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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Brookland St Augustine


The Parish

The parish of Brookland lies in the extreme south of Kent forming a short stretch of the border with neighbouring Sussex. Brookland is located about 5 miles northeast of the market town of Rye in Sussex and sits adjacent to the A259 road which connects Rye with Romney and onwards to Folkestone. Most of Brookland lies to the south of the A259 grouped around the church but it has spread across in recent times too. Brookland sits in a much man-modified landscape of Romney Marsh, lying at or even below sea level the reclaimed land would have been dominated by grazing cattle on the rich pastures drained by the Sewers (as these drains are known locally. Local drainage funnels water from the marsh to reach the nearby English Channel, westwards and then south via the White Kemp Sewer to join the River Rother at Rye and thence to the Channel. Brookland sits at just 3 metres above the sea and within 3 miles there is scarcely a contour (other than that of zero) to be seen before land rises to the west onto the former island of Oxney. Brookland parish was relatively small for its area, covering just over 1,800 acres; its shape, however, is notable being extended on a northeast to southwest axis like its neighbours to catch a share of the local land types. Brookland parish would have supported a population of around 450 parishioners. There is no specific mention of Brookland in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Augustine's church sits on the southern side of the village High Street which doglegs southeast and then northeast from the A259 with the church at that right-angled turn. St Augustine is memorable for the picturesque view from the road and its unusual separate tower which Pevsner describes as being like three candle snuffers stacked one upon the other. Holding the bells its functions as a detached campanile. The church Pevsner describes as "an endearing muddle" with its earliest portions being Early English Gothic and 13th century, the chancel carrying lancet windows from this period. Much else is in the Decorated style and of the late 13th and early 14th century. Pevsner speculates that the church was steadily built from the eastern end westwards through that style fashion change. Thankfully the Victorians left the church relatively unscathed and preserved what Pevsner describes as its "eccentricity" for us as a notable church today. The church, on the southern side of the High Street has parking opposite and sits behind a knee-height brick wall with a wide grassy verge to the road, a brick-woven path leads to the main entrance. The churchyard is open and with few impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 23rd November 1754 - 20th October 1812 Kent History & Library Centre - Maidstone - Reference - P49/1/A/3
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 5 Register - the condition of this register is such that the transcript carries a "health warning" as to the likelihood of being substantially incorrect Poor handwriting throughout and bad fading prior to 1780 make for a very challenging read given the overexposed media available in Maidstone. Many errors could have been expected had there not been an almost complete set of AT & BTs available to rescue some order
2 27th April 1813 - 28th June 1837 Kent History & Library Centre - Maidstone - Reference - P49/1/D/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Brenzett St Eanswith
Brenzett St Eanswith
Brenzett St Eanswith
East Guldeford St Mary, Sussex
Brenzett St Eanswith
Ivychurch St George
East Guldeford St Mary, Sussex
Ivychurch St George
Ivychurch St George

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
26/02/1754 Thomas MERRALS   Stone In Oxney Judith BASSEDEN    
1 23/11/1754 Jeffery FRIEND     Lucy LEEDS    
2 03/12/1755 William COURT     Elizabeth WATERS    
3 20/02/1757 Nicholas NEWENDEN   Marden Mary ROAKE Single  
4 03/12/1757 John HUGGETT Widower   Ann MASTERS Single  
5 27/02/1759 Thomas HEARSFIELD Widower   Elizabeth WATERS Single  
6 16/04/1759 Edward TOWNNER     Sarah FREELAND Single  
7 29/11/1759 Thomas WRAIGHT Single   Elizabeth ROUNDTREE Single  
8 24/07/1760 John KNIGHT Single   Martha ILLENDEN Single  
9 11/09/1760 Felix KITE     Mary TERRY Single  
10 23/03/1761 John MACKETT     Sarah PARKER    
11 28/05/1761 John STEPHENS Widower   Ann LEEDS Single  
12 02/07/1761 William CHENNELL Single   Ann Mary MUNN Single  
13 04/08/1761 Samuel MORRIS Single Brede, Sussex Elizabeth KNIGHT Single  
14 18/09/1761 John TURNER     Ann GIMBER    
15 20/10/1761 William PAINE Single Appledore Mary WOOD Widow  
16 09/02/1762 Samuel MILLER Single Rye, Sussex Mary SNOAD Single  
17 13/04/1762 William BURTON Single Tenterden Elizabeth DAVIS Single  
18 09/12/1762 Robert SKEERE Single   Mary PHILPOTT Single  
19 01/06/1763 William KNIGHT Single Old Romney Mary WOODMAN Single  
20 27/10/1763 James OILLER Single   Mary BRISSENDEN Single  
21 14/12/1763 Thomas WRAIGHT Widower   Ruth CLOKE Single  
22 26/12/1763 Peter OILLER Single   Mary WALKETT Single  
23 11/10/1764 John HUKINS Widower   Ann MACE Single  
24 16/10/1764 John TERRY Single Appledore Elizabeth BAKER Single  
25 20/12/1764 John TERRY Widower   Sarah GODFREY Single  
26 29/01/1765 Thomas MUNN Single   Martha BOURNE Single  
27 26/11/1765 William PHILIPS Single   Sarah BAKER Single  
28 26/12/1765 Richard STEAVENS Widower   Jane HOAR Single  
29 27/12/1765 John HETHFEELD Single   Elizabeth GODFREY Single  
30 20/04/1766 John WALKER Single   Margaret GEORGE Single Woodchurch
31 29/01/1767 William DUNSTER Single   Mary BENY Single  
32 10/05/1767 Francis AUSTIN Single   Mary BUTTERWICK Single  
33 18/05/1767 Richard RUE Single Battle, Sussex Mary HEATH Single  
34 02/11/1767 Walter HILLDER Single   Mary PENNET Single  
35 27/12/1767 William DRAY Single   Elizabeth WOODMAN Single  
36 08/12/1768 Joseph ROFE Single Peasmarsh, Sussex Sarah MORRIES Single  
37 13/12/1768 Robert FIELD Single Winchelsea, Sussex Hannah SKINNER Single  
38 01/07/1770 Oliver POLLARD Single   Mary SWIFT Single  
39 30/07/1770 John PRIME Single   Mary RICHARDSON Single  
40 10/10/1770 Joseph GATES Widower   Avice REEVES    
41 22/10/1770 William HAISEL Single   Sarah POPE Single  
42 15/11/1770 Isaac BROWN Single New Romney Ann BRISSENDEN Single  
43 31/03/1771 Joseph RUSSELL Single   Sarah REELY Single  
44 16/04/1771 John MITTELL Single   Sarah BOURNE Single  
45 29/08/1771 Thomas KEMP Single   Ann REED Single  
46 21/04/1772 William PHILIPPS     Hanner FURMENGER    
47 12/10/1772 Joseph GIBSON     Ann STONEHEM    
65 09/11/1772 George GREENWOOD     Mary NEWMAN    
16/12/1773 Stephen BANKS Single   Elizabeth WEAVER Single  
49 07/04/1774 Richard DUNSTER     Ann SELDEN   Brenzett
50 28/07/1774 John MAXTED     Mary BRATTLE    
51 27/09/1774 Peter PERREN   Lenham Mary BRISENDEN    
52 25/02/1775 George WOODSALL Single   Mary TEARSALL Single  
53 29/03/1775 William BRISSENDEN   Lenham Ann BRATTLE Single  
54 22/04/1775 Richard OTTAWAY Single   Mary BARTON Single  
55 28/09/1775 Thomas GRIST     Mary PAYNE Single  
56 17/10/1775 Edward BAKER Single   Susannah OTTOWAY Single  
57 20/01/1776 Edward NIGH Single   Ann HUGGETT Single  
58 20/02/1776 Thomas MORLEY Single Ivychurch Martha WOODMAN Single  
59 09/06/1776 Edward BRISSENDEN Single   Ann WRAIGHT Single  
60 22/10/1776 William BARNES     Mary BREEDS    
61 24/12/1776 James DOWLE     Ann WOODMAN    
62 31/12/1776 William WRAIGHT Widower   Mary Ann OXLEY    
63 03/02/1777 John HUGHES   Brenzett Sarah SISSLEY    
64 27/07/1777 Edward VOWNNER     Anne HODE    
66 03/11/1777 John LAWRENCE   Ivychurch Catherine JORDAN    
67 13/11/1777 Richard DUNSTER Widower   Elizabeth SHARPER    
68 19/01/1778 Thomas BAYDON     Mary COURT   Bethersden
69 21/04/1778 Stephen SMITH     Esther CHADWICK    
70 06/09/1778 Peter PEARSON Single   Anne MACKETT Single  
71 18/10/1778 Edward BOURN     Elizabeth HERRED    
72 24/12/1778 William VENNER     Mary FULLER    
73 24/01/1779 William REEVE     Elizabeth OYLAR   Brenzett
74 27/01/1779 Thomas GRIST Widower   Mary HODE Single  
75 21/10/1779 John POLHILL     Margaret LEPPER Single  
76 05/01/1780 Stephen TOLHURST Single   Elizabeth FERRY Single Fairfield
77 01/03/1780 John SMALL Single Folkestone Susannah HOOK Single  
78 10/06/1781 John MABBS Widower   Susannah CASTLE Single  
79 17/10/1781 John SCOONE Widower   Mary MEALIN Single  
80 26/11/1781 William SHARWOOD Single   Elizabeth BAILEY Single  
81 29/04/1782 Peter WOODMAN Single   Mary PIDDLESDEN Single  
82 25/08/1782 Samuel REED Single   Benedicta BLASKETT Single  
83 26/08/1782 Christopher SMITH Widower   Martha RANDELL Widow  
84 22/09/1782 Richard MILLAR Widower   Susannah GIMBER Single  
85 11/11/1782 John HEARSFIELD Widower   Ann DOWLE Widow  
86 01/01/1783 John BUTLER Single Ivychurch Margaret KING Single  
87 03/03/1783 William ASHBY Single Boughton Monchelsea Elizabeth KITE Single  
88 19/04/1783 Thomas SECKER Widower   Ann FULLER Single  
89 30/09/1783 John HAYWARD Single   Mary SMITH Single  
90 25/10/1783 William ROBERTS Single   Mary SNOAD Single  
91 04/12/1783 John KILK Single   Mary WOOD Single  
92 10/04/1784 Thomas MOON Single   Jane MAYBOURNE Widow  
93 15/05/1784 Richard WHALEY Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
94 15/08/1784 William CRITTENDEN Single   Mary FRIEND Single  
95 13/05/1785 John GRIST Single   Susannah CRITTENDEN Single  
96 25/02/1786 Edward LORDEN Single Ivychurch Anne LORDEN Single  
06/04/1786 Theophilus JONES Single   Mary KING Single  
28/04/1786 Stephen BRATTLE Single   Sarah MARSHALL Single  
17/06/1787 William HAYWARD Single Fairfield Elizabeth SKEERE Single  
11/10/1787 John FAGG   Bonnington Susannah GODDARD    
05/11/1787 Thomas BOURNE Single   Isabella WITWER Single  
14/10/1788 John KELK Widower   Sarah LUCK Single  
07/05/1789 David HOGBEN Single   Catherine MUNK Single Hythe
24/09/1789 Humphrey LEE Single Ivychurch Sarah LORDEN Single  
10/02/1790 Thomas Swyer TOURNAY Single   Ann SECKER Widow  
14/03/1790 Joseph JELL Single   Anne PEARSON Widow  
24/08/1790 James JACKSON Widower   Mary DRURY Single  
28/01/1791 Thomas DRURY Single   Frances RUSSELL Single Tenterden
25/04/1791 Stephen PLAYFORD     Mary LANSDELL    
30/04/1791 Henry SWAINE     Martha FAGG    
02/08/1792 Peter KING     Martha BUSS    
16/11/1792 John GREENLAND     Margaret DAVIS    
01/05/1793 Jeremiah KNOWLDEN     Mary PAINE    
17/05/1793 Robert SKEERE     Mary HUKINS    
10/10/1793 John HAYWARD     Elizabeth BRIGNELL    
02/11/1793 Henry BRIGNALL Single   Salutha GODDARD Single  
01/01/1794 John MILLEN Single   Sarah FRIEND Single  
10/02/1794 Samuel BARBER Single   Elizabeth DRAY Single  
19/07/1794 Thomas PAWLEY   Cranbrook Sarah MUNN Single  
10/10/1794 John CHECKSFIELD Single Tenterden Ann WEAVER Single  
06/09/1795 William WOODMAN Widower   Sarah PHILLIPS Single  
08/02/1796 Joseph ROFE Single Iden, Sussex Elizabeth HEARSFIELD Single  
22/10/1796 James KENNARD Single   Rebecca BAKER Single  
14/01/1797 Thomas EVES Single   Mary LORDEN Single  
01/08/1797 Edward OLIVER Single   Elizabeth HUKINS    
01/08/1797 Samuel BREEDS     Sarah FRIEND Single  
26/08/1797 William ALLEN Widower   Ann BRISSENDEN Single  
20/02/1798 John AUSTEN Single Fairfield Ann NYE Single  
14/11/1798 Thomas DOWLE Single   Elizabeth IFIELD Single  
20/11/1798 Edward BAKER Single   Ann DOWLE Single  
19/05/1799 Thomas WILSON Single   Hannah FRIEND    
01/09/1799 George LOID Single   Ann MABBS Single  
29/08/1800 Thomas DRURY Widower   Martha SWAINE Widow  
03/03/1801 Clifford POPE Single Lydd Abigail MACE Single  
13/04/1802 Stephen SIMMONDS Single Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Mary BUGDEN Single  
24/08/1802 Hamilton DAVEY Single   Martha DRAY Single  
19/07/1803 George MAYLAM     Elizabeth HUGGETT Widow  
06/12/1803 James KIDD     Elizabeth PHILPOTT   Udimore, Sussex
10/10/1804 William PARTON Widower New Romney Sarah SNOAD Widow  
19/12/1804 Samuel KITE Single   Mary HAYWARD    
12/05/1805 Peter WADDELL     Ann LORDING Widow  
01/08/1805 James LIDBETTER Single Stone In Oxney Catherine HOGBEN Widow  
01/03/1806 George TUCKER     Mary BROOKS    
09/09/1806 John MCGUINNESS     Sarah KELLY    
18/10/1806 James BRETT     Jemima APPS    
25/11/1806 Richard WILLIAMS     Ann MUMFORD    
13/12/1806 William HARRIS   Ashford Mary BARNS    
12/10/1807 Thomas KENNARD     Martha HANSKELL    
08/11/1807 James BRISSENDEN     Jane HEARSFIELD    
12/11/1807 John MITTEL   New Romney Elizabeth BARNES    
24/11/1807 William SHANWOOD   Ivychurch Elizabeth CARPENTER    
28/08/1808 James WILKINSON Widower   Ann HENTEY Single  
02/01/1809 John HUGGETT     Elizabeth WRATTEN    
10/10/1809 John KING Widower Eastchurch Sarah BOURNE Widow  
21/03/1810 John TONGE Single   Sarah HARDIMAN Single  
22/05/1811 George APPS Single   Sarah MASTERS Single  
17/07/1811 Thomas WRAIGHT Single   Hannah SMITH Single  
30/01/1812 William GRIST Single Brabourne Anne GRIST Single  
07/04/1812 Joseph SACRE Single   Elizabeth BOOTH Single  
11/07/1812 Thomas MASTERS Single   Anne WRIGHT Single  
12/07/1812 George DOWN Single   Elizabeth TILER Single  
20/10/1812 Richard JONES Widower Lydd Mary GRIST Widow  
1 27/04/1813 Thomas WINSER Single Udimore, Sussex Mary KING    
2 13/10/1813 Richard RENNOLDS Single   Hannah HARDIMAN Single  
3 01/12/1813 Charles SNOAD     Martha TERRY Single  
4 13/04/1814 Kilier RUSSELL Widower Maidstone Charlotte SNOAD Widow  
5 10/07/1815 George MOON Single   Elizabeth SHREWSBURY Single  
6 28/08/1816 Thomas EVES     Mary PANKHURST    
7 16/09/1816 John JACKSON Single   Mary TANNER Single  
8 30/12/1816 Thomas JOURDAN Single   Elizabeth AUSTIN Single  
9 25/03/1817 William HAZELDEN Single   Elizabeth ROLFS    
10 21/07/1817 Thomas BUTLER Single Brenzett Mary HEARSFIELD Single  
11 14/09/1817 Steven MARTIN Widower   Elizabeth HAYWARD Widow  
12 14/11/1817 William RIDLEY Widower   Rebecca FILDER Widow  
13 02/03/1818 George RANGER Single Iden, Sussex Sarah MARQUICK Single  
14 10/03/1818 James LAWS   St John, Thanet Harriet SNOAD    
15 08/02/1819 Thomas HARVEY Single   Rebecca BARNS Single  
16 27/03/1820 John SWAIN Single   Jane BRISSENDEN Widow  
17 05/04/1820 William PARTRIDGE Single   Mary EVE Widow  
18 13/06/1820 James CROMBZ Single Folkestone Ann WOODMAN Single  
19 22/08/1820 John SHINDLER Single Gillingham Elizabeth WOOLLETT Single  
20 25/10/1820 Richard VIDEAN Single Molash Ann SNOAD Single  
21 19/11/1820 John Cullingham SWAFFER Single Kingsnorth Harriet Laws TERRY Single  
22 20/12/1821 William JONES Single   Elizabeth REEVES Widow  
23 10/02/1822 Richard Foster SISLEY Single   Elenor REED Single  
24 19/02/1822 Lewis PAINE Widower   Elizabeth SNOAD Widow  
25 25/02/1822 Edward BAKER Single   Elizabeth KING Single  
26 16/03/1822 Thomas HEARSFIELD Single   Mary KENNARD Single  
27 14/05/1822 John BARROW Single   Susannah DOWLE Single  
28 01/08/1823 Richard SAWYER Single Tenterden Ann KING Single  
29 06/08/1823 William BARLING Single   Hannah BOWER Single  
30 19/01/1824 William WILSON Single   Hannah TENNAN Single  
31 21/12/1824 William WALKER Single   Mary GURR Single  
32 07/02/1825 Robert MARTIN Single   Sarah HADLY Widow  
33 19/04/1825 Thomas KENNARD Widower   Sarah STOKES Widow  
34 01/05/1825 William WOOD Single   Charlotte WOLLEY Single  
35 27/08/1825 Joseph PAINE Single   Mary FERRIS Single  
36 15/06/1826 George SNOAD Single   Susannah VINCER Single  
37 10/11/1827 William COLLINS Single   Elizabeth KITE Single  
38 24/05/1828 John COTTON Single   Mercy GREENLAND Single  
39 01/12/1828 John KETCHLEE Single   Sophia BARNES Single  
40 19/04/1829 George JAMES Single   Mercy GRINGE Single  
41 24/08/1829 George GRAVETT Single   Ann HEARSFIELD Single  
42 12/03/1830 John Mantell RUSSELL Single Tenterden Elizabeth SNOAD Single  
43 13/03/1830 John GIBSON Single   Mary JONES Single  
44 25/04/1830 John MORGAN Single   Sarah Ann ANDREWS Single  
45 01/08/1830 Thomas BOURNE Single   Sarah SACRE Single  
46 02/08/1830 Samuel BALEY Single   Sarah WOOD Single  
47 23/08/1830 Thomas COVENEY Single Ivychurch Charlotte SNOAD Single  
48 16/10/1830 Nelson FREEMAN Single   Rachel WELLSTED Single  
49 01/12/1830 Joseph SPENDLEY Single   Sarah BALLARD Single  
50 11/04/1831 Thomas KING Single   Mary HENTY    
51 11/04/1831 Charles VINCER Single   Caroline LEE Single  
52 05/10/1831 Henry HICKMAN Single   Martha POPE Single  
53 17/10/1831 Peter MILLEN Single   Lydia STANDEN Single  
54 01/12/1831 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Mary GODFREY Single  
55 30/01/1832 John HOPKINS Single   Barbara WILES Single  
56 19/05/1832 Thomas BARBER Widower   Ann FERRIS Single  
57 26/11/1832 Roffe OFFEN Single   Mary Ann HYDER Single  
58 31/08/1833 William APPS Single   Caroline COBB Widow  
59 02/10/1833 Abraham DOWLE Single   Sylvester LOWES Single  
60 27/10/1833 Richard SIMS Single   Louisa HIGHWOOD Single  
61 08/09/1834 Edward BANNISTER Widower   Elizabeth GREENLAND Single  
62 06/12/1834 Stephen WILSON Single   Sarah MILES Single  
63 30/03/1835 William BROWNING Single   Harriet APPS Single  
64 08/04/1835 William MOOR Single   Mary Ann JACKSON Single  
65 18/04/1835 Thomas APPS Single   Ann FERRIS Single  
66 23/11/1835 James RICHARDSON Single   Ann MASTERS Single  
67 12/12/1836 Frederick RIDDLES Single   Sarah MILLS Single  
68 19/06/1837 George APPS Single   Louisa SMITH Single  
69 22/06/1837 William BURGESS Single   Charlotte GALLAWAY Single  
70 28/06/1837 James HELSTED Single   Margaret APPS Single  

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