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East Guldeford St Mary


The Parish

The parish of East Guldeford lies in the extreme east of Sussex, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Kent and is also very close to Sussex' English Channel coast. East Guldeford is located about 2 miles east of the former port Rye in the flatlands of Romney Marsh. East Guldeford sits astride the A259 road which links Rye with the Kent town of Ashford. There is very little to East Guldeford except a straggle of properties long the main road, just south of the railway crossing, plus scattered farms and cottages across a broad swathe of marshland. The land use at the time of this transcript (and indeed today) is largely pastoral farming on land reclaimed from the sea. This is low lying country, East Guldeford is located at just 3 metres above the sea and headed eastwards there is not a contour on the Ordnance Survey maps for over 7 miles. All of the drainage in the parish is man made and is elevated by pump and sluice into the River Rother which runs as the boundary between East Guldeford and its larger neighbour Rye. East Guldeford parish was of a typical size for Sussex, it covered 2,700 acres but supported a mere 130 parishioners. There is no specific mention of East Guldeford in Domesday Book, it is presumed to have been recorded in the assessment of Rye.

The Church

St Mary's church lies just east of the A259 at the northern end of the hamlet. The church is a curious building, twin roofed with a sunken bell-turret between the two. The extensive bracing buttresses are a tribute to the unsupported substrate that the church is built upon. The build and consecration dates of St Mary are extensively documented and place its build in 1499 and its consecration 6 years later. The building was extensively remodeled in the early 19th century whence the window tracery was restyled. St Mary's is accessed from the A259 by an unsurfaced track passing between the bungalows that line the road. The building is set in a very open graveyard surrounded by pastures and presents no hindrance to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th October 1754 - 12th October 1810 East Sussex Record Office - The Keep - Reference - PAR351/1/1/2 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The register has suffered water damage making for a tricky read at times and may lead to one or two misreads
2 16th May 1814 - 7th December 1836 East Sussex Record Office - The Keep - Reference - PAR351/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Rye St Mary
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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 16/10/1754 Edward LONG     Mary YOUNG    
2 08/06/1755 Peter WEST   Rye Elizabeth ANSELL    
3 31/01/1758 Robert WOODES     Mary GROUNDS    
4 28/06/1762 William HUNT   Tenterden, Kent Elizabeth VINSETT   Orlestone, Kent
5 18/09/1764 Thomas GEORGE   Lydd, Kent Susanna JAMES    
7 02/04/1766 Mark MOORE     Sarah INKPEN    
8 20/11/1769 Robert TASSELL   Tenterden, Kent Ann BRIGNALL    
9 30/02/1770 Ackhurst DAWE   Peasmarsh Sarah COLEMAN Single  
10 04/07/1770 William POPE     Mary PANKHURST    
11 24/07/1770 Richard PAGE   Rye Elizabeth PANKHURST    
12 27/01/1774 Thomas POCOCK     Susannah BRIGNALL    
12 05/10/1774 Stephen BRIGNALL     Mary SISLEY Single Brookland, Kent
13 11/02/1777 Henry NAILOR   Winchelsea Susannah COUCHMAN    
14 04/11/1777 James CLINTON Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Sarah YOUNG Single  
10/05/1778 Robert WELLS     Susanna WILSON    
01/04/1781 John BERWICK     Mary OTTAWAY    
29/09/1783 Henry TOWNER     Mary WILSON    
15/01/1785 John TAMSETT     Mary HUMPHREY    
10/04/1787 William BENTLEY     Sarah WOODS    
00/10/1794 William HICKMAN     Ann BEAN    
00/10/1794 John PRICE   Rye Judith BESDEN    
07/05/1798 Edmund POPE     Fanny WALLER    
18/11/1801 Thankful BOOTH   Winchelsea Elizabeth POPE Single  
26/11/1802 Thomas BOOTH Single   Mary WOODS Single  
21/02/1803 William BROOKER Single   Sarah COOPER Single  
04/08/1804 John SHILLING Single   Elizabeth COOPER Single  
08/11/1805 Richard AUSTEN Single   Elizabeth AUSTEN Single  
12/10/1810 Edward TICKNER Single   Sarah TOWNER Single  
1 16/05/1814 William BAKER Single Lydd, Kent Sarah CHITTENDEN Single  
2 26/12/1814 Peter GLOVER Single   Mary SPILSTED Single  
3 27/07/1815 Peter TICKNER Single   Maria PANKHURST Single  
4 25/09/1815 Henry SMITH Single   Anne RELFE Single  
5 27/12/1815 George PANKHURST Single   Mercy Sloman BAKER Single  
6 30/11/1816 John BURGESS Single   Hannah GOODSELL Single  
7 25/07/1818 Hananiah MURGIN Single   Elizabeth DOUBLE Single  
8 29/12/1818 Thomas PELHAM Widower Iden Lydia BAKER Single  
9 20/05/1819 William OCKENDEN Single   Sarah PANKHURST Single  
10 17/07/1822 Thomas BAKER Widower   Hannah BENNETT Single  
11 26/07/1823 Joseph BAYLEY Single Rye Sarah BRIGNALL Single  
12 26/02/1824 Edgar SELMES Single   Hannah POPE Single  
13 21/08/1824 Thomas Williver SOUTHERDEN Single Winchelsea Elizabeth OFFEN Single  
14 03/10/1825 Thomas RICHARDSON Single   Delia BURGESS Single  
15 24/12/1828 William HICKS Single   Mary WENHAM Single  
16 21/05/1829 Edward MILLER Single Kent Mary POPE Single  
17 06/05/1830 Thomas HOLLAND Single   Elizabeth SOUTHERDEN Single  
18 23/05/1830 Richard JARRETT Single   Mary SHARWOOD Single  
19 19/07/1830 John CHANTLER Single   Jane WICKS Single  
20 28/02/1831 Henry SHARRETT Single   Harriet RHODES    
21 17/07/1831 George AILSWORTH Single   Mary BARTLETT Single  
22 14/10/1831 Henry BARDEN Single   Isabella BENEY Widow  
23 12/01/1832 Thomas HYLANDS Single   Martha WEST Single  
24 20/04/1832 George WRATTEN Single   Maria BERRY Single  
25 09/06/1832 Joseph LINDSEY Single Winchelsea Elizabeth VINICOME   Winchelsea
26 22/08/1832 Christopher CUFF Single Rye Jane GIBBON Single Rye
27 04/02/1833 Thomas DEVALL Single Winchelsea Sarah CLOKE Single Winchelsea
28 22/10/1833 John HAISELL Single   Sarah TICKNER Single  
29 03/12/1833 William PASCHO   Winchelsea Ellen PAWLEY   Winchelsea
30 22/09/1834 Thomas HOSKYN   Rye Elizabeth FARRIS   Rye
31 23/03/1835 John RICHARDSON Single   Hannah BEEN Widow  
32 07/12/1836 Thomas GALTON     Harriett ROLFE    
33 07/12/1836 Peter TICKNER     Mary Ann CARPENTER    

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