single Felixkirk Ann MEYNELL Single  
09/01/1778 Robert HILAGH     Mary COOPER    
24/04/1780 George FISHER     Anne LUMLEY    
01/01/1781 Richard BELT     Rachel STOREY    
26/11/1781 Richard GOODRICK     Jane MORTON    
20/12/1781 Robert IBBISON   Old Byland Elizabeth THOMPSON Single  
02/11/1784 William MARTIN   Kilburn Mary TAYLOR Single  
22/02/1786 James DOBSON     Jane BRADLEY    
07/08/1786 Thomas HODGSON     Mary JOHNSON   Ampleforth
05/09/1786 Christopher BULMER   Osmotherley Mary MOTHERSILL    
20/09/1786 Marmaduke TAYLOR     Ann SIMPSON   Helmsley
10/04/1787 Thomas FOSTER     Jane TAYLOR    
25/07/1787 Thomas YORK Single   Mary ROBINSON Single Masham
13/12/1787 William GARBUT     Mary BRADLEY    
26/08/1793 Richard BELT     Mary HUNTER Single  
20/04/1795 James DOBSON   Hovingham Ann SPENCE    
04/02/1796 John STAINER   New Malton Elizabeth HUNTER Single  
26/02/1797 John YORK Widower   Elizabeth SICKISON Single Cold Kirby
01/05/1797 Thomas HUNTER   Stonegrave Susannah WALKINGTON Single  
04/06/1797 Alexander BARTHOLOMAN   All Saints Pavement, York Mary RICHARDSON    
20/02/1798 John YORK     Elizabeth WEEPMAN Single  
01/07/1798 George WINDROSS   Cold Kirby Rachel FAWSITT    
15/09/1800 John THOMPSON     Elizabeth BLENCKHORN    
21/12/1800 Joseph BROWN     Ann GARBUT Single  
20/12/1801 William PAMLEY Widower   Sarah COWPER Single  
02/02/1803 Thomas WRIGHT     Mary IBBETSON    
24/05/1803 Thomas FOSTER     Elizabeth YORK    
07/04/1804 John THOMPSON   Cold Kirby Ann BELT    
09/12/1806 William COAL     Elizabeth RICHARDSON   Helmsley
22/09/1807 George THOMPSON     Hannah BELT    
04/01/1808 Thomas WEIGHTMAN     Mary DOBSON    
03/02/1812 William MARSHALL     Elizabeth GOODRICK Single  
07/11/1812 Charles DALE     Hannah COVERDALE Single  
1 01/12/1814 James DINNIS     Susannah GOODRICK Single  
2 15/04/1816 John ADAMSON   Hawnby Elizabeth SMITH Single  
3 06/05/1819 John BELT     Mary RICHARDSON Single  
4 03/08/1819 John YORK     Jane LUMLEY Single  
5 20/01/1820 Marmaduke TAYLOR     Mary WEIGHTMAN Widow  
6 15/04/1822 Robert HUNTON   Old Byland Mary MILLER Single  
7 13/01/1823 Thomas FOSTER     Elizabeth BRUGH Single  
8 01/05/1823 Thomas FOSTER     Martha BOWES Single  
9 09/12/1823 William WILSON     Ann JONES Single  
10 24/12/1823 Thomas ROBINSON     Esther BELT Single  
11 24/11/1824 Matthew SNOWDON   Kirkdale Margaret WILSON    
12 29/01/1825 William LUMLEY     Rebecca FISHER    
13 01/02/1825 Stephen TIREMAN   Helmsley Eliza TAYLOR Single  
14 11/04/1825 Luke FISHER     Ann LUMLEY Single  
15 03/07/1826 Benjamin TAYLOR   Hovingham Caroline Jane LIDDLE Single  
16 20/11/1827 John DOBSON     Sarah WILLEY Single Helmsley
17 24/11/1827 William HOWSTON     Elizabeth SMITH Widow  
18 23/08/1828 Robert WALKER   Cold Kirby Elizabeth SUNLEY Single  
19 31/10/1829 William MASTERMAN   Ampleforth Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
20 15/08/1831 Thomas HUGGON     Harriot GRAIM Single  
21 14/01/1833 Barnabas SIGSWORTH   Easingwold Mary TAYLOR Single  
22 15/01/1833 George DOBSON Single   Mary ROBINSON Widow  
23 12/07/1833 Richard GOODRICK Single   Ann BRIGNALL Single  
24 03/03/1835 William WORTHY Single   Sarah DOBSON Widow  
25 12/10/1835 George WALKINGTON Widower   Jane MED Widow Helmsley
26 30/01/1836 Christopher LONG   Coxwold Jane WARD Single  

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