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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Skipwith St Helen


The Parish

The parish of Skipwith lies in southern Yorkshire, within the East Riding but close to its border with the West Riding. Skipwith is located about 5 miles northeast of the market town of Selby and sits, in lanes, about 2 miles north of the A163 road which connects Selby through to Holme upon Spalding Moor. Skipwith is an extensive parish and the village which grants its name is not the main settlement within the parish, that title goes to the township of North Duffield which sits upon the A163. Skipwith parish is dominated by the Common, one of the last remaining areas of lowland heath in the county and now a National Nature Reserve and a wonderful resource for hiking and wildlife watching for the local area. The heath, in late-mediaeval times, constituted almost half of the area of the parish and would have enabled a variety of activities to supplement the normal mixed farming regime of these lowland areas of the county. Skipwith is drained eastwards into the nearby River Derwent which heads south joining the Ouse before reaching the sea through the Humber Estuary. Both Skipwith village and, indeed, North Duffield are sighted at close to 10 metres above the sea, land is at or even below that level for many miles in what would have been a vast fenland in mediaeval times. As mentioned Skipwith parish was rather extensive, covering over 5,600 acres it was more reminiscent in area of an upland parish, the parish would have supported a population of close to 600 parishioners albeit only 250 would have been resident in Skipwith village and its immediate area. In Domesday times Skipwith was a tiny place, a holding of Hugh the son of Baldric it could muster just 4 plough and some extensive woodland.

The Church

St Helen's church sits at the western end of Skipwith village, on the northern side of Main Street close to a Norman moated site and Skipwith Hall. The church is ancient and probably one of the older within its area. The earliest portion is the western tower Pevsner notes that it began life as a porch to a short nave in the Anglo-Saxon period of the 10th century. The tower became a tower in the 11th century when the upper stages were added. Other Saxon features include the archway to the nave which also dates from similar pre-Conquest dates. The church was given by King William to the Bishop of Durham in 1084 and much building work dates from the century subsequent as the church was developed into a major structure of the late 13th century. The clerestory of the post-Reformation period and the rebuilt southern porch from the restoration of the 1870s are the only significant addition from later periods to what is a splendid building seemingly too splendid for the village setting within which it sits. Main Street peters out beyond the church and carries little traffic enabling parking on the verge without difficulty, the church sits behind a low brick wall with metal gates granting entry, the churchyard is open and without obstacles impeding photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 12th September 1754 - 6th December 1812 Borthwick Institute York - Reference PR/SKIP/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 28th August 1813 - 4th January 1837 Borthwick Institute York - Reference PR/SKIP/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 register - few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Escrick St Helen
Escrick St Helen
Thorganby St Helen
Thorganby St Helen
Riccall St Mary
Ellerton St Mary
Aughton All Saints
Bubwith All Saints
Riccall St Mary
Hemingbrough St Mary
Bubwith All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 12/09/1754 Robert JACKSON   Aughton Margaret CAWOOD    
2 26/11/1754 Thomas GALL     Mary GREY    
3 28/11/1754 John HAILSTONES   Bubwith Mary GALL    
4 17/12/1754 Thomas RINGROSE     Elizabeth DAINTIFF    
5 16/01/1755 Joseph WALLS   Riccall Margaret ROULER    
6 17/02/1755 Thomas FLETCHER   Thorganby Elizabeth BELL    
7 23/02/1755 John HAY     Mary LEIGHTON    
8 17/06/1755 William LAVERACK     Ann HOOSE    
9 26/08/1755 William COPLEY     Mary HOOSE    
10 18/12/1755 John NICKLESON     Elizabeth FOGG    
11 20/01/1756 George ELSWORTH   Hemingbrough Grace TANFIELD    
12 17/03/1756 Thomas TOPHAM   Selby Ann HAILSTON    
13 23/05/1756 George ATKINSON     Mary STUBBINGS    
14 25/05/1756 Richard ABBY     Ann CASTLE   Thorganby
15 27/05/1756 William HOUSE     Annabella CHATTY    
16 14/12/1756 John MALEVERER     Mary CASTLE   Thorganby
17 03/02/1757 William LISTER     Mary THOMPSON    
18 26/04/1757 William COUSINS   Stillingfleet Anne STOAKES    
19 30/05/1757 Thomas LISTER     Elizabeth MASTERMAN    
20 05/06/1758 Banastre WALTON   Colne, Lancashire Jane TOULSON    
21 22/08/1758 Robert HOUSE     Mary WEBSTER    
22 14/09/1758 William SPINK   Hemingbrough Sarah EVISON    
23 22/11/1758 John SUMERTON     Mary ALLAN    
24 26/12/1758 William SAVAGE     Isabel BAYNES    
25 21/01/1759 Robert HEALES   Drax Ann HEALES    
26 20/03/1759 Fenwick LONGFELLOW   Riccall Elizabeth HOOF    
27 29/05/1759 Matthew BEILBY   Aughton Anne COPLEY    
28 04/09/1759 Thomas JACKSON     Mary WOOD    
29 02/10/1759 Thomas CLARK     Elizabeth ATKINSON    
30 29/10/1759 John ATKINSON   Whitewell, Lancashire Moillard CALVART    
31 27/11/1759 John BREX     Jane STYAN    
32 16/06/1760 John WILLIAMSON     Ann JACKSON    
33 30/06/1760 Francis TOWNLEY     Ann CREASER    
34 01/07/1760 John CARR     Mary WAIT    
35 30/12/1760 Allan EDMONDSON     Mary JACKSON    
36 14/07/1761 Benjamin COVERDALE   St Mary The Younger Bishophill, York Anne WILLIAMSON    
37 27/08/1761 William SEYMOUR     Hannah BROWN   Thorganby
38 23/11/1761 George ECCLES   Riccall Elizabeth JACKSON    
39 20/04/1762 Joseph DAGLASS   Hemingbrough Mary WELY    
40 10/03/1763 George BELL   Hemingbrough Ann HUNTER    
41 03/05/1763 Edward HUNT   Wheldrake Ann RYSDALE    
42 02/06/1763 Robert SCOTT     Elizabeth KNAPTON    
43 07/06/1763 Thomas PETCH     Mary ELLIS    
44 13/06/1763 Thomas SHARP     Ellenor HILL    
45 27/06/1763 John ALLAN     Mary STILLINGTON    
46 24/11/1763 John CAWKILL     Mary HAILSTONES    
47 29/11/1763 William COCKER   Hemingbrough Ann PROCTER    
48 24/04/1764 Robert SIMPSON   Ellerton Elizabeth ELLIS    
49 18/06/1764 William BACON   St Michael Le Belfry, York Frances WHARRAM    
50 09/07/1764 Matthew EVING     Elizabeth HARKER    
51 15/08/1764 Thomas FOURBY     Sarah CAMBIDGE    
52 03/09/1764 John SEYMOUR     Sarah LEEK    
53 24/01/1765 Edward LANGDALE   Seaton Ross Jane COOKE    
54 19/02/1765 Christopher PAGET     Elizabeth ECCLES   Howden
55 11/03/1765 William WAITE   Bolton Percy Mary BURNE    
56 19/03/1765 John MARKHAM   Holy Trinity, Hull Margaret COUPLAND    
57 08/04/1765 Richard CLARK     Sarah CLARK    
58 17/12/1765 William AMOS   Escrick Mary ROBINSON    
59 05/01/1766 William HOLGATE     Agnes PARKINSON    
60 07/04/1766 William YOUNG     Jane PEARSON    
61 02/06/1766 Thomas BELLAS     Elizabeth ELLIS    
62 29/11/1766 William GLEW     Hannah COKILL   Wistow
63 16/12/1766 John PROCTER     Sarah PUCKERIN    
64 03/03/1767 Thomas FORRINGTON     Mary CARR    
65 19/11/1767 William RUSSEL     Elizabeth CHATTY    
66 22/11/1767 James MURLEY     Martha LAKELAIN    
67 24/05/1768 William COBB   Thornton By Pocklington Mary JAMES    
68 23/06/1768 George SEYMOUR     Jane PULLEIN   Bubwith
69 02/08/1768 Richard HEMMINGBROUGH   Riccall Elizabeth LOLLY    
70 05/12/1768 Matthias PRECIOUS     Ann LAVERICK    
71 14/12/1768 William SIMPSON   Hemingbrough Susanna JEWITT    
72 09/05/1769 William HOUSE     Elizabeth CHAPMAN    
73 15/05/1769 John CHAPMAN     Jane HOUSE    
74 11/09/1769 Nathaniel ATKINSON   Hemingbrough Mary PADGET    
75 27/11/1769 John BATTY   Hemingbrough Ann HILL    
76 26/12/1769 William PADGET     Elizabeth LEE    
77 27/12/1769 Josias COPLEY     Elizabeth PULLAN    
78 30/01/1770 John SEYMOUR     Elizabeth HEADLAME    
79 27/02/1770 John KELL     Mary SPENCER    
80 16/05/1770 John SEYMOUR     Elizabeth ABBEY    
81 03/06/1770 William ROUTLEDGE   Riccall Sarah BELL    
82 25/12/1770 William PRECIOUS   Aughton Ann LAVERACK    
83 03/01/1771 William WRAY   Riccall Susanna COOK    
84 28/01/1771 Freeman WILBERFOSS   Bubwith Mary WISE    
85 01/04/1771 Thomas GRAY     Mary LITTLE    
86 04/05/1771 John SWAILS     Isabel HUDSON    
87 10/10/1771 Thomas ALLAN     Elizabeth WALTON   Colne, Lancashire
88 22/10/1771 Thomas ABBOT   Riccall Mary VOSE    
89 28/11/1771 Thomas BARTON   Thorganby Mary BURTON    
90 28/11/1771 John JUBB     Jane SMITH    
91 01/02/1772 John HAY     Hannah BELLAS    
92 21/07/1772 John GRAY     Ellen RATHERFORTH    
93 24/11/1772 Samuel PARKER   Brayton Dorothy PARK    
94 11/10/1773 William HOUSE     Ann LAVERACK    
95 09/10/1774 John TOWNSINN     Martha BEAN    
96 29/11/1774 John LAVERACK     Jane HILL    
97 18/04/1775 Joseph HOLAH     Elizabeth BELLAS    
98 04/07/1775 James FAITHWATE     Ann PADGETT    
99 26/09/1775 John ROBINSON   Hemingbrough Ann ROBINSON    
100 14/11/1775 Thomas THOMPSON     Ann ARNISON    
101 14/11/1775 John LAVERACK     Ann JACKSON    
102 28/11/1775 Thomas WHYTAKER     Jane ELLISON    
103 09/01/1776 William SUMERTON     Jane ABBEY    
104 18/03/1776 Stephen SMITH   Thorganby Ellen ROBINSON    
105 02/04/1776 John COPLEY     Margaret SHARP    
106 09/04/1776 George BELLAS     Hannah WOOD    
107 07/11/1776 John WALTERIS     Ann WILLSON    
108 24/11/1776 William RIPLEY     Elizabeth WINNAL    
109 26/11/1776 Thomas ELLIS     Mary RUDDERFORTH   Thorganby
110 03/12/1776 Thomas WHYTAKER   Bubwith Rebeccah RIPLEY    
111 11/02/1777 George BELL     Elizabeth FOURBY    
112 03/03/1777 Joseph RICHARDSON     Jane FAUCETT    
113 13/06/1777 William WORMLEY   Riccall Mary SMITH    
114 12/01/1778 John GROVES     Martha MORLEY    
115 21/04/1778 Thomas GRASSBY     Mary WARD Single  
116 26/11/1778 John MILLS     Sarah SMITH Single  
117 30/11/1779 Jonathan BRIGHAM     Sarah GIPSON Single  
118 21/12/1779 Thomas BELL     Sarah CHAMBERS Single  
119 03/07/1780 Matthew WITTY   Seaton Ross Ann RUDDERFORTH Single  
120 06/07/1780 Joseph WILLSON     Jane SIMPSON Single  
121 12/12/1780 John RINGROSE     Ann BROOKS Single  
122 26/12/1780 Henry SMITH     Mary RINGROSE Single  
123 12/03/1781 William GRANGER     Eleanor BUTTLE Single  
124 04/06/1781 William ILES     Sarah GILL Single  
125 28/08/1781 George RIPLEY     Abigail SETTLE Single  
126 29/08/1781 James PERKIN     Ann KETTLEWELL Single  
127 08/01/1782 John BRADLEY     Mary BUTTLE Single  
128 12/02/1782 John BRUNARD   Brayton Elizabeth COOK Single  
129 01/04/1782 Robert CRAVEN   Ellerton Jane LAVARACK Single  
130 07/10/1783 John SPRINGER     Elizabeth KNIGHT Single  
131 29/06/1784 Joseph STEAN   Bramham Hannah SNAREY Single  
132 22/11/1784 John GRAY     Sarah BARRAN    
133 27/02/1785 William COTTAM     Frances KIRK Single  
134 01/03/1785 John COTTAM     Elizabeth KIRK Single  
135 24/11/1785 John CLARK   Wressle Ann COCK Single  
136 06/03/1786 William PEACH     Dorothy WOODSWORTH Single  
137 06/03/1786 Robert LAMB     Mary WHITE Single  
138 22/11/1787 Thomas LISTER     Elizabeth JOY Single  
139 21/04/1788 John HAILSTONE   Bubwith Mary GALL    
140 01/07/1788 Matthias PRECIOUS     Margaret SEYMOUR Single  
141 02/12/1788 James SCHOLEY   Holme Upon Spalding Moor Jane SMITH Single  
142 03/03/1789 George CASTLE     Mary RIMMINGTON Single  
143 31/03/1789 Robert KELTON   Eastrington Jane HOUSE Single  
144 23/02/1790 Thomas HOUSE     Hannah GRAY Single  
145 04/04/1790 George APPLEYARD   Selby Frances TOWNSLEY Single  
146 31/05/1790 Joseph HUDSON     Jane BREX Widow  
22/06/1790 Thomas BAREN     Hannah SMITH    
22/11/1790 William LAVARACK     Sarah CLARKSON Single  
21/12/1790 Thomas ELSWORTH     Rebecca FOURBY Single  
10/01/1791 Thomas JEWITT     Susannah SUMERTON Single  
14/02/1791 George VOLLANS   Ellerton Mary BELL Single  
11/05/1791 John NAILOR   Brayton Elizabeth FORRINGTON Single  
04/07/1791 Thomas WILSON     Sarah ABBOT Single  
12/07/1792 Thomas ABBEY     Barbara Arabella SLIPPER Single  
15/12/1792 William PETCH     Mary CHAPMAN Single  
06/06/1793 Robert CASTLE     Mary PETCH Single  
16/06/1793 Thomas WILSON     Eleanor ARMINSON Single  
02/12/1793 George RIPLEY     Jane BATT Single  
30/03/1794 Robert DANIEL     Mary CASTLE Widow  
17/05/1794 William CALVERT   Hemingbrough Hannah HOUSE Single  
10/08/1794 Thomas FOURBY     Mary HUNTER Single  
14/10/1794 William COCKSHAW     Ellen SHARP Single  
16/12/1794 Thomas GLEW     Elizabeth SEYMOUR Single  
23/12/1794 John SHARP     Mary BELLAS Single  
29/12/1794 George AUCOCK     Elizabeth BELL Widow  
01/01/1795 Francis FOURBY     Mary PETCH Widow  
06/01/1795 Richard BAREN     Mary SHARP Single  
26/11/1795 John TOWNEND     Faith BROGDEN Single  
01/12/1795 Michael BARRETT     Jane LAVARACK Single  
03/12/1795 Thomas BURTON     Ann THOMPSON Single  
07/12/1795 William TODD     Elizabeth LONGFELLOW Single  
11/01/1796 Joseph HOOP     Mary WRIGHT Single  
11/01/1796 William COCK   Hemingbrough Ann HOUSE Single  
05/05/1796 Thomas LAVARACK     Sarah LAVARACK Widow  
24/01/1797 William ECCLES     Mary BELL Single  
28/02/1797 Benjamin MORLEY   Brayton Mary ELLIS Widow  
23/11/1797 William CARR     Ann STEPHENSON Single  
23/11/1797 Matthias PRECIOUS     Mary CLARKSON Single  
18/01/1798 William THOMPSON     Sarah RIMMINGTON Single  
20/01/1798 Robert ASKHAM     Elizabeth HOLAH Single  
06/05/1798 Samuel PARKER     Sarah MIRFITT Single  
27/11/1798 John CHARSTON     Lyda LAVARACK Single  
26/03/1799 John FRANKLAND   Escrick Mary JACKSON Single  
16/01/1800 Thomas LAVARACK     Mary BELLAS Single  
28/01/1800 Edward GARNETT     Elizabeth MANSFIELD Widow  
19/02/1800 Robert COCK     Hannah SMITH Single  
05/05/1800 Edward ALLAN     Ann PRECIOUS Single  
29/06/1800 Joseph SMAILS     Ann BAIRAN Single  
11/08/1800 Robert HEPWORTH   Carlton Juxta Snaith Elizabeth CASTLE Single  
09/09/1800 John STEAD Widower   Susannah HEARTLEY Widow  
03/11/1800 David PYGASS     Elizabeth CAWCILL Single  
02/06/1801 John HARPER   Escrick Ann SISSANS Single  
27/07/1801 Richard HOLDRIGE   Bubwith Ann SAVAGE    
23/11/1801 William CARR     Mary TAYLOR Single  
17/12/1801 Philip DEIGHTON     Jane RICHARDSON Single Seaton Ross
18/05/1802 William CAWKILL     Elizabeth WALKER Single  
24/05/1802 James MATHER     Elizabeth VOLANS Single  
24/08/1802 Edward GARNETT     Elizabeth SCOTT Single  
12/10/1802 Joseph HOLAH     Mary ASKAM Widow  
27/10/1802 George BARDY     Hannah GRAY Single  
23/12/1802 Thomas BURTON     Mary RUSSELL Single  
30/12/1802 John NEWHAM   Hemingbrough Catherine MAW Single  
12/04/1803 John RINGROSE   Drax Hannah HAY Single  
17/05/1803 William FOWLER     Elizabeth CAMPLEISTON Single  
28/11/1803 George BELL     Elizabeth CHAPMAN Single  
13/12/1803 Thomas RIPLEY     Eleanor DANIEL Single  
12/01/1804 John ELSWORTH     Isabella LEA Single  
13/02/1804 Robert SMITHSON     Isabella STEEL Single  
24/06/1804 Joshua HUTSON     Sarah BURTON Single  
22/07/1804 John LAVARACK     Jane HOOPE Single  
26/07/1804 Richard ECKELS     Mary HOLAH Single  
10/12/1804 Joseph DEIGHTON     Mary CARVIL Single  
29/12/1804 Christopher FAIRWEATHER     Sarah COPLEY    
30/04/1805 William BOAST   Huggate Elizabeth MAW Single  
30/05/1805 John CAWKILL Widower   Elizabeth HARKER Widow  
24/09/1805 Christopher NICHOLSON   Hemingbrough Ann BRADLEY Single  
25/11/1805 Thomas WILSON Widower   Hannah DICKINSON Single  
03/12/1805 Edward JEWITT     Mary DIXON Single  
08/04/1806 Jonathan TAYLOR   Escrick Eleanor SWAILS Single  
01/05/1806 John ROBSON   Kirby Underdale Ann FLINTOFF Single  
22/12/1806 Samuel PYGUS     Jane BARTON Single  
12/01/1807 Thomas RICHARDSON   Howden Mary VOLLANS Single  
14/07/1807 Joseph COLLINS Widower   Mary MOORE Single  
14/09/1807 Abraham OBEE   Selby Jane DANIEL    
23/11/1807 William HARDCASTLE     Ann WEST Single  
29/12/1807 John SERJANTSON   Crowle, Lincolnshire Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
04/01/1808 William LAVARACK     Ann BIELBY Single  
23/11/1808 Robert BELL     Jane BROWN    
29/11/1808 William CRANSWICK     Elizabeth PRECIOUS Single  
11/04/1809 Thomas GOLTON   Selby Ann CARVIL Single  
25/07/1809 John HUSTWICK Widower   Elizabeth BELLAS Single  
04/12/1809 John SHARLTON Widower   Sarah SEYMOUR Single Wressle
20/12/1809 John DAWLEY   Wistow Mary THOMPSON Single  
14/01/1810 Thomas TAYLOR   Escrick Elizabeth SWAILS Single  
24/07/1810 Robert FAITHWAITE     Jane VOLLANS Single  
02/06/1811 George BLANSHARD     Hannah HALDENBY    
24/08/1811 Edward GOLL   Bubwith Ann PRECIOUS Single  
08/10/1811 John WILSON   Bubwith Amelia HOUSE Single  
18/11/1811 Joseph BOYS     Alice SEPTON Single  
10/02/1812 James KAY   Carlton Juxta Snaith Susanna RICHARDSON Single  
07/04/1812 Robert GRAY     Ann BELLAS Single  
14/04/1812 Thomas BROCKELBANK     Mary CASTLE Widow  
27/07/1812 William BOYD     Mary BELL Single  
23/11/1812 George SPINK   Naburn Isabella PICKARD Single  
06/12/1812 Joseph FARNISH     Mary COLBERT Single  
1 28/08/1813 John BROWN Single Escrick Mary Hannah KIRK Single  
2 17/02/1814 John LEAMING   Market Weighton Elisabeth GRAVES    
3 31/07/1814 Robert BARKER Widower   Faith TOWNEND Widow  
4 03/08/1814 George COTTAM Single Leeds Alice HUDSON Single  
5 27/08/1814 Thomas SOULE Single Thorganby Ann MOAT Single  
6 29/11/1814 Joseph YOUNG   Howden Mary SMITH Single  
7 04/06/1816 William SAVAGE     Hannah PATTISON Widow  
8 19/06/1816 William MILLINGTON Single   Ann DUFFING Single  
9 29/06/1816 William JACKSON Single   Mary MAW Single  
10 26/08/1816 John WOOD Single   Elisabeth HAWKIN Single  
11 11/10/1816 John RINGROSE Widower   Jane SAVAGE Single  
12 02/08/1817 John SANDERSON     Hannah HURST Single  
13 18/08/1817 Anthony ROBINSON Single   Dinah HOOP Single  
14 24/11/1817 Thomas DANIEL     Ann FOWLER Single  
15 25/11/1817 John STEEL     Elisabeth HOUSEMAN Single  
16 22/01/1818 James DIXON Single   Jane SWALES Single  
17 07/10/1818 Richard ECCLES Widower   Elizabeth HAILSTONE Single  
18 15/12/1818 Richard DANNIELL Single   Ann GRAY Single  
19 28/06/1819 Thomas NEEDHAM Single   Hannah HAILSTONE Single  
20 11/10/1819 Robert ECKELS Single Riccall Mary FERN Single  
21 28/03/1820 Matthias MILLINGTON Single   Jane DUFFING Single  
22 30/10/1820 George COATS Widower   Elizabeth BENNIT Single  
23 23/11/1820 George NORWOOD     Jane THOMPSON Single  
24 28/11/1820 William KILLINGBECK     Elizabeth SHARLTON Single  
25 02/01/1821 William MASON     Sarah CAWKILL Single  
26 18/01/1821 Joseph IBBISON   Bubwith Mary LAVARACK Single  
27 24/04/1821 Edward JEWITT   Bolton Percy Fillia MOAT Single  
28 01/05/1821 Peter WINTER   Owston Mary CARLTON Single  
29 18/10/1821 John COPLEY     Hannah BOWMAN    
30 01/01/1822 John TOWNSLEY     Mary WILSON Single  
31 03/10/1822 George METCALF Single   Barbara SMALES Single  
32 18/11/1822 Thomas WHITTEN Widower Snaith Margaret DARLEY Single  
33 24/07/1823 William RIPLEY     Ann SHEPHERD   Hemingbrough
34 09/08/1823 William GAWTHORP Single Escrick Jane KIRK Single  
35 27/08/1823 John COULSON   Acomb Dorothy GATENBY Single  
36 25/10/1823 John WILSON Single   Mary SIMPSON Single  
37 01/12/1823 Edward COCKRAM   Swillington Mary MORLEY    
38 26/02/1824 William CASTLE     Jane WEBSTER Single  
39 25/11/1824 George RICHARDSON     Amelia SIMPSON Single Howden
40 18/05/1825 John MICKLETHWAIT Single Darfield Mary Ann ATKINSON Single  
41 04/02/1826 Edward PARCEY Single   Hannah SWALES Single  
42 03/05/1826 Gershom FAITHAITE Single   Mary FORTH Single  
43 08/05/1826 Anthony SWALES Single   Ann NICHOLSON Single  
44 09/11/1826 John SMITH Widower Barnsley Mary CARR Single  
45 22/11/1826 Thomas KITSON Single   Ann RINGROSE Single  
46 27/11/1826 James HOOP Single Hemingbrough Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
47 15/05/1827 George DURHAM Single   Ann SHERBURNE Single  
48 27/08/1827 Edward JEWITT Single   Mary Ann WOOD Single York
49 13/12/1827 George DRANSFIELD Single   Ann GRAVES Single  
50 18/05/1828 William BEW Single   Alice NICHOLSON Single  
51 26/06/1828 George BRUNTON Single   Mary COCKSHAW Single  
52 20/11/1828 John JENNINGS Single Crowle, Lincolnshire Mary ASKAM Single  
53 26/11/1828 William ECCLES Single   Susan GREEN Single Selby
54 09/12/1828 George LEE Single   Hannah GRUNSILL Single  
55 27/01/1829 Robert DANIEL Single   Mary DAFFIN Single  
56 24/02/1829 William DOUGLASS Single   Ann CALVERT Single  
57 17/08/1829 John ADDISON Single   Elizabeth CLAYBURN Single  
58 19/11/1829 John SMITH Widower Escrick Elisabeth PIERCY Widow  
59 13/01/1830 William FLIGG Widower Hemingbrough Ann MAW Single  
60 22/02/1830 John BURTON Single   Susanna JEWITT Single  
61 23/11/1830 Robert MORRELL Single   Mary BRABNOR Single  
62 18/01/1831 James WATTERWORTH Single Bubwith Mary ECCLES Single  
63 25/01/1831 Samuel ARRAND Single   Ann BAREN Single  
64 24/11/1831 George BRISTOW Single Wilberfoss Lucy BELL Single  
65 29/11/1831 William CALVERT Widower   Jane HOWCRAFT Widow Hemingbrough
66 02/06/1832 Richard HUGGONS Single Selby Mary BURTON Single  
67 28/06/1832 William RICHARDSON Single   Ann BRADY Single  
68 26/11/1832 George BELLAS Single   Harriet BATTY Single  
69 04/12/1832 William CALVERT Single   Harriet HAILSTONE Single  
70 26/01/1833 John MARSDEN Widower Riccall Mary JACKSON Widow  
71 16/10/1833 Robert ATKINSON   St Michael Le Belfry, York Harriett ILES Single  
72 24/12/1833 William HUTTON Single Bubwith Elisabeth SEAMER Single  
73 30/12/1833 William PULLEN Single   Mary LAVARACK Single  
74 26/03/1834 Richard RUDD Single Escrick Betty ALLAN Single  
75 15/04/1834 George MORROD Single St Mary The Elder Bishophill, York Elisabeth COPLEY Single  
76 23/08/1834 John COOPER Single Escrick Margaret LISTER Single  
77 26/10/1834 George WATSON Single   Tabitha WOOD Single  
78 08/04/1835 John CLARK Single Warthill Sarah HUSTWICK Single  
79 20/04/1835 Henry TOWNSLEY Single   Mary JORDAN Single  
80 12/05/1835 Thomas HINDS Single Irnham, Lincolnshire Julianah BOND Single  
81 13/08/1835 George NORWOOD Widower   Ann SHAW Single  
82 14/01/1836 John HARPER Widower   Sarah BELLAS Single  
83 04/09/1836 John COOKSHAW Single   Mary COOK Single  
84 04/01/1837 John HUDSON Single   Elisabeth BEAN Single  

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