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Hitcham St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Hitcham lies in the extreme south of Buckinghamshire, almost but not quite forming part of the border with neighbouring Berkshire, Hitcham is located about 3 miles northeast of the Berkshire town of Maidenhead and sits, in lanes, abut a mile north of the A4 which connects Maidenhead with Slough. Hitcham was an state village, the land held almost entirely by a single landowner and never developed a village as such, a hamlet around a "T" junction plus a scatter of farms and cottages. Today Hitcham has almost been engulfed in the growing spread of development along this part of the Thames valley with modern features including the London to Bristol rail line passing through the parish and just 2 miles to the south the modern M4 motorway. At the time of this transcript Hitcham was a rural community underpinned by the arable economy of Hitcham estate. The Thames passes less than a mile to the west of the parish and this drains through the capital to the North Sea. Hitcham is sited at around 50 metres above the sea with land rising steadily away from the Thames to local heights of close to 70 metres within a mile or two. Hitcham parish was small, and curiously shaped being a thin sliver of land running from north to south yet barely little more than 300 yards wide, it covered around 1,400 acres and would have supported a population of around 250 parishioners. In Domesday times Hitcham was held by one Miles Crispin, an equally small place of 8 ploughs, meadows & woodland but did possess a fishery on the Thames.

The Church

St Mary's church stands on the edge of Hitcham Estate just east of the main junction of the village and on the northern side of the lane running from Taplow to Burnham. The church has early origins, the nave, the oldest part of the church, shows the features of Norman Romanesque styles and Pevsner dates it to the 12th century, The chancel was rebuilt, probably in the 14th century, and is in the later Decorated style whilst the red brick western tower is later still, 16th century and Perpendicular in style. A typical Victorian restoration followed in the 1860s whilst even in the 20th century a brick vestry has been added to arrive at today's building. The church sits well back from Hitcham Lane with a wide pull-in to the front allowing for easy parking. A low brick wall surrounds the churchyard which has few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 8th April 1755 - 23rd September 1811 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference - PR 102A/1/4
A nonstandard but preprinted register that has opposing pages of 4 Banns and 3 Marriage entries Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads
2 26th October 1813 - 23rd March 1837 Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies - Reference - PR 102A/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Wooburn St Paul
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Beaconsfield St Mary & All Saints
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Taplow St Nicholas
Taplow St Nicholas
Dorney St James

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
08/04/1755 James MEDES   Burnham Ann AMON Single  
19/10/1755 William GOODY     Mary BUDD Single  
14/06/1756 William STANLEY   Thame, Oxfordshire Susanna AMSDEL Single  
02/11/1756 Richard BOVINGTON   Burnham Elizabeth NICHOLSON Single  
12/04/1757 Henry COLSELL     Elizabeth SAGERS    
03/12/1762 John MARTIN   Burnham Jane STOKES Single Whitchurch, Oxfordshire
14/12/1764 James RUSSEL Widower Thorpe, Surrey Ann SYMONDS Single  
05/08/1765 James YATES Single Bray, Berkshire Catharine APPLEBY Single  
06/02/1766 Edmund GROVE Widower Hedgerley Anne NICHOLSON Single  
23/09/1768 Aaron HOBDAY Single Wooburn Mary CHIPS Single  
03/10/1768 Francis BISHOM Widower   Mary JACKSON Single  
11/10/1769 John STEVENS   Burnham Mary BARTLET    
12/11/1769 Francis MEADS   Burnham Martha ELFIELD    
23/10/1770 Thomas PIKE   Burnham Mary THOMAS    
27/05/1776 Thomas WILLIS   Taplow Elizabeth NASH    
05/12/1776 John WINCH     Elizabeth PENN    
05/05/1777 John MOORES   Little Marlow Sarah MEDWIN    
21/07/1778 Thomas HERBERT   Burnham Sarah SPOKES    
29/09/1779 William SELWOOD     Mary MOSCOW    
01/03/1781 Richard ROSE     Mary TURNER    
01/03/1781 John CLAYTON   Chalfont St Peter Mary MARTIN    
30/05/1781 William BATTIN     Sarah MAKINGS    
22/04/1783 John HOWARD   Burnham Ann HARDING    
31/07/1785 William NEWELL     Rachel SIMS    
02/10/1787 Samuel PRESLY   Burnham Elizabeth BOVINGTON    
01/12/1787 Richard BARBER     Frances TUCKER   Burnham
03/02/1788 Thomas RUMBOLD     Sarah WEBB    
22/10/1788 John LANGTON     Constantia CRANWELL   St Lawrence, Reading, Berkshire
07/12/1788 John HOWARD   Taplow Susanna MARTIN    
20/11/1789 Simon BARNES Widower Farnham Royal Ann RANDALL Single  
23/10/1792 James POND Single   Mary TURNER Single  
27/01/1794 Thomas LENNON   Burnham Sarah SIMES Single  
11/12/1794 Frederick NEIGHBOUR Single   Elizabeth MARTIN Single  
18/08/1795 Thomas BONCEY Widower   Hannah MITCHELL   Cookham, Berkshire
24/12/1795 William CHANTRY Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Alice RUTTER Single  
29/12/1795 John AYRES Single   Sarah ALMOND Single  
31/07/1796 John DOLLING Single Burnham Sarah HATCH Single  
10/11/1796 William SERMON Single   Susanna HOWARD Single Taplow
03/10/1797 George FIELD Single Taplow Ann JONES Single  
10/06/1798 John NORRIS Single   Ann BUCKLAND Single  
06/10/1798 James EAGLETON Single   Ann PHOEBE Single  
17/10/1798 Jonathan HUMPHREY Single   Mary SMITH Single  
11/11/1799 Isaac ANDOVER Single   Margaret DRUCE    
24/11/1799 Charles BUCKLAND Single   Sarah WALTERS    
16/10/1800 John HUTCHESON Single Bray, Berkshire Mary PRIEST Single  
08/12/1800 Joseph DELL Single   Mary HUMPHREY Single  
07/02/1803 William BUCKLAND     Sarah WISE   Burnham
05/09/1803 William BISHOP Single   Elizabeth BOVINGDON Single  
07/11/1803 John ESTER Single   Elizabeth NASH Single  
02/06/1804 John EWER Single Fulmer Mary TAYLOR Single  
05/08/1804 William HATCH Widower   Mary ELISS Widow  
12/12/1805 Thomas BURNHAM Single   Sarah ALMOND Widow  
30/03/1806 William FEEBE Single   Martha SPONG Single  
15/05/1806 William CHILD Single Burnham Martha NEWELL Single  
13/10/1806 John SAWNEY Single   Maria MARTIN Single  
07/08/1809 William BUCKLAND Widower   Elizabeth KIDD Single  
09/08/1809 Robert STANNETT Single   Charlotte SMITH Single  
02/10/1809 Nathaniel PIZEY Single   Mary NEWEL Single  
09/01/1810 John GROVE Widower   Elizabeth TIPPEN Widow Wooburn
11/11/1810 John YOUNG Widower   Elizabeth HOLDER Widow  
27/02/1811 Jonathan COLSELL Single   Ann NEWELL Single  
23/09/1811 James BROWN     Jane SIMONS   Taplow
1 26/10/1813 John BOVINGTON     Elizabeth BUGGS   Wooburn
2 03/06/1814 George COTTERELL   Burnham Sarah NEWELL    
3 31/12/1814 George MITCHELL   Burnham Sarah SMITH    
4 12/10/1815 Richard VARNAM   Burnham Isabella PITT    
5 23/12/1817 Samuel BUTCHER   West Wickham, Kent Amey MEADS    
6 12/09/1818 Joseph MEADS     Elizabeth SHERMAN    
7 07/12/1818 James FERRES   Remenham, Berkshire Hannah FREEMAN Single  
8 27/06/1819 James MIDDLETON Single   Martha CLEMENTS   Burnham
9 13/07/1819 Edmund GROVE Single   Mary Elizabeth WEBB   Beaconsfield
10 02/10/1819 William TIPPING     Elizabeth HONOUR    
11 17/10/1819 John CLEMENTS   Burnham Elizabeth NEWELL    
12 02/02/1820 Henry Daniel THIRLCKE   St James, Westminster, Middlesex Rebecca PIERCY Single  
13 13/11/1820 Robert BUTCHER Single   Elizabeth DUMBLETON Single  
14 30/07/1821 Henry William STEPHENS   Ireland Frances Eliza Augusta BENTINCK Widow  
15 26/05/1822 Henry NICHOLS Single   Elizabeth MEADS Single  
16 07/06/1824 John HATCH Single   Harriet BRIGGS Single  
17 13/06/1824 Robert MOORES Single Wendover Sarah ABBOTT Single  
18 05/09/1824 James GRANT Single   Louisa DARLING Single  
19 27/09/1824 Richard BOVINGTON Single   Sarah GARDINER Single  
20 12/03/1825 Richard SIMMONDS Single   Mary Ann CLARKE Single  
21 25/06/1826 Joseph HOWARD Single   Sarah DOLLAND Single  
22 08/11/1827 Thomas WEEDEN   Beaconsfield Lydia LANGFIELD    
23 17/12/1827 James WOODLEY Single   Sarah HURST Single  
24 07/02/1828 William MASLIN Single Burnham Mary BURNHAM Single  
25 14/09/1828 Thomas GARRAT Single   Elizabeth THEED Single Dorney
26 22/09/1828 Aaron GIBSON Single   Sarah PARTRIDGE Single  
27 03/10/1829 William SIMMONDS Single Taplow Georgianna PITT Single  
28 20/06/1830 John HESTER Single   Mary HEATHER Single  
29 12/02/1831 George SILVER Single   Ann REED Single  
30 00/00/1832 John AYRES Widower   Mary VERNON Widow  
31 13/11/1832 George WILLIAMS Widower   Elizabeth Mary WESTON Widow  
32 03/02/1834 James DORRILL Single Burnham Ann LANGFIELD Single  
33 25/03/1834 George FINCH Single   Maria EMERY Single  
34 19/04/1835 Henry MORTON Single   Mary REEVES Single  
35 02/10/1835 John PORTER Single   Maria SERMON Single  
36 22/10/1835 John BEARFOOT Single   Elizabeth PITT Single  
37 25/12/1835 James COE Single   Ann ANYER Single  
38 22/05/1836 James BUSHNELL Single   Mary NEWELL Single  
39 14/07/1836 Robert HOME Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Harriet CAMPBELL Single  
40 23/03/1837 Henry LEWIS Single Taplow Eliza COCK Single  

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