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Hulcott All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Hulcott lies in south central Buckinghamshire, despite this relatively central position within the county Hulcott actually forms part of the border with neighbouring Hertfordshire which pushes a peninsula of land deep into surrounding Buckinghamshire. Hulcott is located about 3 miles northeast of the large market town of Aylesbury and sits, just off the A418 road which connects Aylesbury with Leighton Buzzard. Hulcott is small, little more than a hamlet reached by an out-and-back lane to the east of the A418. Hulcott sits on the floodplain of the infant River Thame and its parish was almost completely used for pasture in the heavy clay soils of this area. The Thame drains the parish westwards, through northern Aylesbury to reach it larger namesake, the Thames, near the Oxfordshire village of Dorchester; from here water turns back east to flow through the capital to the North Sea. Hulcott is sited at around 80 metres above the sea, in its shallow valley setting the land is mostly flat but rises gently out of the valley to local heights of around 130 metres at nearby Aston Abbotts. By Buckinghamshire standard Hulcott parish was tiny, covering barely 700 acres it was small by most rural standards and supported less than 150 parishioners. Hulcott is not mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

All Saints' church sits at the heart of the hamlet, where the lanes forms a circle around the large green. Pevsner declines to commit to a date for the church's earliest portion, the nave but states it is earlier than the chancel of the early 14th century. Both dates place the church within the Decorated period of architecture. The former transept which augmented the early church was later, in the early 16th century, converted into a southern aisle; it was during this period the church acquired its spire. A significant Victorian restoration took place in the early 1860s which re-roofed the building as well as adding the eastern buttresses. Hulcott's green is an asset to the hamlet and provides a space for parking by the church. A simple lychgate grants entry to the churchyard which is compact but sufficient to allow recording of the church.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 20th November 1754 - 28th December 1810 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference - PR111/1/4 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 11th October 1814 - 30th September 1834 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference - PR111/1/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Aston Abbots St James
Wingrave St Peter & St Paul
Wingrave St Peter & St Paul
Wingrave St Peter & St Paul
Bierton St James
Tring St Peter & St Paul, Hertfordshire
Bierton St James
Bierton St James
Aston Clinton St Michael

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
20/11/1754 Robert THORNE     Elizabeth FINCHER    
07/12/1755 John WALLIS     Lucy DURLEY    
28/10/1756 George INWOOD     Mary HICKS    
10/01/1757 John CHAMFLOWER     Elizabeth PIGOT   Lower Winchendon
16/10/1759 William PERRET   Culworth, Northamptonshire Ann FLEET    
21/01/1760 William SOWSTER   Weston Turville Mary COLEMAN    
16/06/1760 William MUSTO     Mary KIRBY    
12/10/1760 Joseph DEARING   Bierton Sarah HONWOOD    
10/11/1760 Baldwin THORNE     Joanna THORNE    
02/02/1761 William KIRBY   Aylesbury Fanny FLEET    
24/05/1763 William HICKS   Bierton Mary HITCHCOCK    
13/07/1763 Thomas SYRED     Collebery HICKS    
24/12/1763 Richard THORNTON     Mary ELKBEN    
10/05/1764 William ELLARD   Wing Mary HOGSON    
11/04/1765 Richard FLEMONS   Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Mary THORN    
07/03/1766 John PERRY     Elizabeth PRENTICE    
15/11/1766 John SYRED     Ann HICKS    
25/01/1768 William NOTTINGHAM   Stone Ann DURLEY    
28/03/1769 John FLEET     Sarah THORNE    
30/06/1771 Francis BATES     Sarah SHERCH    
07/04/1773 Thomas TURNER   Aylesbury Susanna KEEDLE Single  
14/06/1774 James SIMONS   Launton, Oxfordshire Judith COX    
29/11/1774 William STEVENS     Rebeccah ELLIS   Stoke Mandeville
29/01/1775 John CRABTREE   Ware, Hertfordshire Mary FLEET    
28/09/1775 James PARKER     Sarah COOK    
11/08/1776 William FREEMAN     Elizabeth RODWELL    
05/10/1776 John HOAR   Bierton Elizabeth BUCKINGHAM    
14/10/1776 Henry GOLDER   Wendover Elizabeth DURLEY Single  
18/09/1777 John STARR Single St Olave, Southwark, Surrey Kezia FLEET Single  
12/12/1777 Thomas GATES   Aston Abbots Elizabeth CUTLER    
15/12/1778 James KIRBY     Mary HAWKINS    
30/11/1779 Joseph BOWDEN   Hardwick Ann WALLIS    
07/02/1780 Richard BAKER     Ann HOAR    
08/10/1780 Francis WALLIS     Susanna HOW    
03/02/1785 John HORWOOD   Aston Clinton Sarah SEAMONS    
11/08/1788 Edward HITCHCOCK     Ann HINTON    
24/10/1793 Thomas MORTIMER   Wingrave Mary BATES    
26/03/1795 Richard WEBB     Sarah MONK    
16/05/1796 Joseph FLEET     Ann BATES    
12/10/1796 William REED   Bierton Mary WHITE    
27/12/1796 John SEAMONS     Elizabeth HOLDOM    
18/10/1798 John MUNGER     Mary HITCHCOCK   Dinton
05/11/1798 Richard HANDING     Elizabeth FLEET    
18/10/1799 William DEERING     Mary PARKER    
13/10/1800 George THORNE   Bierton Elizabeth BULL Single  
12/10/1801 William CARTER     Mary THORNE    
19/04/1802 Joseph STILTON     Sarah GARDENER Single  
25/04/1803 William HOUNSLOW     Elizabeth STEVENS Single  
05/03/1804 Thomas MONDAY   Wing Ann ADAMS    
15/10/1804 Richard UNDERWOOD     Ann FLEET    
05/11/1804 John READ     Elizabeth BRIDGES    
15/11/1805 Joseph HANDING     Ann GOODSON    
16/01/1806 John STRATFOLD     Elizabeth CLARKE   Waterperry, Oxfordshire
28/06/1806 William SPOONER   Stewkley Mary COOLIN    
12/10/1807 John HIGGS   Wingrave Susannah DARKER    
06/04/1809 Samuel STEVENS     Martha GOODWIN    
30/10/1810 Joseph KIBBLE   Aston Clinton Rebecca LANGSTON    
28/12/1810 William GOWEY     Elizabeth HONOR    
1 11/10/1814 William JUFFS     Ann WATTS    
2 11/10/1815 George COOK   Aylesbury Eleanor HEAVER    
3 14/10/1816 Barnard RODWAY Single Bierton Mary WOOTTON Single  
4 04/11/1816 George STEVENS Single   Elizabeth SHARPE Single  
5 08/09/1818 Joseph CHENEY     Mary SYRUD    
6 15/10/1818 George WHEELER Widower Aylesbury Ann THOMPSON Single  
7 21/10/1818 William THORN     Ann RATTLEY    
8 12/10/1819 Richard WALLIS Single   Elizabeth WOODBRIDGE Single  
9 22/01/1821 Amaziah INWOOD Widower   Elizabeth BROKER Widow  
10 04/06/1821 Joseph SEAMONS Single   Hannah Maria PEEK Single  
11 30/04/1822 William WISE Widower Bierton Mary FLEET Single  
12 17/12/1825 William WORTON   Bovingdon, Hertfordshire Hannah SYRED    
13 25/01/1826 William HEATH   Aylesbury Sarah ADAMS    
14 14/08/1826 George Deering READING Single   Sarah DEERING Single  
15 08/01/1827 Thomas LOVEGROVE Widower   Mary WHITE Single  
16 26/11/1827 John GOODGER Single Wingrave Mary PARKER Single  
17 28/02/1828 Richard THORNE Single   Martha SHOWLER Single  
18 27/08/1828 William PECK Widower   Sarah HOLDAM Single  
19 02/11/1829 Thomas RICE Single   Jane SYRED Single  
20 19/10/1830 John MANSEL Single Stone Martha HILL Single  
21 22/02/1831 Josiah SEAMONS Single   Ann PRICE Single  
22 19/04/1831 Thomas SPITTLE Single Buckland Mary Ann ELLIOTT Single  
23 30/06/1833 William ALLEN Single   Mary GONEY Single  
24 18/05/1834 John JEFFRY   Aylesbury Rebecca SYRED    
25 21/08/1834 Henry HORWOOD Single Bierton Mary HONOR Single  
26 30/09/1834 William HEDGES Single Aston Abbots Elizabeth ELLIOTT Single  

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