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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Upleatham St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Upleatham lies in the extreme north of Yorkshire quite close to its border with neighbouring County Durham and close to its North Sea coast. Upleatham lies in that part of Yorkshire ceded to the new county of Cleveland during England's 1974 Local Government Reorganisation but is historically part of the North Riding of Yorkshire. Upleatham is located about 3 miles northeast of the market town of Guisborough and sits about the same distance inland from the coast at Saltburn by the Sea. Upleatham is a small and compact village built largely to the north of the B1268 road which cuts across a corner between the A174 & A173 roads. The area around Upleatham is quite industrialised but Upleatham would have largely been an arable agricultural community at the time of this transcript. The Skelton Beck, which is quite deeply incised and runs through the south of the parish, is draining eastwards to reach the sea at Saltburn by the Sea. The topography is rather undulating, Upleatham being sited at around 120 metres above sea level, although the church is almost 50 metres lower and the village slopes steeply towards the southeast. By the standards of the area Upleatham parish was a small one, it covered just 1,100 acres and supported a population of around 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Upleatham was a relatively underdeveloped place held by Earl Hugh of Chester, it reported just a single plough (albeit with potential for over 30) as well as meadows and woodland.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits slightly away from the main part of the village on the southern side of the B1268 and overlooking the deep valley of the Skelton Beck. The church, which claims to be one of the smallest in the country if not the world, was entirely rebuilt in 1835 in a Neo-Norman style. The building is certainly short and strangely appears like a remnant of a once bigger building. The church stands, surrounded by fields, behind a low stone wall and a gate at the western end grants access. There are no obstacles to photography in this open and windswept site.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 23rd May 1754 - 11th February 1812 Teesside Archives - Reference - PR/UL/1/7
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The register has suffered some damage and the handwriting is generally poor making for a tricky read it is possible a few misreads may be present as a result
2 19th August 1813 - 20th December 1836 Teesside Archives - Reference - PR/UL/1/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Marske in Cleveland St Mark
Marske in Cleveland St Mark
Marske in Cleveland St Mark
Kirkleatham St Cuthbert
Guisborough St Nicholas
Marske in Cleveland St Mark
Skelton in Cleveland All Saints
Guisborough St Nicholas
Guisborough St Nicholas
Skelton in Cleveland All Saints
Skelton in Cleveland All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 23/05/1754 Robert LAYTON   Marske In Cleveland Elizabeth WILSON Single  
2 22/05/1755 William HARRISON     Hanna THOMPSON    
4 08/09/1755 Adam HENDERSON     Margrit GORBUT Single  
5 22/12/1759 James WATSON     Thomasin THRUMBLE    
6 13/05/1764 Michael CORNFORTH   Guisborough Hannah PICKERING    
7 29/05/1766 Francis GIBBON     Hannah WATSON   Guisborough
9 19/11/1770 John LEE     Mary HALES Single  
10 11/11/1772 William TAYLER Widower Skelton In Cleveland Margaret PURVIS Single  
11 24/11/1772 John TURNER     Sarah OSBORNE Single  
12 02/12/1772 George WATSON   Stockton On Tees, Durham Mary AGAR Single  
13 25/01/1773 William HYMOURS   Stainton Hannah CHAPMAN Single  
14 05/04/1773 Joseph PARKER     Hannah LYNAS Single  
15 18/10/1773 John MACCOLL     Jane COLE Single  
16 13/08/1774 William LAKING     Elizabeth WEATHERILL Single  
17 22/11/1774 John BROWN   Easington Near Guisborough Prudence FLECK Single  
18 01/12/1774 John POTTS Widower   Dorothy WALTON Single  
19 06/12/1774 William WEATHERILL     Jane WALLER Single  
20 28/02/1775 Edward WILSON   Stokesley Ann HUTTON Single  
21 18/05/1775 John DOBBING   Guisborough Elizabeth WARD Single  
22 03/08/1776 John SEYMORE     Margaret HUTTON Single  
23 26/10/1776 John READHEAD     Elizabeth AGAR Single Normanton
24 10/12/1776 John MINIKIN     Agnes TRATTLES Single  
25 17/03/1778 William DODS     Grace CORNEY Single  
26 27/05/1779 Richard WATSON     Ann THOMPSON Single Stainton
27 20/10/1779 Thomas HUTTON     Jane BARKER Single Marske In Cleveland
28 25/11/1779 Thomas HARBERT   Loftus Mary LINSKILL Single  
29 25/02/1781 John PORRIT   Guisborough Ann WILLIAMSON Single  
30 31/10/1782 Joseph WILSON   Marske In Cleveland Jane CORNEY Single  
31 01/02/1783 John ROBINSON     Ann HARRISON Single  
32 14/08/1783 William DARNELL   Guisborough Margaret WATSON Single  
33 16/04/1784 Robert GRANGE   Liverton Sarah STONEHOUSE Single  
34 30/11/1784 William NEWTON   Marske In Cleveland Hannah HARRISON Single  
35 12/05/1785 Michael BALMER   Kirkleatham Ann PORRITT Widow  
36 01/11/1785 George PATTERSON     Hannah DONNISON Single  
37 15/12/1785 Robert BURNIHALL     Sarah FLECK Single  
38 05/04/1787 Edward MARLEY   Richmond Mary HUTTON Single  
39 29/06/1788 Christopher BRITTAIN     Dianah WILKINSON Single  
40 09/09/1789 George WILKINSON     Margaret BARKER Single Marske In Cleveland
41 01/02/1791 Joseph CARTER   Guisborough Ann GIBBON Single  
42 18/03/1792 John BROWN     Eleanor OLIVER    
43 26/09/1793 Robert WHITEHEAD     Sarah WILSON    
44 28/11/1793 John PEARSON     Mary KING    
45 08/12/1793 Thomas INNIS   Marske In Cleveland Ann TAYLOR    
46 27/02/1794 Thomas CONN     Jane GRAHAM    
47 27/08/1794 James SMITH   Liverton Ellenor WILSON    
48 11/08/1795 John DOBSON   Marske In Cleveland Margaret CHAPMAN Single  
49 25/11/1795 Thomas POTTS   Marske In Cleveland Elizabeth FLECK Single  
50 14/04/1796 Joseph WHITEHEAD   Wilton Mary GIBBON Single  
51 06/08/1797 John CONN     Elizabeth UPTON    
52 11/09/1797 John GRAHAM     Rachel WILKINSON    
53 30/01/1798 George YOUNG     Dorothy PREBBLE Widow  
54 20/08/1798 John BULMER   Whitby Rebecca FINKELL Single  
55 30/09/1798 Richard SMITHSON Widower   Elizabeth KNOWLTON Single  
56 23/10/1798 Thomas LEE     Hannah WATSON Single  
57 14/05/1799 John COWL     Christiana SANDERSON Single  
58 09/08/1799 Ralph HARDMAN   Stockton On Tees, Durham Elizabeth DOBBING Single  
59 12/08/1799 Aaron YOUNG   Marske In Cleveland Sarah SALVIN Single  
60 24/11/1799 James MARR   Stockton On Tees, Durham Elizabeth ELLERBY Single  
61 24/07/1800 William POTTAGE     Margaret ARNOTT Single  
62 11/01/1801 John DUNN     Ann DOBBING Single  
63 14/12/1801 Thomas BREADWITH     Mary WEATHERIL Single  
64 28/06/1802 Henry CHAYTOR     Hannah MEAD Single  
65 25/01/1803 John BEDLINGTON   Weston Jane HODGSON Single  
66 04/05/1803 John THOMPSON   Kirkbymoorside Margaret PICKERING    
67 20/12/1803 Ralph HARRISON     Hannah CARTER Single  
68 13/06/1804 John RIDDLE     Hannah HEDLEY Single Marske In Cleveland
69 07/11/1804 John BARKER   Guisborough Magdalen THOMPSON Single  
70 22/01/1805 Daniel CARTER     Ann WEATHERILL Single  
71 28/07/1805 Robert SUGGETT   Kirkleatham Elizabeth PATERSON Single  
72 09/02/1808 Thomas FOWLER     Margaret NODDINGS Single  
05/04/1808 George TURNER     Alice SKELTON Single  
16/05/1808 Henry GAINFORTH   Northallerton Mary COWL Single  
20/08/1808 James NELSON     Mary ADAMSON Single  
25/08/1808 John KING     Margaret ROBINSON   Guisborough
26/12/1808 William MILLER   Guisborough Ann MAWER Single  
12/12/1809 James COMB   Marske In Cleveland Elizabeth CONN    
22/05/1810 Ralph HARRISON     Elizabeth TURNER Single  
02/07/1810 Christopher WEATHERILL   Whitby Hannah COWL Single  
26/12/1810 Joseph TINCKLE   Marske In Cleveland Hannah DONKIN Single  
16/12/1811 John SHARP     Mary BRITTAIN Single  
11/02/1812 George WILKINSON     Ann DOUGLASS    
1 19/08/1813 George JOBLING   Stokesley Elizabeth LINSKILL Single  
2 08/02/1814 John BROWN     Catharine SWALES Single  
3 16/05/1814 Nathaniel MEEK   Ainderby Steeple Henrietta BROWN Widow  
4 20/06/1814 Pallister THOMPSON     Jane HENDERSON Widow  
5 30/05/1815 John PULMAN Single Guisborough Mary DALE Widow  
6 19/11/1815 William UPTON     Sarah BRACK Single  
7 05/02/1816 Thomas AGAR     Mary SHEAR Single  
8 15/04/1816 James WILKINSON     Sarah BORROW    
9 10/07/1816 Joseph MIDDLETON   Skelton In Cleveland Jane LYNAS    
10 27/11/1817 John ATTERTON     Mary EGGLESTON Single  
11 00/00/1818 James GLEDSTONE   Brotton Esther VENTRISS Single  
12 03/11/1819 John WATSON     Mary BURROW Single  
13 19/10/1820 John PEARSON     Rachael COWL Single  
14 30/11/1820 Joseph BARKER Single Witton Gilbert, Durham Margaret HUTTON Single  
15 13/08/1821 John WILKINSON Single Osmotherley Hannah DAVISON Single  
16 14/01/1822 Michael SANDERS     Jane BURROW Single  
18 15/05/1822 William COWL Single   Sarah NEWBIGGIN Single  
17 01/06/1822 Thomas HODGSON   Guisborough Mary AYRE Single  
19 15/10/1822 John JENKINSON     Mary LEE Single  
20 17/05/1823 William WILLIS   Guisborough Margaret SANDERS Single  
21 18/11/1823 Robert WILKINSON     Mary DUGLASS    
22 26/12/1823 Thomas COVERDALE     Ann LEE Single  
23 12/04/1824 Palliser THOMPSON Widower   Phoebe ASKEW Widow Marske In Cleveland
24 11/11/1824 William WILDBORE   Skelton In Cleveland Hannah LOCKWOOD Single  
25 21/04/1825 John GIBBISON   Guisborough Mary Ann CARTER Single  
26 03/04/1826 James STEVENSON   St John, York Elizabeth BRUNTON Single  
27 11/04/1826 John HUTTON   Gilling East Jane CONN Single  
28 24/04/1826 John LEE     Hannah CARTER Single  
29 18/07/1826 William POOLE     Charlotte FOWLER    
30 23/09/1826 Thomas DENNIS   Guisborough Mary MILLER    
31 13/12/1826 Adams STAINSBY   Stockton On Tees, Durham Alice DOUGLAS Single  
32 21/12/1826 Thomas STANGER   Faceby Hannah LEE Single  
33 26/12/1826 Thomas JENKINSON     Mary WHITEHEAD Single  
34 25/01/1827 Thomas THOMPSON   Marske In Cleveland Hannah VENTRIESS Single  
35 28/07/1827 Thomas CONN     Ann DUNN Single  
36 16/01/1828 James BROWN     Elizabeth DUNN Single Skelton In Cleveland
37 21/09/1828 John WALLACE     Rachel HARRISON Single Skelton In Cleveland
38 29/10/1828 John SPURR Widower   Priscilla HARRISON Widow Marske In Cleveland
39 24/11/1828 William BLAKELOCK     Elizabeth BENNETT Single  
40 25/05/1829 Robert ROWE   Stockton On Tees, Durham Hannah SHIELDON Widow  
41 19/07/1829 John LIGHTFOOT     Hannah SUGGETT Single  
42 11/10/1829 Robert WALTON     Mary STRINGER Single  
43 01/12/1831 William VENTRIESS     Mary PYBUS Single  
44 25/04/1832 John TYERMAN   Easington Near Guisborough Sarah VENTRIESS Single  
45 01/12/1832 William POTTS   Marske In Cleveland Mary Ann NELSON Single  
46 24/01/1833 William ADDISON   Whitby Jane LACY    
47 14/07/1834 Samuel HAWMAN   Acklam Ann Simpson ADAMSON Single  
48 28/06/1835 John MARSHALL   Hartlepool, Durham Jane SHIELDON Single  
49 07/01/1836 Robert SHIELDON     Jane HENDERSON Single  
50 21/10/1836 John LITTLEFAIR   Marske In Cleveland Harriet WILKINSON Single  
51 20/12/1836 Richard BRYAN     Eleanor WESTWICK Single  

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