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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wingrave St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

Despite being fairly central within the county of Buckinghamshire, Wingrave has a stretch of the border with a peninsula of Hertfordshire land that juts determinedly into the heart of Buckinghamshire. Wingrave is a large village lying just over 5 miles northeast of Aylesbury and which sits a mile to the south of the A418 road which connects Aylesbury with the Bedfordshire town of Leighton Buzzard. Wingrave is largely built around a three-way junction of lanes but has also expanded in more recent times towards the A418. Like most villages in this area the farming would have been a mixed regime, the heavy clay soils being difficult to work for crops until the more recent development of machinery to work them. Whilst Wingrave is not especially high it does sit upon a watershed, streams draining westwards head for the Thame and the Thames whilst those heading east make for the Ouzel and the Great Ouse, the former reaching the North Sea through the capital whilst the latter reach it through The Wash. As a consequence Wingrave's height above the sea of 130 metres is something of a local high point. Wingrave parish was fairly tyically sized for this area, covering almost 2,900 acres it would have supported a population of close to 800 parishioners. In Domesday times Wingrave was shared between 3 landholders, Miles Crispin and Gunfrid de Chocques having larger shares with Count Robert of Mortain a much smaller holding. Collectively the assets amounted to an impressive 25 ploughs together with substantial meadows.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church dominates the centre of Wingrave so much so that the road layout performs three sides of an oblong to circumvent the churchyard which was clearly here long before the roads were established. Whilst the church does have early origins it was much altered by the Victorians so tracing its history is through remaining fragmentary evidence. The earliest date mentioned by Pevsner is given to the chancel which is dated to the last decade of the 12th century, a period when Romanesque was transitioning into Early English Gothic. From the 13th century comes the western tower whilst arcades were added to the basic structure in the 14th century. In the Perpendicular era most of the windows were replaced but it was in the late 1880s that most restoration and change took place. The churchyard sits between Winslow Road and Church Street with entrances from both. Parking in Church Street is possible with care. The churchyard is open, uncluttered and with only modest obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 31st May 1754 - 29th November 1768 Buckinghamshire Archives Bishops Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads There is some fading and 1766 is missing leading to a possibility of misreads and a certainty of omission
2 14th December 1768 - 13th June 1812 Buckinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR235/1/10 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 2nd August 1813 - 29th June 1837 Buckinghamshire Archives - Reference - PR235/1/11 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number A short stretch of fading may lead to a few misreads

Aston Abbotts St James
Aston Abbotts St James
Wing All Saints
Aston Abbotts St James
Hulcott All Saints
Cheddington St Giles
Tring St Peter & St Paul, Hertfordshire
Hulcott All Saints
Tring St Peter & St Paul, Hertfordshire
Tring St Peter & St Paul, Hertfordshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
31/05/1754 Meshach SEARE Elizabeth PRENTICE
13/08/1754 William BROOKS Rachael BECKETT
05/11/1754 Richard MOORS Elizabeth OKEHALLS
10/01/1755 Rogger HICHCOCK Mary HINSON
14/04/1755 John SIMMONS Jane REEVE
20/04/1755 Thomas GUERING Mary HATWELL
18/05/1755 Richard DRYER Mary VULKINS
29/05/1755 William HURNDALL Ann WHEELER
11/11/1755 John RADARICK Hannah DURLEY
20/11/1755 John PAINE Elizabeth HENDERSON
24/11/1755 Thomas REEVE Phillis STRATFOLD
27/11/1755 Edward DEAN Betty HORLEY
21/04/1756 Robert TAYLOR Elizabeth WOODWARD
12/07/1756 Thomas MORTIMER Sarah FOUNTAIN
02/08/1756 Ambrose MEAD Rebecca MONDAY
01/11/1756 Samuel LEE Elizabeth MORTIMER
17/11/1756 John KEEN Mary EMERTON
12/12/1757 William BONAM Mary DYMOCK
00/00/1758 Thomas PRENTICES Susannah FRYER
08/03/1758 Henry PRENTICE Elizabeth STRATON
15/04/1759 Thomas MOORS Mary HUMPHERY
29/04/1759 John CHANDLER Mary HENDERSON
11/11/1759 James LAVENDER Mary CABELL
21/11/1759 Francis STOPP Ann RADWELL
28/11/1759 Daniel NICHOLS Mary HENCHER
19/12/1759 John WEBB Sarah HARRIS
18/02/1760 John HINSON Jane STRATFOLD
04/05/1760 William INWOODS Sarah DURLEY
06/07/1760 Thomas HOLDHAM Elizabeth MARKAM
25/03/1761 Thomas GREENING Mary GEORGE
10/10/1761 Thomas TOWNSEND Elizabeth BAKER
12/10/1761 John BIGNALL Elizabeth HEDGES
19/10/1761 Samuel BURGESS Mary BARNES
21/10/1761 John CHARTERS Anne HITCHCOCK
26/10/1761 John STEVENS Susannah PROVIS
23/11/1761 Francis BADRICK Mary PRYOR
20/06/1762 Joseph HEDGES Elizabeth ROW
19/07/1762 Edward CHAPMAN Rose PROMISE
11/10/1762 William GREEN Sarah HOPTON
12/10/1762 Robert JEFFS Anne COVENTRY
14/12/1762 John MILBOURNE Martha TAYLOR
06/01/1763 Francis BATES Anne WHEELER
03/06/1763 William PRYOR Martha BULL
12/06/1763 Richard KENT Aston Abbotts Elizabeth KEENE
08/11/1763 Gabriel ALLEN Mary HORTON
13/11/1763 Richard THORNE Hannah HEDGES Aston Abbotts
27/11/1763 Joseph PAINE Elizabeth RADWELL
31/12/1763 Thomas MORTIMER Elizabeth HEDGES
30/01/1764 Thomas INWOODS Elizabeth FRIAR
07/10/1764 William SYMMONSON Sarah BAKER
07/10/1764 Thomas WYAT Elizabeth KING
16/10/1764 John NASH Elizabeth NICHOLLS
29/10/1764 George FIELD Elizabeth HICKS
06/07/1765 James SHANKS Mary PAINE
16/10/1765 John PRYOR Ann HARLAND
28/10/1765 John WHEELER Ann FRYER
11/11/1765 William COKER Abigail BAREFOOT
09/12/1765 Thomas ALLEN Mary WOOTON
28/12/1765 James MAKEAM Elizabeth PALMER
07/06/1767 Thomas ARNOLD Ann HART
09/06/1767 John NASH Mary KEMPSTER
05/07/1767 Francis MORTIMER Ann KEMPSTER
08/07/1767 William SHARD Ann NICHOLS
31/08/1767 John GOLDER Mary ANTY
23/09/1767 Edward HILTON Elizabeth PORTLAND
28/12/1767 Roger KEMPSTER Mary STEVENS
05/01/1768 Michael BAKER Anne MORTIMER
15/02/1768 Harley PAINE Mary HUNDALL
04/04/1768 Richard FIELD Elizabeth KEMPSTER
29/11/1768 John GREEN Elizabeth CHAPMAN
14/12/1768 Charles KING Winslow Sarah HARLEY
12/07/1769 Thomas HANWELL Elizabeth GREEN
09/10/1769 Joseph GOODSON Martha PRYER
10/11/1769 John MORTIMER Hannah KEENE
28/11/1769 John BONAM Elizabeth COVENTRY
15/01/1770 Richard KEEN Mary EAST
19/08/1770 Henry HUMPHREY Susannah VERNEY
10/10/1770 William RANCE Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire Sarah PRYOR
18/10/1770 John PARRITT Soulbury Sarah COLES
24/10/1770 John SHARP North Marston Elizabeth HOOTON
25/10/1770 George ORCHARD Mary COOPER
05/11/1770 Joseph ELLIOTT Wing Ann SHACKLY
08/11/1770 Thomas VERNEY Anne HUMPHRY
04/02/1771 Edward PRYOR Mary HARBOUR
10/10/1771 Francis STILTON Mary RADWELL
15/11/1771 John CRAKER Waddesdon Ann PAINE
16/02/1772 Samuel HANCHER Elizabeth GRANTHAM
01/03/1772 Thomas SHENT Sarah BASKETT
21/04/1772 Joseph SEAMONS Hardwick Esther MARKAM
23/04/1772 David MONK Wing Susanna GEORGE
19/11/1772 Nathaniel BROOKES Mary HORTON
20/02/1773 John CHAPMAN Jane EDWARDS
22/02/1773 Frank COLLINS Sarah HORWOOD
22/02/1773 William BATEMAN Sarah EDMONDS
31/10/1773 John GURNEY Elizabeth FIELD
05/12/1773 Joseph MASON Marsh Gibbon Rose BATES
27/12/1773 Joseph STEVENS Sarah COOK
31/01/1774 Thomas KING Elizabeth PERRETT
07/02/1774 Richard JARVIS Mary HITCHCOCK
16/05/1774 William KEMPSTER Ann DEVERELL
25/05/1774 William COKER Mary SHACKLEY
16/09/1774 John ALLEN Anne GEORGE Widow
08/02/1775 Thomas FLETCHER Wing Alice GRUBB
17/07/1775 William BOLTON Mary BADRICK
30/10/1775 Thomas GURNEY Elizabeth TEBBY
19/02/1776 William SMITH Elizabeth TIMPSON
22/07/1776 Henry COKER Sarah CUTLER
28/10/1776 William HOWS Hannah HIGGS
16/12/1776 John RUTLAND Elizabeth HARRIS
01/04/1777 Thomas DIMMOCK Ann COLLINS
19/05/1777 Thomas BOLTON Elizabeth EVANS
06/07/1777 Edward PRYOR Anne STAPS
20/10/1777 John GONEY Sarah WALKER
23/02/1778 Richard PUTTNAM Elizabeth BROOKS
23/02/1778 John BADRICK Fanny RADWELL
11/06/1778 William RADWELL Wing Jane CHAPMAN
10/08/1778 James FLEET Hulcott Susanna KEEN
17/08/1778 Thomas HART Mary COLLINS
02/10/1778 Robert KEEN Drayton Beauchamp Elizabeth BUTTLER
25/01/1779 Thomas SALLORY Elizabeth GEASY
15/02/1779 William HONOUR Rose BATES
19/07/1779 Francis MESSENGER Hulcott Sarah GODSON
29/11/1779 John EDWARDS Sarah THOMSON
02/12/1779 William CLARE Alice SWINSTED Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
20/12/1779 Thomas BONAM Jane FIELD
01/08/1780 John BATEMAN Elizabeth HANCHER
06/11/1780 William BADRICK Elizabeth MANNING
13/11/1780 Thomas BONAM Anne FALKENER
16/12/1780 Thomas BRIGGS Upper Winchendon Mary WHIPHAM
16/04/1781 Thomas SEAR Molly MORTIMER
08/06/1781 John KEENE Mary STEVENS
27/09/1781 William BATES Mary STEVENS
30/01/1782 William BONAM Anne WHEELER
21/07/1782 John INWOODS Aylesbury Rebecca WEBB
31/07/1782 George PAINE Mary PAINE
15/08/1782 Thomas SHACKLEY Judith COLLINS
02/10/1782 Richard GOM Sarah HORTON
14/10/1782 Richard EVANS Elizabeth ROBINSON
14/10/1782 John ALLCOCK Anne ELLIOTT
05/11/1782 Matthew GREEN Mary CUTLER
05/11/1782 Joseph STEEL Anne COOK
09/01/1783 William MAULTBY Elizabeth HAWKINS
21/04/1783 John HART Elizabeth ADAMS
30/04/1783 Thomas BATES Rebecca EAST
16/05/1783 Joseph WISE Elizabeth HORTON
16/02/1784 Thomas PRENTICE Bierton Elizabeth FLEET
29/04/1784 Edward GRAY Elizabeth PRYOR
31/05/1784 James SOUTHAM Mary HEADY
01/11/1784 Richard SHACKLEY Jane MOBBERLY
09/05/1785 John MOORS Sarah JARVIS
15/05/1785 George BONHAM Elizabeth MILLBURNE
11/10/1785 William HIGGS Elizabeth BASS
25/10/1785 James BRUMLEY Aylesbury Editha ALLEN
13/11/1785 Joseph BONAM Elizabeth FOLLY
14/11/1785 William BOLTON Mary EVANS
05/01/1786 John STEVENS Mary BATES
10/09/1786 Francis KING Anne CHAPMAN
12/10/1786 Francis RODWELL Anne FIELD
16/10/1786 Thomas ODCRAFT Bierton Elizabeth DIMMOCK
19/10/1786 Isaac HARE Cublington Elizabeth NEEDLES
20/11/1786 Thomas THORN Sarah BADRICK
19/12/1786 William EDWARDS Rachel DEAN
16/04/1787 John GREEN Martha HITCHCOCK
23/04/1787 William MEASOM Anne HIDE
25/04/1787 Henry MANNING Hannah KING
30/04/1787 Matthew DIMMOCK Elizabeth BAKER
13/05/1787 Thomas TRIPP Bledlow Anne KEEN
05/11/1787 William FLEET Sarah PAINE
07/11/1787 Francis SANDERS Catherine BROOKS
29/11/1787 William KEMPSTER Elizabeth BURROWS
07/07/1788 Thomas PAINE Rebecca STEVENS
20/10/1788 Thomas BIGNAL Elizabeth BUTLER
23/02/1789 John BONHAM Elizabeth GOODIERE
23/02/1789 John GRIFFIN Susannah KEEN
26/10/1789 George SMITH Elizabeth HEDGES
11/01/1790 Richard THORN Anne FRANKLIN
26/04/1790 Daniel KEEN Mary THORN
05/08/1790 William ROLLS Sarah HEMENS
11/10/1790 John TOMPSON Sarah SANDERS
18/09/1791 John COLLYER Elizabeth ELDRIDGE
30/09/1791 Thomas HARRIS Mary HITCHCOCK
17/10/1791 John PRYOR Elizabeth KEMPSTER
04/11/1791 Thomas HORWOOD Mary HEDGES
14/11/1791 John CLARK Elizabeth INWOODS
28/11/1791 William MEAD Stoke Mandeville Elizabeth MOBBERLY
02/05/1792 Henry BATEMAN Mary KENT
29/10/1792 Thomas BECKETT Sarah PRIER
11/04/1793 William PRENTICE Sarah GRIFFIN
02/05/1793 Benjamin HILLSDEN Sarah BIGNALL
23/05/1793 John HOLDHAM Hannah MORTIMER
29/08/1793 Robert DIMMOCK Ann JOHNSON
09/09/1793 John MOORES Mary HOLLAND
30/12/1793 Thomas HOLDAM Mary PETTY
20/02/1794 William MORTIMER Susanna MORTIMER
24/06/1794 Thomas TURNEY Sarah WILLIAMS
23/10/1794 Thomas BIGNALL Ann HOLLAND
03/11/1794 Thomas FLEET Mary MORTIMER
25/12/1794 Thomas HUBBARD Elizabeth HOLLAND
15/06/1795 William GRIFFIN Sarah MORTIMER
19/08/1795 John EDWARDS Ann DEAN
19/10/1795 John CUTLER Wing Jane HUMPHREY
21/11/1796 Francis CORKET Ann GURNEY
05/12/1796 Thomas BATEMAN Ann GREEN
19/07/1797 Matthew DIMMOCK Wing Hannah BLACKWELL
03/08/1797 James LONDON Hannah KEEN
09/11/1797 James NOTTINGHAM Maria HITCHCOCK
21/05/1798 William HEDGESS Sarah ELLARD
29/05/1798 William BOLTON Jane GREEN
04/06/1798 Thomas GURNEY Martha BADRICK
02/07/1798 Thomas WILLIAMS Elizabeth STELTON
30/08/1798 William BEGNALL Mary COLLYER
17/09/1798 William MASOM Martha MANNING
01/10/1798 John CHERRY Puttenham, Hertfordshire Mary BEGNALL
11/10/1798 John VEARY Ann TURNER
11/10/1798 James JEFFS Elizabeth THORN
29/10/1798 Joseph SIMMONS Mary BATEMAN
27/12/1798 Robert KEEN Ann HITCHCOCK
31/12/1798 William ALLEN Hannah IMPEY
12/10/1799 Thomas HEDGES Hulcott Mary KEMPSTER
15/10/1799 William HENLEY Hannah ALLEN
02/11/1799 John GREEN Mary CAPEL
11/11/1799 Thomas GUDGER Mary JONES
21/11/1799 Joseph WALKER Aston Abbotts Elizabeth GEORGE
24/02/1800 Matthew DIMMOCK Mary GURNEY
10/03/1800 Samuel KING Elizabeth CLARK
26/11/1800 John JEFFS Whitchurch Mary STRIDE
04/12/1800 Joseph BALLAD Aston Clinton Mary MORTIMER
25/05/1801 William GUM Elizabeth ALLEN
07/10/1801 Thomas WAKNELL Sarah KING
26/10/1801 John SAW Elizabeth BENNET
08/07/1802 Joseph KEMSTER Johannah GOLLYMAN
13/07/1802 Matthew DIMMOCK Elizabeth MORGAN
04/10/1802 John PAXON Sarah BATES
21/02/1803 James FLEET Jane THORN Hardwick
05/05/1803 William HORWOOD Kitty HOWS
12/09/1803 Richard EVANS Rebecca HUTCHINGS
12/10/1803 Henry HEDGES Elizabeth ELARD
17/10/1803 William BATEMAN Susannah WALLIS
12/02/1804 William STEVENS Susannah KEEN
13/09/1804 Thomas MIDDLETON Mary BASS
09/10/1804 John HOWS Mary HOLLOWAY
21/12/1804 William HIGGS Mary HONES
16/09/1805 James GIBBS Single Waddesdon Elizabeth KEEN Single
30/10/1805 John HADEY Jane BROWN
09/06/1806 John BULL Aylesbury Elizabeth PRIOR
04/11/1806 John THORP Drayton Beauchamp Mary MORTIMER
29/12/1806 William COOK Wing Elizabeth BATEMAN
31/12/1806 William MORTIMER Single Wing Charlotte PAINE
09/02/1807 William HONOR Bierton Sarah BATES
02/04/1807 John PAIN Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Ann COCK
30/04/1807 Nathaniel BLAKE Hampton Poyle, Oxfordshire Catherine WEBB
15/06/1807 Thomas SIMONS Ann BALL
15/06/1807 Richard HARRIS Ann ROGERS
15/06/1807 John EDWARDS Elizabeth HOWS
07/09/1807 James SLATE Betty Ann WALLIS
14/10/1807 John WINDMILL Frances BATES
10/11/1807 Thomas ADAMS Mentmore Mary BONHAM
04/01/1808 Thomas ARNOLD Dinah BONHAM
24/02/1808 Thomas CLARK Elizabeth MORTIMER
29/08/1808 Thomas RODEL Sarah CHACKLEY
26/01/1809 John BURROWS Mary READ
12/06/1809 Thomas THORN Hardwick Mary BONHAM
09/07/1809 Thomas BIGNELL Ruth HILL
10/10/1809 William GREEN Single Elizabeth STRATFOLD Single
11/10/1809 Nathaniel ARNOLD Elizabeth PAINE
26/10/1809 Thomas KEENE Single Hannah SIMMONS Single
06/03/1810 William NEWNS Dinah GREEN
29/08/1810 William RICKARDS Single Susannah PAINE Single
17/09/1810 Thomas HITCHCOCK Hannah PAINE
19/11/1810 Samuel GARRETT Single Sarah MASOM Single
26/11/1810 William BATES Single Mary BATES Single
24/12/1810 James STILTON Single Hulcott Fanny BIGNELL Single
03/01/1811 John DIMMOCK Single Sarah SHEPHERD Single Pitstone
28/01/1811 James NOTTINGHAM Widower Sarah EVANS Single
17/09/1811 Thomas ROBINSON Ann SHACKLEY
23/09/1811 John MEAD Single Elizabeth BOLTON
23/12/1811 Thomas WHITE Single Hannah BONHAM Single
20/02/1812 Thomas OAKLY Hannah YOUNG Tring, Hertfordshire
04/05/1812 William SMITH Charlotte SMITH
13/06/1812 John BONHAM Single Elizabeth HIGGS Soulbury
1 02/08/1813 John BURROWS Widower Mary DIMMOCK Single
2 22/11/1813 Charles HIGGS Single Elizabeth ELLIS Single
3 29/11/1813 John RIDGEWAY Single Elizabeth ALLOWS Single
4 13/04/1814 Ephraim BONHAM Single Sarah TURNEY Single
5 28/05/1814 William COOK Single Martha MORTIMER Single
6 21/09/1814 Thomas COOK Single Elizabeth SEABROOCK Single
7 06/10/1814 Robert GRIFFIN Single Mary Ann PAINE Single
8 12/10/1814 Richard THORNE Single Wing Sarah PRYOR Single
9 08/12/1814 Henry NEWNES Single Cheddington Ann SEABROOK Single
10 25/12/1814 Thomas RICKET Single Elizabeth PAINE Single
11 11/01/1815 William Stevens PAINE Single Sarah MORTIMER
12 07/02/1815 Robert SEABROOKE Single Drusilla COOK
13 01/03/1815 William GRIFFITH Woburn, Bedfordshire Elizabeth HOLLAND
14 26/03/1815 William BONHAM Mary RIDDLE
15 15/05/1815 Richard HARRIS Mary LEACH
16 02/07/1815 William BAKER Widower Grace PRIOR Widow
17 11/10/1815 James JANES Mary BONEHAM
18 05/11/1815 John SHEPHERD Ivinghoe Phoebe PRYOR
19 30/06/1816 James BONHAM Susannah CORKET
20 22/10/1816 William MONK Martha GERNEY
21 11/11/1816 Thomas BIGNAL Widower Allice KEEN
22 24/11/1816 John CHAINEY Catherine KERBY
23 23/01/1817 John BATES Mary BATES
24 15/05/1817 John BUTCHERS Susanna MALLSBEY
25 14/06/1817 John BATES Elizabeth RODWELL
26 20/08/1817 Joseph PAINE Elizabeth GOODEN
27 12/10/1817 Henry GASKINS Ann SIMS
28 13/10/1817 Daniel BEINTON Elizabeth BATES
29 27/10/1817 Joseph BATES Hannah REYNOLDS
30 22/03/1818 Henry COLSON Brill Lucy PRIOR
31 17/05/1818 William MANNING Elizabeth COOK
32 18/05/1818 Thomas KEEN Mary STRATFOLD
33 10/09/1818 Moses LOVETT Single Mary Montague LUCAS Single
34 25/10/1818 Thomas MANNING Mary HUNT
35 25/10/1818 William FLEET Sarah BONHAM
36 17/05/1819 Henry COCK Rebecca COLLYER
37 07/06/1819 John COLLYER Ann MORTIMER
38 08/07/1819 William ROBERTS Aylesbury Elizabeth LUCAS
39 08/08/1819 James HEDGES Phillis ARNOLD
40 10/10/1819 Samuel BATSON Mary HOLLAND
41 12/10/1819 William BURNAM Aylesbury Jane BELL
42 12/10/1819 Henry EMES Elizabeth GOODGER
43 08/11/1819 Joseph BIGNALL Ann Maria DUNCOMB
44 02/12/1819 John HARE Sarah GRIFFIN
45 23/12/1819 Charnell MIDDLETON Mary HENCHER
46 07/02/1820 William BAILEY Aston Abbotts Elizabeth PAINE
47 14/02/1820 John KEMPSTER Mary JEFFS Widow Harefield, Middlesex
48 07/04/1820 Thomas SAYELL Charlotte BOWLER
49 25/09/1820 John BROWN Susanna BIGNALL
50 12/10/1820 William BADRICK Ann BONFIELD
51 12/10/1820 Thomas BIGNALL Hannah HITCHCOCK
52 03/11/1820 Jonah HUMPHREY Allice BATEMAN
53 14/12/1820 Austin HORWOOD Susanna MORTIMER
54 01/09/1821 James HARRIS Elizabeth JOHNS
55 29/10/1821 John DICKENS Whitchurch Mary GREEN
56 05/11/1821 Daniel KEEN Sarah MORTIMER
57 07/01/1822 Thomas RHODES Ann SAUNDERS
58 04/02/1822 Stephen MING Jane HANNEY
59 17/02/1822 James BONHAM Clarey ELLIOTT
60 12/03/1822 John BURROWS Ann FLEET
61 26/05/1822 Thomas FLEET Charlotte BONHAM
62 14/10/1822 James JONES Hannah BAKER
63 16/10/1822 William PARRY Soulbury Charlotte GREEN
64 28/10/1822 John BAKER Rebecca KEEN
65 19/11/1822 William ROGERS Mentmore Sarah FLEET
66 29/01/1823 George BONHAM Bett JORDAN
67 08/06/1823 James SMITH Sarah SMITH
68 13/10/1823 John BAZELEY Soulbury Rebecca GREEN
69 01/01/1824 John PAINE Sally CORKETT
70 11/02/1824 Thomas BATES Mary HERBERT
71 29/08/1824 Thomas GOODGER Ann BATEMAN
72 30/08/1824 John ROBARTS Charlotte MORTIMER
73 12/10/1824 Joseph OKLEY Quainton Elizabeth PARROTT
74 25/10/1824 Francis BADRICK Sarah THORN
75 04/04/1825 Edward COCK Rebecca MOORS
76 05/04/1825 Percival PAINE Mary THORPE
77 15/05/1825 William EDWARDS Sarah WIGGONS
78 30/10/1825 Francis BADRICK Jemima COWPER
79 11/10/1826 James READ Ann SYMONS
80 12/10/1826 Thomas MANNING Mary SIMMONS
81 12/10/1826 John FLEET Ann JORDAN
82 23/10/1826 Matthew KINGHAM Tring, Hertfordshire Catherine HORWOOD
83 08/02/1827 George Thomas MAJOR St James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex Sarah LUCAS
84 19/02/1827 Thomas GIBBS Mary BLISS
85 16/04/1827 Richard NICHOLS Aston Abbotts Elizabeth KEMPSTER
86 14/05/1827 William PAINE Ann TUCKWELL
87 01/06/1827 John HOWES Lower Winchendon Martha ELLIS
88 05/08/1827 William HEDGES Mary SMITH
89 11/10/1827 James SAUNDERS Ann SPACEY
90 12/10/1827 Joseph DEARIEN Hulcott Mary HIGGS
91 02/12/1827 William RICHARD Ann BATES
92 24/12/1827 Richard KEEN Elizabeth SIMMONS
93 17/08/1828 Thomas KEMPSTER Rebecca COCK Widow
100 01/09/1828 James HEDGES Elizabeth BATEMAN
101 20/10/1828 Joseph SHACKLEY Ann QUARTERMAN
102 28/10/1828 James PAINE Ruth MORTIMER Widow Wing
103 10/06/1829 Frederick QUARRINGTON Dummer, Hampshire Olivia COX
104 20/05/1830 Joseph PAINE Jemima PAINE
105 21/10/1830 Samuel HIGGS Ann HOPCROFT
106 26/10/1830 John BATES Fanny BIGNAL
107 30/01/1831 Richard GARRETT Mary BIGNALL
108 31/01/1831 William PAXTON Elizabeth KNAPP
109 07/02/1831 Joseph HEDGES Mary BADRICK Widow
110 04/07/1831 Thomas BATEMAN Ann ALLEN
111 05/09/1831 John BATEMAN Elizabeth BIGNALL
112 08/10/1831 Thomas BATEMAN Elizabeth HARPER
113 10/11/1831 Joseph STILTON Seley BLISS
114 14/05/1832 Benjamin BIGNALL Sarah PEASE Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire
115 11/10/1832 John BRAZIER North Marston Penelope PRICE
116 18/10/1832 William BERLER Bierton Mary Ann MORTIMER
117 30/10/1832 Fredrick BIGNALL Harriet NOTTINGHAM Widow
118 12/12/1832 John WOOLLHEAD Single Swanbourne Lucilla COX Single
119 01/07/1833 Henry GOXNEY Sarah VICKARS
120 12/10/1833 George PARKER Aston Abbotts Mary BONHAM
121 12/10/1833 John CHAPPIN Tring, Hertfordshire Zilpha STILTON
122 14/11/1833 John KEMPSTER Sophia FLEET
123 21/11/1833 Benjamin FAULKNER Mary RICKARD
124 21/11/1833 Joseph HUMPHREY Sarah COCK
125 07/12/1833 Ezra TAPPING Susanna HEDGES
126 09/12/1833 Jesse PAXTON Sarah ALLEN
127 19/05/1834 William Kempster BURROWS Mary MEAD
128 28/09/1834 Thomas ARNOLD Zilpha COCK
129 09/11/1834 Joseph KEMPSTER Elizabeth STRATFOLD
130 02/06/1835 John BIGNALL Elizabeth BATES
131 12/10/1835 William FLEET Esther HEDGES
132 10/11/1835 James HIGGS Elizabeth BLISS
133 21/03/1836 William ATTHOWS Widower Catherine BONHAM Single
134 10/05/1836 William FLEET Widower Mary CLANFIELD Single Wing
135 03/07/1836 William RICKHARD Edna STACKLEY
136 10/10/1836 William CLARKE Fanny STILTON
137 20/10/1836 Michael TERREY Sophia COCK
138 20/10/1836 John BRASINGTON Mary SHACKLEY
139 29/06/1837 Thomas HIGGS Ann GOLDNEY
140 29/06/1837 Joseph BLISS Charlotte STILTON

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