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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Hensingham St John the Evangelist


The Parish

The chapelry of Hensingham was created from the west Cumberland parish of St Bees in 1811, it was licensed for marriages from 1825. Hensingham is located in the suburbs of the west Cumberland port and industrial town of Whitehaven, the former village sits about 1 mile southeast of Whitehaven on the B5295 road which links Whitehaven with Cleator Moor. Hensingham sits about 1 1/2 miles inland from the Irish Sea coast on the low coastal plain which surrounds the Lake District Fells in the heart of Cumberland. Hensingham grew up as a salubrious suburb away from the busy port and industrial sites of Whitehaven, this is also a mining area exploiting the West Cumberland coalfield. Prior to industrialisation this would have been predominantly a pastoral setting with beef cattle dominating the farming cycles. Nowadays Hensingham is a commuter suburb with most residents employed in the town of Whitehaven. Hensingham is sited at about 90 metres above the sea, land falls away into the valley of a small beck (Pow Beck) which runs northwestwards to the sea at Whitehaven. The chapelry is quite small, covering an area more typical of a southern parish, but supported (by the end of the transcript period) around 940 parishioners. In common with most parts of northern England there is no mention of Hensingham in Domesday Book.

The Church

St John the Evangelist's church sits on the western side of Egremont Road to the south of the main village crossroads, it has an elevated site over the POW Beck valley being perched on the top of that slope. The church is a modern one having been commenced in 1911. Whilst it uses Early English and Perpendicular styles its clearly did not impress Pevsner who dismissed the building in a few lines. The church sits behind a curious low wall with projecting pillars every few yards made from local sandstone. Entry is gained at the southern extent of the site. There are a few mature trees in the grounds but these do not unduly restrict photographic opportunities.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 4th June 1825 - 28th May 1837 Cumbria Archives - Whitehaven - Reference YPR35/1/2/1 Nonstandard Rose style preprinted Marriage register it is nonstandard in not being prenumbered Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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St Bees St Mary & St Bega
St Bees St Mary & St Bega
Egremont St John
Egremont St John


Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 04/06/1825 Robert SIMPSON Single Thursby Margaret CAREY Single  
2 26/11/1825 James ROTHERY Single Egremont Frances HARRISON Single  
3 20/04/1826 Reuben GROVES Single   Ann KENYON Single  
4 17/06/1826 William MOSSOP Single Eskdale Anne DOUBY Single  
7 00/00/1827 William AITKEN Single   Sarah LAMBIRD Single  
5 23/04/1827 William WHITEHEAD Single   Eleanor THOMPSON Single  
6 23/08/1827 Catcroft DOUGHTY   St Bees Catherine WORDSWORTH    
8 27/11/1827 Richard BETT Single   Margaret HALL Single  
9 10/01/1828 John THOMPSON     Eleanor LEECE    
10 02/09/1829 George MCKENNEY Single   Elizabeth GOWAN Widow  
11 15/10/1829 John MCFARLANE Single   Mary GOWAN Single  
12 14/11/1829 Robert FISHER Single Egremont Hannah WILLIAMSON Single  
13 15/11/1829 Edward STABLE   Egremont Bridget GRIBBLE    
14 02/02/1830 Richardson DICKENSON Single Whitehaven Mary Anne SMYTH    
15 15/02/1830 William MIDDLETON Single Gosforth Maria STEWARD Single  
16 01/05/1830 John WALKER     Ann WRIGHT    
17 29/05/1830 William PARKE   Cleator Hannah PHILLIPSON    
18 08/06/1830 William ARMSTRONG     Ann ECCLES    
19 26/09/1830 Joseph SMITH   Distington Anne ARMEN    
20 17/10/1830 Thomas BROWN   Irton Bridget GILFOY    
21 22/03/1831 Joseph BARR   Whitehaven Jane HIGSTON    
22 26/12/1831 Thomas NICHOLLS Single St Bees Margaret COBRAN Single  
23 18/02/1832 Thomas CASTLEHOW Single   Eleanor THOMSON Single  
24 02/05/1832 George STANSFIELD   Whitehaven Sarah WATSON Single  
25 08/05/1832 Thomas BENSON Single North Fambridge, Essex Elizabeth WHEATLEY Single  
26 30/12/1832 John BURNEY   Drigg Jane BARNES Single  
27 23/01/1833 Joseph SOUTHWARD Single   Isabella JACKSON Single  
28 07/07/1833 Robert POSTLETHWAITE   St Bees Sarah DAWSON   St Bees
29 24/09/1833 James SPITTAL Widower Scotland Hannah THOMPSON Single  
30 21/10/1833 Thomas SMITH Single   Isabella SPROULE Single  
31 30/10/1833 John BELL   Isle Of Man Mary JOHNSTON Single  
32 23/12/1833 Richard TROUGHTON Single Whitehaven Elizabeth MOSSOP Single  
33 31/12/1833 Thomas BLACKSTOCK Single Dearham Hannah CADDY Single  
34 25/01/1834 Joseph STEWARD   Crosthwaite Elizabeth BATEMAN Single  
35 25/01/1834 William HAILE Single Egremont Mary MARSHALL Single  
36 22/06/1834 James ORRAN Single   Mary HENRY Single  
37 16/08/1834 Jonathan ROBINSON   St Bees Ann YEOWARD Single St Bees
38 23/08/1834 William DIXON   St Bees Mary HAIG Single St Bees
39 15/11/1834 Thomas JUDALE     Bridget ALCOCK Single  
40 03/12/1834 James YOUNG     Elizabeth FELL    
41 04/07/1835 Robert GRAHAM   Workington Jane SMITH    
42 14/07/1835 John COMPTON Single   Mary JACKSON Single  
43 24/12/1835 Joseph MARSH     Margaret STEWARD Single  
44 03/10/1836 Robert SCOTT Single   Margaret WATSON Single  
45 23/10/1836 Thomas TODD     Christian HODGSON Single  
46 06/11/1836 Daniel TODD   Egremont Frances WATSON Single  
47 06/12/1836 William BURNWEAT   Whitehaven Mary LANCASTER Single  
48 10/12/1836 Jonathan TYSON     Sarah DOUGLAS Single  
49 28/05/1837 Joseph STRAUGHTON   Maryport Ruth COOK Single  

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