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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Allhallows All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Allhallows lies in west central Cumberland about 7 miles southwest of the market town of Wigton. Of Allhallows itself there is very little, not even named on modern Ordnance Survey maps, the main settlement in the parish is Mealsgate which sits on the A595 road connecting Carlisle with Cockermouth; Allhallows sits a mile west of Mealsgate on the B5299 heading for Aspatria. A scattered community with a farming economy, mixed farming with both arable and pastoral farming albeit the latter predominated given the northern climate. The various settlements, including Mealsgate sit within the valley of the nearby Ellen and small streams drain the parish into that river which heads westwards to reach the Irish Sea through the port of Maryport. Allhallows is sited at around 100 metres above the sea and sits away from the main massif of the Lake District with local heights rising to around 200 metres within a couple of miles to the southeast of Mealsgate. By Cumberland standards Allhallows parish was one of the smaller, covering just under 1,900 acres it would have supported a population of around 200 parishioners. Like most of northernmost England Allhallows is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

All Saints' church sits almost alone on the northern side of the B5299 at the western end of a mile long straight heading west from Fletchertown. Sadly this is not some mediaeval masterpiece but a late Victorian creation built in the 1890s. Pevsner's description is short and offers no comment favourable or otherwise on the architectural quality. The blocky western tower, inspired by the local peel towers perhaps, is the most unusual feature otherwise the design is of a straightforward aisle-less nave and chancel utilising motifs from the Early English Gothic (lancet windows) style. The B5299 is rather straight and the traffic predisposed to speed, a widening at the entrance to a narrow lane may provide parking but perhaps the lane is safer. Hedged to the road and walled to the other 3 sides the churchyard is open and with no obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 22nd July 1754 - 4th November 1812 Cumbria Archives - Carlisle - Reference - PR 86/2
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register has suffered damage in the years that have passed losing some information from torn edges and making misreads likely
2 1st March 1813 - 4th February 1812 Cumbria Archives - Carlisle - Reference - PR 86/42 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Aspatria St Kentigern
Bromfield St Mungo
Bromfield St Mungo
Aspatria St Kentigern
Bolton All Saints
Torpenhow St Michael
Torpenhow St Michael
Bolton All Saints

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 22/07/1754 Andrew WHARTON   Torpenhow Ann WINDER Widow  
2 27/04/1755 John HENDRIE   Wigton Jane HESLOP    
3 20/12/1755 Thomas SMITHSON     Isabella NOBLE    
4 08/04/1756 John HODGSON   Torpenhow Frances WILKINSON    
5 19/08/1757 John HODGSON Single   Jane REED    
6 28/11/1758 Joseph RELPH Single   Frances THOMPSON Single  
7 28/11/1759 Anthony LOWS Single Bolton Elizabeth KNOTT Single  
8 27/12/1761 Isaac GRAVE Single   Sarah SANDERSON Single  
9 21/11/1762 John COOK   Lorton Mary DAWSON Single  
10 24/01/1763 Jacob STAMPER Single Bolton Isabella LOWS Single  
11 11/02/1764 Wilfred CLARKE Single Wigton Isabella BOUCH Single  
12 00/00/1765 John BROWN Single Wigton Elizabeth LOWS Single  
13 00/12/1766 William WILKIN Single St Cuthbert, Carlisle Isabella COOKSON Single  
14 07/05/1767 Josiah FLEMING Single Bolton Mary LOWES Single  
15 10/11/1767 Robert ASKRIDGE Widower Alston Anne SANDERSON Single  
16 22/05/1768 James FEARON Single Cockermouth Mary GRAHAM Single  
17 02/05/1770 Hugh CARRICK Single Alston Rebekah THOMPSON Single  
18 03/07/1770 John NOBLE Single   Grace HAYTON Single  
19 30/06/1771 John JACKSON Single Torpenhow Elizabeth WILKINSON Single  
20 29/01/1774 Ferdinando JOHNSTON   St Bees Anne LOWES Single  
21 07/08/1775 Jonathan WILKINSON Single   Mary FISHER Single  
23 00/11/1775 Daniel CAMPBEL Single Aspatria Sarah HARKAS Single  
22 13/11/1775 John ROOK Single Torpenhow Anne GUNSON Widow  
24 12/07/1778 George WHITE Single Aspatria Elisabeth HODGSON Single  
25 22/09/1778 Richard BLACKSTOCK Widower   Elizabeth GRAHAM Single  
26 15/11/1778 George WHITE Single   Mary WILKINSON Single  
27 01/12/1778 William THOMPSON Single   Jane BELL Single  
28 01/11/1779 Thomas FOSTER Widower   Margaret WILSON Single  
29 01/11/1779 Abraham STOCKDALE Single   Jane ROBSON Single  
30 22/06/1780 Cuthbert RAPER Single Bromfield Anne ATKINSON Single  
31 30/12/1780 George ROBINSON Single Dearham Elizabeth HODGSON Single  
32 04/04/1782 John LANGCAKE Single Torpenhow Elisabeth WHITE Single  
33 14/12/1783 Robert WILKINSON Single   Elizabeth FISHER Single  
34 25/04/1784 Jonathan TIFFIN Single Sebergham Elisabeth CLARK Single  
35 18/11/1784 William ADAMSON Single Bolton Frances HARDEN Single  
36 10/04/1785 Thomas BELL Single   Mary WILKINSON Single Torpenhow
37 19/07/1785 Mark TEASDALE Single Bolton Frances WILKINSON Single  
38 13/11/1785 John RENNEY Single   Mary ARMSTRONG Single  
39 10/01/1786 Thomas FISHER Single Torpenhow Phoebe WILKINSON Single  
40 15/07/1786 William TELFER Single Wigton Mally ASBRIDGE Single  
41 06/08/1786 Samuel HODGSON Single   Mary TAYLOR Single Torpenhow
42 23/08/1786 Joseph SKELTON Single   Mary MOOR Single Bolton
43 29/03/1787 Joseph BROWN Single Torpenhow Mary WINDER Single  
44 11/11/1788 Walter IRWIN Widower Stanwix Julia ARMSTRONG Single  
45 15/02/1789 David SCOTT Single Bolton Anne ACKLEY Single  
46 28/05/1789 John THOMPSON     Sarah THOMPSON Single  
47 13/06/1791 Thomas JACKSON Single Plumbland Mary WOOD Single  
48 10/10/1791 Richard RUTLIDGE Single Bolton Martha WOOD Single  
49 09/01/1792 Richard DIXON Single St Mary, Carlisle Mary MORTON Single  
50 27/05/1792 Anthony HEAD Single   Esther CROSTHWAIT Single  
51 26/07/1792 William GUNSON Single   Elisabeth ASBRIDGE Single  
52 23/08/1792 Robert HODGSON Single   Jane WOOD Single  
53 04/04/1795 William GUNSON Single   Elisabeth PLASKET Single Torpenhow
54 18/05/1795 Samuel HOWARD Single Torpenhow Jane HODGSON Single  
55 07/03/1796 Joseph LANGHORN Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
56 16/07/1796 Joseph IRVING Single Wigton Ann REED Single  
57 28/01/1798 George RAPER Widower Bromfield Hannah THOMPSON Single  
58 03/05/1798 William PATESON Single Aspatria Mary DALTON Single  
59 24/06/1799 John DUNN Widower   Hannah HARTNESS Single  
60 07/11/1799 John ATKINSON Single   Grace THOMPSON Single  
61 29/06/1800 John ANDERSON Single   Jane CLARKE Single  
62 04/08/1800 James WARWICK Single Dalston Mary ATKINSON Single  
24/11/1801 John GLEAG Single Torpenhow Mary GRAVE Single  
20/12/1802 Thomas PATTINSON     Catherine GRAVE    
07/08/1803 Philip BURNS     Margaret CASSON    
26/05/1804 John BOUCH   Bassenthwaite Ann RAILTON    
21/06/1804 William SKELTON Single Bromfield Hannah JOHNSON Single  
05/05/1806 George JACKS     Betty MONKHOUSE    
26/05/1806 Thomas ARMSTRONG   Torpenhow Jane IRVING    
16/08/1806 William STORY   Wigton Sarah CLARKE    
08/11/1806 Thomas JEFFERSON Single Westward Jane ROBINSON Single  
25/12/1806 Duncan MCALPIN Single Wigton Mary WILKINSON Single  
21/08/1808 William ARMSTRONG Single Thursby Elizabeth WHITE Single  
06/07/1809 William RICHMOND Single Aspatria Elizabeth CLARK Single  
13/11/1809 William EMERSON Single   Mary HANNAH Single  
27/11/1809 John GRAHAM Single Bolton Elizabeth BROWN Single  
18/08/1810 Isaac POTS Single Torpenhow Ann CLARKE Single  
23/08/1810 Thomas CARR Single   Jane HODGSON Widow Bolton
18/03/1811 William GAINFORD Single   Jane WALKER Single  
14/09/1811 George JACKSON Widower   Elizabeth BARKER Single  
04/11/1812 Robert THOMPSON Single Dalston Jane OLIPHANT Single  
1 01/03/1813 John STEEL     Jane MANN    
2 22/05/1813 John SMALLWOOD   Bromfield Mary RAILTON    
3 06/06/1814 Richard GRAHAM Single Thursby Dinah WALKER Single  
4 17/11/1814 John BOUCH Single   Eleanor FISHER Single  
5 22/04/1815 Thomas WOOD Single Torpenhow Ann PATTINSON    
6 15/07/1815 John HETHERINGTON Single Bromfield Jane GRAHAM Single  
7 25/11/1815 John GRAVE Single   Sarah STANWIX Single  
8 10/02/1816 Joseph BARNES Single Bridekirk Jane EDGER Single  
9 22/02/1816 William GRAVE Single   Mary HEWER Single Aspatria
10 31/08/1816 Joseph BROUGH Single   Mary SMITH Single  
11 03/05/1817 Twentyman WILSON Single Bromfield Elizabeth WHITE Single  
12 17/05/1817 John STEEL Single Bromfield Elizabeth BROUGH Single  
13 08/11/1817 John MANN Single Bromfield Jane GRAHAM Single  
14 22/03/1818 Stephen BULMAN Single   Hannah STANWIX Single  
15 05/08/1820 Joseph WILSON Single Aspatria Jane FURNASS Single  
16 08/07/1821 Joseph WILSON Single St Mary, Carlisle Hannah TWENTYMAN Single  
17 16/02/1822 George WHITE Single   Esther RAPER Single  
18 20/06/1822 Thomas HANNAH Single   Mary WHITE Single  
19 20/04/1823 Joseph WILKINSON Single Torpenhow Jane STANWIX Single  
20 13/11/1824 William SMITH Single Workington Jannet POOL Single  
21 26/11/1825 John WHITE Widower Bromfield Ann TWENTYMAN Single  
22 26/11/1825 Fergus STEEL Single   Ann SNAITH Widow  
23 25/03/1826 John GRAHAM Single   Elizabeth JOHNSTON Single Torpenhow
24 13/10/1827 John DODD Single Aspatria Mary ATKINSON    
25 09/12/1827 Henry GRANT Single   Margaret BROCKBANK Single  
26 22/12/1827 Thomas SMITH Single Aspatria Mary PARK Single  
27 04/06/1829 John PALMER Single   Ruth MILLER Single  
28 25/03/1833 Joseph PATTINSON Single   Ann RICHARDSON Single  
29 23/05/1833 John BROWN Single   Elizabeth BURTON Single  
30 09/11/1833 Richard MURRAY Single   Sarah STAGG Single  
31 16/11/1833 Joseph CLARK Single   Mary UNDERWOOD    
32 14/12/1833 Thomas COWX Single   Ann IRVING Single  
33 22/03/1834 Henry LYAL Single   Jane BELL   Aspatria
34 12/07/1834 Anthony MILLER Single   Sarah ROUTLEDGE Single  
35 27/12/1834 Daniel SIFFIN   Torpenhow Elizabeth RITSON Single  
36 16/07/1836 John PALMER     Elizabeth CLARKE   Torpenhow
37 05/09/1836 Robert NORMAN Single Aspatria Elizabeth STANWIX Single  
38 04/02/1837 Thomas MANN Single   Susannah GILBERTSON Single Torpenhow

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