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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Cleator St Leonard


The Parish

The parish of Cleator lies in the extreme west of Cumberland not too far from its Irish Sea coast. Cleator is located about 5 miles southeast of the port and industrial town of Whitehaven. Cleator is a largely linear village lying along the A5086 which connects nearby Egremont with the market town of Cockermouth, the A5086 follows the western banks of the River Ehen. Cleator was a largely industrial settlement, mines for both coal and iron ore abound in the area and would have provided considerable employment, in addition manufacturing of spades & other edged tools was a local industry. The wider parish would have been used mainly for pastoral farming, cattle in the lower portions whilst sheep roamed the extensive fells of the western edges of the Lake District which rise immediately east of the village. Today Cleator is a much quieter place with industries largely moved away, it features on the hiking calendar as a stop on the Coast to Coast Walk created by Alfred Wainwright and a statue of that iconic character is sited where the path leaves Cleator to cross the Ehen. The Ehen drains the parish southwards to eventually reach the Irish Sea through the village of Sellafield. Cleator is sited at around 60 metres above the sea but land rises steeply to the east into the National Park where nearby Dent rises to 352 metres within a couple of miles. By Cumberland standards Cleator parish was relatively small, it covered almost 2,700 acres and would have supported a population of around 750 parishioners. In common with much of this area there is no mention of Cleator in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St Leonard's church sits just west of the A3086 along Church Street where it sits on the southern side within 100 metres of the junction. St Leonard is not a mediaeval church having been built in 1841, but in replacing the mediaeval predecessor some features were reused. Pevsner cites a window from the chancel as being Norman Romanesque in style and probably 12th century whilst another window in the southern wall is 15th century Perpendicular. Despite its relatively recent build the church was enhance between 1900 and 1904 by the creation of the present northern side which Pevsner is moved to describe as "handsome". The church sits behind a mid-height sandstone wall with a lychgate granting access, The churchyard is compact and bordered with trees which do impede slightly the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th November 1755 - 12th July 1778 Cumbria Archives - Whitehaven - Reference - YPR 24/2
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 16th August 1778 - 7th March 1808 Cumbria Archives - Whitehaven - Reference - YPR 24/13 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 5th July 1808 - 20th September 1812 Cumbria Archives - Whitehaven - Reference - YPR 24/14 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 8th February 1813 - 11th March 1837 Cumbria Archives - Whitehaven - Reference - YPR 24/15 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Hensingham St John the Evangelist
Arlecdon St Michael
St Bees St Mary & St Bega (detached)
Egremont St John
St Bees St Mary & St Bega (detached)
Egremont St John
Beckermet St John

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/11/1755 John PEEL   St Bees Sarah HIND    
05/02/1756 Jonathan WIERED     Eleanor BENSON    
23/02/1756 Abram TYSON     Mary HARBERT   St Bees
00/00/1757 William GANSON     Mary GANSON    
14/11/1757 Richard FRANKLAND     Jane WALKER    
01/10/1758 James PEACOCK     Mary SMITH    
25/11/1758 William ROUTLIGE     Susan FLECK    
07/01/1759 Simon ROBERTSON     Jane SANDERSON    
09/01/1759 Jonathan MIREHOUSE   Lamplugh Jane DELFORD    
18/01/1759 John BROCKBANK   Egremont Mary SHARP    
30/05/1759 Robert ROBERTSON     Mary DAWSON    
30/05/1759 Robert ROBERTSON     Mary DAWSON    
03/08/1760 Philip SHARP     Deborah PLASKET    
14/09/1760 John LINDOW     Anne JACKSON    
29/11/1760 Henry STALKER     Jane GRAHAM    
20/09/1761 John DUNWOODY     Mary DUNWOODY    
24/12/1764 William TROTTER     Margaret MARTIN    
01/07/1765 Jacob TYSON     Jane STEPHENSON Single  
04/11/1765 Alexander HANNAH   St Bees Mary ROBINSON Widow  
11/05/1766 John BELL   Beckermet St John Hannah TAYLOR Single  
14/06/1770 Robert SIMPSON     Mary HARRISON    
28/07/1770 Jacob ROBINSON     Anne MARTIN    
00/00/1772 David CLEMENTS     Margaret BELL    
00/00/1772 James HORROCKS     Mary HARRISON    
06/09/1773 William DAWSON     Ann ISMAY    
18/04/1775 Robert THOMPSON     Mary KENDAL    
04/09/1775 James WALKER     Mary HEARTLEY    
04/11/1775 James CARBERRY     Betty THOMPSON    
08/04/1776 William BROCKLEBANK     Mary FRAZER    
09/04/1776 Robert WILD     Mary MCMEAN    
24/11/1776 Thomas KIRBY     Elizabeth ISMAY    
09/02/1777 David MCAWEN     Agnes PARK    
10/05/1777 William GAWITH   Millom Deborah NICHOLSON    
16/11/1777 John CASSON     Catharine GIBSON    
12/07/1778 Philip SHARP     Sarah WILLIAMSON    
41 16/08/1778 John LITT     Isabella ROME    
42 07/11/1779 Matthew WILLIAMSON     Margaret HARKASS    
43 26/03/1780 Robert KITCHIN     Isabella WILLIAMSON    
44 22/10/1780 Benjamin KENDALL   Arlecdon Ann SHEPPHERD    
45 30/06/1781 Joseph KITCHIN     Mary WILLIAMSON    
46 11/11/1781 John SCOTT     Sarah MARTIN    
47 17/02/1782 John STENTON   Arlecdon Jane PALMER    
48 05/05/1782 Robert FOSTER   St Bees Mary WILSON    
49 18/08/1782 Thomas STAINTON   Arlecdon Margret GARDINER    
50 09/11/1782 Adam FLETCHER   Arlecdon Jane ISMAY    
51 05/02/1783 Nicholas FLEMMING   Dean Elizabeth PALMER    
52 29/10/1785 Charles WOODBURN   St James, Whitehaven Margret MORDEN    
53 28/11/1785 Philip BODLE   Egremont Martha CHAMBERS    
54 17/09/1786 William YOUNG     Hannah PARKS    
55 20/11/1786 William LOGGIN     Nancy MARSHALL    
56 29/01/1788 William BOOTH   St Bees Mary LINDOW    
57 10/05/1788 David KEIR     Sarah FOLDER    
58 10/10/1789 John COCKBANE   St Bees Isabella TYSON    
59 24/10/1789 Henry SHARP     Hannah WALKER    
60 13/02/1790 Thomas RUDD   St Bees Sarah MORDIN    
21/11/1791 Joseph JACKSON     Mary FEARON    
09/01/1792 Stephen SHARP     Isabella HIRD    
02/06/1792 Nathan SCOTT   St Bees Isabella RITSON    
30/08/1792 Isaac SOUTHWARD     Mary JACKSON   Egremont
08/09/1792 Christopher JACKSON     Mary SHARP    
20/05/1793 John ADDISON     Mary TINNION    
15/12/1793 Jonathan HODGSON   Ponsonby Elizabeth PLASKET    
26/03/1794 Joseph COCKBAIN   St Bees Sarah THOMPSON    
09/11/1794 George LOCKWOOD     Mary MILBURN    
29/10/1795 Hugh PARKIN   Dean Sarah Margaret MEADOWS    
15/05/1796 Joseph HODGSON     Ann HARPER   St Bees
05/07/1796 Joseph ROBINSON   Windermere, Westmorland Sarah WALKER Single  
11/09/1796 Richard IRWIN     Ann FORSTER Single  
17/10/1796 James JACKSON     Ann HARPER Single Egremont
29/05/1797 John WHITLOCK     Ann HAGAN   St Bees
25/06/1797 Isaac COOK     Margaret BELL    
02/11/1797 Edward LUCAS     Isabella BOUCH   Egremont
04/02/1798 Moses NOCK     Mary BARRAS    
16/04/1799 George HODGSON     Margaret MARTIN    
07/06/1799 William MURRAY   St Bees Mary JAMES    
30/11/1799 William JEFFERSON   Whitehaven Elizabeth NEWTON    
03/06/1800 John PIPER   Arlecdon Elizabeth SOUTHWARD    
06/11/1801 Henry TYSON     Sarah BLAIR    
01/02/1802 Thomas RICHARDSON     Rose HANNAH   Beckermet St John
17/05/1802 William BURNS   St Bees Abgill NEWTON    
29/11/1802 William FOSTER     Elizabeth SOUTHWARD    
12/04/1803 John KITCHIN     Phebe VINCENT    
19/05/1803 William SPEDDING     Frances FORSTER    
08/08/1803 Henry ADDISON   St Bees Jane DARBY    
08/08/1803 Samuel CROFT   St Bees Mary THOMAS    
14/01/1804 Samuel TURNER   Irton Jane CHRISTIAN    
16/12/1804 John SEWELL     Mary THOMPSON    
08/01/1805 John LONG   Gosforth Jane KIRKBY    
05/06/1805 William LONG   Egremont Ann ECCLESTON    
06/04/1806 Joseph TURNER     Ann BELL    
29/06/1806 Mathew SPEDDING   Egremont Mary BOADLE    
30/06/1806 William HARKNESS     Elizabeth STUART    
10/11/1806 James WALKER     Agnes PARKER    
27/02/1807 John LITT   St Bees Ann BOOTH    
24/05/1807 Joseph YOWART     Mary MARTIN    
08/11/1807 Isaac SMITH     Frances HARRISON    
10/11/1807 William MCQUINE     Margaret HADWIN    
07/03/1808 Jackson LONG   St Bees Mary KIRKBY Single  
1 05/07/1808 William STEEL   Haile Hannah PALMER    
2 01/12/1808 John BIRLEY     Mary Ann LINDOW Widow Egremont
3 14/01/1809 Daniel LINDALL     Violet HARKNESS Single  
4 25/05/1809 James BELL     Barbara BOADLE Single  
5 27/05/1809 Thomas SPRING     Elizabeth FLAVEL Single  
6 29/07/1809 Isaac BOWERBANK     Martha RIDLEY Single  
7 08/10/1809 John JACKSON     Elizabeth ROME Single  
8 24/06/1810 John WALKER     Ann PALMER    
9 20/07/1810 William SMITH   St Bees Hannah HEWETT Widow  
10 02/03/1811 John HOWE     Jane ADDINSON Widow  
11 11/03/1811 Thomas WILLIAMSON     Mary SPIGHT Single  
12 24/04/1811 Abraham Clements WALLS Single   Mary ROBERTSON Single  
13 17/06/1811 Daniel KITCHEN     Sarah HARNESS Single  
14 30/07/1811 Samuel LINDOW     Mary FERGUSON    
15 24/09/1811 Manis MCMANIMIN     Ally LAUGHLAN Widow  
16 06/10/1811 Isaac JEFFERSON     Isabella HARRISON    
17 10/11/1811 Edward CAMMERN     Elizabeth BELL    
18 14/04/1812 James MCLAUGHLAN     Elizabeth CARROL    
19 19/05/1812 Henry HOST   Harrington Mary ATKINSON    
20 20/09/1812 Joseph NEWALL   Drigg Jane FLETCHER    
1 08/02/1813 Joseph HODGSON     Sarah KEIR Widow  
2 23/05/1813 Isaac FLETCHER     Jane WILLIAMSON Single  
3 21/06/1813 John CLENDINION     Ann JOHNSON Single  
4 11/11/1813 James RAY   Ulverston, Lancashire Frances WHINRAY    
5 12/12/1813 Henery KITCHEN   Arlecdon Hannah WALKER    
6 15/09/1814 John SWINBURN     Mary YOWART Widow  
7 05/11/1814 Lancelot MOSSOP   Egremont Deborah BENN Single  
8 06/05/1815 William Postlethwaite STOREY     Hannah CHEATHOM Single  
9 24/05/1815 Thomas SANDERSON   Beckermet St John Elanor BENN Single  
10 27/11/1815 John DUNN   Egremont Margaret ENGLISH Single  
11 22/04/1816 Miles ATKINSON     Ann JACKSON Single  
12 15/09/1816 James NICHOLSON     Mary BLUE Single  
13 12/11/1816 Henry RABEY     Elanor GIBSON Single  
14 18/11/1816 Joseph WILKINSON     Rose Ann HANNAH Single  
15 16/11/1817 John CLARE     Hannah JOICE Single  
16 14/12/1817 George LINDON   Arlecdon Mary DOWLEY Widow  
17 10/01/1818 James DAVIDSON     Elizabeth SHEPHERD Single  
18 01/06/1818 John GILLIN     Margaret LAUGHLING Single  
19 23/08/1818 Nicholas TROUGHTON     Jane JOHNSTONE Single  
20 14/11/1818 John TREMBLE     Jane ATKINSON Single  
21 20/02/1819 Joseph EDGAR   Harrington Frances DIXON Single  
22 15/04/1819 Joseph NICHOLSON     Hannah ROE Single  
23 26/05/1819 William HARTLEY   Gosforth Ann DONALD Single  
24 07/06/1819 William LOGAN     Betsey BROWN Single Egremont
25 25/12/1819 John CROSTHWAITE   Egremont Ann MAWSON Single  
26 29/01/1820 James MITCHEL   St Bees Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
27 24/04/1820 William DAWSON   Egremont Isabella TYDIMAN Single  
28 15/06/1820 George STOREY     Margaret SMITH Widow  
29 15/11/1820 Jacob MILTON   Egremont Hannah BELL    
30 18/11/1820 William DAVIDSON     Margaret TOMLIN Single  
31 17/02/1821 William NICHOL   Arlecdon Hannah ATKINSON Single  
32 22/04/1821 John JOICE     Jane FISHER Single  
33 09/06/1821 Robert BROWN   Aspatria Elizabeth BAINBRIDGE Single  
34 25/08/1821 John DAULK     Eleanor MERRAN Single  
35 25/08/1821 Joseph STEPHENSON     Elizabeth SANDEYLAND Single St Bees
36 01/09/1821 John BROCKBANK     Margaret KNEIL Single St Bees
37 22/09/1821 John JACKSON     Hannah IRWIN Single  
38 20/10/1821 William JACKSON     Ann THOMPSON Single  
39 16/02/1822 Thomas HUTCHINSON   St Bees Ann LOGAN Single  
40 20/04/1822 William TROUGHEAR     Mary DIXON Single  
41 30/07/1822 James PARSONS Single   Elizabeth BOWSTEAD Single  
42 30/11/1822 Isaac SOUTHWARD Single   Jane IRWIN Single  
43 05/02/1823 Frank FORSTER Single St Bees Hannah ROBERTSON Single  
44 19/07/1823 Christopher JACKSON Widower Egremont Mary HOPE Widow  
45 01/11/1823 James JOYCE Single   Elizabeth LOGAN Single  
46 12/11/1823 Isaac JACKSON Single   Mary BELL Single  
47 17/07/1824 Robert MACKEE Single   Margaret YOUNG Single  
48 14/02/1825 Charles BIRKBECK Single   Elizabeth MASON Single  
49 21/05/1825 John DAVIS Single   Eleanor CREIGHTON Single  
50 24/07/1825 Thomas TYSON Single   Ann KITCHEN Single  
51 28/09/1825 William YOUDALE Single   Margaret BOADLE Single  
52 10/12/1825 William THOMPSON Single   Margaret MCLAUGHLEN Single  
53 04/03/1826 David FORSYTHE Single   Mary COULTHARD Single  
54 01/04/1826 Richard CAMM Single   Mary GREENUP Widow  
55 25/11/1826 John TEASDALE Single Egremont Jane SETREE Single  
56 18/08/1827 Robert GILLMOORE Single   Jane FLOOD Single Egremont
57 24/11/1827 Isaac WALKER Single Egremont Mary IRWIN    
58 29/12/1827 Robert BELL Single St Bees Martha BATEMAN Single  
59 10/05/1828 John SERGEANT Single   Eleanor GILLESPIE Single  
60 19/08/1828 William BLANEY Single   Jane MCCANN Single  
61 31/08/1828 John THOMPSON Single   Mary JACKSON Single Arlecdon
62 25/10/1828 Thomas FOSTER Single   Mary FREARS Single  
63 15/11/1828 John MCKIR Single   Mary FLOOD Single  
64 02/05/1829 John MCLAUGHLAN Single   Jane JOYCE Single  
65 16/05/1829 William LEATHERS Single   Jane HAMPTON Single  
66 06/06/1829 Henry SHERWEN Single   Phoebe MCMILLAN Single Hensingham
67 13/06/1829 William WISEMAN Single St Bees Isabella REYNOLDS Single  
68 03/09/1829 John MCCANN Single St Bees Jane LIVISTONE Single  
69 26/10/1829 Arthur MALKINSON Single   Elizabeth BOWSTEAD    
70 27/03/1830 Henry GILPIN Single   Mary FORSYTHE Single  
71 09/05/1830 Henry JACKSON Single   Frances HAMPTON Single  
72 17/05/1830 John MORRIS Single   Ann ROGAN Single  
73 07/06/1830 William MCCORMICK Single   Mary MCMULLEN Single  
74 13/08/1831 Joseph TELFER Single St Bees Mary WILLIAMSON Single  
75 01/10/1831 Adam CURRIE Single Egremont Jane HARRISON Single  
76 30/05/1832 Henry IRWIN     Frances SIMPSON Single Hensingham
77 11/09/1832 George William LINDOW Single Manchester, Lancashire Mary LINDOW Single  
78 05/10/1832 John LITT Single   Hannah SPEDDING Single  
79 27/05/1833 Joseph JENKINSON Single   Frances THOMPSON Single Lamplugh
80 18/12/1833 Joseph TODHUNTER Single St Bees Ann TURNER Single  
81 01/01/1834 John WHITTLE Single St Bees Jane JENKINSON Single  
82 11/05/1834 Henry VINCH Single St Bees Eleanor SHIMMINS Single  
83 03/07/1834 Isaac BURNS Single St Bees Agnes LINDOW    
84 29/08/1835 Anthony MANDELL Single   Mary THOMPSON Single  
85 10/10/1835 Nathaniel SHERWEN Single Egremont Mary WILSON Single  
86 11/03/1837 Charles THOMPSON Single Corney Mary ATKINSON Single  

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