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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Dorney St James


The Parish

The parish of Dorney lies in the extreme south of Buckinghamshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Berkshire. Dorney is located on the banks of the River Thames roughly midway between Eton & Maidenhead. Dorney is a compact but linear village lying along the B3026 road which connects Eton with the A4 road at Burnham. Nowadays this is a heavily populated area dominated by east/west communications, not only the A4 but also the M4 and the main railway line to the west of England from London pass through the area. Previously this would have been quiet countryside dominated by pastoral farming on the lush pastures formed on the floodplain of the River Thames. Dorney is located at around 20 metres above the sea, the Thames, of course, flows eastwards towards London and the North Sea. Dorney parish consists of two distinct portions, that surrounding the village itself and a detached portion taking in some slopes of the Chiltern Hills which lie to the north. The parish was small, as befits a southern parish, covering just over 1,400 acres and supporting just over 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Dorney was held by one Miles Crispin and could only boast 3 ploughs plus some meadow, woodland and a fishery.

The Church

St James' church lies at the western end of the village close to the grounds of Dorney Court and on the southern side of a narrow lane that runs westwards from the B3026. The church has the usual run of dates from early to modern, the oldest being a Norman window in the chancel. The basic fabric of both nave and chancel appear to be 12th/13th centuries but much was changed during Tudor times. The brick western tower dates from that period, the south porch from the mid-17th century and the Gerrard Chapel is also 17th century; most windows appear to have been replaced during the 18th century but the church escaped the wholesale Victorian restorations common in England. The site is unusual in that a graveyard lies on the northern side of the lane yet the church is on the south side and accessed by a tarred track alongside the walls of Dorney Court. There are many trees, including some venerable yews, which do restrict angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 7th February 1755 - 16th November 1812 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference PR63/1/6 Nonstandard but preprinted combined Banns & Marriages register, it is nonstandard in having the left folio with 4 Banns entries and the right folio with 3 Marriages Grade 1 register - few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 23rd October 1813 - 25th April 1837 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference PR63/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 register - few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Taplow St Nicholas
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Burnham St Peter
Bray St Michael, Berkshire
Burnham St Peter
Bray St Michael, Berkshire
Bray St Michael, Berkshire
Bray St Michael, Berkshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
07/02/1755 John HUNT   Burnham Rebecca WEBB    
08/06/1755 Henry STANNIFORD   New Windsor, Berkshire Mary DORRIL    
10/11/1755 William GRIFFIN     Ann ASHBY    
13/12/1755 Thomas HAWKINS     Ann GROVE    
18/03/1756 John HAPSOM     Sarah BAKER    
28/09/1756 John FREWIN Single Eton Mary WILMOT    
22/11/1756 James DORRILL     Mary WEBB    
08/11/1757 William STEVENS     Elizabeth EARLS    
27/09/1758 Thomas ALLEN   Burnham Jane WILLIAMSON Single  
25/12/1758 John DELL   Burnham Sarah WELLS    
24/07/1759 Robert DUELL     Elizabeth GROVE    
06/12/1759 Joseph WALKER     Hannah EDWARDS    
05/11/1760 William BENSON     Mary FRY    
24/10/1761 Robert TURENT     Elisabeth EDWARDS Single  
10/08/1762 John WATTSON     Mary STREEN    
27/11/1764 Francis MADES     Hester ALLEN    
04/02/1765 Edward YEOMANS     Anne DORREL    
14/05/1765 Edward LANGLEY   Bray, Berksbhire Mary MIDDLETON    
07/10/1765 John STREEM Single   Anne NASH Single  
16/03/1766 Isack WALKER     Mary EVERET    
07/05/1768 Thomas WEBB Single   Mary SEDDING Single  
20/09/1768 Limewell FOWLER     Sarah SCARLIT   Bray, Berkshire
23/11/1769 Henry ALMOND     Elizabeth HOWARD    
05/08/1771 William RIGHT Single   Mary BRUFF Single  
15/05/1772 William JAMES Single   Margaret HOLMAN Single  
31/10/1772 Edward ABSALOM Single   Elizabeth WHITE Single  
16/03/1773 William JAYCOCK Widower   Hannah GREAT Widow Burnham
25/07/1773 William SMITH Single Uxbridge, Middlesex Mary HOLMAN Single  
25/04/1775 Joseph HOWARD Widower   Mary REECES Single  
21/12/1775 David PERRYMAN Single Eton Mary BROTHERS Single  
13/10/1777 Edward COX     Sarah GIRDEN    
31/08/1778 Henry GREEN Single Burnham Mary GIRDEN Single  
23/12/1779 John HAWES     Hannah MARTIN    
08/02/1781 William WESTON     Elizabeth JOHNSON    
04/11/1782 John LADGROVE     Elizabeth TAGAT    
03/02/1783 James GIBBONS     Mary WHITE    
08/10/1783 John MIDDLETON     Elizabeth SPOKES    
25/11/1783 John HAYES   Cookham, Berkshire Eleanor BESLEY    
28/11/1784 David MIDDLETON     Grace OSBORNE    
29/03/1785 John MARTIN Single   Elizabeth BLAY Single  
07/04/1785 William NEIGHBOUR Single Taplow Elizabeth SEDDING Single  
07/04/1785 Thomas SEDDING Single   Elizabeth PRIEST Single  
11/06/1785 Charles COX     Elizabeth MADES    
12/05/1787 Richard BLEAK     Elizabeth COLDRIDGE    
17/10/1787 Henry STEVENS     Elizabeth BISHOP    
02/03/1789 William GREEN     Elizabeth GILLEY Widow Bray, Berkshire
09/11/1789 Robert TARRENT Single   Sarah MEAD Single  
07/02/1790 James BULLOCK   Taplow Elizabeth OSBORNE    
22/02/1790 Henry STEVENS     Louisa CANNON    
27/08/1790 William NEALE Single   Elizabeth OSBORN Single Burnham
27/09/1790 James MESSIER Single   Frances Anne WATERS Single New Windsor, Berkshire
26/05/1791 Thomas HUMPHRIES Single   Elizabeth WEBB Single  
31/10/1791 Joseph KING Single   Susanna PRIEST Single  
01/07/1793 John NEIGHBOUR Single   Elizabeth NEALE Single  
02/10/1793 Richard SPOKES Single   Mary WICKS Single  
31/10/1793 Edward Littleford BENHAM Single   Hannah PRIEST Single  
26/04/1794 Charles COOK Single   Charlotte BURNHAM Single  
03/06/1794 John EMERY Widower New Windsor, Berkshire Jane CLARKE Widow  
26/10/1794 James BULLOCK Single   Ann HERBERT Single  
04/05/1795 William GODDARD Single   Sarah SEDDING Single  
26/07/1795 Joseph GREARY Single   Martha HARBUTT Single  
15/12/1795 Thomas JONES Single   Elizabeth LACK Single  
31/10/1796 Joseph WHITING Widower   Grace MITCHAM Widow  
17/09/1797 George NEALE Single   Ann COX Single  
26/09/1798 William MONEY   Burnham Phoebe PRIEST Single  
20/10/1798 Thomas BRYANT Single Bray, Berksbhire Anne TAGGOT Single  
14/10/1801 Thomas NEALE Widower   Mary PRIEST Single  
17/10/1801 William GREENAWAY Single   Ann NEIGHBOUR Single  
26/10/1801 Robert COX Single   Rebecca EVERITT Single  
02/08/1802 John MOODY Single   Sarah FLETCHER Single  
26/10/1802 Jacob MORGAN Single   Sarah COX Single  
27/05/1803 William GODFREY   Cookham, Berkshire Elizabeth PIDGEON    
24/10/1803 William SMITH Single   Dinah SIMMONS Single  
10/12/1803 Richard BARKFIELD Single   Hannah PAWLING Single  
27/08/1805 Thomas SEDDING Single   Sarah VICKERY Single Burnham
02/08/1806 Charles PERRYMAN Single   Sarah COXHEAD Single Burnham
27/10/1806 George HAMET Single   Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
05/01/1807 John MARTIN Widower   Elizabeth COX Widow  
10/08/1807 Thomas SPICER Single Farnham Royal Eunice GOULD Single  
28/04/1808 Thomas TURPIN Single   Sarah TUCKER Widow  
24/11/1808 William BUCKNEY Single   Ann DORREL Single  
13/08/1809 John CLARK Single Binfield, Berkshire Elizabeth BLAY Single  
24/10/1809 John ANGELL Single   Hannah FOX Single  
13/11/1809 John HAYNES Single   Elizabeth ELWOOD Single  
04/12/1809 Elisha HAMMETT Single   Sarah BURNHAM Single  
21/05/1810 James MIDDLETON Single   Harriet AVERY Single  
04/12/1810 George HOLMAN Single   Jane PERRYMAN Single  
16/02/1811 Thomas DAWSON Single   Mary MIDDLETON Single  
26/05/1811 Henry GOODMAN Widower   Ann Martha HAWSE Single  
16/11/1812 James ALLDER Single Upton Cum Chalvey Anne CLEMENTS Single  
16/11/1812 John CLEMENTS Widower   Sarah PITHERS Widow  
1 23/10/1813 Henry SIMMONDS     Ann WYATT    
2 06/12/1813 Richard BURNHAM Widower   Hannah LANE Widow  
3 17/05/1814 John MARTIN Single   Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN Single  
4 11/10/1819 John DELL Widower   Elizabeth EVANS Single  
5 15/11/1819 John HOLMAN Single   Anne MIDDLETON Single  
6 29/01/1822 Jonas SMITH Single   Mary HEATHER Single  
8 17/11/1823 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Sarah SPOKES Single  
10 10/02/1824 Richard MARTIN Single   Rebekah WOODS Single  
11 19/07/1824 Thomas HUMPHRIES Single Burnham Jane SHERWOOD Single  
13 10/04/1825 Henry GILES Single Wokingham, Berkshire Eliza MORLEY Single  
14 25/05/1825 Henry BUNCE Single   Sarah MORGAN Single  
15 05/06/1825 Thomas HILL Single   Ann WARNER Single  
16 05/11/1825 Robert COX Single   Hannah WALKER Single  
17 05/02/1826 Thomas MEAKES Single   Sophia BILLINGHURST Single  
18 14/05/1826 John MIDDLETON Widower   Mary BUNCE Widow  
19 02/11/1828 Daniel NEWEL Single   Sarah DAWSON Single  
20 24/12/1829 Thomas TARRANT Single   Mary SHARPE Single  
21 04/04/1830 Thomas STOCKER Single   Elizabeth HUTCHINGS Single  
22 14/09/1830 William HUTCHINGS Single   Mary SAUNDERS Single  
23 25/12/1830 James WALKER Single   Maria ALSFORD Single  
25 19/03/1831 John WALKER Single   Mary DENTON Single  
26 16/12/1831 Daniel SMITH Single   Eliza LOVEDAY Single  
27 09/04/1832 William WARD Widower   Mary WHEELER Single  
28 06/05/1832 John JONES Single   Jane COX Widow  
29 13/05/1832 James RAYWOOD Single   Sarah MIDDLETON Single  
30 10/06/1832 John SLARK Single   Maria WILKINSON Single  
31 29/07/1832 John NORTH Single   Mary GOODMAN Single  
32 05/08/1832 John BEACHIN Single   Elizabeth DAWSON Single  
33 27/11/1832 William BOULT Single   Harriet KNIPE Single  
34 06/01/1833 James HOWARD Single Wooburn Mary DAWSON Single  
35 09/03/1833 James BENFIELD Single   Elizabeth GODDARD Single  
36 11/05/1833 William HUTCHINS Widower   Sarah CLEMENTS Single  
37 25/05/1833 John HAMMOND Widower   Sarah CROFT Widow  
38 29/07/1833 Thomas KNOWLES Single   Elizabeth KEEN Single  
39 23/12/1833 James PIERCY Single   Charlotte STEVENS Single  
40 01/01/1834 David BARBER Single   Olive DAVIS Single  
41 05/02/1834 John ANDREW Single   Jane RIDDLE Single  
42 30/03/1834 John DRINKWATER Single   Elizabeth HAZELL Single  
43 09/04/1834 William CUTLER Single   Anne HARRIS Single  
44 01/06/1834 Henry WALKER Single   Ann DAVIS Single  
45 09/11/1834 John HEALEY Single   Sophia RUMBLE Single  
46 21/12/1834 John STEVENS Single   Sarah BARNES Single  
47 21/12/1834 James BIRD Single   Emily HURST Single  
48 20/07/1835 Job WALKER Single   Jane MEGGS Single  
49 24/10/1835 Henry GOODMAN Single   Mary STONE Single  
50 26/10/1835 John WINTER Single   Elizabeth HOLT Single  
51 07/03/1836 John ROLFE Widower   Hannah MIDDLETON Widow  
52 04/09/1836 Richard LESTER Single New Windsor, Berkshire Anne STONE Single  
53 22/09/1836 William HAINES Single   Esther GREEN Single  
54 14/02/1837 Robert TARRANT Single   Mary PUSEY Single  
55 25/04/1837 Thomas PANTHER Single   Hannah MORGAN Single  

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