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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Bolton All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Bolton lies in the western part of central Cumberland. Bolton is located about 5 miles south of the market town of Wigton. Bolton is a dispersed settlement with its notional centre at Boltongate which sits on the B5299 road which connects Aspatria with Caldbeck. Bolton is thus on the north Cumberland coastal plain north of the Lake District National Park. The coastal plain is fertile ground and agriculture would have been a mainstay, root crops were especially important; there were also employment opportunities in quarrying and using the local limestone and sandstones. Boltongate sits in the valley of the River Ellen which drains the parish westwards to reach the Irish Sea through the port of Maryport. Boltongate is sited at 140 metres above the sea and sits on the western slopes of an outlying ridge running westwards from the high fells of the northern Lake District, the Ellen lies some 30 metres lower whilst local heights rise along the ridge to 373 metres. Cumberland parishes are notably large in extent and Bolton is one of the larger, it covered almost 8,500 acres and would have supported a population of just over 1,200 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Bolton in Domesday Book which does not cover the area.

The Church

All Saints' church sits on the southern side of the B5299 road at its junction with the lane leading to Ireby. Externally the church is entirely in the Perpendicular style that was popular in the 15th century and All Saints is probably dateable to that century. The church is unusual in having transeptal chapels to both north and south as well as a porch and vestry on the northern side giving it a distinctly odd appearance. Pevsner describes the building as "one of the architectural sensations of Cumberland" and waxes at length on its interior. The nave contains a pointed tunnel-vault a feature more typical of Scottish churches and inspired by French styles. The bellcote is certainly an oddity as well as it is set back from the parapet and one can walk around it. There are entrances through the low local stone surrounding wall at both southern and northern ends of the site, the latter entered through the grounds of the tiny school. The site has few impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 14th May 1754 - 14th November 1811 Cumbria Archives - Carlisle - Reference PR158/3 Plain, ruled and margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 12th January 1813 - 17th December 1836 Cumbria Archives - Carlisle - Reference PR158/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Bromfield St Mungo
Wigton St Mary
Westward St Hilda
Westward St Hilda
Allhallows All Saints
Westward St Hilda
Torpenhow St Michael
Ireby St James
Uldale St James
Caldbeck St Kentigern

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
14/02/1754 Joseph WHITE     Catherine PEARSON    
14/05/1754 John RICKERBY   Westward Esther CALVERT Single  
09/11/1754 Thomas HAILE   St Bees Mary LOVINGE Single  
17/05/1755 Francis SCOTT     Elizabeth GLENNWRIGHT    
27/11/1757 Joseph NIXON     Sarah FINLINSON    
28/01/1759 James HARDIN     Jane ARMSTRONG   Wigton
17/05/1759 Ambrose BROUGH     Margaret ATKINSON    
09/08/1759 Nathaniel TIFFIN   Westward Mary FINLINSON    
07/10/1759 George POTTER   Allhallows Mary RICHARDSON    
23/11/1760 Benjamin SANDERSON   Caldbeck Elizabeth BARNES    
27/11/1760 Thomas ARMSTRONG     Rachel THACKTHWAITE    
09/03/1761 John FOSTER     Margaret SOWERBY    
21/05/1761 Isaac LIGHTFOOT     Mary WILL    
11/09/1761 James BECK     Anne MOORE    
28/01/1762 John BARNES     Mary SHANNON    
16/05/1762 William HARRISON   Wigton Jane STOTT    
10/06/1762 William BROWN     Elizabeth GIBSON    
25/11/1762 Robert WHINFIELD Single   Mary STODHOLM Single Wigton
24/02/1763 John PINGEY     Anne BELL    
09/06/1763 Thomas THOMPSON     Mary SIM    
06/07/1763 Thomas RICHARDSON     Margaret HARRIS   Wigton
09/07/1763 John HETHERINGTON     Sarah THACKTHWAITE    
13/11/1763 William MANDELL     Jane RICHARDSON    
21/03/1764 Patrick MCDOUAL   Wigton Margaret ELLIOT Single  
09/06/1764 Roger JAMES Single Caldbeck Isabel SCOTT Single  
13/11/1764 Joseph TODHUNTER     Jane BELL Single  
10/01/1765 Henry ATKINSON     Mary TAYLOR    
23/05/1765 James SCOTT     Milkah GUNSON Single  
16/09/1765 George LITTLE     Jane STAGG Single  
03/10/1765 Nathan JAMES     Margaret LITTLE Single Caldbeck
22/10/1765 William PEARSON Single Gilcrux Frances MARSHALL Single  
12/11/1765 John ASKEW     Fanny HEWIT    
23/11/1765 William JOHNSTON Widower Wigton Jane THACKTHWAITE Single  
28/05/1766 William ELLIOT Single   Elizabeth WATMAN Single  
11/11/1766 Joseph WILSON Single   Mary ATKINSON Single  
16/11/1766 Ralph TWENTYMAN Single   Jane BELL Single  
20/11/1766 William MARTINDALE   Aspatria Frances JACKSON Single  
04/12/1766 Thomas IRWIN     Susannah FINLINSON Single  
25/04/1767 John STAGG Single   Isabella THOMPSON Single  
04/02/1768 Joshua FINLINSON     Frances HEWETSON Single  
15/02/1768 Joshua BELL Single   Jane TURNER    
12/07/1768 Michael CROSBY Single Caldbeck Mary SMITH Single  
18/07/1768 Robert ELLIOT Widower   Mary JEFFERSON Single Wigton
15/08/1768 Thomas DALTON     Jane SNODDEN Single  
13/09/1768 Michael LINDOP Single Westward Mary MARSHALL Single  
14/11/1768 Thomas ROBINSON     Elizabeth BUNTING Single  
25/12/1768 John TURNER Single   Ann THOMPSON Single  
04/06/1769 John BOUCH Single Wigton Ann FOSTER Single  
08/06/1769 George LIDDELL     Deborah SMITH Single  
30/07/1769 Joseph RAYSON Single Wigton Mary BELL Single  
14/09/1769 Jonathan TICKEL     Sarah GOLDING Single  
14/11/1769 John WATSON     Ann GLENDIN Single  
26/11/1769 Joseph COCKBAINE   Threlkeld Esther BANK Single  
05/06/1770 Isaac HUNTINGTON   Ireby Elizabeth FOSTER Single  
27/09/1770 Joseph RITSON     Eleanor BOUCH Single  
21/10/1770 George STUDHOLM Widower Holme Cultram Dorothy TURNER Single  
10/01/1771 John WILSON     Mary IRWIN    
01/03/1771 Joseph BRITTAIN   Maryport Sarah REED Single  
29/04/1771 John IRVING     Elizabeth MOFFIT Single  
04/08/1771 Joshua FINLINSON Widower   Ann ROBINSON Single  
26/12/1771 James DAVIS Single   Hannah BROWN Single  
14/05/1772 Thomas BELL     Anne STAGG Single  
23/06/1772 Wilfrid GUNSON     Mary URWIN Single  
20/07/1772 Joseph DAVIDSON     Margaret BOWMAN Single  
23/08/1772 Thomas HARRISON     Elizabeth STAMPER    
03/09/1772 Charles THOMPSON   Wigton Dorothy TURNER Single  
11/02/1773 Joseph FELL   Thursby Susannah MITCHEL    
01/05/1773 John ROSS Widower   Tamer BROWN Single  
21/06/1773 John GRAHAM Single   Mary BELL Single  
01/08/1773 John FOSTER Single   Margaret PORTER Single  
25/11/1773 John BELL Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
26/12/1773 George GRAHAM Single   Ann TURNER Single  
13/01/1774 John WILKINSON Single   Mary FINNING    
21/02/1774 William MITCHEL Single   Elizabeth RUTTLAGE    
28/03/1774 Robert DAVISON     Letice BARNS Single  
21/05/1774 Joseph STRONG   Castle Sowerby Elizabeth BARKER Single  
23/05/1774 William IRVING     Sarah ROBINSON Single  
24/05/1774 James FAWCET     Ann HOLMS Single  
08/09/1774 William LITTLE     Sarah MANDLE Single  
15/11/1774 Robinson BELL   Caldbeck Isabella MARK Single  
17/07/1775 John BELL Single   Ann FISHER Single  
26/10/1775 Joseph WHITE     Eleonor GRAHAM Single  
18/12/1775 Isaac BATY Single Wetheral Elizabeth FALCON Single  
27/05/1776 John HEWETSON     Ann JAMES Single Torpenhow
30/06/1776 William SMITH Widower   Elizabeth HUNTINGTON Widow  
20/07/1776 John COUX   Ireby Ann BARNS Single  
22/09/1776 Archibald SMITH Single Holme Cultram Isabella WHITE Single  
23/01/1777 William PEAT   Holme Cultram Sarah FALCON Widow  
26/05/1777 Henry FISHER     Jane WHITE    
25/11/1777 Nathan TORDIFF Single   Nancy NICHOLSON Single Kirkbampton
08/02/1778 Thomas SKELTON     Sarah SIMPSON    
21/05/1778 John CLARK Single Wigton Martha MANDAL Single  
25/05/1778 John HECKIN Single   Hannah MONKHOUSE Single  
21/06/1778 John GRAHAM Widower   Mary HUITSON Single  
06/07/1778 Hugh BATEY   Lazonby Ann GEORGE Single  
02/08/1778 Thomas TIFFIN   Wigton Mary TURNER Single  
20/10/1778 Wilfrid CLEMETSON Single Isel Margaret STAMPER Single  
08/11/1778 Abraham PEAT     Elizabeth GRAHAM Single  
17/11/1778 James DEANES   Ireby Elizabeth FISHER Single  
21/12/1778 Joseph CLARKE Widower   Mary STOCKDALE Single  
03/05/1779 James WILLIAMSON     Eleanor RADDICK    
13/06/1779 Joseph GUNSON     Margaret GASH    
13/07/1779 John CHAPPELHOW Single   Elanor PEAT Widow  
05/09/1779 Jonathan SUMPTON   Lorton Jane HINE    
06/11/1779 Thomas RICKERBY Widower   Elizabeth STEEL    
16/03/1780 Anthony GUNSON     Mary BARNES    
09/04/1780 John ARMSTRONG   Torpenhow Ann MOORE    
05/06/1780 Thomas ANDERSON   Holme Cultram Elizabeth BELL    
20/11/1780 Thomas BELL     Sarah SCOTT    
25/11/1780 Joshua GREEN     Margaret GRAHAM    
11/05/1781 Joseph HINE     Jane FOSTER    
05/06/1781 William HAYES     Mary SHANNON   Bromfield
11/10/1781 Jonathan DOUGLAS     Margrate WRIGHT    
24/11/1781 John ARMSTRONG     Janet RICHARDSON   Holme Cultram
01/01/1782 Thomas BROUGH     Jane NIXON    
07/02/1782 Anthony GUNSON     Elizabeth CLEMENTSON    
30/03/1782 Thomas CAPE     Lucy GRAHAM    
07/04/1782 Richard BLACKBURN     Susanna PEAT    
25/12/1782 William BELL     Ann MAXWELL   Westward
03/02/1783 Brice IRVING   Westward Sarah ANDERSON    
03/02/1783 Robert STRONG     Elizabeth PEARSON    
28/05/1783 Thomas DREWRY Single   Peggy MANDAL Single  
22/06/1783 Joseph THOMPSON     Mary STUDHOLM    
19/11/1783 John EMMERSON     Mary GRAHAM    
25/11/1783 John ARMSTRONG     Mary FOSTER    
25/12/1783 John ROSS     Ann SMITH    
30/05/1784 John TURNBULL     Barbara GREAR    
30/06/1784 George TURNER     Jane RICHARDSON    
12/09/1784 Jonathan HAYTON     Mary TAYLOR    
13/11/1784 Thomas POTTS     Mary WILSON   Wigton
05/04/1785 George MATTINSON     Mary PATTINSON    
08/05/1785 John CAMPBEL     Sarah SHANNON    
12/05/1785 John LAW     Ann FOSTER    
14/05/1785 John WILKINSON   Aikton Elizabeth TWENTYMAN    
25/10/1785 Thomas GRAYHAM     Anne WHITE    
03/12/1785 Charles BROWN     Mary HOLLIDAY    
05/12/1785 William TAYLOR     Isabella IRVING    
09/12/1786 Clement MECOALL   Allhallows Jane SNODEN    
05/02/1787 John MITCHEL   Torpenhow Margaret OSNEL    
05/03/1787 William COWX   Ireby Jane RASON    
24/07/1787 John STOCKDALE     Bridget JACKSON   Bromfield
25/08/1787 Joseph WINN     Tamar BELL   Caldbeck
10/12/1787 Joseph BROUGH   Holme Cultram Frances HEWETSON    
07/01/1788 William MAXFIELD     Ann IRWIN    
02/02/1788 Thomas BROWN     Catherine HEWETSON    
13/05/1788 John WEAR     Elizabeth FELL   Uldale
11/11/1788 George THOMPSON   Bridekirk Mary RASON    
22/02/1789 William NELSON     Mary BARNES    
02/06/1789 John RICKERBY     Elizabeth DISON    
08/10/1789 Joseph WILKINSON     Elizabeth HAYTON    
17/11/1789 George ARMSTRONG   Ireby Dinah TURNER    
19/11/1789 William WILKINSON     Mary WILSON    
29/11/1789 Timothy CROZIER     Mary SCOT    
06/12/1789 James GRIERSON     Mary STEPHENSON    
07/12/1789 John GREEN     Ann FOSTER    
19/01/1790 John MACKAY     Mary WATSON   Bowness
02/03/1790 Joseph MARTINDALE   Crosscanonby Mary FINION    
18/07/1790 James FAWCET     Ann HETHERINGTON    
25/11/1790 William ASBRIDGE     Mary ROWLEY   Wigton
03/02/1791 James HENDERSON   Wigton Ann SHANNON    
12/05/1791 Thomas STAMPER     Dinah MOOR    
26/05/1791 John ASBRIDGE   Bromfield Mary CHAPELHOW    
10/09/1791 Samuel WALKER     Dinah BURGESS    
03/10/1791 John FOSTER     Martha HODGSON    
20/10/1791 John MILBURN     Mary STAMPER    
03/11/1791 John ROME     Mary ROBINSON    
03/11/1791 John TAYLOR   Bassenthwaite Mary TURNER    
16/11/1791 Archibald LAIDLOW   Scotland Martha BLAKE    
07/02/1792 Samuel WISEMAN   Uldale Mary HODGSON    
17/03/1792 George MOORE     Margaret NIXON    
21/10/1792 James KIRKUP   Torpenhow Rebecca SHANNON    
30/10/1792 Joseph HAMILTON     Mary HIND   Torpenhow
25/12/1792 Walter PETTICREW Single   Mary BELL    
22/04/1793 Thomas TOPER   Crosscanonby Margaret TELFORD    
27/06/1793 John THOMSON     Martha PEART Single  
11/08/1793 William MATTINSON Single   Ann ROUTLEDGE Single  
22/09/1793 Thomas MANDELL     Mary RAYSON Single  
10/06/1794 Thomas HOPE Single Wigton Jane PEATT Single  
05/10/1794 Wilfred CLARK   Wigton Mary STEELE Single  
11/02/1795 Joseph DOUGLAS     Ann ROUTLIDGE Single  
12/05/1795 William GRAVE Single   Ann COWX Single  
31/12/1795 Thomas FOSTER Single   Frances SCOTT Single  
29/12/1796 Joseph STRONG     Ruth TELFORD Single  
05/08/1797 George LIDDELL     Ann ROGERSON Single  
02/11/1797 Richard BELL Single   Frances HAYTON Single  
31/05/1798 Jonathan GRAHAM Single   Ruth STOCKDALE Single  
20/09/1798 John PORTER     Sarah WILKINSON Single  
11/10/1798 Thomas CAPE Single   Ann RAYSON Single  
02/02/1799 Joseph FOSTER Single   Jane STORY Single Wigton
17/06/1799 Robert GEORGE     Mary STORY Single  
21/07/1799 John STAGG     Jane BARNES Single  
17/08/1799 John FAWCETT     Ann RUSSEL Single  
18/08/1799 Thomas BARWISE     Sabara ATKINSON Single  
12/09/1799 Thomas RIGG Single Holme Cultram Mary FOSTER Single  
15/02/1800 John MOORE Single   Margaret LOWES Single  
14/08/1800 Joseph HEWART Single   Ellen YEARL Single  
06/09/1800 John FENNING Single   Margaret ELLIOT Widow  
13/11/1800 John WHARTON Single   Margaret STORROW Single  
07/02/1801 John SIBSON Single   Jane BIRD Single  
14/02/1801 William DIXON     Mary THOMPSON    
18/06/1801 Thomas HODGSON   Wigton Margaret ROUTLEDGE    
03/01/1802 William IRVIN   Crosscanonby Susannah HINTINSON    
03/07/1802 Thomas CARR     Elizabeth PEAT    
22/07/1802 William FORSTER Single   Margaret BELL Single  
09/08/1802 John WISE Single   Sarah STOREY Single  
18/09/1802 Samuel RIGG Single   Hannah FORSTER Single  
07/07/1803 John JOHNSTON Single   Isabella ARMSTRONG Single  
28/08/1803 Thomas KENATT Single   Catharine HARRISON Single  
20/10/1803 Richard HEWART Single   Nancy LITTLETON    
14/11/1803 John ATKINSON Single   Eleanor JOHNSON Single Ireby
24/01/1804 David SCOTT Widower   Ann LAW Widow  
16/02/1804 Joseph DOUGLAS Widower   Isabella SCOTT Single  
11/03/1804 William MADDISON Single   Mary HEWETSON Single  
26/05/1804 George GRAHAM Single   Mary ATKINSON Single Plumbland
30/08/1804 Isaac SIBSON Single   Sarah PHILIPSON Single  
12/11/1804 Joseph MILLER Single   Sarah BARNES Single  
08/12/1804 Thomas RAISBECK Single   Elizabeth FAWCET Single  
31/12/1804 Joseph TROUGHEAR Single Allhallows Sabra BARWISE Widow  
04/03/1805 Robert CORRIE Widower Wigton Mary JEFFERSON Single  
23/05/1805 John STEAD Single   Mary TORDIFF Single  
30/05/1805 William WHITE Single   Elizabeth ECCLES Single Greystoke
10/06/1805 Joseph HARRISON Single Wigton Jane BROWN Single  
06/07/1805 Edward GALE Single   Isabella ASKEW Single  
31/08/1805 Alexander IRVING Single Harrington Sarah GEORGE Single  
09/11/1805 John BELL Single Caldbeck Mary GRAHAM Single  
19/07/1806 William HARRISON Widower Holme Cultram Margaret FOSTER Single  
08/11/1806 John SEWELL Single Crosscanonby Jane ATKINSON Single  
09/11/1806 Rawley ROBINSON Single   Margaret ROUTLEDGE Single  
11/11/1806 Joseph TAYLOR Single   Jane TOPPIN Single  
15/11/1806 Michael RICHARDSON Single   Jane RUSSEL Single  
22/11/1806 James DOUGLAS Single   Mary ROUTLEDGE Single  
29/11/1806 John TURNER Single   Dorothy ROUTLEDGE Single  
01/12/1806 Thomas MOORE Single   Margaret DOUGLAS Single  
17/01/1807 John RODERICK Single   Mary DANIEL Single  
24/01/1807 Daniel HARRIS Single Wigton Margaret GRAHAM Single  
02/05/1807 Daniel WISE Single Wigton Ann HAYTON Single  
09/11/1807 James WILSON Single Torpenhow Ann BELL Single  
16/11/1807 Richard HODGSON Single   Mary WISE Single  
28/11/1807 Thomas WILSON Single   Mary WILKINSON Single  
09/04/1808 George ROUTLEDGE Single   Sarah LITTLE Single  
02/06/1808 John DARWOOD Single   Margaret MEANS Single  
14/02/1809 Joseph BROWN Widower Crosscanonby Sarah FAWCETT Widow  
01/04/1809 Isaac SIMPSON Single   Jane CREIGHTON Single  
25/05/1809 James SANDIN Single   Tamar LONGCAKE Single  
23/07/1809 John TAYLOR Widower   Elizabeth SOCKLE Single  
28/02/1810 James ARMSTRONG Single   Mary JORDAN Single  
26/03/1810 William ALDERSON Single   Ann HUTCHINSON Single  
04/04/1810 James METCALFE Single   Ann FINLINSON Single  
30/04/1810 Parkin RITSON Single   Ann BELL Single  
31/05/1810 Joseph STAMPER Single   Margaret GRAHAM Single  
11/06/1810 Henry THOMPSON Single   Margaret HESKET    
08/12/1810 John WOOD Single Bromfield Nancy FORDIFF    
09/02/1811 George KIRKBRIDE Single   Nancy TWADLE    
23/05/1811 John BROWN Single   Jane WISE Single  
15/06/1811 Robert LONGCAKE Single Aspatria Mary GRAVE    
07/11/1811 George IRVINE Single   Hannah SEWELL Single  
25/04/1812 Francis IVISON Single   Frances HEWITSON Single  
05/09/1812 Matthew WILSON Single   Mary BELL Single  
12/09/1812 John COULTHARD Single   Elizabeth GUNSON Single  
14/11/1812 William SCOTT     Mary CUBBY    
1 12/01/1813 John MATTINSON     Jane BELL    
2 06/03/1813 Alfred MORROW     Ann STORRY    
3 25/04/1813 Joseph RICHARDSON     Sarah WHITE    
4 25/08/1813 John JEFFERSON     Ann HEWITSON    
5 25/12/1813 Robert KIRBURY     Esther IRVING    
6 22/01/1814 William HARTWELL     Ann BELL    
7 14/06/1814 Joseph HEWITSON Widower   Barbara WALKER Single Ireby
8 05/11/1814 Daniel MARSHALL     Mary IRVING    
9 15/11/1814 John LIGHTFOOT     Jane HEWITSON    
10 19/11/1814 Joseph FISHER Single   Mary BELL Single  
11 03/12/1814 Stephen WRIGHT     Sarah WILKINSON    
12 21/01/1815 John OLIPHANT     Elizabeth GRAHAM    
13 29/05/1815 William HILL     Dinah STOCKDALE    
14 19/08/1815 Thomas KENNETT Widower   Mary RICHARDSON Single  
15 28/10/1815 Francis FORSTER Single   Isabella MILBURN Single  
16 09/11/1815 Thomas BELL     Jane BELL    
17 07/01/1816 Joseph ROUTLEDGE Single   Jane TURNER Single  
18 11/02/1816 William THOMPSON Single   Isabella WISE Single  
19 17/02/1816 Edward RICHARDSON Single Wigton Mary CALVERT Single  
20 08/03/1816 Mathew CLARK Single Westward Margarett STOBBARD Single  
21 04/05/1816 James HARDING   Wigton Mary BELL    
22 08/08/1816 Jacob HOLLIDAY Single Holme Cultram Mary KIRKBRIDE Single  
23 02/09/1816 Joseph FISHER     Isabella ELLIOTT    
24 11/11/1816 Peter MAGEE   Bromfield Abigail ARMSTRONG    
25 14/06/1817 John SKELTON Single Bromfield Elizabeth LITTLETON Single  
26 06/08/1817 Robert JOHNSON Single   Dinah GRAHAM    
27 04/10/1817 Joseph WISE Single Westward Sarah SKELTON Single  
28 25/12/1817 Stephen DUNGLISON   Westward Cisely MILLICAN    
29 30/04/1818 John THOMPSON     Mary ELLIOTT    
30 30/05/1818 John HETHERINGTON     Mary BARKER    
31 28/06/1818 Isaac JACKSON Single Greystoke Amelia SKELTON Single  
32 18/07/1818 George TURNER     Margaret BEATY Single  
33 24/07/1818 John LOWTHER   Westward Jane JOHNSTONE    
34 01/08/1818 Joseph IRVING Single Torpenhow Elizabeth BELL Single  
35 12/11/1818 Adam LINTON Single   Martha GIBSON Single  
36 05/12/1818 Joseph STUDHOLM Single   Elizabeth ROUTLEDGE Single  
37 12/12/1818 Richard GUNSON Single   Jane GRAHAM Single  
38 13/02/1819 John ELLIOTT Single   Sarah BELL Single  
39 27/05/1819 Isaac FISHER     Izabella DOUGLAS    
40 29/05/1819 William RAILTON Single Ireby Mary HEWITSON Single  
41 09/08/1819 Joseph DARGUE   Shap, Westmorland Ann RICHARDSON    
42 18/09/1819 George KILBURN Single St Helen, Auckland, Durham Jane BELL Single  
43 11/11/1819 Richard JEMINSON Single Westward Esther COSTON Single  
44 17/11/1819 John REYNOLDS   Westward Ann WOFF    
45 20/11/1819 Richard LONGCAKE Single   Elizabeth SCOTT Single  
46 23/12/1819 Francis WILKINSON Widower   Izabella PARKER Single  
47 29/12/1819 Thomas GRAHAM     Elizabeth PEARSON    
48 04/01/1820 John BURTON     Sarah BELL   Farlam
49 17/09/1820 Richard BATY   Torpenhow Barbara MARTIN    
50 09/11/1820 George BEATY Single   Ann STUDHOLME Single  
51 14/11/1820 John MATTHEWS Single Westward Ann PORTER Single  
52 18/11/1820 William ROBINSON Single   Tamar GUNSON Single  
53 03/02/1821 Thomas GRAHAM     Elizabeth GRAHAM    
54 17/02/1821 Thomas GRAHAM     Sarah DOUGLAS    
55 21/04/1821 Robert BELL     Ann KIRKBRIDE    
56 25/08/1821 William BELL     Mary PATTINSON    
57 25/08/1821 Joseph THOMPSON     Elizabeth BELL    
58 01/09/1821 Jacob HEWETSON Single   Mary DANIEL Single  
59 15/09/1821 Thomas ROUTLEDGE     Sarah ELLIOTT    
60 01/11/1821 Jacob HOARSWELL     Susanna COULTHARD    
61 01/12/1821 James RAE     Elizabeth PETTIGREW    
62 22/12/1821 William HETHERINGTON Single   Ann MATTINSON Single  
63 28/01/1822 William BELL     Sarah STUDHOLME    
64 09/02/1822 George SIDE     Brown BELL    
65 08/06/1822 George STOBBARD Single   Mary GEORGE Single  
66 08/06/1822 Jonathan TURNER Single   Mary STAMPER Single  
67 15/06/1822 Mark PEARSON Single   Sarah BROWN Single  
68 23/06/1822 John GUNSON     Jane MANDELL    
69 17/08/1822 John FELL Single   Isabella PARKIN Single  
70 21/09/1822 Lowthian STALKER   Caldbeck Isabella FELL    
71 23/11/1822 James HEWARD   Kirkbride Ann MARTIN    
72 30/11/1822 William Benson STAMPER     Martha FISHER    
73 24/05/1823 John BUSHBY   Ireby Elizabeth ACKERLAY    
74 30/08/1823 Joseph FELL     Margaret CAMERON    
75 30/08/1823 Thomas WATSON     Jane FELL    
76 25/12/1823 John ROUTLEDGE     Mary HETHERINGTON    
77 17/04/1824 Thomas BROCKBANK   Allhallows Sarah MOORE    
78 24/04/1824 Jonathan CASSON   Torpenhow Mary ARMSTRONG    
79 17/10/1824 Thomas HARRISON     Eleanor COULTHARD    
80 22/01/1825 Thomas HALL     Elizabeth SCOTT    
81 29/01/1825 John JACKSON   Bromfield Jane GRAHAM    
82 05/02/1825 Joseph DOUGLAS     Margaret CARRUTHERS   Wigton
83 12/11/1825 Robert IRVING Widower   Ann ATKINSON Single  
84 15/11/1825 John LAYCOCK     Mary MARTIN    
85 07/01/1826 Thomas RICHARDSON   Caldbeck Mary ATKINSON    
86 28/01/1826 Joseph BELL     Ann LITTLE    
87 22/04/1826 Mark PEARSON   Caldbeck Elizabeth WISE    
88 01/07/1826 George STUDHOLME     Mary IRVING    
89 16/12/1826 John BLACKSTOCK     Ann HALL    
90 17/03/1827 Henry HENDERSON Single   Mary GRAHAM Single  
91 15/04/1827 Joseph HUTHART Single   Mary MANDELL Single  
92 06/05/1827 John ATKINSON Widower   Jane WHITE Single  
93 12/05/1827 Miles HODGSON Single   Ann HETHERINGTON Single  
94 21/06/1827 Robert STUDHOLME Single   Elizabeth DOBINSON Single  
95 11/10/1827 John BROWN Single   Mary ROUTLEDGE Widow  
96 06/11/1827 Wilfrid WILSON Widower   Isabella BELL Widow  
97 05/12/1827 Thomas RICHARDSON Single   Jane SCOTT Single  
98 09/12/1827 Thomas BROWN Single   Elizabeth CALVERT Single  
99 25/12/1827 William BELL Single   Frances ARMSTRONG Single  
100 10/01/1828 Joseph BARNES Single Wigton Dinah STAMPER Single  
101 02/02/1828 John GREEN Single Westward Mary GRAHAM Single  
102 10/02/1828 Joseph JACKSON     Elizabeth PINGNEY    
103 01/03/1828 Thomas HETHERINGTON     Jane BELL    
104 28/06/1828 James TINNING Single Westward Martha STAMPER Widow  
105 02/11/1828 William HODGSON Single   Margaret DOUGLASS Single  
106 13/12/1828 Joseph BACKHOUSE Single Holme Cultram Jane CAPE Single  
107 01/01/1829 Isaac FOSTER Single Castle Sowerby Ann PARKIN Single  
108 25/01/1829 William BELL     Mary BELL    
109 12/02/1829 John SEWELL Single   Mary STAGG Single  
110 28/02/1829 Matthew RAISBECK Single   Jane RICHARDSON Single  
111 26/04/1829 Joseph JOHNSTON     Eleanor JOHNSTON    
112 27/04/1829 Thomas HAYTON     Sarah DONALDSON    
113 26/07/1829 James LINDSEY     Elizabeth THOMPSON    
114 07/11/1829 William SERGINSON   Ireby Ann BELL    
115 15/11/1829 Wilkinson LAYCOCK     Margaret FELL    
116 29/11/1829 William THOMPSON Widower   Jane HENDERSON Single  
117 05/12/1829 Peter ATKINSON Single Cleator Fanny LITTLE Single  
118 26/12/1829 Matthew MAGNAY Single   Mary FOSTER Single  
119 02/01/1830 Joseph DOUGLAS Widower   Mary BAXTER Single  
120 08/05/1830 Gilbert JARDINE Single   Mary STEEL Single  
121 15/05/1830 Thomas WHITE Single Ireby Mary NELSON Single  
122 21/08/1830 John JEFFERSON Single Holme Cultram Mary HIND Widow  
123 23/12/1830 Richard DUGDALE   Wigton Mary PORTER    
124 19/02/1831 John WARD   Wigton Jane PRINGLE    
125 04/03/1832 William THOMPSON     Isabella RUSSELL    
126 28/04/1832 John TWENTYMAN Widower   Mary Ann ROBINSON Single  
127 28/04/1832 Matthew BELL     Jane TREMBLE    
128 28/07/1832 Francis BROWN     Mary DAVIDSON    
129 15/09/1832 William COOK     Ann NICHOL   Caldbeck
130 01/10/1832 Joseph LITTLETON     Elizabeth WARWICK    
131 22/12/1832 William TELFORD   Torpenhow Esther GRAHAM    
132 26/01/1833 Joseph MILBURN   Ireby Jane ATKINSON    
133 02/02/1833 John Beck RUDD     Dinah COULTHARD    
134 07/02/1833 Thomas HALL Widower   Jane MARTIN Single  
135 16/02/1833 John WAITE Single Bromfield Ann MANDELL Single  
136 19/04/1833 Robert SIMPSON     Mary STODDART    
137 13/11/1833 John GATE   Westward Ann LAW    
138 25/12/1833 Wilfred NORMAN     Mary PARKIN    
139 01/01/1834 William BEWLEY Single   Nancy THOMPSON Single  
140 26/01/1834 William FELL Widower   Hannah CLAN Single  
141 15/03/1834 John TAYLOR Single   Margaret BELL Single  
142 27/03/1834 James DOUGLAS Widower   Jane ROUTLEDGE Widow  
143 06/07/1834 John BARNES     Jessey ARMSTRONG    
144 27/07/1834 William RAISBECK     Mary BELL    
145 27/07/1834 Leonard BELL     Ann BLAND    
146 03/08/1834 William RICHARDSON     Jane THOMPSON    
147 23/08/1834 James RAISBECK     Ann BROWN    
148 25/10/1834 Thomas BLENKIN     Ann RAISBECK    
149 08/11/1834 Joseph KIRKBRIDE     Elizabeth MEWSE    
150 01/01/1835 Robert ROUTLEDGE   Bowness Letitia MCALL    
151 27/06/1835 John GRAINGER Single Dalston Mary WOOD Single  
152 11/08/1835 John CAPE Single Ireby Isabella FOSTER Single  
153 11/10/1835 Thomas DONALD     Jane DUNN    
154 29/10/1835 Jacob STAMPER Single   Jane DOBINSON Single  
155 05/11/1835 Henry DEVLIN     Jane LANDER Widow  
156 26/05/1836 Henry GATE Single   Nancy DOUGLAS Single  
157 04/06/1836 John SCAIFE Single Arthuret Mary BELL Single  
158 04/09/1836 John GEORGE Single   Martha CALVERT Single  
159 17/12/1836 James PARK Single Wigton Sarah BELL Single  

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