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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Aston Abbotts St James


The Parish

The parish of Aston Abbotts lies in central Buckinghamshire about 5 miles northeast of the town of Aylesbury. Aston Abbotts is a mid-sized village which sits a little over a half mile west of the A418 road which connects Aylesbury with the Bedfordshire town of Leighton Buzzard. Aston Abotts is a compact village built around a triangular arrangement of lanes with properties lining each spur. Aston Abbotts lies on fairly heavy clay soils and the farming would have been, by necessity in those times, largely pastoral, the village being noted as a producer of fine butter, today with heavy machinery arable dominates. The village women were also noted for their industry in the production of lace and straw plait. Aston Abbotts sits upon a significant watershed, streams draining eastwards run towards Leighton Buzzard and the River Ouzel, thence to the Great Ouse and the North Sea through the Wash, streams heading westwards reach the River Thame and thence the Thames through the capital again to the North Sea. Aston Abbotts sits atop a high point for its area at around 130 metres above the sea, the highest point until one reaches the Chiltern escarpment several miles to the south. Aston Abbotts parish was fairly typically sized for this area, covering just over 2,100 acres it would have supported close to 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Aston Abbotts was held by St Albans Abbey and was also a mid-sized place offering 12 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St James' church sits on the northern edge of the village on the western side of the lane leading towards Cublington. Sadly much of this current building would not have been here at the time of these marriages. The church was almost completely rebuilt anew in the 1860 leaving only the lowest stages of the western tower, a 15th century Perpendicular relic, from the preexisting medieval building. Whilst the replacement church is competent and exhibits the Decorated style in its window tracery, perhaps a nod towards an earlier style, the church clearly did not impress Pevsner whose description is limited to just 4 lines of work. His summation of the church as "competent" is perhaps reflective of his lack of intrigue. The Cublington Road is fairly narrow so parking should be careful, the church has a low brick wall surround with gates at the southern end of an open and uncluttered churchyard with no obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th November 1755 - 6th October 1794 Buckinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR7/1/5 Plain, ruled and margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages
Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 16th December 1794 - 29th October 1812 Buckinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR7/1/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 17th October 1813 - 2nd November 1835 Buckinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR7/18
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Whitchurch St John the Evangelist
Cublington St Nicholas
Wing All Saints
Whitchurch St John the Evangelist
Hardwick St Mary
Wing All Saints
Wingrace St Peter & St Paul
Hardwick St Mary
Bierton St James
Hulcott All Saints
Bierton St James

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/11/1755 John BATES Drayton Parslow Buturis HILLESDON
21/12/1756 Thomas TAYLER Mary SEABROOK
27/12/1756 Thomas GREEN Elizabeth BAKER
00/00/1757 Henry INGRAM Mary BIGGS
09/01/1757 William LAW Anne BARNS
05/12/1758 Russel GATES Anne QUARTERMAIN
09/05/1759 John HEDGES Sarah ELLIOT
23/07/1759 Robert VERNEY Drayton Parslow Elizabeth HILLSDON
13/04/1760 Edward BAKER Elizabeth PARADINE
23/07/1761 William ASH Katharine GREEN
27/07/1761 Paul COLLYER Mursley Sarah BRANDOM
20/10/1763 John HARRIS Martha HEDGES
10/07/1764 Charles SIMMONDS Mary GILES
13/10/1764 Edmond HARRIS Elizabeth RICKARD
12/12/1764 William CLEMENS Soulbury Anne HEDGES
28/10/1766 Thomas MORTIMER Hannah MYAS
26/10/1767 John BAILY Ann BAKER
02/11/1767 William KENT Hannah ELLIOT
01/02/1768 Henry PARKER Ann COOK
04/11/1768 Joseph DRUSE Mary HEDGES
28/12/1768 John WINSOR Cublington Mary GOWER
29/11/1769 William HARDWICK Sarah HILLSDON
22/01/1770 Richard JAMES Slapton Elizabeth SMITH
05/06/1770 Thomas HINSON Anne BATES
08/07/1770 William NORWOOD Wing Mary GREEN
06/11/1770 George HITCHCOCK Anne TERRIL
01/07/1771 James MORTIMER Hardwick Anne KENT
28/07/1771 James EALES Sarah TURRIL
04/11/1771 John GERVICE Wing Sarah BATES
30/08/1772 Henry COLES Susannah PEASE
20/01/1773 Richard WALL Winslow Elizabeth WELLS
26/09/1773 Edward BRANSON Wing Martha CHANTRELL
04/10/1773 John CLEMENS Tring, Hertfordshire Elizabeth ELLIOTT
10/10/1773 William AVERY Mary KEEN
17/02/1775 Robert TAYLOR Mary HANCOCK
25/04/1775 John STRATFIELD Anne PAXSON
31/07/1775 James WOTTON Mary WILLIAMS
30/10/1775 Robert CABIN Suanna THAME
14/10/1776 Richard LEE Wing Mary MILLS
15/07/1777 Thomas MILLARD Susanna AVERY
15/07/1777 Francis BATES Ann MINS
09/10/1777 James CAMPTEN Sarah GILBERT
11/02/1778 Thomas ROBERTS Quainton Mary SMITH
22/06/1778 Roger SMITH Mary GILBERT
06/07/1778 Bernard FOUNTAINE Stoke Hammond Ann TAYLOR
12/10/1778 William LATHAL Edlesborough Elizabeth HARES
14/12/1778 Thomas SHEPHERD Blandina MILES
11/01/1780 Richard HEDGES Kitty BAILEY
11/10/1780 John NEAL Quainton Anne SHILCHER
16/04/1781 Robert WILLSON Ann WHITE
15/10/1781 Thomas JENNER Aylesbury Mary HEDGES
25/10/1781 Matthew KEMPTON Frances JAME
14/01/1782 William PARKER Susanna GREEN
10/06/1782 Abel MEAD Sarah SMITH
06/05/1784 Thomas MARRIOTT Elizabeth BUNN Wing
21/10/1784 Thomas CHANDLER Mary MYAS
01/11/1784 Jonas BARKER Mary THORN
01/08/1785 William PULLIN Mary FRANKLIN
13/10/1785 John BERTON Single Mary NICOLLS
26/07/1786 John BONE Wingrave Sarah PAINE
31/10/1786 Thomas HEDGES Mary BAILEY
15/10/1787 John SMITH Mary ANSTEE Wing
14/10/1788 William HIGGINS Cublington Mary TOWNSEND
29/10/1788 Hawkins CAPELL Elizabeth PRIOR Wing
16/04/1789 Matthew WALL Ann BONHAM
01/06/1789 William BAKER Wingrave Mary AYERS
01/10/1789 Richard JAKEMAN Elizabeth VARNEY
19/10/1789 William KENT Ann CARTER
10/11/1789 William GATES Ann FLINTON
11/02/1790 Robert SIMMONS Sarah HODGES
30/05/1791 Robert PRIOR Ivinghoe Grace NEWMAN
10/10/1791 John ROADS Cublington Susanna ELLIOTT
13/12/1791 Thomas HEDGES Sarah BRISTOW
16/01/1792 Richard WALL Widower Phebe GATES Single
11/10/1792 Thomas SEWELL Ann LEE
22/10/1792 George VERNEY Eleanor MILES
22/05/1793 James HEDGES Mary GOODAGE
18/02/1794 Thomas KENT Mary LIPSOME
03/03/1794 Joseph MORTIMER Widower Mary INGRAM Widow
21/04/1794 Robert PARSONS Ivinghoe Elizabeth AYRES
06/10/1794 John SMITH Elizabeth DANVAS
1 16/12/1794 Joseph PRIOR Single Dinton Sarah BONE Single
26/02/1795 John CHILTON Single Waddesdon Sarah THORP Single
18/01/1796 John SCAR Elizabeth PEASE
23/08/1796 William PITKIN Single Swanbourne Ann MORTIMER Single
19/07/1797 William ROGERS Aylesbury Mary SHERFIELD
16/10/1797 Joseph PRICE Single Oving Helen SIMMONS Single
23/10/1797 William PEASE Single Mary NORWOOD Single
18/04/1798 Samuel TOOLEY Single Elizabeth EGLETON Single
06/06/1798 William HOPCRAFT Single Charlotte BRISTOW Single
04/02/1799 William DRUCE Single Hannah KING Single
15/04/1799 Russel GATES Widower Ann HITCHCOCK Widow
30/06/1799 John STRATFOLD Widower Phebe WALL Widow
14/10/1799 William PLANT Ann CARTER Single
28/12/1799 John TOVEY Jane MORIMER Single
18/07/1800 Thomas JACKMAN Grendon Underwood Mary CAMPTON Single
06/10/1800 John DEVERAL Mary SHEPHERD Single
12/02/1801 Richard MARKHAM Ann GATES Single
12/10/1801 Richard HODGES Widower Elizabeth HITCHCOCK
02/01/1802 William DELL Elizabeth WHEELER Single
09/02/1802 Thomas SIMMONS Mary Hitchcock SMITH
01/11/1802 John MONDAY Single Wing Elizabeth SHEPPARD Single
14/04/1803 Thomas MARKHAM Single Stewkley Hannah KENT Single
10/10/1803 James TILY Single Fanny GATES Single
24/11/1803 Thomas SIMONS Single North Marston Ann ELLIOTT Single
01/04/1804 Charles SIMMONS Widower Elizabeth CLAYDON Single
25/09/1804 George GREEN Single Cublington Ann BRAZELL Single
12/10/1805 John HONOUR Single Elizabeth GILTROE Single Whitchurch
15/10/1805 James TURPIN Single Elizabeth KING Single
15/10/1805 William CARTER Single Hannah HARRIS Single
20/10/1805 John GILMAN Single Joanna BAKER Single
31/10/1805 Thomas ELLIOTT Single Levinia HARRIS Single
23/11/1805 Thomas SHILTON Single Wingrave Mary BAILEY Single
27/05/1806 William MEAD Single Sarah HITCHCOCK Single
29/12/1806 Joseph HAMP Single Hoggeston Mary WILSON Single
09/04/1807 James GATES Susanna Dutchman HARRIS
24/03/1808 John SMITH Martha STRATFOLD
10/10/1808 Robert Hardwick COPPERWICK Ann CHANLER
24/10/1808 James DICKINS Mariann GATES
31/07/1809 Thomas HEDGES Tring, Hertfordshire Mary SLEMAKER
25/09/1809 Thomas KEYS Elizabeth CARTER
08/02/1810 Henry HOPCRAFT Mary Ann HARRIS
15/02/1810 John BATSON Elizabeth HEDGES
02/07/1810 Joseph SIMMONS Mary ANDREWS
09/10/1811 Thomas LAKE Wing Hannah JARVIS
11/10/1811 William BIERTON Sarah YOUNG
22/05/1812 Thomas ELLIOT Elizabeth EDWARDS
08/10/1812 James TERRY Hannah TAYLOR
29/10/1812 William KEYS Mursley Susannah READ
1 17/10/1813 Edward HARRIS Jane BATES
2 06/11/1813 William CAPEL Cublington Susannah JONES
3 18/11/1813 Thomas CARTER Hester HOPCRAFT
4 14/04/1814 William TOFIL Eleanor SHEPHERD
5 01/08/1814 Thomas CLARK Aylesbury Mary SIMMONS
6 12/10/1814 James FLEETNEY Single Dunton Mary TAYCOCK Single
7 12/10/1815 Edward EVANS Martha SWIFT
8 01/01/1816 Benjamin BIGGS Louisa HOPCRAFT
9 01/07/1816 Jeffrey BRINKLOW Elizabeth SIMMONS
10 14/08/1816 James KEMPSTER Martha SHEPARD
12 15/09/1816 Joseph HIGGS Hulcott Catherine WHITE
13 15/10/1816 William NORMAN Susannah MUNDAY
14 21/04/1817 Benjamin HALSEY Cublington Mary DRUCE
15 13/10/1817 James GARDNER Fanny HONOR
16 00/00/1818 Charles SIMMONS Hand Dinah SHEPHARD
17 15/11/1819 Edward BURNHAM Priscilla KNAPP
18 29/11/1819 James GARDINER Hannah WARRE
19 13/12/1819 Richard ROBARTS Bierton Elizabeth ALLARD
20 29/09/1820 Edward STEVENS Single Susannah WHITE Single
21 10/10/1820 Francis PICHFORD Frances JONES
22 04/01/1821 James SIMMONS Sarah COCK
23 18/01/1821 Nathaniel STILLGOE Souldern, Oxfordshire Mary DENCHFIELD
24 28/01/1823 Thomas BALDRICK Single Hannah JACKMAN Single
25 13/10/1823 James HEDGES Mary HEDGES
26 03/11/1823 Joseph SWAN Bradenham Martha JONES
27 12/10/1824 Robert BRANDOM Sarah SIMMONDS
28 19/11/1824 Joseph SEABROOK Single Whitchurch Mary Anne ROADS Single
29 12/09/1825 William MORTIMER Single Wingrave Mary ELLIOTT Single
30 28/11/1825 Thomas ELKENTON Single Long Crendon Anne DRUCE Single
31 28/11/1825 Thomas SIMMONS Widower Anne FLEET Single
32 12/10/1826 Thomas LOVELL Single Grendon Underwood Lydia PERRY Single
33 15/10/1827 John STRANKS Single Hardwick Priscilla SIMMONS Single
34 12/11/1827 Thomas SPITTELS Single Elizabeth MILLAR Single
35 01/12/1828 John BADRICK Single Wingrave Zilpha PARKER Single
36 28/01/1829 James BIERTON Single Martha BUTLER Single
37 08/06/1829 Thomas HARRIS Widower Anne HEDGES Single
38 10/09/1829 Joseph Thomas JONES Single Tattenhoe Rebecca LINES Single
39 19/11/1830 James SMITH Single Stewkley Sophia HEDGES Single
40 10/10/1833 John PARKER Single Dinah HARTWELL Single
41 12/10/1833 John ALLARD Single Mary STOP Single
42 08/07/1834 Joseph BIGGS Single Sarah PERRY Single
43 04/02/1835 William WALTER Single Elizabeth COX Single
44 12/10/1835 William KEMPSTER Single Elizabeth BURNHAM Single
46 15/10/1835 John PARKER Single Ann CAPEL Single
47 02/11/1835 Robert BRANDOM Single Cublington Hannah HEDGES Single
45 04/11/1835 Thomas GATES Single Wing Sarah HEDGES Single

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