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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Prestwich St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Prestwich lies in southeastern Lancashire and covers an extensive area to the north of Manchester. Besides the town of Prestwich itself the parish also contained the chapelries of Oldham and, later, that of Hollingwood within an eastern detached extension of the basic parish. Prestwich, itself, lies roughly 4 miles north of Manchester and sits on the A56 road which connects Manchester with Bury. As mentioned the parish covers a broad extent being 15miles from east to west and 4 from north to south. Like most Lancashire parishes in this area its population grew immensely from the industrialisation of the 19th century and Prestwich grew from a small market town to a large industrial town during that period. Manufacturing of cloth was the principal driver with the swift running streams and then coal power driving the expansion of cotton mills into the area. Prior to that growth the parish was alargely rural and pastoral landscape, some market gardening on the lower ground to provide produce for the growing city of Manchester just to the south. Prestwich's separation also lead to it becoming a favoured retreat for wealthier Manchester businessmen with a large number of their mansion's decorating the parish. Today Prestwich is totally embraced within the broader metropolitan area that industrial Lancashire has become with few green breaks from Eccles to Stalybridge and Bury to Altincham, a vast sea of housing and industry, the power house of the county. A plethroa of modern developments came to the town, canal, railway and road links too many to specifically mention beyond the presence of the modern M60 motorway, Manchester's ring, which cuts through to the north of Prestwich.Prrestwich is drained by the River Irwell leading to the Mersey and thus the Irish Sea through the port of Liverpool. Prestwich town is sited at around 80 metres above the sea but the wider parish rises to the western Pennine range reaching well over 300 metres on its eastern flanks. The huge parish covered a little over 21,600 acres and the population would have risen steadily during the period of this transcription reaching over 78,000 by its closure albeit most of those would have been resident in Oldham which carries its own page. Despite its later importance Prestwich is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book which has sparse coverage within this area.

The Church

St Mary's church can be found just west of the busy A56 accessed along the dead-end street of Church Lane which runs the short distance from Bury New Road to the church gates. St Mary is an immense church as befits the size of its congregation but not much remains of its early origins. The church is something of a puzzle for Pevsner, whilst the 19th century elements grouped around the eastern end are clear the remaining medieval is difficult to relate to a time series. Of the Decorated period, and probably the earliest style represented, comes parts of the arcades and aisles but significantly more remains of the later Perpendicular style. The lofty western tower and clerestory are clearly of this period. Later still and late Tudor is the northern chapel. From the 19th century can be found the two southern chapels, of 1872 & 1874 respectively whilst the splendid eastern end dates from the major rework period of 1888 -1889. The whole is an impressive sight from every angle. Church Street permits parking making for a comfortable visit, the iron gates granting entry lying just beyond the Church Inn. The churchyard,itself, is extensive permitting the photographer to get sufficiently far to acquire adequate landscape and portrait angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 15th April 1754 - 2nd July 1761 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/1
Plain, ruled & margined book containing Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th July 1761 - 31st December 1773 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/2
Plain, ruled & margined book containing Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads The early portion of this register suffers from tight binding hiding parts of the dates, these were added from the BTs to mitigate
3 1st January 1774 - 29th December 1779 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/3
Plain, unruled book containing Marriages Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register suffers in places from staining making for tricky reading, handwriting, too, lapses into poor quality at times making for a likelihood of misreads.

This register, too, suffers from tight binding necessitating the retrieval of some date information from BTs.
4 1st January 1780 - 6th August 1787 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/4
Plain, unruled book containing Marriages Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads

The register suffers badly from fading making for a challenging read at times. Thankfully the BTs are in a good state and were used to mitigate this fault, misreads may still, however, be prevalent

5 5th August 1787 - 21st April 1793 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/5
Plain, unruled book containing Marriages Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads

The register suffers badly from fading making for a challenging read at times. Thankfully the BTs are in a good state and were used to mitigate this fault, misreads may still, however, be prevalent

6 28th April 1793 - 28th December 1800 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/6
Plain, unruled book containing Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading is much reduced but still sufficient to possibly cause a few misreads
7 1st January/1801 - 16th July 1809 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/7
Nonstandard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register, it is nonstandard by having 5 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
8 16th July 1809 - 19th August 1819 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/8
Nonstandard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register, it is nonstandard by having 5 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register towards the latter stages may result in one or two misreads

NB the parish chose not to finish the register on the introduction of Rose's Act keeping it active until completion in 1819
9 22nd August 1819 - 2nd November 1821 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/9 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
10 3rd November 1821 - 16th August 1828 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/10 Nonstandard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 5 entries per page. It is nonstandard in being not a Rose design, having 5 entries per page and also being unnumbered Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
11 17th August 1828 - 22nd July 1834 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/11 Nonstandard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page. It is nonstandard in being not a Rose design, having 4 entries per page and also being unnumbered Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
12 22nd July 1834 - 29th June 1837 Manchester Archives & Local History - Reference - GB127.L160/1/4/12 Nonstandard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page. It is nonstandard in being not a Rose design, having 4 entries per page and also being unnumbered Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Bolton St Peter
Radcliffe St Mary
Bury St Mary
Middleton St Leonard
Rochdale St Chad
Halifax St John, Yorkshire
Deane St Mary
Oldham St Mary
Hollinwood St Margaret
Saddleworth St Chad, Yorkshire
Eccles St Mary
Manchester Cathedral
Ashton under Lyne St Michael

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
27/01/1754 John KENYON Hellen ENTWISTLE Single
01/02/1754 William HOLLAND Anne FLETCHER Single
03/02/1754 John STOTT Mary JACKSON Single
04/02/1754 Ralph ANDERTON Alice ASHWORTH Single
10/02/1754 Edmond PRESTON Ruth ASHTON Single
11/02/1754 James ROBINSON Sarah PENNINGTON Single
12/02/1754 John HOLTWHISTLE Mary HILTON Single
12/02/1754 Robert MANCHESTER Esther BARLOW Single
17/02/1754 George LAW Elizabeth DUNKERLEY Single
20/02/1754 Isaac CLEGG Mary NEILD Single
26/02/1754 Joseph CLEGG Anne HILTON Single
11/03/1754 Daniel BAMFORD Anne NEWTON Single
19/03/1754 Charles TAYLOR Nancy RIGLEY Single
24/03/1754 James CANDISH Mary TONG Single
15/04/1754 James HALLIWELL Oldham Betty MARLER Oldham
29/04/1754 John ASPENAL Betty GRUNDEY Bolton
30/04/1754 John BERRY Anne HAWKESWORTH
14/05/1754 Robert BOARDMAN Anne JONES
23/05/1754 Samuel ALBISON Catherine BOLTON
04/06/1754 John STREET Alice LANCASHIRE
04/06/1754 Samuel OGDEN Betty PENDLEBURY
04/06/1754 Robert DALTON Oldham Mary HALLIWELL Oldham
06/06/1754 Isaac JAQUES Middleton Lydia JACKSON
23/06/1754 Thurston SMETHURST Deane Ellen SMETHURST
05/07/1754 John HOULT Ann BLAKELEY
21/07/1754 William SHAW Hannah HORROX Manchester
01/08/1754 Luke COLLING Manchester Mary WORSLEY
04/08/1754 John HORSEFIELD Ann SHAW
11/08/1754 James ASHTON Elizabeth TETLOW
29/08/1754 John ROGINSON Alice KELSHAM
08/09/1754 Joseph STANSFIELD Oldham Betty SCOFIELD Oldham
10/09/1754 John HEYWOOD Sarah HOULT
15/09/1754 Jonathan ANDREW Oldham Mary GREAVES Oldham
01/10/1754 James TYRAH Ellen HEYWOOD
08/10/1754 John WOLSTONCROFT Sarah TAYLOR
10/10/1754 Robert BRADSHAW Betty ENTWISSEL
18/10/1754 James WALKER Betty INGHAM
20/10/1754 Thomas ENTWISLE Sarah RYLE
04/11/1754 James BURCH Mary WORK
05/11/1754 John PARTENTON Katharine HOPWOOD Middleton
14/11/1754 John ECKERSALL Betty BOWKER
21/11/1754 John WALKDEN Sarah HOLT
24/11/1754 Isaac HARDAY Alice MELLOR
26/11/1754 Thomas CHAPMAN Middleton Sarah BIRCH Single
06/12/1754 John JACKSON Easter BOOTH
24/12/1754 James ALLEN Radcliffe Sarah OGDEN
02/01/1755 James WALKER Ann PRESTWICH
06/01/1755 William HEATON Betty SMITHURST
07/01/1755 John PLAT Mary FRAY
17/01/1755 Peter BESWICK Mary MOORHOUSE
19/01/1755 John WOOLSTONCROFT Elice CLEG
26/01/1755 Peter FLETCHER Elice ALLEN
28/01/1755 Thomas OGDEN Betty MATHER
28/01/1755 John KENYON Middleton Ann HOWARTH
29/01/1755 John ASHWORTH Betty TAYLOR
02/02/1755 James HALL Oldham Mary HILTON Oldham
10/02/1755 Thomas CHADDERTON Oldham Susanna MELLOR Oldham
10/02/1755 Ambrose YATES Jane HARDMAN
30/03/1755 James WHITTAKER Oldham Anne MARSLAND
30/03/1755 Joseph SMITH Manchester Sarah CHADDERTON
01/04/1755 Jeremy HORSEFIELD Alice WILKINSON Manchester
01/04/1755 Matthew PICKSTONE Mary HOULT
01/04/1755 James MANOCK Middleton Elizabeth TOUNG
08/04/1755 James BUCKLEY Oldham Hannah KIRK Middleton
12/04/1755 Joseph LANCASTER Elizabeth DAWSON
15/04/1755 James WHITTIKER Oldham Alice RIGLEY
23/04/1755 Berzalai BURGES Liverpool Eleanor RADCLIFFE
01/05/1755 Ralph HILTON Ann LENTON
11/05/1755 Josiah BURTON Sarah WHITAKER
18/05/1755 Michael ROWBOTTOM Oldham Mary CHADWICK Oldham
20/05/1755 Samuel BURY Sarah OGDEN
20/05/1755 William POLLIT Elizabeth BLAKELEY
08/06/1755 John RATCLIFFE Oldham Catharine TOPLEY Oldham
08/06/1755 Richard HORNBY Oldham Elizabeth TRAVISE Oldham
09/06/1755 William ROSTRAN Jane CROSS
22/06/1755 Thomas GREAVES Oldham Easther OGDEN Oldham
08/07/1755 James DRONSFIELD Oldham Anna LEES Oldham
14/07/1755 James ROBSON Mary POLLET
12/08/1755 John ENTWISLE Betty RYLE
28/08/1755 Jonathan OGDEN Oldham Mary HOUGHTON Single Oldham
31/08/1755 William TAYLOR Oldham Ann TAYLOR Single Oldham
31/08/1755 John GREAVES Oldham Mary RAVENER Single Oldham
03/09/1755 Thomas OGDEN Lydia HEYWOOD Single
08/09/1755 John CROSSLEY Mary BOARDMAN
13/09/1755 John WILLSON Betty ALLEN
14/09/1755 Thomas WHITEHEAD Elizabeth JONES
25/09/1755 James USHERWOOD Oldham Mary BOARDMAN Oldham
25/09/1755 John HAY Oldham Betty SCHOFIELD Oldham
29/09/1755 James RAWSON Phoebe THORNE
02/10/1755 John TAYLOR Elizabeth SMETHURST
11/10/1755 Samuel HARDY Oldham Ann DUERDEN Oldham
14/10/1755 John WHITAKER Ann BARLOW
14/10/1755 Thomas SMITHURST Mary LINDLEY Deane
16/10/1755 Henry SANDEFORD Susan STOTT
21/10/1755 Thomas ASHWORTH Radcliffe Jane ENTWISSEL
26/10/1755 Edward WHITWORTH Mary HOWARTH
01/11/1755 James FARRER Elizabeth WILBRAME
04/11/1755 James PENDLEBURY Mary HYDE
12/11/1755 Edmund RADCLIFFE Manchester Sarah STRINGFELLOW Oldham
16/11/1755 William GRUNDEY Elizabeth BLEAKLEY
18/11/1755 James HOWARTH Oldham Hannah BESSWICK Oldham
20/11/1755 John WALWORK Manchester Elizabeth GRUNDY
23/11/1755 Timothy BUCKLEY Oldham Sarah COLLINGE Oldham
26/11/1755 John HEARTLEY Rebecca CROMPTON Widow
14/12/1755 Edward WRIGLEY Oldham Dinah WIDDAL Oldham
01/01/1756 John BESWICK Oldham Nancy HYDE Oldham
06/01/1756 James CROMPTON Alice SMITH
06/01/1756 Isaac CLEGG Oldham Mary SCHOLES Oldham
11/01/1756 James SCHOLES Oldham Mary MARLOR Oldham
18/01/1756 David JACKON Oldham Ann DALTON Oldham
27/01/1756 Bartholomew TAYLOR Radcliffe Hannah WILLIAMSON
08/02/1756 John COCKER Oldham Mary FITTON Oldham
10/02/1756 John OLDHAM Ann SEMISTER
12/02/1756 Matthew MORTON Sarah HATTON
14/02/1756 John OGDEN Susan ALLEN
04/03/1756 George BRADLEY Oldham Sarah MILLS Oldham
14/03/1756 Benjamin BRIERLEY Oldham Jane TAYLOR Oldham
18/04/1756 James LEES Alice TOMLINSON
18/04/1756 James HILTON Mary BARLOW
20/04/1756 James SMITHURST Ann HOULT
20/04/1756 Joseph RAMSBOTTOM Alice THORPE
23/04/1756 Peter BOWKER Margaret HOW
15/05/1756 Edmund STOTT Phoebe FLETCHER
22/05/1756 Richard REDFORD Alice WOOD
27/05/1756 William PLANT Manchester Sarah DIGGLE
05/06/1756 John WALKER Mary CRAWSHAW
07/06/1756 John TAYLOR Oldham Mary CHEDDOCK Oldham
07/06/1756 Thomas WHITEHEAD Esther ECKERLSEY
08/06/1756 Robert SCHOLES Ann BOARDMAN
08/06/1756 James HORSEFIELD Esther SCHOFIELD
10/06/1756 William SEDDON Oldham Hannah MILLS Oldham
01/07/1756 Benjamin WILD Oldham Sarah CLOUGH Oldham
06/07/1756 Samuel FLETCHER Alice COOPE
13/07/1756 John HILTON Alice REDFORD
13/07/1756 James NICHOLLS Martha WINTERBOTTOM
16/08/1756 Daniel KEY Dorothy BARLOW
24/08/1756 William BUTTERWORTH Manchester Ann BRADSHAW
31/08/1756 John HALL Oldham Ann CLEGG Oldham
31/08/1756 George BESWICK Lydia HOLT
02/09/1756 John WORTHINGTON Mary HOULT
12/09/1756 William BURY Hannah BOOTH
12/09/1756 James CHEATHAM Oldham Eleanor CHEATHAM Oldham
14/09/1756 Charles BESWICK Oldham Betty DUCKWORTH Oldham
14/09/1756 John BARLOW Mary FLETCHER
16/09/1756 John HAIGH Almondbury, Yorkshire Sarah HALL Oldham
23/09/1756 James BUCKLEY Elizabeth HULTON
28/09/1756 Richard RADCLIFF Mary HYDE
03/10/1756 Charles WOLSTENCROFT Middleton Mary SHAW
03/10/1756 John CHADDOCK Mary BLAZE
03/10/1756 Abraham TETLOW Dinah WOOD
10/10/1756 Issachar THORP Ann MORT
12/10/1756 Gervase WHITTAKER Oldham Sarah PILLING Oldham
12/10/1756 Joseph COLLINGS Oldham Mary MELLOR Oldham
17/10/1756 James BREARLEY Alice FENTON
24/10/1756 John KAY Oldham Sarah MATTHEW Oldham
04/11/1756 John RADCLIFF Betty HULTON
05/11/1756 Thomas TAYLOR Martha TAYLOR
25/11/1756 James BARLOW Mary SHAUL
25/11/1756 Samuel THORNBER Anne SHEPHERD
02/01/1757 John RIDINGS Mary ROTHILL
02/01/1757 James BUTTERWORTH Oldham Ann KEARSHAW Oldham
04/01/1757 John RAMSBOTTOM Susan DUCKWORTH
04/01/1757 Abraham OGDEN Elizabeth HYDE
04/01/1757 James WILD Oldham Mary TAYLOR Oldham
09/01/1757 Thomas OGDEN Alice HIDE
16/01/1757 James BROOKS Oldham Jane DANE Oldham
29/01/1757 Ashton TONGE Middleton Nelly BARLOW
08/02/1757 James FLEWKES Mary SMETHURST
08/02/1757 John HUTHERSALL Hannah WESTERBY
09/02/1757 James WHITTAKER Oldham Betty LEES Oldham
13/02/1757 James JACKSON Oldham Ruth SIDEBOTHAM Oldham
17/02/1757 Richard LANCASHIRE Manchester Ester BOARDMAN
17/02/1757 John CHADWICK Oldham Sarah MILLER Oldham
21/02/1757 John WILD Sarah HADFIELD
22/02/1757 George MARSLAND Ruth JELEBRAND
22/02/1757 William REYNAR Sarah ASHTON
22/02/1757 William WATERS Manchester Elizabeth SCHOLES
20/03/1757 Richard JACKSON Susan WILD
11/04/1757 James JACKSON Betty HEYWOOD
11/04/1757 John WRIGLEY Elizabeth WARREN
14/04/1757 William ROBINSON Martha WORMWELL
19/04/1757 Samuel BREARLEY Jane WHITTAKER
19/04/1757 Josiah OGDEN Ann DEVENPORT
24/04/1757 Thomas MARLAND Ashton Under Lyne Ellen WALWORK
18/05/1757 Richard RIDINGS Ellen HEYWOOD
18/05/1757 Ralph PICKSTONE Ann ALLEN
24/05/1757 John STAVACRE Middleton Alice HEYWOOD
29/05/1757 John BARLOW Mary THORN
31/05/1757 Joseph HULME Ann BARLOW
17/07/1757 Benjamin SHAW Jane MELLOR
18/07/1757 Daniel NEWTON Oldham Betty BARNSLEY Oldham
24/07/1757 Daniel WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham Esther CLEGG Oldham
26/07/1757 James HARDMAN Bury Elizabeth SMTHURST
07/08/1757 James SIMSON Oldham Ann USHERWOOD Oldham
09/08/1757 George UNSWORTH Bury Betty MORRIS
14/08/1757 William GRUNDY Hannah FLETCHER
23/08/1757 James STAVACHER Alice HEYWOOD
28/08/1757 Edward PIMBLEY Oldham Mary BUTTERWORTH Oldham
28/08/1757 David KERSHAW Oldham Mary WROE Oldham
11/09/1757 Samuel CHADWICK Sarah LOCK
13/09/1757 Daniel KEY Sarah WILSON
02/10/1757 James KERSHAW Esther BUTTERWORTH
12/10/1757 William EDGE Betty FREATH
13/10/1757 Robert NEWTON Oldham Sarah HARRINGTON Oldham
18/10/1757 Ralph BARNES Mary WHITEHEAD
18/10/1757 Edward BRADSHAW Margaret PICKSTONE
25/10/1757 John LANCASHIRE Susan BOARDMAN
30/10/1757 James DOWTON Ann HALL
01/11/1757 Abraham STOT Rochdale Mary GRUNDY
01/11/1757 Richard MANNING Mary SAXTON
05/11/1757 George WARDINGTON Middleton Alice PARTINGTON
06/11/1757 John WRIGLEY Margaret YATES
06/11/1757 William WOOLSTENCROFT Ann TAYLOR
13/11/1757 Abraham HOWARTH Hannah HOLT
18/11/1757 Robert HOBSON Elizabeth LOCK
25/11/1757 Ralph WOLFENDEN Sarah WILD
25/11/1757 Henry MILLS Alice NEEDHAM
29/11/1757 Adam HAMPSON Radcliffe Elizabeth SMITH
29/11/1757 Joseph MELLOR Betty BARDSLEY
08/12/1757 Robert BRADSHAW Mary HEARTLY
11/12/1757 Thomas HULME Ellen JACKSON
01/01/1758 John BARROW Isabel CHADWICK
01/01/1758 James LEES Oldham Jane CLEGG Oldham
03/01/1758 William HOLLAND Ann COOPE
15/01/1758 Austin CHIDWICK Betty BLACKLEY
15/01/1758 Thomas HEYWOOD Catharine HEYES
17/01/1758 John SCHOLES Sarah CHAPMAN
25/01/1758 David LINNY Esther DEVENPORT
27/03/1758 Thomas SMETHURST Esther HADDOCK
27/03/1758 Charles SANDIFORD Mary NABB
28/03/1758 John LORD Patience PARTINGTON
28/03/1758 William SANDIFORD Ann WILSON
29/03/1758 George BOARDMAN Mary HAIT
04/04/1758 Samuel HEYWOOD Margret ORMROD
11/04/1758 Joshua MEROCK Betty CHADDERTON
23/04/1758 John COCKER Oldham Ann JONES Oldham
07/05/1758 Abel BUCKLEY Oldham Mary TAYLOR Oldham
09/05/1758 James SCHOLES Jane GOODDAYS
15/05/1758 James HOLME Ann BOWKER
07/06/1758 Benjamin BYROM Oldham Ann TRAVIS Oldham
13/06/1758 John THORP Sarah WILBRAHAM
20/06/1758 James CHETHAM Bury Susan WARDLE
25/06/1758 John TAYLOR Oldham Sarah FARRAND Oldham
07/08/1758 Henry BERRY Oldham Mary BUDWORTH Oldham
08/08/1758 Lantilet BRACKEIN Esther STOTT
08/08/1758 James LEE Alice TRAVIS
20/08/1758 Joseph WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham Susanna STANSFIELD Oldham
20/08/1758 William GREEN Manchester Nancy WILBRAHAM
24/08/1758 John GRUNDAY Phebe RAYNER
28/08/1758 John MILLS Oldham Sarah BARSLEY Oldham
29/08/1758 Peter OKELL Oldham Ann HOLLAND Oldham
03/09/1758 Joseph FLETCHER Oldham Susanna WINTERBOTTOM Oldham
14/09/1758 Thomas BLAKELEY Sarah WALKER
14/09/1758 Robert BOARDMAN Sarah WALWORK Radcliffe
17/09/1758 James WHITAKER Elizabeth WALMISLEY
17/09/1758 Edward WHITEHEAD Oldham Betty NIELD Oldham
19/09/1758 Robert MELODY Oldham Rebecca WRIGHT Oldham
19/09/1758 Thomas MELLOR Oldham Ann OGDEN Oldham
24/09/1758 George ROWBOTTOM Oldham Sarah TETLOW Oldham
26/09/1758 Charles SMITH Mary PENDLEBURY Radcliffe
03/10/1758 James TAYLOR Hannah MATHER
08/10/1758 John LEES Oldham Ann CLOUGH Oldham
12/10/1758 Edmund WHITEHEAD Oldham Mary BARSLEY Oldham
12/10/1758 Samuel LEES Oldham Mary WILD Oldham
17/10/1758 Abraham BUTTERWORTH Oldham Nancy WOOD Oldham
29/10/1758 John HIBBART Nancy HYDE
01/11/1758 Edward FITTON Ellen SCHOLES
05/11/1758 Thomas OGDEN Oldham Sarah BESWICK Oldham
07/11/1758 Thomas HALLOWELL Oldham Sarah LAW Oldham
07/11/1758 John PILKINGTON Mary HOWORTH
23/11/1758 James ALLEN Radcliffe Emm JONES
28/11/1758 Joseph STANDRING Bridget BARLOW
29/11/1758 James TAYLOR Mary HILTON
30/11/1758 Thomas CROMPTON Mary ROSKOW
10/12/1758 Benjamin WHITEHEAD Oldham Sarah WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham
17/12/1758 Abram CLEGG Oldham Martha GARSIDE Oldham
26/12/1758 Thomas CROSS Ann ROYLE
01/01/1759 George PRESTON Elizabeth SHARROCKS
03/01/1759 John HOWORTH Susanna JONES
05/01/1759 Josiah HOPWOOD Middleton Martha PARTINGTON
09/01/1759 John CHADWICK Eccles Ann HOUGH
11/01/1759 Nathan NEATON Hannah STOCK
23/01/1759 John BARLOW Radcliffe Elizabeth SCHOLES Single
25/01/1759 John BOARDMAN Mary BLEAKLEY
30/01/1759 John MASON Mary ROSKOW
06/02/1759 Robert HORSEFIELD Mary SMITH
25/02/1759 Matthew BROWN Eccles Alice THORP
27/02/1759 George CLOUGH Manchester Betty CROMPTON
12/03/1759 Isaac BUCKLEY Oldham Betty OGDEN Oldham
16/03/1759 Edward BLAKELEY Unice ASHTON
20/03/1759 Ralph HILTON Oldham Alice WILD Oldham
17/04/1759 Thomas MOORS Oldham Jane THORP Oldham
17/04/1759 John WROE Elizabeth COWBURNE
17/04/1759 William LEES Oldham Betty YEALEY Oldham
22/04/1759 Henry SCHOLFIELD Elizabeth HARDMAN Single
03/05/1759 John HEYWOOD Oldham Alice BUTTERWORTH Oldham
08/05/1759 William PICKSTONE Middleton Ann GRIME
12/05/1759 Thomas WANGNALL Mary BRADSHAW
20/05/1759 Joseph HEYWOOD Oldham Betty GREAVES Oldham
20/05/1759 James ANDREW Oldham Betty CHEETHAM Oldham
22/05/1759 Edmund SCHOLEFIELD Grace TITSELL
24/05/1759 Samuel RAMSDEN Mary TONGE
04/06/1759 James TAYLOR Oldham Ann PAGE Oldham
05/06/1759 John DIGGLE Mary ECKERSALL
05/06/1759 George BARLOW Alice BRIDGE Radcliffe
17/06/1759 James ROSKAW Jane WALKER
24/06/1759 John WOOLLY Oldham Hannah PARKINGTON Oldham
01/07/1759 William BERKENSHAW Mary SIDEBOTHAM
10/07/1759 William MAYER Martha BRIERLY Single
21/07/1759 George WOOD Sarah BRIERLY
22/07/1759 John LEES Oldham Jane SAXON Oldham
31/07/1759 Timothy JONES Ann LORT Radcliffe
02/08/1759 James ASHETON Oldham Susanna TAYLOR Oldham
07/08/1759 Richard ALLEN Ann BERRY
14/08/1759 Joseph ASTELL Margaret ROGERS
16/08/1759 James STRINGFELLOW Oldham Sarah WILD Single Oldham
21/08/1759 James BUTTERWORTH Esther OLDHAM
26/08/1759 James COCKER Oldham Martha BELFIELD Oldham
27/08/1759 John BARSLEY Oldham Ann JACKSON Oldham
28/08/1759 James BRIGGS Betty SMETHURS
02/09/1759 James WILD Ruth CROSS
11/09/1759 Robert WILSON Hannah BLEAKLEY
25/09/1759 John TURNER Ann SMETHURST
25/09/1759 David KERSHAW Oldham Hannah MELLOR Oldham
25/09/1759 Joshua MAYOL Mary WHITEHEAD
27/09/1759 John TAYLOR Oldham Sarah BUTTERWORTH Oldham
02/10/1759 John HADFIELD Mottram In Longdendale, Cheshire Mary KERSHAW
09/10/1759 Absalom BUTTERWORTH Jane TRAVIS
18/10/1759 John CHADDERTON Oldham Ellen JACKSON Oldham
21/10/1759 John BOARDMAN Mary BARLOW
30/10/1759 Thomas CHADWICK Bury Anne WARDLE
11/11/1759 John CROMPTON Mary GRUNDY
14/11/1759 John WHITTAKER Oldham Mary COLLINSON Oldham
15/11/1759 Joshua WHITTAKER Oldham Sarah HORROCKS Oldham
18/11/1759 Henry SMETHURST Oldham Betty MELLOR Oldham
18/11/1759 John WHITEHEAD Oldham Hannah MELLOR Oldham
21/11/1759 John OGDEN Oldham Dinah HILTON Oldham
27/11/1759 Samuel HORSFIELD Sarah ASHWORTH
27/11/1759 James HALL Susannah WALKDEN
04/12/1759 Thomas RIDINGS Middleton Alice ALLEN
13/12/1759 John HARDMAN Elizabeth BARTON
25/12/1759 Isaac FITTON Oldham Mary BROMILEY Oldham
01/01/1760 Thomas YATES Eccles Betty WILSON
01/01/1760 Ralph BLEAKLY Mary FARRAR
03/01/1760 Thomas CROMPTON Ann CHADWICK
06/01/1760 Thomas WARDLE Betty FELLOWS Deane
08/01/1760 Thomas ALLEN Radcliffe Jane PLATT
13/01/1760 John SIDEBOTHAM Oldham Deborah DUCKWORTH Oldham
18/01/1760 John DAWSON Betty LANCASHIRE
20/01/1760 Robert SIDDALL Abigal UNSWORTH
24/01/1760 Robert STOCK Ann HOLLAND
27/01/1760 James GODDARD Oldham Sarah CHADDERTON Oldham
29/01/1760 Jonathan DENNERLY Radcliffe Elizabeth SHAW
31/01/1760 Richard MANGNALL Margaret MOORS
05/02/1760 Daniel CHADWICK Oldham Mary KERSHAW Oldham
12/02/1760 John RYLE Esther HOLT
12/02/1760 James FRAY Sarah BOOTH Eccles
17/02/1760 James OGDEN Oldham Ann TORKINGTON Oldham
17/02/1760 James WHITTAKER Oldham Elizabeth NEEDHAM Oldham
18/02/1760 Francis CLEGG Oldham Martha BUCKLEY Oldham
19/02/1760 James LEES Oldham Betty MARSLAND Oldham
19/02/1760 Thomas RAYNOR Oldham Mary HALL Oldham
26/02/1760 James ASHWORTH Betty WALKDEN
17/03/1760 John BROOKS Oldham Elizabeth BROADBENT Oldham
23/03/1760 George DUCKWORTH Oldham Mary PARKINGTON Oldham
23/03/1760 Daniel WOLFENDEN Oldham Betty BAMFORD Oldham
25/03/1760 James CHADDERTON Oldham Elizabeth ASHETON Oldham
06/04/1760 James HENTHORN Oldham Sarah KNIGHT Oldham
08/04/1760 James SHARROCKS Ann WALKDEN
10/04/1760 Abraham FLETCHER Oldham Betty SCHOLEFIELD Oldham
13/04/1760 John GREGORY Radcliffe Alice PICKSTONES
18/04/1760 James RYLEY Betty WHITTAKER
29/04/1760 James GORTON Abigail SHAW
01/05/1760 Thomas GEE Elizabeth EDGE
06/05/1760 James GARSIDE Oldham Martha ASHETON Oldham
11/05/1760 Joseph MILLS Oldham Mary MARSLAND Oldham
12/05/1760 George WALKER Oldham Catherine NUTTALL Oldham
26/05/1760 Thomas HOBSON Eccles Mary JOHNSON
27/05/1760 Matthew WOLSTENHOLME Mary HOLT
27/05/1760 Edmund HILL Oldham Mary DUCKWORTH Oldham
10/06/1760 Richard BOARDMAN Ann DAWSON Middleton
12/06/1760 Alexander RATLIFF Manchester Joanna TAYLOR
16/06/1760 James DUNSTER Alice THORNERLY
24/06/1760 John HALLOWS Alice GRUNDY Middleton
14/07/1760 James NEEDHAM Oldham Mary DALTON Oldham
17/07/1760 Benjamin PARTINGTON Mary HOLT
31/07/1760 James HOWORTH Middleton Sarah BUCKLEY
07/08/1760 Jonathan HOWARD Oldham Mary OGDEN Oldham
18/08/1760 Edmund BRIGGS Mary THORP
25/08/1760 William HIRON Oldham Mary COLLINGE Oldham
01/09/1760 Benjamin WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham Jane SUTCLIFFE Oldham
02/09/1760 Edward BARLOW Oldham Hannah NICHOLS Single Oldham
09/09/1760 Robert BRIGGS Sarah BIRCH
23/09/1760 James PARTINGTON Betty LOMAX
28/09/1760 Abraham HILTON Oldham Mary WYLD Oldham
28/09/1760 Joseph MILLS Oldham Sarah WYLD Oldham
28/09/1760 Robert HAYES Ann HOLT
28/09/1760 John RYLEY Sarah BREARLEY
29/09/1760 John BOARDMAN Elizabeth WOOD
02/10/1760 John LEES Oldham Alice HILTON Oldham
05/10/1760 Nehemiah OGDEN Oldham Alice BARSLEY Oldham
07/10/1760 Thomas HILTON Hannah ASTLEY
16/10/1760 George HILL Bury Ann REDFORD
21/10/1760 John HOLT Alice TETLOE
28/10/1760 Jonathan MEAKEN Oldham Mary MILLS Oldham
02/11/1760 Jonathan STOTT Mary OGDEN Manchester
02/11/1760 James TETLOW Oldham Jane ASHETON Oldham
03/11/1760 Richard KIDD Hannah LEES Manchester
04/11/1760 Joseph WOOLSTENCROFT Mary ALFORD
04/11/1760 Ambrose YATES Sarah WOOLSTENHULME
05/11/1760 Edmund STANSFIELD Oldham Jane JACKSON Oldham
09/11/1760 Isaac HALL Oldham Lucy LEES Oldham
11/11/1760 Thomas HEALEY Ann HALL Bury
16/11/1760 William WRIGHT Oldham Ann WOLFENDALE Oldham
20/11/1760 George WORTHINGTON Oldham Susanna OGDEN Oldham
02/12/1760 Thomas ENTWISLE Bolton Fleetwood HABERGHAM
05/12/1760 William BOARDMAN Joyce DAVENPORT Radcliffe
13/12/1760 James GRIME Margaret LUTY Manchester
25/12/1760 John WILD Oldham Mary SCHOLES Oldham
29/12/1760 James STAVEACRE Middleton Mary BUTTERWORTH
01/01/1761 Booth BLAKELEY Mary HOLLAND
01/01/1761 Charles BLEAKLY Mary BUTTERWORTH
01/01/1761 Richard ASHEWORTH Mary BARLOW
04/01/1761 James FALLOWS Oldham Ann TAYLOR Oldham
19/01/1761 Nathaniel KELSAL Elizabeth SEDDON
19/01/1761 John TETLOW Oldham Sarah WOLFENDALE Oldham
25/01/1761 Edmund GODDARD Oldham Hannah WRIGHT Oldham
03/02/1761 Nathan SCHOLEFIELD Mary WHITEHEAD
03/02/1761 James WHITWORTH Sarah GRUNDY
26/02/1761 James SCHOLES Rachel ASHETON
12/03/1761 Thomas WADDINGTON Alice DAWSON
20/03/1761 John WHITEHEAD Oldham Ann BOOTH Oldham
21/03/1761 Thomas THORNBER Mary PICKFORD
22/03/1761 Samuel HALL Radcliffe Ann HOLLAND
24/03/1761 Thomas HOLT Radcliffe Mary BLAKELEY
24/03/1761 Nathaniel GRUNDY Mary HULME
24/03/1761 John BRADSHAW Cicily FARRER
25/03/1761 John SCHOLEFIELD Oldham Alice EMMETT Oldham
09/04/1761 William BARLOW Mary LEES
14/04/1761 Thomas TONGE Middleton Mary WILTON
16/04/1761 Robert USHERWOOD Elizabeth LANCASHIRE
19/04/1761 William HOWARTH Oldham Hannah HULME Oldham
28/04/1761 William WARRINGTON Manchester Dorothy LEVER Single
06/05/1761 John SMITHIES Sarah CHADDERTON
10/05/1761 James SMETHURST Oldham Frances JACKSON Oldham
12/05/1761 George BURCHELL Manchester Mary CROMPTON
13/05/1761 John LEATHER Bowdon, Cheshire Lydia LANCASHIRE
16/05/1761 Thomas LEES Margaret ECKERSALL
30/05/1761 James MARLOR Elizabeth LEES
07/06/1761 George TRAVIS Oldham Alice ANDREW Oldham
07/06/1761 Robert WORTHINGTON Hannah CHADDERTON
09/06/1761 John FLETCHER Cicily HILTON
09/06/1761 James WARDLE Ann FLETCHER
09/06/1761 John ROTHWELL Jane WALKDEN
11/06/1761 James COCKER Ann LEACH
23/06/1761 John BLAKELY Elizabeth DAVENPORT
29/06/1761 James COOK Oldham Mary BUCKLEY Oldham
30/06/1761 William GRUNDY Mary LEACH
02/07/1761 George MELLALUE Oldham Ann STOTT Oldham
05/07/1761 James KERSHAW Oldham Sarah BUCKLEY Oldham
14/07/1761 John LEE Sarah HOLT
19/07/1761 Joseph GREAVES Oldham Mary GODDART Oldham
22/07/1761 James KERSHAW Oldham Betty HOBSON Oldham
23/07/1761 William NIELD Oldham Mary NEWTON Oldham
05/08/1761 Holland HOULT Sarah WALKDEN
06/08/1761 John MILLS Oldham Sarah BUTTERWORTH Oldham
09/08/1761 John MELLOR Oldham Ann LEE Oldham
11/08/1761 Phinehas MELLOR Sarah WOOLSTENHULME
11/08/1761 Robert JOHNSON Sarah SCHOLEFIELD
13/08/1761 John WAPMORE Jemima HUDSON
16/08/1761 Robert DANIEL Betty TONGE
16/08/1761 Edmund WHITEHEAD Oldham Ann BAMFORD Oldham
20/08/1761 Jonathan JONES Hannah WILD
20/08/1761 John WOOD Oldham Sarah FLETCHER Oldham
20/09/1761 Edmund MELLOR Oldham Sarah HATFIELD Oldham
21/09/1761 James HIGGINBOTHAM Esther DUCKWORTH
18/10/1761 John HOLT Oldham Elizabeth HARROP Oldham
20/10/1761 David BOARDMAN Mary USHERWOOD
21/10/1761 John ASHTON Oldham Mary CHADDERTON Oldham
01/11/1761 Thomas MILLS Oldham Sarah TAYLOR Oldham
12/11/1761 Richard OGDEN Martha GRIMSHAW
19/11/1761 Thomas LEIGH Middleton Martha ATKINSON
29/11/1761 Abraham CLEGG Oldham Hannah OGDEN Oldham
30/11/1761 Abraham BAMFORD Oldham Sarah GARTSIDE Oldham
30/11/1761 John BURY Alice SEDDON
12/12/1761 John THORPE Elizabeth COOP
13/12/1761 John HOBLEY Oldham Ann WATSON Oldham
04/01/1762 Thomas HENTHORN Oldham Mary PLATT Oldham
05/01/1762 John HILTON Mary HILTON
05/01/1762 James YOUNG Deane Mary SEDDON
05/01/1762 Richard SCHOLEFIELD Ann WALKER
07/01/1762 Aaron JACKSON Oldham Elizabeth OGDEN Oldham
10/01/1762 William DIGGLE Ann WHITEHEAD
10/01/1762 John NEWTON Oldham Mary WEEDER Oldham
22/01/1762 Richard SMITH Ann GRUNDY
26/01/1762 Peter BARLOW Ann DAVENPORT
31/01/1762 William DUNKERLEY Oldham Ann HILTON Oldham
02/02/1762 Arthur ALLEN Sarah OGDEN
12/02/1762 William BARLOW Susan ROTHWELL Eccles
12/02/1762 Solomon COLLINGSON Oldham Martha WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham
22/02/1762 Edmund WHITEHEAD Elizabeth HYDE
02/03/1762 John HAYWOOD Ellen HORSEFIELD
03/03/1762 Robert DIGGLE Elizabeth ASSHERTON
21/03/1762 John HAYTHORNE Oldham Mary BRIERLEY Oldham
23/03/1762 James HALL Betty HILTON
12/04/1762 Isaac OGDEN Oldham Rachel MORRIS Oldham
13/04/1762 Samuel OGDEN Hannah TAYLOR
17/04/1762 John SMETHURST Mary HORRIDGE
29/04/1762 Abraham BARLOW Oldham Elizabeth WHITWORTH Oldham
30/04/1762 Robert SHEPLEY Clare HARRISON
04/05/1762 Edmund JONES Elizabeth BRICKLES
18/05/1762 Jonas SCHOLEFIELD Oldham Hannah WHITTAKER Oldham
30/05/1762 William GREAVES Oldham Elizabeth BRIERLY Oldham
31/05/1762 James NEWTON Oldham Mary SUTCLIFFE Oldham
02/06/1762 James WRIGHT Alice WHITTAKER
14/06/1762 James LEES Oldham Martha GODDARD Oldham
20/06/1762 Joshua SHAW Oldham Sarah TAYLOR Oldham
20/06/1762 John CLARKSON Manchester Ruth SHUTTLEWORTH
06/07/1762 James BROMELEY Oldham Mary LEES Oldham
15/07/1762 John TAYLOR Mary WHITAKER Rochdale
20/07/1762 Dennis GRUNDY Betty ENTWISLE
25/07/1762 Edmund GARTSIDE Oldham Betty HYDE Oldham
29/07/1762 Charles FARRER Alice GRIMSHAW
01/08/1762 John HADFIELD Oldham Sarah OGDEN Oldham
08/08/1762 Abel BUCKLEY Hannah LORD
10/08/1762 James PLATT Esther ROSTHERN Deane
11/08/1762 John BRADSHAW Ann HAMPSON
12/08/1762 Richard WHITEHEAD Sarah BESWICK
12/08/1762 Thomas JOHNSON Elizabeth RATCLIFFE
12/08/1762 George SMETHURST Sarah GREENHALGH
03/09/1762 Marshall KILLER Derby, Derbyshire Mary BIRCH Single
05/09/1762 James FALLOWS Oldham Sarah LORD Oldham
12/09/1762 John CLEGG Oldham Ann NEWTON Oldham
19/09/1762 Jonathan OGDEN Hannah WHITWORTH Middleton
19/09/1762 Thomas TAYLOR Oldham Mary THORP Oldham
28/09/1762 John HALLOWS Sarah LEACH
04/10/1762 Joseph SIDEBOTHAM Oldham Betty TAYLOR Oldham
12/10/1762 John ENTWISLE Mary RAYNOR
13/10/1762 James ANDREW Oldham Ann TAYLOR Oldham
17/10/1762 James WILDE Oldham Sarah WILDE Oldham
19/10/1762 Adam BRADSHAW Catharine KAY
19/10/1762 John SHUTTLEWORTH Elizabeth WALKER
24/10/1762 Fallows HEAP Mary WILBRAHAM
26/10/1762 John LEACH Bury Alice TAYLOR
26/10/1762 Henry GREEN Huyton Grace DAY
17/11/1762 Richard PICKSTONES Ann HILTON
18/11/1762 Benjamin DYSON Oldham Mary WHITEHEAD Oldham
23/11/1762 Jonathan WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham Rebecca FITTON Oldham
27/11/1762 John RYLE Mary THORNLEY
14/12/1762 Jonathan CHEETHAM Oldham Elizabeth CHEETHAM Oldham
15/12/1762 John CHEETHAM Oldham Ann MORRIS Oldham
26/12/1762 William KAY Betty DENNERLY
04/01/1763 John WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham Rachel MELLOR Oldham
04/01/1763 John HEYWOOD Mary DAVENPORT
04/01/1763 Robert SHEPLEY Middleton Elizabeth HILTON
06/01/1763 John SHAW Oldham Susanna TAYLOR Oldham
16/01/1763 John BUCKLEY Elizabeth FITTON
18/01/1763 Thomas BOWKER Mary UTLEY
30/01/1763 Theophilus SCHOLEFIELD Oldham Rebecca RATCLIFFE Oldham
08/02/1763 Samuel WINTERBOTTOM Oldham Mary OGDEN Oldham
08/02/1763 John CROSS Ann SEDDON
13/02/1763 Benjamin BARNES Sarah BUCKLEY
14/02/1763 Enoch HEYWOOD Oldham Hannah WOOD Oldham
15/02/1763 Thomas OGDEN Mary HOLT
15/02/1763 John JAQUES Middleton Mary BUTTERWORTH
01/03/1763 Isaac OGDEN Oldham Mary LEATHER Bowdon, Cheshire
10/03/1763 James WHITEHEAD Oldham Mary THOMPSON Oldham
04/04/1763 James HALLIWELL Manchester Alice CROMPTON
04/04/1763 John BURY Manchester Hannah WOOLSTENCROFT
05/04/1763 Samuel DAWSON Middleton Ann DAWSON
05/04/1763 James RAYNER Oldham Elizabeth BAGULEY Oldham
05/04/1763 William DUCKWORTH Oldham Hannah NEEDHAM Oldham
17/04/1763 James WILD Mary WHITWORTH
24/04/1763 John SCHOLES Oldham Alice ALFORD Oldham
03/05/1763 Richard BARLOW Isabel SIDDALL
03/05/1763 Henry KILNSHAW Ann PERCIVALL
05/05/1763 James DICKINSON Hannah THORP
05/05/1763 James WILD Mary WOOD
10/05/1763 John WRIGLEY Elizabeth BERRY
15/05/1763 Andrew WINTERBOTHAM Oldham Sarah BARDSLEY Oldham
17/05/1763 John GREAVES Oldham Betty TAYLOR Oldham
23/05/1763 Isaac BARDSLEY Oldham Alice CHEVENEY Oldham
23/05/1763 James FLETCHER Oldham Sarah BOOTH Oldham
24/05/1763 John THORP Jane DAWSON
26/05/1763 James HILTON Oldham Ann ROBINSON Oldham
05/06/1763 Miles GREAVES Oldham Mary WOODHEAD Oldham
12/06/1763 Daniel HALL Oldham Ann BOOTH Oldham
21/06/1763 John FITTON Oldham Alice STOTT Oldham
24/06/1763 Thomas HEYWOOD Elizabeth HOULT
28/06/1763 James MILLS Oldham Mary TAYLOR Oldham
28/06/1763 Daniel BRIERLEY Oldham Sarah PARTINGTON Oldham
28/06/1763 Benjamin ECKERSAL Ann MORTON
03/07/1763 Robert MATHER Rachel OGDEN
05/07/1763 Jonathan BUCKLEY Oldham Martha GARTSIDE Oldham
10/07/1763 George HORROCKS Alice FARRER
11/07/1763 Benjamin MARSLAND Oldham Betty MILLS Oldham
11/07/1763 Jonathan CHADWICKE Oldham Hannah WALLWORK Oldham
11/07/1763 Joseph SCOTT Oldham Alice STAVEACRE Oldham
17/07/1763 Adam TAYLOR Oldham Martha HALLIWELL Oldham
24/07/1763 Simeon WHITEHEAD Hannah DUCKWORTH
24/07/1763 James BUERDSEL Alice MOORS Middleton
26/07/1763 Isaac HEYWOOD Oldham Mary MELLOR Oldham
07/08/1763 Richard RATCLIFFE Oldham Sarah GARTSIDE Oldham
09/08/1763 John THORPE Martha DAWSON
15/08/1763 Richard TOWERS Mary RADCLIFF
16/08/1763 Joseph CHADWICK Mary WOOD
04/09/1763 James GUEST Manchester Mary DIGGLE
07/09/1763 John CLEGG Oldham Mary HILTON Oldham
15/09/1763 Abram USHERWOOD Martha HASLAM
21/09/1763 John OGDEN Oldham Ann NEWTON Oldham
01/10/1763 William BURY Manchester Prudence FOULKES
11/10/1763 Thomas CROMPTON Mary HOWORTH Middleton
12/10/1763 Amos OGDEN Oldham Ann ASHTON Oldham
15/10/1763 John SCHOFIELD Hannah TAYLOR
16/10/1763 Edmund JONES Mary FALLOWS
22/10/1763 James DUNKERLY Ann COOKE
23/10/1763 Samuel KIRK Oldham Mary ANDREW Oldham
25/10/1763 James WHITEHEAD Ellen WHITWORTH
25/10/1763 Thomas SCHOLES Mary VEEVERS Manchester
01/11/1763 Matthew CROMPTON Mary BARON Deane
08/11/1763 George TAYLOR Oldham Ann GODDARD Oldham
20/11/1763 Abel FITTON Mary BUCKLEY
28/11/1763 John LEES Ashton Under Lyne Ann COCKER
29/11/1763 Henry ASHWORTH Jane HADDOCK
29/11/1763 John SCHOLES Oldham Mary HENTHORN Oldham
01/12/1763 Abram WHITWORTH Oldham Mary BUCKLEY Oldham
06/12/1763 Robert KAY Bury Mary ASHTON
17/12/1763 John HASLAM Mary JACKSON
30/12/1763 Robert HUDSON Ashton Under Lyne Ann GREAVES
01/01/1764 George RAMSBOTHAM Martha HOLT
03/01/1764 Charles HORROCKS Elizabeth BUTTERWORTH
03/01/1764 John BOOTH Esther DUNSTAR
03/01/1764 Charles MILLS Middleton Ann DUCKWORTH
03/01/1764 John BARLOW Elizabeth WARDLE
05/01/1764 James RAYNER Sarah ENTWISLE
11/01/1764 John LEES Oldham Mary MILLS Oldham
11/01/1764 David OGDEN Oldham Mary SCHOLEFIELD Oldham
15/01/1764 Daniel WHITEHEAD Oldham Betty HALL Oldham
22/01/1764 Thomas HILTON Oldham Mary DUNKERLY Oldham
24/01/1764 Elijah BLAKELY Alice WARBURTON
31/01/1764 Walter VAN SANFORT Radcliffe Margaret WALKER
13/02/1764 Jonathan HILTON Oldham Betty CHEETHAM Oldham
14/02/1764 Thomas BOARDMAN Ann DAWSON
14/02/1764 Eleazer OGDEN Dinah WHITEHEAD
19/02/1764 Josiah WILDE Oldham Ann FITTON Oldham
22/02/1764 Thomas TETLOW Ann TAYLOR
26/02/1764 George BENTLEY Oldham Betty JACKSON Oldham
04/03/1764 James WATMOORE Alice JONES
05/03/1764 John BUCKLEY Oldham Mary WOOLY Oldham
05/03/1764 Joseph PARTINGTON Mary JAQUES Middleton
05/03/1764 James KENT Mary SYKES
05/03/1764 Jonathan PARTINGTON Sarah BUTTERWORTH
06/03/1764 Henry SCHOLEFIELD Esther HEYWOOD
18/03/1764 Peter ALLEN Radcliffe Elizabeth BLACKBURN
20/03/1764 James BEDFORD Mary PERCIVAL
21/03/1764 Roger BOOTH Bury Margaret BARLOW
22/04/1764 Joseph OGDEN Oldham Elizabeth WHITWORTH Oldham
23/04/1764 James COOPER Oldham Betty GARTSIDE Oldham
24/04/1764 Richard SIDDALL Betty JACKSON
24/04/1764 James WHITEHEAD Phoebe ASHWORTH
26/04/1764 Edward HYDE Elizabeth CHADWICKE
27/04/1764 James THORPE Betty JACKSON
28/04/1764 Anthony HEYWOOD Sarah PRICE
29/04/1764 William TAYLOR Mary HILTON Middleton
06/05/1764 James WHITEHEAD Oldham Sarah TAYLOR Oldham
15/05/1764 Edmund THROPE Jane WILDE
20/05/1764 James RHODES Oldham Betty BARDSLEY Oldham
27/05/1764 Matthew ANDREW Oldham Mary HALL Oldham
31/05/1764 John MARLOR Oldham Ann NEWTON Oldham
03/06/1764 Jonathan HALL Oldham Martha BESWICK Oldham
12/06/1764 John OGDEN Mary YATES
12/06/1764 Robert WILBRAHAM Elizabeth BARLOW
12/06/1764 Thomas CUNLIFFE Oldham Mary WOOD Oldham
21/06/1764 William WALKER Eccles Alice PARTINGTON
19/07/1764 John WILLIAMSON Betty HOWORTH
19/07/1764 Samuel HEYWOOD Oldham Sarah BRADBURY Oldham
22/07/1764 Joseph RATCLIFF Oldham Mary HARRISON Oldham
22/07/1764 John OGDEN Oldham Jane JOHNSON Oldham
23/07/1764 James DAWSON Mary GUEST
24/07/1764 Edward HOLT Mary BOLTON
29/07/1764 John BURY Ann WRIGLEY
05/08/1764 John WOLFENDEN Oldham Mary THORPE Oldham
09/08/1764 Richard RAMSDEN Elizabeth MANOCK Middleton
15/08/1764 Abraham MILNE Oldham Alice MILNE Rochdale
19/08/1764 Joseph WHITTAKER Oldham Mary HALL Oldham
19/08/1764 Abraham ASHETON Oldham Sarah WHITTAKER Oldham
26/08/1764 Jacob TAYLOR Oldham Mary WHITEHEAD Oldham
28/08/1764 George HEWETT Oldham Martha ETCHES Oldham
31/08/1764 James WILD Betty HEYWOOD
02/09/1764 John CLOUGH Oldham Martha WHITEHEAD Oldham
04/09/1764 Joseph MELLOR Oldham Sarah MATTHEW Oldham
06/09/1764 Adam BESWICK Oldham Mary SCHOLEFIELD Oldham
06/09/1764 William MASON Elizabeth ASHWORTH Radcliffe
06/09/1764 James BARLOW Sarah WALKDEN
06/09/1764 James TAYLOR Oldham Mary WILDE Oldham
16/09/1764 John TRAVIS Oldham Margaret MILNE Oldham
17/09/1764 James MELLOR Oldham Betty HILTON Oldham
07/10/1764 Robert WHITWORTH Oldham Jane LEES Oldham
07/10/1764 James LONGSON Oldham Mary TONGUE Oldham
09/10/1764 Thomas BURTON Sarah SUTCLIFFE
09/10/1764 John KAY Mary SCHOLEFIELD
13/10/1764 John FLETCHER Betty SMETHURST Radcliffe
14/10/1764 James DUNKERLEY Oldham Sarah TAYLOR Oldham
26/10/1764 John BARRIT Ally THORNLEY
01/11/1764 Samuel TRAVISS Ann SLAYTOR
04/11/1764 John CHADDERTON Oldham Mary STANSFIELD Oldham
04/11/1764 Henry SCHOLEFIELD Mary ASHWORTH
05/11/1764 James LORD Oldham Mary TAYLOR Oldham
06/11/1764 William HOLT Mary LEES
08/11/1764 Miles HILTON Hannah HILL
08/11/1764 John HULMES Oldham Mary WHITELEY Oldham
13/11/1764 John BARDSLEY Oldham Mary COLLINS Oldham
27/11/1764 Jeremiah COLLIER Ann COWBURNE
02/12/1764 Thomas BRIERLEY Oldham Mary BRADLEY Oldham
02/12/1764 Abel CLEGG Oldham Sarah MELLOR Oldham
04/12/1764 Andrew TAYLOR Nancy OGDEN
14/12/1764 Thomas BOX Rochdale Ann JONES
20/12/1764 Richard DEAN Middleton Hannah LANCASHIRE
23/12/1764 Ashton LEVER Frances BAYLEY Manchester
25/12/1764 Edmund HOLT Ann BERRY
27/12/1764 James HALL Oldham Susanna CROPPER Oldham
30/12/1764 Joshua GRINDRED Sarah MATHER
01/01/1765 Joseph HILTON Mary COLLINGE
01/01/1765 William DUNSTER Mary DAWSON
01/01/1765 Simeon ASHWORTH Sarah HEMSWORTH
03/01/1765 Thomas BRADSHAW Esther HAMPSON
13/01/1765 Isaac TAYLOR Oldham Alice COCKER Oldham
27/01/1765 Jonathan TAYLOR Oldham Ann GREAVES Oldham
29/01/1765 Abraham HAMER Rachel STOTT
29/01/1765 Richard EASTWOOD Alice ASHWORTH
31/01/1765 Richard BAXTER Bowdon, Cheshire Sarah HULME
31/01/1765 James COCKER Oldham Esther HILTON Oldham
02/02/1765 John CROMPTON Mary BERRY
03/02/1765 Joash CLOUGH Oldham Ann LOWE Oldham
04/02/1765 James GREAVES Oldham Jane WHITEHEAD Oldham
10/02/1765 James BARLOW Lydia ASHWORTH
19/02/1765 George GRIMSHAW Lydia DARBYSHIRE
19/02/1765 John TAYLOR Oldham Martha RAYNER Oldham
19/02/1765 Charles DAVENPORT Mary HOLT
07/04/1765 Moseley YATES Hannah ENTWISLE
09/04/1765 Abel BUTTERWORTH Betty BESWICK
09/04/1765 William LEE Oldham Sarah CHADWICKE Oldham
09/04/1765 Hugh DAWSON Elizabeth CROMPTON
09/04/1765 James MANCHESTER Margaret WALKER
14/04/1765 William ROYLE Oldham Sarah LEACH Oldham
05/05/1765 John HOWORTH Ann DAVENPORT Radcliffe
08/05/1765 William HILTON Mary WHITWORTH
09/05/1765 William RICHARDSON Betty ALLEN Radcliffe
27/05/1765 Andrew WILLIAMSON Oldham Ann FOGG Oldham
28/05/1765 Abram ROSCOW Betty LORT
28/05/1765 John HOLT Sarah HOWORTH
28/05/1765 Thomas HILTON Mary OGDEN
28/05/1765 Richard WARDLE Jane PICKSTONES
18/06/1765 John BOOTH Manchester Betty MANN
20/06/1765 Joseph CHEETHAM Sarah HOWORTH
01/07/1765 William MARCROFT Bury Margaret WORSLEY
02/07/1765 Ralph TAYLOR Oldham Sarah HOWARTH
16/07/1765 William PERCIVAL Ann BRAMLEY
16/07/1765 John MELLOR Elisabeth EDGE
26/07/1765 James SCHOLES Oldham Ann BARRETT Oldham
09/08/1765 John GREAVES Betty BRIERLEY
11/08/1765 Robert FALLOWS Mary CHILDERSTON
01/09/1765 Jonathan WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham Ann BRIERLEY Oldham
09/09/1765 Abraham TAYLOR Oldham Mary TAYLOR Oldham
09/09/1765 William CUNNINGHAM Oldham Betty BROOKES Oldham
16/09/1765 Daniel WALKDEN Mary TAYLOR
22/09/1765 John GARLICK Oldham Alice WHITTAKER Oldham
08/10/1765 George FLETCHER Alice HILTON
13/10/1765 James LEES Oldham Alice CLOUGH Oldham
27/10/1765 John TIPPING Elizabeth MANN
10/11/1765 Benjamin HILTON Esther WILDE
11/11/1765 John RIGBY Manchester Mary HORSFIELD
12/11/1765 Francis SIDDALL Sarah SHUTTLEWORTH
12/11/1765 Thomas BOOTH Jane BERRY
18/11/1765 John DUCKWORTH Oldham Sarah RHODES Oldham
23/11/1765 Joshua MILLS Oldham Betty BUTTERWORTH Oldham
26/11/1765 Thomas THORPE Sarah CHADWICKE
28/11/1765 John HOLME Alice ROYLE
14/12/1765 George BROWN Betty PILLING Newchurch In Rossendale
17/12/1765 John WADDINGTON Elizabeth RAMSDEN Eccles
22/12/1765 James DAVENPORT Ann WILDE
24/12/1765 William ROBINSON Mary BUTTERWORTH
05/01/1766 Edward DUCKWORTH Oldham Mary KERSHAW Oldham
27/01/1766 John HIGGINBOTHAM Mary RAWSON
28/01/1766 John FRAY Ann BLOMILY
02/02/1766 Robert WILLSON Alice BLOMILY
04/02/1766 John TAYLOR Martha BUTTERWORTH
09/02/1766 James ROSTHERN Oldham Rebecca MANCHESTER Oldham
11/02/1766 Enoch DAWSON Ann BARLOW
11/02/1766 Robert SHERROCKS Betty KEMP
11/02/1766 Gabriel TAYLOR Oldham Betty GREAVES Oldham
18/02/1766 John WOOD Martha WILDE
20/02/1766 Richard BABBAGE Oldham Elizabeth DEARDEN Oldham
03/03/1766 Thomas BARRETT Elizabeth STEWART
21/03/1766 Alexander COOK Oldham Betty HINDLEY Oldham
30/03/1766 Thomas JONES Oldham Elizabeth WHITELEY Oldham
01/04/1766 William PARTINGTON Oldham Margaret JOHNSON Oldham
13/04/1766 Joshua HARPER Oldham Ellen TOMLINSON Oldham
21/04/1766 William MARSHALL Oldham Ann BARNES Oldham
27/04/1766 Jacob WILDE Jane WILDE
27/04/1766 William BOOTH Oldham Mary HOLLINWORTH Oldham
06/05/1766 John PICKERING Elizabeth GEE
15/05/1766 Thomas DAVENPORT Elizabeth MANCHESTER Radcliffe
18/05/1766 James TAYLOR Oldham Jane BARLOW
18/05/1766 John WOOD Mary LEES Oldham
08/06/1766 Benjamin WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham Dinah WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham
24/06/1766 James GRIMSHAW Betty HARTLEY
13/07/1766 Reginald STAPLETON Hollinwood Mary BOWERS Hollinwood
14/07/1766 Major HILTON Mary BRADSHAW
14/07/1766 John WRIGHT Hollinwood Hannah MAKING Hollinwood
27/07/1766 John WOLFINDEN Hollinwood Ann HOLT Hollinwood
03/08/1766 John DUNKERLEY Oldham Sarah RATCLIFFE Oldham
04/08/1766 Joseph WHITTAKER Catharine BERRY
17/08/1766 Edmund LONGSON Betty RUTTER
19/08/1766 James KAY Martha WARDLE
02/09/1766 John CHARLTON Oldham Catherine MATHER Oldham
04/09/1766 John SMITH Burnley Susanna SMITH
04/09/1766 John OGDEN Middleton Mary WOOD
24/09/1766 Peter SMITH Mary SMITH
29/09/1766 William MATHER Betty INGRAM
30/09/1766 Henry COOP Jane MATHER
10/10/1766 George DAWSON Ann SMITH
14/10/1766 John SMITH Ann WORSLEY
16/10/1766 Samuel THORPE Betty SCHOFIELD
19/10/1766 John CHADWICK Bury Mary BATE
24/10/1766 William GREAVES Sarah WEEDER
16/11/1766 Samuel FLETCHER Emma BOWKER
17/11/1766 Robert TAYLOR Hollinwood Esther GOOLING Hollinwood
17/11/1766 William KAY Dorothy REDFORD
17/11/1766 Joseph DICKINSON Alice SHERROCKS
17/11/1766 Jacob RAYNOR Hollinwood Mary CLOUGH Hollinwood
01/12/1766 Jonathan MELLOR Oldham Mary WINTERBOTTOM Oldham
02/12/1766 James LANCASHIRE Mary MADDOCKS Rochdale
08/12/1766 James MARSH Mary BOWKER
15/12/1766 Robert HEYWOOD Manchester Ann HOLT
27/12/1766 William WALKER Mary GREENHALGH
01/01/1767 Jonathan WOODHEAD Mary LEES
04/01/1767 James HARDMAN Alice TAYLOR
06/01/1767 John BUTTERWORTH Mary BOOTH
06/01/1767 Thomas SCHOLES Oldham Ann WILKINSON Oldham
25/01/1767 Joseph HATFIELD Oldham Margaret ANDREW Oldham
26/01/1767 Francis SMITH Esther HEATON
27/01/1767 Samuel NEADEN Mary HILLS
01/02/1767 Thomas ASHTON Sarah WHITEHEAD
09/02/1767 Charles LOWE Oldham Margaret BARROW Oldham
10/02/1767 Joseph MARCROFT Mary JOHNSON
22/02/1767 James BARRETT Alice ROGERSON
22/02/1767 Edmond COWPER Oldham Sarah COLLINS Oldham
01/03/1767 Robert LORD Mary BENNETT
03/03/1767 Benjamin STOCK Alice JACKSON
03/03/1767 James OGDEN Mary RHODES
03/03/1767 Edmund TAYLOR Margaret WILLIAMSON
09/03/1767 James KNOTT Oldham Mary CLEGG Oldham
12/03/1767 Ralph SEDDON Alice LOMAX
22/03/1767 John COCKER Oldham Martha BRADLEY Oldham
22/03/1767 Daniel HILTON Oldham Alice WHITAKER Oldham
03/04/1767 Eli CROSSLEY Oldham Ellen KNOTT Oldham
20/04/1767 James THORPE Mary BUERSELL Manchester
23/04/1767 John GRIME Hannah HAYLEY
26/04/1767 John KERSHAW Oldham Ann DUNKERLEY Oldham
28/04/1767 George COPPEN Hollinwood Jane MARSLAND Hollinwood
28/04/1767 Peter MANCHESTER Sarah BURY Radcliffe
28/04/1767 James GREEN Elisabeth HADDOCK
05/05/1767 Thomas NIELD Oldham Sarah GARTSIDE Oldham
09/05/1767 Thomas HAMILTON Sarah DUCKWORTH
10/05/1767 David KNOWLES Mary ROBERTS
18/05/1767 John FLETCHER Oldham Susanna SCHOLES Oldham
26/05/1767 Joseph LEIGH Middleton Alice WALKER
31/05/1767 Joseph TRAVIS Ann TRAVIS
31/05/1767 John HILTON Mary JACKSON
07/06/1767 John HILTON Oldham Margaret GREAVES Oldham
08/06/1767 John ECKERSALL Martha OGDEN
11/06/1767 John HARDMAN Martha OLDHAM
28/06/1767 Thomas THORPE Mary DAWSON
28/06/1767 James HARROP Oldham Ann MELLOR Oldham
05/07/1767 Joshua MILLS Ann COCKER
12/07/1767 Thomas SMITH Oldham Ellen HALL Oldham
14/07/1767 Robert JACKSON Mary ISHERWOOD Middleton
19/07/1767 Richard HOLT Hannah SMITH
19/07/1767 Henry BOOTH Oldham Nancy HALL Oldham
26/07/1767 Thomas LINLEY Ann SMETHURST
03/08/1767 George DUCKWORTH Oldham Rhode SMETHURST Oldham
04/08/1767 David FLETCHER Sarah HOLT
10/08/1767 Robert DALTON Oldham Hannah FISH Oldham
31/08/1767 James TAYLOR Eccles Alice CHADWICK
31/08/1767 Abraham WHITEHEAD Oldham Sarah HENTHORN Oldham
31/08/1767 Christopher TAYLOR Oldham Nancy BRIERLEY Oldham
10/09/1767 Daniel LEES Oldham Mary BROCK Oldham
20/09/1767 Henry LOCKETT Oldham Ann PRESTAGE Oldham
27/09/1767 John ETHERINGTON Oldham Ruth CLOUGH Oldham
29/09/1767 John COOPE Ann FALLOWS
06/10/1767 Thomas HULME Mary HIGHAM
11/10/1767 Thomas FARRER Betty BRADLEY
13/10/1767 Thurstan ECKERSAL Betty HOLLAND
19/10/1767 Robert MARSDEN Oldham Sarah SHAW Oldham
27/10/1767 John HILTON Alice TAYLOR
01/11/1767 Josiah LANCASHIRE Middleton Elizabeth POLLETT
01/11/1767 John SCHOLEFIELD Oldham Mary CHADERTON Oldham
03/11/1767 John HOLT Martha WRIGLEY
04/11/1767 Joseph BURGAS Alice PICKSTONE
05/11/1767 John HEYWOOD Oldham Ann BROOKE Oldham
07/11/1767 Edward KIRK Oldham Ann MARLER Oldham
07/11/1767 John JACKSON Oldham Mary WHITTAKER Oldham
09/11/1767 James COLLISON Oldham Betty DYSON Oldham
10/11/1767 Joseph MELLOR Oldham Ann BESWICK Oldham
12/11/1767 John FOGG Ellen SHUTTLEWORTH
17/11/1767 David GRUNDY Ann HULME
22/11/1767 David WHITEHEAD Ann MELLOR
06/12/1767 Richard TAYLOR Ann LEE
08/12/1767 James NEADEN Betty MILNS
08/12/1767 Samuel THORPE Alice SCHOLEFIELD
08/12/1767 Jesse WILDE Ann OGDEN
13/12/1767 John BUTTERWORTH Alice WALLWORK
13/12/1767 James WILDE Sarah SHORE
13/12/1767 William BOWERS Oldham Mary WALKER Oldham
15/12/1767 John RICHARDSON Mary HOGG Eccles
17/12/1767 Robert PILKINGTON Bolton Elizabeth MANGNAL
22/12/1767 William CROSS Mary BERRY Radcliffe
27/12/1767 David GREENWOOD Mary ASHWORTH
06/01/1768 Adam HOWORTH Betty BLAKELY
11/01/1768 Ralph HOLT Elizabeth MATHER
17/01/1768 William SMITH Ann MELLALIEU Middleton
19/01/1768 James WRIGLEY Mary SMETHURST
25/01/1768 John TAYLOR Elizabeth HILTON
25/01/1768 Samuel LEES Oldham Mary CLEGG Oldham
26/01/1768 Joseph SPENCER Martha DIGGLE Middleton
31/01/1768 Abraham BLACKSHAW Oldham Elizabeth REDDISH Oldham
01/02/1768 John HOUGH Hollinwood Sophia WHITTAKER Hollinwood
05/02/1768 David TAYLOR Jane TAYLOR
14/02/1768 James WARDLE Betty PLATT Radcliffe
14/02/1768 James NEILD Oldham Hannah HIBBERT Oldham
15/02/1768 Benjamin ANDERTON Betty RATCLIFFE
15/02/1768 John HULME Mary RIDINGS
15/02/1768 Jonathan WILDE Oldham Sarah HOLLINGWORTH Oldham
16/02/1768 Samuel BURRS Oldham Hannah WOLFENDEN Oldham
22/02/1768 David MITCHEL Oldham Sarah WHITTAKER Oldham
23/02/1768 John MASON Betty BAYLEY
28/02/1768 James WHITTAKER Oldham Mary JACKSON Oldham
01/03/1768 John WRIGLEY Sarah DAWSON
04/03/1768 James BARNES Manchester Penelope KELSAL
15/03/1768 John HEYS Alice HOWORTH
15/03/1768 Richard BARLOW Bury Jane BARLOW
17/03/1768 Thomas TOWNSON Oldham Betty GODDARD Manchester
19/03/1768 George TAYLOR Oldham Hannah FARRON Oldham
04/04/1768 John WHITTAKER Oldham Mary NEWTON Oldham
04/04/1768 John BRAZIER Hollinwood Sarah PEDLEY Hollinwood
05/04/1768 Charles RYLEY Ann ROSTHERN
05/04/1768 Joseph HILTON Ann STOCK
05/04/1768 Peter PICKSTONE Mary MOLLINEUX
05/04/1768 William PEATEFIELD Betty BOOTH
05/04/1768 Jacob SCHOLES Betty WHITEFIELD
10/04/1768 John THOMPSON Mary HARRISON
11/04/1768 John WINSTANLEY Oldham Mary GIMNEY Oldham
14/04/1768 Joseph CHIPPINDALL Elizabeth BURTON
24/04/1768 Joseph HOLLAND Phoebe WHITE
29/04/1768 William KAY Mary HALLOWS
01/05/1768 Thomas GRAMES Oldham Jane BEEVERS Oldham
17/05/1768 Edward MAUDE Bury Margaret KEY
19/05/1768 John ALLEN Anne WHITTAKER
22/05/1768 Joseph DUNKERLEY Oldham Sarah LEES Oldham
22/05/1768 John HARROP Oldham Betty HALL Oldham
22/05/1768 Thomas BRADLEY Oldham Martha WOLFENDEN Oldham
23/05/1768 James MORTON Mary JONES
24/05/1768 William BROOKES Martha GLOVER
31/05/1768 Robert BUTTERWORTH Middleton Sarah KELLETT
01/06/1768 Solomon CROPPER Oldham Nancy MELLOR Oldham
09/06/1768 John HEATON Mary TURNER
19/06/1768 John HADFIELD Oldham Alice HALLIWELL Oldham
26/06/1768 John WRIGLEY Oldham Mary OGDEN Oldham
03/07/1768 Samuel ELSON Oldham Ann GARTSIDE Oldham
03/07/1768 William HEYWOOD Mary RAMSDEN
03/07/1768 James BUCKLEY Ann COLLINGE
10/07/1768 John ROTHWELL Jenny JACKSON
11/07/1768 David CROMPTON Oldham Hannah RATCLIFFE Oldham
17/07/1768 James HAGUE Hollinwood Mary HEAP Hollinwood
18/07/1768 James BARBER Oldham Elizabeth WHITEHEAD Oldham
19/07/1768 William TAYLOR Mary BOARDMAN
26/07/1768 John HUNT Mary OLDHAM
07/08/1768 Jonathan BARDSLEY Oldham Betty MELLOR Oldham
09/08/1768 James HILTON Anne KELLETT
11/08/1768 Dennis GRUNDY Mary SCHOLES
14/08/1768 James OGDEN Hollinwood Elizabeth ROYLE Hollinwood
14/08/1768 John WESTON Elizabeth CROWTHER
23/08/1768 Samuel WILSON Mary THORPE
04/09/1768 John SWIFT Mary BENNETT
04/09/1768 John SUTTCLIFFE Oldham Mary USHERWOOD Oldham
06/09/1768 Jonathan RIGBY Sarah WHITWORTH
06/09/1768 Abraham SCOTT Oldham Ann SCHOLES Oldham
16/09/1768 Lewis RICHARDS Oldham Betty DALE Oldham
02/10/1768 Richard HALL Oldham Margaret ADAMSON Oldham
04/10/1768 Jonas WOOD Mary FLETCHER
10/10/1768 Samuel FLETCHER Oldham Martha BENTLEY Oldham
10/10/1768 James TAYLOR Hollinwood Sarah ASHTON Hollinwood
11/10/1768 John BUCKLEY Oldham Alice HOPWOOD Middleton
16/10/1768 James HILTON Oldham Mary JOHNSON Oldham
18/10/1768 John BRADBURY Ann BERRY
23/10/1768 Richard GRATIE Alice GOOSE
30/10/1768 James HILTON Betty WOOLSTENCROFT
07/11/1768 James SCHOLEFIELD Hollinwood Hannah BRADLEY Hollinwood
08/11/1768 Thomas OGDEN Joanna TAYLOR
10/11/1768 William BATE Elizabeth COCKRAM
13/11/1768 Peter WRIGLEY Oldham Elizabeth OGDEN Oldham
15/11/1768 John BOOTH Middleton Mary TURNER
17/11/1768 John BLOWER Mary HEYWOOD
17/11/1768 Robert THORPE Alice WALKER
22/11/1768 Samuel LIVESLEY Liverpool Mary WALKER
29/11/1768 Thomas WOOLSTENHULME Mary BRIDGE
03/12/1768 William HANSON Manchester Elizabeth KERSHAW Oldham
04/12/1768 Benjamin ECKERSAL Ann YATES
11/12/1768 Edmund TOMLINSON Oldham Elizabeth PEARSON Oldham
11/12/1768 James BUCKLEY Oldham Sarah MILLS Oldham
20/12/1768 George HOWORTH Alice LEE
26/12/1768 Richard JONES Ellen OGDEN
27/12/1768 Henry NEWBURY Oldham Mary WORMALD Oldham
27/12/1768 Samuel HOPE Nanny BURTON
01/01/1769 James MILLNS Oldham Sarah MILLNS Oldham
01/01/1769 James KAY Oldham Sarah TETLOW Oldham
03/01/1769 John WHITAKER Oldham Ann BLOMILEY Oldham
03/01/1769 William GREENHALGH Mary ENTWISLE
03/01/1769 John ASHWORTH Mary PERCIVAL
16/01/1769 John MELLOR Oldham Mary MOSS Oldham
23/01/1769 Ralph HOLT Mary BARNES
29/01/1769 Thomas TETLOW Rebecca LEES
05/02/1769 Edmund COCKER Oldham Hannah BUCKLEY Oldham
07/02/1769 James HOLT Oldham Mary FLETCHER Oldham
07/02/1769 Thomas COOPE Betty BRADSHAW
07/02/1769 John DOODSON Ann WALKER
07/02/1769 James BROMILY Radcliffe Margaret CHAPMAN
15/02/1769 Edmund TAYLOR Hannah TAYLOR
01/03/1769 John LIVESEY Betty CROMPTON Bolton
06/03/1769 James TRAIN Oldham Elizabeth BURNS Oldham
07/03/1769 William HORROCKS Ann SMITHIES
07/03/1769 Robert HARDMAN Nancy HORROCKS
10/03/1769 Jonathan MELLOR Betty TAYLOR
15/03/1769 Adam ECKERSAL Ellen FOGG
26/03/1769 John FARRER Hollinwood Mary BUCKLEY Hollinwood
26/03/1769 James LOWE Oldham Hannah BRIERLEY Oldham
26/03/1769 James BAINES Hollinwood Elizabeth TURNER Hollinwood
26/03/1769 John NICHOLL Hollinwood Hannah BOWERS Hollinwood
27/03/1769 William BOOTH Oldham Martha BARNES Oldham
28/03/1769 John ECKERSAL Betty JONES
28/03/1769 George GRIMSHAW Mary BERRY
31/03/1769 John SHAW Oldham Hannah BARRETT Oldham
01/04/1769 John ARROWSMITH Oldham Mary DAVIS Oldham
11/04/1769 John LEES Oldham Mary BAMFORD Oldham
17/04/1769 John WILDE Mary ANDERTON
18/04/1769 Solomon PICKSTONES Alice SIDDALL
23/04/1769 William TAYLOR Susanna HILTON
23/04/1769 Henry ECKERSAL Oldham Betty GOLDEN Oldham
25/04/1769 Abraham COCKER Hannah TAYLOR
26/04/1769 James TAYLOR Ann FOGG
02/05/1769 Edward DARBYSHIRE Sarah WOOD
04/05/1769 James ROSCOW Jane BOOTH
04/05/1769 John WILDE Oldham Jane WHITTAKER Oldham
07/05/1769 John SCHOLEFIELD Hollinwood Sarah WITHINGTON Hollinwood
07/05/1769 John MILLER Oldham Mary NEEDHAM Oldham
15/05/1769 John HARTLEY Alice PENDLETON
15/05/1769 John WHITEHEAD Mary THORNLEY
15/05/1769 John LEACH Oldham Ann DUNKERLEY Oldham
15/05/1769 John KERSHAW Oldham Ann CHEETHAM Oldham
16/05/1769 John MATHER Eunice BLAKELY
16/05/1769 John OLIVE Bolton Hannah TAYLOR
17/05/1769 James HENTHORN Oldham Mary LEES Oldham
23/05/1769 Robert HAYES Oldham Hannah EDMONDSON Oldham
25/05/1769 Joseph KNOTT Dorothy BOARDMAN
28/05/1769 Thomas BRIGGS Oldham Sarah BENTLEY Oldham
28/05/1769 John LINLEY Deane Alice BUTTERWORTH
29/05/1769 Robert HOLT Margaret HOLLAND
01/06/1769 John LEES Oldham Sarah HARROP Saddleworth, Yorkshire
05/06/1769 James COWLEY Oldham Ann CRAGG Oldham
05/06/1769 John DOWNING Oldham Elizabeth MILLS Oldham
05/06/1769 James INGHAM Oldham Ann HILTON Oldham
13/06/1769 James WRIGLEY Ann WRIGLEY
18/06/1769 Joshua WINTERBOTTOM Oldham Mary WOLFENDALE Oldham
20/06/1769 William SHERROCKS Manchester Alice BARRETT
03/07/1769 Robert BERRY Catharine LOMAX
03/07/1769 John WOOD Ann WHITEHEAD
06/07/1769 Joshua THORPE Oldham Ann MILLS Oldham
09/07/1769 William WADDINGTON Oldham Mary HENSHAW Oldham
09/07/1769 William COWPER Ann TRAVIS
14/07/1769 Jonathan HOWKER Oldham Jane SCHOLEFIELD Oldham
23/07/1769 Joseph BROWNRIGG Oldham Mary LOW Oldham
25/07/1769 David JACKSON Oldham Sarah WHITTAKER Oldham
26/07/1769 Richard SAMBROOK Elizabeth BAXTER
06/08/1769 George SCHOLES Ellen BURCH Manchester
20/08/1769 John SIDEBOTHAM Susannah HOLT
21/08/1769 Jonathan BARROW Oldham Ann SHAW Oldham
22/08/1769 Samuel ASHWORTH Sarah HORROCKS
28/08/1769 James WHITTAKER Sarah OGDEN
10/09/1769 Daniel MELLOR Oldham Martha MARSHALL Oldham
11/09/1769 Richard BARNES Oldham Martha JESSON Oldham
11/09/1769 John GREATREX Oldham Mary LEE Oldham
12/09/1769 Samuel GRIMSHAW Martha BRIDGE
12/09/1769 Robert OLDHAM Ann HARTLEY
12/09/1769 John COLLINGE Middleton Ann OGDEN Oldham
12/09/1769 Abraham HARDMAN Radcliffe Mary HILTON
17/09/1769 Edward EDWARDS Oldham Margaret SHOREY Oldham
17/09/1769 Samuel WORSLEY Oldham Mary MATHER Oldham
21/09/1769 Thomas SMITH Oldham Mary MAYALL Oldham
24/09/1769 William TOWNSON Manchester Clarissa GODDARD Oldham
26/09/1769 Richard OWEN Ann FALLOWS
01/10/1769 Edmund WILDE Oldham Sarah NEWTON Oldham
11/10/1769 Abraham TAYLOR Oldham Ann KNOTT Oldham
11/10/1769 James HOWORTH Oldham Ann HADFIELD Oldham
15/10/1769 John LEACH Manchester Hannah WALKER
15/10/1769 Thomas ROSTHERN Mary DICKINSON
17/10/1769 James HOWROYD Hannah WOOD
17/10/1769 James BOOTH Jenny SMITH
22/10/1769 Edmund HAYTHORN Oldham Mary BERRY Oldham
23/10/1769 Henry ROYLE Alice GRIMSHAW Manchester
24/10/1769 Daniel WALKER Betty BEALEY Radcliffe
29/10/1769 Joseph CLEGG Oldham Mary WARREN Oldham
29/10/1769 Richard ROTHWELL Oldham Betty LEIGH Oldham
29/10/1769 John ARMITAGE Hollinwood Elizabeth MARSDEN Hollinwood
05/11/1769 John HEYWOOD Silence SCHOLEFIELD
06/11/1769 Abraham HILTON Hannah BARNES
06/11/1769 William PRATT Ann CROPPER
07/11/1769 Samuel LOMAX Middleton Sarah BOOTH
10/11/1769 Jonathan COCKER Oldham Ann ROBINSON Oldham
12/11/1769 John WARD Oldham Betty BYROM Oldham
19/11/1769 James CROSSLEY Hollinwood Ann BOARDMAN Hollinwood
20/11/1769 Robert SHELDRAKE Oldham Ann ANDREW Oldham
26/11/1769 John ASHWORTH Mary BOTTOMLEY
26/11/1769 William ASHWORTH Oldham Ann WILSON Oldham
27/11/1769 John WHITEHEAD Oldham Catharine HARDY Oldham
27/11/1769 William RHODES Oldham Susanna COLLINSON Oldham
27/11/1769 James BUCKLEY Oldham Martha LAWTON Saddleworth, Yorkshire
27/11/1769 John LINLEY Esther DAVENPORT
04/12/1769 Thomas PARTINGTON Mary HOPWOOD
07/12/1769 James MARCROFT Bury Frances JOHNSON
10/12/1769 William BERRY Oldham Hannah GREATHEAD Oldham
17/12/1769 John LEES Oldham Betty WHITEHEAD Oldham
21/12/1769 John POPE Frances HIRST Manchester
25/12/1769 James STOTT Oldham Alice GREAVES Oldham
25/12/1769 John ASHWORTH Middleton Ann BLACKBURN
31/12/1769 John ANDREW Jane TAYLOR
31/12/1769 James TAYLOR Radcliffe Jane HILTON
02/01/1770 Thomas HAMPSON Catharine BARLOW
02/01/1770 John YATES Radcliffe Anne WALKER
02/01/1770 Dennis RAMSBOTHAM Bury Alice SYDDALL
07/01/1770 James BARRETT Sarah SMETHURST
09/01/1770 Roger TAYLOR Mary DAVENPORT
15/01/1770 John WALKDEN Hannah BLAKELY
22/01/1770 Richard VARLOW Elizabeth STODDARD
28/01/1770 William JONES Mary HILL
28/01/1770 Edward TAYLOR Alice ASHWORTH
30/01/1770 Simeon HOLDEN Judith SCHOLES
04/02/1770 Jacob BUCKLEY Rachel BARDSLEY
05/02/1770 John WARD Sarah SLACK
06/02/1770 James PARTINGTON Betty STAVEACRE
08/02/1770 John HALL Catharine DOOTSON
11/02/1770 Thomas SHORE Betty MATHER
12/02/1770 Charles STEVENSON Mary WALKDEN
18/02/1770 Joseph HEYWOOD Mary BLAKELY
25/02/1770 Amos OGDEN Ann BENTLEY
25/02/1770 Thomas ANDERTON Oldham Mary CARTERIDGE Oldham
25/02/1770 James SCHOLEFIELD Oldham Thomasin BAXTER Oldham
25/02/1770 John MILLS Oldham Mary NIELD Oldham
26/02/1770 John SPOONER Oldham Sarah OGDEN Oldham
26/02/1770 James KERSHAW Rochdale Esther MILLS
27/02/1770 James SIDDALL Ann GARLICK
27/02/1770 James ECKERSALL Ann HOLLAND
27/02/1770 John HORROCKS Esther KERSHAW
27/02/1770 William SHELTON Oldham Martha HEYWOOD Oldham
27/02/1770 Joshua JOHNSON Mary LEES
27/02/1770 William ROTHWELL Hannah STEWARD
11/03/1770 James TETLOW Hollinwood Mary WHITEHEAD Hollinwood
12/03/1770 Thomas MATHER Sarah MILLINGTON
15/04/1770 Benjamin NICHOLS Oldham Jane BESWICKE Oldham
15/04/1770 John SHORE Hollinwood Ann KIRK Hollinwood
16/04/1770 John KNIGHT Hollinwood Jane CROUCHLEY Hollinwood
17/04/1770 Edward HEAP Ann MILLNS
17/04/1770 Joseph TAYLOR Oldham Betty TAYLOR Oldham
17/04/1770 John NEWBY Mary WARBURTON Radcliffe
17/04/1770 Matthew WOOLSTENHULME Sarah BARLOW
19/04/1770 William TAYLOR Mary WALKER
22/04/1770 Isaac WHITEHEAD Oldham Sarah RICH Oldham
22/04/1770 Richard EASTWOOD Oldham Dorothy WRIGHT Oldham
26/04/1770 John STUBBS Oldham Elizabeth TAYLOR Oldham
27/04/1770 John TAYLOR Alice OGDEN
30/04/1770 Robert SYDDALL Oldham Betty BARRON Oldham
06/05/1770 John NEWELL Oldham Elizabeth WOOD Oldham
15/05/1770 John HOLT Mary JACKSON
20/05/1770 John BLAKELY Mary BARLOW
21/05/1770 Joseph JONES Oldham Betty GOLDEN Oldham
22/05/1770 Samuel BROWN Oldham Jane CROMPTON Oldham
28/05/1770 James WILDE Oldham Mary HADFIELD Oldham
02/06/1770 Charles MEDCALFE Ann WOOD
03/06/1770 Joshua STOTT Oldham Ann NEWTON Oldham
03/06/1770 John SMITH Mary WORSLEY
03/06/1770 John BOOTH Betty GREGORY Radcliffe
04/06/1770 James MILNS Anna SEVILL Ashton Under Lyne
04/06/1770 John COLBURNE Elizabeth DAWSON
04/06/1770 William LEES Oldham Mary CHEETHAM Oldham
05/06/1770 Thomas HINDLEY Oldham Susanna LEES Oldham
05/06/1770 James HYDE Hollinwood Mary DEWHURST Hollinwood
08/06/1770 Richard PICKSTONES Mary WALKDEN
10/06/1770 James PIMLOTT Oldham Ellen INGHAM Oldham
10/06/1770 James DAVENPORT Esther JONES
10/06/1770 Thomas HASLINGDEN Oldham Eleanor JACKSON Oldham
10/06/1770 James ASHTON Ann TAYLOR
11/06/1770 Daniel WINTERBOTTOM Alice HEYWOOD
11/06/1770 John PRIEST Oldham Susanna WARD Oldham
12/06/1770 William BROWN Hollinwood Phoebe ANDERTON Hollinwood
23/06/1770 Thomas ROBINSON Winifred BURGESS
25/06/1770 Robert JACKSON Oldham Ann JONES Oldham
02/07/1770 Phinehas WRIGLEY Oldham Ann WINTERBOTTOM Oldham
02/07/1770 John WOOTON Hollinwood Mary WHISTON Hollinwood
02/07/1770 William MINIKIN Oldham Mary KEMP Oldham
03/07/1770 John YEOMANS Ashbourne, Derbyshire Martha SEDDON
08/07/1770 Charles SHUTTLEWORTH Margaret TILDSLEY
17/07/1770 George ECKERSALL Mary LEES
22/07/1770 William WESTLEY Oldham Mary DALE Oldham
22/07/1770 John CLEGG Oldham Sarah BUCKLEY Oldham
22/07/1770 James HARDMAN Oldham Mary WARD Oldham
31/07/1770 James LEES Oldham Hannah TETLOW Oldham
01/08/1770 William WALSH Hollinwood Ann SHAW Hollinwood
03/08/1770 Abraham TAYLOR Susan HOYLE
05/08/1770 James ENTWISLE Ann BLOMILY
06/08/1770 James TETLOW Hollinwood Alice LOWE Hollinwood
07/08/1770 Wright FENTON Middleton Sarah HOWORTH
07/08/1770 John WILD Betty WOODHEAD
02/09/1770 John LONG Oldham Betty LEES Oldham
02/09/1770 Peter STATHAM Oldham Elizabeth BRIDGE Oldham
02/09/1770 John HOWARD Betty ELSON
06/09/1770 Richard YATES Mary HORSFIELD
06/09/1770 William ROBERTS Elizabeth TAYLOR
06/09/1770 Abel BUTTERWORTH Betty BUTTERWORTH Rochdale
07/09/1770 John HENSHALL Oldham Ann WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham
09/09/1770 Abraham CROMPTON Ann HIGHAM
09/09/1770 John ROBINSON Sarah TAYLOR
16/09/1770 John STOTT Mary HOWORTH
17/09/1770 Daniel HOW Oldham Jane GRAY Oldham
18/09/1770 Richard FLETCHER Oldham Mary BRIERLEY Oldham
29/09/1770 James LIVESEY Hannah KENYON
01/10/1770 James MATTHEWSON Oldham Betty CLARK Oldham
01/10/1770 Abraham MELLOR Betty SHAW
07/10/1770 Robert MILLS Betty WILDE
08/10/1770 John CLEGG Sarah HOLT
13/10/1770 Joseph LORD Oldham Sarah SEDDON Oldham
14/10/1770 Joshua LONGWORTH Bolton Betty ROSCOW
16/10/1770 John JEBSON Hollinwood Ann POLLETT Hollinwood
21/10/1770 John MILNS Oldham Alice HOLT Oldham
25/10/1770 Michael HEYWOOD Oldham Rebecca TAYLOR Oldham
25/10/1770 Robert NEWTON Mary KINSEY
29/10/1770 Charles ASPINALL Oldham Isabel MOOR Oldham
01/11/1770 William SCHOLEFIELD Ann THORPE
04/11/1770 Abraham WHITTAKER Mary MELLOR
04/11/1770 William KIRK Oldham Elizabeth BARKER Oldham
06/11/1770 John SMETHURST Betty CROMPTON
09/11/1770 Thomas ASHTON Oldham Mary WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham
13/11/1770 Thomas HESKETH Alice ALLEN
18/11/1770 Peter WORRALL Oldham Hannah WRIGHT Oldham
19/11/1770 James MAYALL Oldham Sarah SANKEY Oldham
25/11/1770 Joseph SCHOLEFIELD Betty NUTT
27/11/1770 Nathan BROOKES Susan HOWORTH
02/12/1770 Jacob BARSLEY Dorothy SAXON
16/12/1770 Richard TRAVIS Mary DIGGLE
24/12/1770 Walter PHIPPS Oldham Elizabeth STOTT Oldham
25/12/1770 James WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham Sarah OGDEN Oldham
27/12/1770 Isaac THORPE Mary HERRON Manchester
30/12/1770 Benjamin MELLOR Oldham Betty OGDEN Oldham
01/01/1771 John ALLEN Mary ALLEN
03/01/1771 John FLETCHER Sarah WOOD
03/01/1771 John BARLOW Alice BARLOW
07/01/1771 Joshua WINTERBOTTOM Oldham Sarah DIXON Oldham
08/01/1771 James NIELD Oldham Betty TAYLOR Oldham
20/01/1771 Jonah BUCKLEY Sarah COLLINGE
20/01/1771 Joseph KEARSLEY Oldham Alice MAKIN Oldham
25/01/1771 Thomas BURTON Nancy JOHNSON
27/01/1771 William SWAIN Oldham Mary WILSON Oldham
07/02/1771 James BRENNAND Lydia TRAVIS
10/02/1771 Samuel CHANDLER Alice SYLVIN
10/02/1771 William HOFFMAN Oldham Alice ROBIN Oldham
12/02/1771 Hugh GORSE Margaret CRONCKSHAW
12/02/1771 James HULME Ann JONES
12/02/1771 Ogden SHILTON Alice BRADSHAW
12/02/1771 James BLAKELY Sarah ALLEN
12/02/1771 Thomas CHADWICKE Susanna KAY
12/02/1771 John GAMESON Oldham Alice MAYOR Oldham
12/02/1771 Richard TATTERSALL Oldham Mary TAYLOR Oldham
12/02/1771 James WALKER Elizabeth WOOLSTENHULME
17/03/1771 William COLBURNE Oldham Ann KAY Oldham
24/03/1771 Ephraim ROWBOTHAM Oldham Alice KNIGHT Oldham
01/04/1771 James PENDLEBURY Oldham Margaret GREGORY Oldham
02/04/1771 John HOLT Hannah STORSFIELD
02/04/1771 Vincent CROMPTON Rosamond MARLER
23/04/1771 James MELLOR Sarah HORROCKS
25/04/1771 Richard HYDE Oldham Ann WELCH Oldham
29/04/1771 Richard HOYLE Alice BRALLEY
30/04/1771 William SHERROCKS Mary LEES
12/05/1771 William DYSON Mary RAWSON
19/05/1771 Thomas PENDLEBURY Radcliffe Jane WALKER
19/05/1771 James WALMSLEY Oldham Ann GRUNDY Oldham
20/05/1771 Edmund FITTON Clemence TAYLOR
20/05/1771 John FITTON Ann WHITEHEAD
23/05/1771 Charles WILLIAMSON Ellen SAXTON
24/05/1771 Edmund WHITEHEAD Hollinwood Jane HYDE Manchester
26/05/1771 Isaac HEYWOOD Mary WROE Manchester
02/06/1771 Abraham TAYLOR Oldham Esther BERRY Oldham
02/06/1771 John HEYS Oldham Alice LUNT Oldham
03/06/1771 Jacob RATCLIFFE Oldham Jenny SCOTT Oldham
09/06/1771 Richard MANN Oldham Martha BOLTON Oldham
09/06/1771 Thomas BOOTH Oldham Hannah WOOD Oldham
09/06/1771 Samuel COLE Oldham Mary SHARPLES Oldham
10/06/1771 John BOND Oldham Sarah BRETT Oldham
16/06/1771 James DAWSON Mary MUNKS Radcliffe
24/06/1771 Benjamin BUTTERWORTH Oldham Ann HOWORTH Oldham
25/06/1771 Adam COOPE Ellen TILDSLEY
30/06/1771 William BROWN Oldham Jane VIXON Oldham
04/07/1771 William WILLIAMSON Ann WHITTAKER
08/07/1771 George BOOTH Oldham Mary TAYLOR Oldham
08/07/1771 Thomas HEAP Oldham Sarah SCOTT Oldham
09/07/1771 Samuel HEALD Oldham Elizabeth KNOWLES Oldham
15/07/1771 Ellis HAMPSON Ann BRIERLEY
21/07/1771 Edmund WHITEHEAD Oldham Jane WORTHINGTON Oldham
22/07/1771 Ralph GRUNDY Mary REDFORD
22/07/1771 John RICHARDSON Oldham Jane SPOTSWORTH Oldham
24/07/1771 Joseph LEES Ann WHITEHEAD
24/07/1771 Joseph BARLOW Mary HEATON
28/07/1771 David GRUNDY Phoebe GRUNDY
28/07/1771 John COOP Oldham Ann TYRAH Oldham
28/07/1771 John EASTWOOD Mary ENTWISLE
28/07/1771 James MELLOR Oldham Abigail BUCKLEY Oldham
02/08/1771 Isaac BUCKLEY Oldham Mary KERSHAW Manchester
04/08/1771 George FLETCHER Betty HOWORTH
05/08/1771 Charles SANDIFORD Alice CHARLTON
05/08/1771 John MORRIS Oldham Mary MARLER Oldham
10/08/1771 John HOLLAD Alice MATHER
11/08/1771 Thomas SHELMERDINE Oldham Mary OLDHAM Oldham
18/08/1771 Nathaniel POLLETT Oldham Ellen HAMPSON Oldham
18/08/1771 James MOSS Hollinwood Martha BENNETT Hollinwood
20/08/1771 George JOHNSON Sarah CHAPMAN
20/08/1771 Richard WALKER Jane KINGSLEY
20/08/1771 John GREAVES Ruth PLATT
27/08/1771 John DAWSON Betty PICKSTONE
02/09/1771 John TAYLOR Oldham Mary STOTT Oldham
08/09/1771 Isaac JACKSON Ann SCHOLES
08/09/1771 Richard SMETHURST Mary HOLT
09/09/1771 Benjamin HILTON Hollinwood Betty TAYLOR Hollinwood
10/09/1771 Richard WALKER Mary WALKER Radcliffe
10/09/1771 George WALKER Silence WALKER
10/09/1771 Edmund WOOD Oldham Elizabeth BROWN Oldham
13/09/1771 Josiah HOPWOOD Alice PARTINGTON
13/09/1771 James HARDMAN Betty BARLOW Middleton
13/09/1771 Robert KAY Oldham Martha WOOD Oldham
14/09/1771 John LANCASHIRE Eleanor PARR
14/09/1771 James HAGUE Oldham Elizabeth BRIERLEY Oldham
15/09/1771 John BARRETT Oldham Susan ROBINSON Oldham
15/09/1771 Richard BARLOW Esther ASTLEY
17/09/1771 Robert MARLER Oldham Mary WHITEHEAD Oldham
23/09/1771 William WALKER Betty WILDE
29/09/1771 John HAMPSON Oldham Ann WRENCH Oldham
29/09/1771 Samuel RHODES Oldham Martha BOWKER Oldham
29/09/1771 John WHITTAL Oldham Ann TOWNLEY Oldham
30/09/1771 Samuel FITTON Hollinwood Nancy WOOD Hollinwood
03/10/1771 Thomas STANSHAW Oldham Hannah TAYLOR
09/10/1771 Samuel COLLINSON Ann ASHTON
15/10/1771 Thomas MILLS Oldham Alice MELLOR Middleton
20/10/1771 John BRICKLES Elizabeth MATHER
22/10/1771 James FENTON Middleton Betty DUNSTAR
25/10/1771 Bartholomew TAYLOR Jane ROSCOW
27/10/1771 Joseph OGDEN Oldham Ann ANDERTON Oldham
29/10/1771 Benjamin HEYWOOD Oldham Ann OGDEN Oldham
29/10/1771 Joshua GRINDED Elizabeth DIGGLE
04/11/1771 Joseph WHITEHEAD Oldham Mary WHITTAKER Oldham
05/11/1771 James Collins COCK Oldham Ann GRIMSHAW Oldham
05/11/1771 Nathan HAMPSON Sarah BARLOW
05/11/1771 John HOLT Betty LORT Radcliffe
18/11/1771 Thomas BARLOW Mary WILSON
21/11/1771 John OGDEN Sarah OGDEN
24/11/1771 Richard SEED Bury Mary KAY
26/11/1771 Abraham SEVILLE Ashton Under Lyne Betty MEANOCK
28/11/1771 John TAYLOR Oldham Elizabeth NEWTON Oldham
02/12/1771 James LEES Oldham Frances TOWNLEY Oldham
02/12/1771 James CLEGG Oldham Mary WHITTAKER Oldham
08/12/1771 Richard ELLER Oldham Elizabeth SEFTON Oldham
08/12/1771 James TAYLOR Oldham Alice BESWICK Oldham
10/12/1771 Edmund BATTERSBY Bury Elizabeth BROWN
16/12/1771 John WORRAL Oldham Ann HILTON Oldham
16/12/1771 Ralph HOLT Mary HILTON
23/12/1771 James CRONKSHAW Oldham Grace DEWAY Oldham
26/12/1771 John DAWSON Sarah OGDEN
29/12/1771 Patrick MADDEN Oldham Ellen BURK Oldham
01/01/1772 Richard HARRISON Betty HOLT
01/01/1772 James FIELDING Oldham Mary TAYLOR Oldham
02/01/1772 James BOOTH Mary HOLT
02/01/1772 Peter WALKER Anne TIDSLEY
02/01/1772 Joseph MILLS Oldham Mary SCOTT Oldham
05/01/1772 John TRAVIS Martha BOTTOMLEY
08/01/1772 Henry SMETHURST Oldham Hannah CHADDERTON Oldham
08/01/1772 James ROTHWELL Alice ECKERSAL
09/01/1772 Peter Henry SMITH Oldham Elizabeth GUEST Oldham
12/01/1772 Samuel HARVEY Catharine PICK
12/01/1772 Thomas NICHOLSON Oldham Isabel JOHNSON Oldham
13/01/1772 William HULME Alice BLACKLEY
14/01/1772 James FITTON Elizabeth GARLICK
19/01/1772 William REYNOLDS Oldham Honor FARRELL Oldham
20/01/1772 Roger KAY Oldham Elizabeth BOOTH Oldham
26/01/1772 Joseph ALBISON Oldham Esther HOOTON Oldham
02/02/1772 Roger HARPER Oldham Mary BAXTER Oldham
09/02/1772 James WHITEHEAD Sally HALL
09/02/1772 John TAYLOR Lettice CASH
11/02/1772 John BANKS Nelly TONGE Middleton
16/02/1772 John OGDEN Sally TAYLOR
16/02/1772 John CRESSWELL Oldham Elizabeth LEES Oldham
23/02/1772 John LEVER Oldham Mary BRIDGE Oldham
23/02/1772 James WORTHINGTON Oldham Elizabeth SINGLETON Oldham
24/02/1772 John BARRETT Oldham Alice THOMPSON Oldham
27/02/1772 John GRIFFITHS Oldham Alice KENWORTHY Oldham
03/03/1772 James HATFIELD Oldham Betty HALL Oldham
03/03/1772 Thomas HOLDSWORTH Elizabeth BESWICK
03/03/1772 James HOLT Betty DAWSON
03/03/1772 Thomas EDGE Hannah LOMAX Middleton
04/03/1772 Edmund THORPE Mary BOARDMAN
20/04/1772 John HALLAM Oldham Esther CROSSLEY Oldham
20/04/1772 James HALLAM Bury Esther PRESTWICH
21/04/1772 Daniel MATTHISON Ellen ASHTON
21/04/1772 John MELLOR Oldham Mary WOOD Oldham
22/04/1772 James HILTON Ellen SUTCLIFFE
26/04/1772 Thomas POLLETT Hollinwood Margaret PURTLE Hollinwood
03/05/1772 Nathan RAMSDEN Oldham Elizabeth RAMSDEN Oldham
06/05/1772 John WRIGLEY Betty MILLS
08/05/1772 James THORPE Oldham Mary COOK Oldham
17/05/1772 Abram OGDEN Oldham Susanna MELLOR Oldham
17/05/1772 Thomas CHANDLER Mary BERRY
17/05/1772 Samuel HILTON Sarah WOOLSTENHULME
21/05/1772 Robert BOLTON Mary MORRIS
24/05/1772 Thomas GRIME Sarah DYSON
02/06/1772 James JACKSON Sarah DAWSON Middleton
02/06/1772 John TAYLOR Betty BRADBURY
11/06/1772 Richard TONGE Middleton Sarah ROSTHERN
11/06/1772 Thomas WOOLSTENCROFT Eccles Jane DAVENPORT
11/06/1772 Ambrose JACKSON Hannah KAY
11/06/1772 Richard JONES Alice REDFORD
17/06/1772 John CHEETHAM Betty WHITTAKER
17/06/1772 James NEWTON Oldham Hannah LORD Oldham
22/06/1772 Paul GREENWOOD Hannah ADCROFT Middleton
28/06/1772 James COOPER Oldham Betty TAYLOR Oldham
28/06/1772 Thomas PRIESTNALL Oldham Mary BERKS Oldham
05/07/1772 Thomas HAMUS Oldham Elizabeth APPLETON Oldham
05/07/1772 William ELLER Oldham Martha BANCROFT Oldham
09/07/1772 John JACKSON Oldham Rosy MILLS Oldham
12/07/1772 Thomas HEYWOOD Elizabeth HASLAM
12/07/1772 John TAYLOR Oldham Hannah SCHOLEFIELD Oldham
14/07/1772 Edward HIGHATT Oldham Hannah WOOLSENCROFT Oldham
14/07/1772 George WARBURTON Esther SLIGOE
20/07/1772 Joseph WRIGLEY Oldham Jane HILTON Oldham
21/07/1772 William CLEGG Oldham Ann MORLEY Oldham
23/07/1772 James WOOD Hannah READ
26/07/1772 Ralph BROUGHTON Oldham Sarah WHITEHEAD Oldham
28/07/1772 Jeffery TAYLOR Ann MOORS
03/08/1772 James TAYLOR Oldham Deborah RATCLIFFE Oldham
03/08/1772 James BUCKLEY Oldham Ann HILTON Oldham
03/08/1772 George WATSON Oldham Alice WALKER Oldham
04/08/1772 Joseph JENKINSON Sarah HALLAM
06/08/1772 Moses PARTINGTON Mary ECKERSAL
09/08/1772 Richard ALLEN Oldham Ann CUNLIFF Oldham
10/08/1772 John BLOWER Oldham Rachel MAKIN Oldham
11/08/1772 Robert RADCLIFFE Frances SIDEBOTTOM Manchester
11/08/1772 James MILLS Oldham Ann WILDE Oldham
16/08/1772 James WRIGLEY Oldham Mary KERSHAW Oldham
17/08/1772 Joseph STANDRING Martha BLACKSHAW
17/08/1772 Thomas BARLOW Manchester Mary SMETHURST
19/08/1772 John PARRY Oldham Mary BUTTERWORTH Oldham
23/08/1772 William SHAW Oldham Esther CRAMP Oldham
23/08/1772 Daniel WHITEHEAD Oldham Mary WOLFENDALE Oldham
27/08/1772 George BRADLEY Oldham Mary BESWICK Oldham
30/08/1772 Thomas COE Oldham Elizabeth CLARK Oldham
01/09/1772 William HEATON Oldham Elizabeth BURKITT Oldham
06/09/1772 Edward ELLART Oldham Sarah CLARK Oldham
07/09/1772 Thomas ASHTON Oldham Mary FOX Oldham
08/09/1772 John SYDDALL Sarah STOTT
09/09/1772 Ralph SHARPLES Radcliffe Jane BARLOW
09/09/1772 James MARLER Oldham Alice WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham
10/09/1772 James RADFORD Alice BURGATY
13/09/1772 Thomas WHITEHEAD Oldham Betty TAYLOR Oldham
20/09/1772 Fleetwood HILL Oldham Mary HOLME Oldham
20/09/1772 Stephen BROUGHTON Oldham Ellen YATES Oldham
21/09/1772 Benjamin NEEDHAM Sarah MARSLAND
28/09/1772 James MILLS Oldham Ann DRONSFIELD Oldham
11/10/1772 John OGDEN Mary FARRAND
11/10/1772 Jonathan WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham Ann MILLS Oldham
11/10/1772 James BENTLEY Oldham Betty CHADWICK Oldham
12/10/1772 Henry SCHOLEFIELD Sarah HOWORTH
13/10/1772 James HAWKYARD Sarah JACKSON Ashton Under Lyne
14/10/1772 William CLARIDGE Oldham Elizabeth SUTTON Oldham
15/10/1772 John HOULT Oldham Alice BARDSLEY Oldham
15/10/1772 Charles SEFTON Oldham Ann CHEETHAM Oldham
18/10/1772 Andrew FLEMING Oldham Elizabeth ROBINSON Oldham
19/10/1772 Joseph TAYLOR Oldham Isabel BUCKLEY Oldham
20/10/1772 Samuel BARDSLEY Oldham Ann MELLOR Oldham
26/10/1772 William HARRISON Mary SMETHURST
02/11/1772 James BUCKLEY Oldham Ann LEES Oldham
05/11/1772 Jonathan WHITEHEAD Ann WHITEHEAD
08/11/1772 Robert BUTLER Oldham Elizabeth JACQUES Oldham
08/11/1772 John WALKDEN Sally BARLOW
17/11/1772 John THORP Alice BOWKER Manchester
23/11/1772 Joseph OCCLESTON Hollinwood Esther GARNER Hollinwood
24/11/1772 James GREAVES Alice HAMPSON
06/12/1772 Thomas TOWNLEY Oldham Catharine SHARPLES Oldham
07/12/1772 John FOWLER Oldham Mary HARRIS Oldham
13/12/1772 Benjamin BUTTERWORTH Oldham Nancy JACKSON Oldham
13/12/1772 James PLATT Oldham Betty LEES Oldham
13/12/1772 Jonathan WHITTAKER Oldham Mary GARTSIDE Oldham
20/12/1772 James WOOD Manchester Mary BOOTH
03/01/1773 Thomas SMALLEY Oldham Elizabeth ABBIS Oldham
04/01/1773 Samuel SCHOLES Oldham Sarah NEEDHAM Oldham
05/01/1773 John BREARLEY Oldham Betty NEWTON Oldham
05/01/1773 Amos OGDEN Ann ENTWISLE
06/01/1773 William WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham Jane HOLFORD Oldham
06/01/1773 John BUTTERWORTH Oldham Johanna BRAYSHAW Oldham
07/01/1773 Robert REDFORD Ruth SHUTTLEWORTH
10/01/1773 George BESWICK Oldham Mary BAILEY Oldham
10/01/1773 Thomas AYRES Oldham Ann WOOLSTENHULME Oldham
11/01/1773 Samuel CROMPTON Oldham Ann KAY Oldham
24/01/1773 John WARDLEY Oldham Catharine RYDER Oldham
24/01/1773 John HYDE Oldham Sarah HEYWOOD Oldham
31/01/1773 John ROBINSON Oldham Jane HIXON Oldham
01/02/1773 Joseph WILDE Oldham Martha MARLER Oldham
07/02/1773 John GARSIDE Oldham Mary KENT Oldham
09/02/1773 Jonathan BURROW Oldham Sarah DAVIES Oldham
14/02/1773 James NOWELL Hollinwood Elizabeth VICE Hollinwood
17/02/1773 Thomas THOMPSON Oldham Nancy FINLOW Oldham
21/02/1773 Isaac DUNKERLY Oldham Betty DUNKERLEY Oldham
23/02/1773 Peter DAVENPORT Elizabeth BLAKELY
23/02/1773 Peter ASTLEY Lydia MULLINEUX
23/02/1773 James BRADSHAW Rebecca LOMAX
23/02/1773 Thomas GREAVES Alice DAWSON
23/02/1773 Isaac DAWSON Mary CHAPMAN
23/02/1773 Jacob FLETCHER Bolton Alice WARDLE
23/02/1773 Richard WALKER Bolton Ann WARDLE
23/02/1773 William SMITHIES Oldham Mary KERSHAW Oldham
10/03/1773 Nathan PERCIVALL Ann HARDMAN
11/03/1773 Isaac MARSH Mary HOLLAND
11/03/1773 Abram WINTERBOTTOM Oldham Ann KNIGHT Oldham
30/03/1773 John MATLEY Oldham Rosamond WENT Oldham
11/04/1773 Abram HENTHORN Betty BUCKLEY
11/04/1773 Heber HOLT Mary FALLOW
11/04/1773 John SEDDON Betty LEACH
13/04/1773 James TAYLOR Elizabeth BENTLEY Radcliffe
13/04/1773 John BARLOW Mary ASTLEY
13/04/1773 John BRADSHAW Mary ALLEN
13/04/1773 Patrick STAPLETON Oldham Elizabeth MURRAY Oldham
18/04/1773 John HADFIELD Oldham Elizabeth COTTON Oldham
19/04/1773 Robert PARTINGTON Hannah HOLT
05/05/1773 Joseph WILLISON Manchester Mary ASHTON
05/05/1773 Isaac LEES Oldham Sarah JACKSON Oldham
16/05/1773 Joseph TRAVISS Esther WEEDER
17/05/1773 John STANDISH Ann YEALEY
18/05/1773 Richard WATSON Oldham Mary HULME Oldham
18/05/1773 John HAMPSON Mary HOBSON
23/05/1773 Peter SHAW Oldham Mary HARDMAN Oldham
23/05/1773 Richard TURNER Ann WOLSTENHOLME
30/05/1773 Edward DUCKWORTH Oldham Mary BUTTERWORTH Oldham
01/06/1773 John JOHNSON Sarah BERRY
01/06/1773 Samuel HULME Betty HULME
02/06/1773 Samuel LONGWORTH Mary HARDMAN Radcliffe
04/06/1773 Thomas FLETCHER Alice CHAPMAN
06/06/1773 James JONES Oldham Ann HIBBERT Oldham
06/06/1773 Robert WARD Esther ENTWISLE
13/06/1773 Joseph SCHOLES Manchester Ann HAMPSON
13/06/1773 James MELLOR Oldham Mary WRIGLEY Oldham
13/06/1773 Daniel DUNKERLEY Oldham Alice TAYLOR Oldham
14/06/1773 Thomas HOLROYD Hollinwood Mary ALDRED Hollinwood
14/06/1773 William MANN Mary HALLAM
22/06/1773 Jonathan HOWARD Oldham Ann WOOLSTENHULME Oldham
23/06/1773 Thomas GIBBONS Mary HARRIS
29/06/1773 William YATES Deane Elizabeth FRAY
04/07/1773 John LIVESLEY Oldham Phoebe SMIRKE Oldham
04/07/1773 George SEE Hollinwood Mary SEE Hollinwood
06/07/1773 James BARDSLEY Oldham Ann WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham
18/07/1773 Richard ASHWORTH Oldham Betty WILDE Oldham
22/07/1773 Anthony RYDER Manchester Sarah THORP
26/07/1773 William BOURN Elizabeth RUTHERFORD
01/08/1773 William DAWNING Oldham Hannah WHITTAKER Oldham
03/08/1773 George PICKUP Millesant HOWORTH
08/08/1773 John BARRIT Alice HOLT
08/08/1773 James HEANTHORN Oldham Sarah JACKSON Oldham
10/08/1773 John POWELL Mary COLLIER
15/08/1773 Robert ASHTON Jane TAYLOR
24/08/1773 Charles CROMPTON Betty FALLOWS
30/08/1773 Joseph COCKER Oldham Hannah BINNS Oldham
05/09/1773 George TAYLOR Mary CROMPTON
05/09/1773 James MILLS Oldham Sarah TAYLOR Oldham
06/09/1773 John LEES Mary DYSON
07/09/1773 Jonathan WRIGLEY Hannah SHARROCKS
09/09/1773 John ASHWORTH Elizabeth DAVENPORT
12/09/1773 Edmund SIMPSON Joanna LORD
19/09/1773 Charles CLARKSON Oldham Betty BAMBER Oldham
19/09/1773 John WOLSTENHOLME Elizabeth LIVSEY
19/09/1773 Daniel LEES Oldham Alice WINTERBOTTOM Oldham
21/09/1773 George FLETCHER Oldham Jane ASHTON Oldham
28/09/1773 Thomas HEAP Oldham Martha CHADDERTON Oldham
03/10/1773 Henry HAMER Oldham Sarah WILDE Oldham
05/10/1773 John MACDONALD Oldham Elizabeth MOOR Oldham
10/10/1773 James TARR Stockport, Cheshire Ann BRIERLY
10/10/1773 John GARTSIDE Oldham Mary HARROP Oldham
11/10/1773 John HILTON Frances WALMSLEY
12/10/1773 Joshua TAYLOR Oldham Mary OGDEN Oldham
13/10/1773 Samuel OGDEN Oldham Sarah HILTON Oldham
14/10/1773 James MILLS Hannah TAYLOR
17/10/1773 Andrew SUMMERS Lydia BRADSHAW
17/10/1773 Benjamin CHADDERTON Hannah DUNSTER
17/10/1773 James CHADDERTON Mary TAYLOR
17/10/1773 William ASPINALL Jane WEBSTER
21/10/1773 Job GRIMSHAW Ann HEYWOOD
26/10/1773 Jonathan CHADWICK Sarah GARTSIDE
26/10/1773 James LEES Mary FENTON Manchester
27/10/1773 William DAVENPORT Jane ROSCOW
31/10/1773 James WATKINSON Charity HOWE
31/10/1773 James COOPER Mary BARDSLEY
31/10/1773 Samuel JACKSON Ann ROBINSON
14/11/1773 Richard GREEN Oldham Mary CLARK Oldham
15/11/1773 James LEES Ann WHITAKER
18/11/1773 Thomas HORSFALL Ellen WALCH
20/11/1773 William MARSH Mary HOLT
21/11/1773 Thomas CONSTERDINE Mary COOK
21/11/1773 James NEWTON Mary HOPKINS
22/11/1773 John MELLOR Betty NEEDHAM
23/11/1773 Robert DALTON Sally SCOTT
28/11/1773 Benjamin WOLSTENCROFT Ann NEEDHAM
29/11/1773 William PICKERING Betty SCHOLEFIELD
05/12/1773 James FARRER Jane OGDEN
07/12/1773 Roger FENTON Mary DAWSON
07/12/1773 Abraham HILTON Mary JONES
14/12/1773 James HIBBERT Sarah HIBBERT
16/12/1773 John LANE Martha SMITH
23/12/1773 James STARKEY Margaret GREEN Leigh
31/12/1773 John HOPE Betty HOLLAND
01/01/1774 Thomas DAVINSON Mary NICKINSON
02/01/1774 Jonathan KAY Mary DUNKERLEY
02/01/1774 George FLETCHER Mary PENSWICK
03/01/1774 Richard HALL Jane DAWSON
04/01/1774 John LEES Hannah DUNKERLEY
04/01/1774 John HARDMAN Mary GREENHALAGH
04/01/1774 Richard TONG Mary CROMPTON
04/01/1774 Robert LEES Jane HALL
04/01/1774 John WALKDEN Betty HARDMAN Middleton
04/01/1774 Ralph KERSHAW Hannah SHEPLEY
04/01/1774 Samuel BURGES Betty BARLOW
07/01/1774 Edmund DALTON Sarah SCHOLEFIELD
11/01/1774 Walter LEIGH Middleton Mary WHITTAKER
17/01/1774 William LEECH Oldham Ellin ASPINALL Oldham
17/01/1774 James JOHNSON Betty BERRY
28/01/1774 John JONES Alice SHEPHERD
30/01/1774 Daniel MILLS Ann HYDE
30/01/1774 John MILN Oldham Mary TRAVIS Oldham
03/02/1774 Robert SUTTCLIFF Ann OGDEN
04/02/1774 William HILL Oldham Sarah MOLLYS Oldham
06/02/1774 Robert HAMBLETON Oldham Jane RIGBY Oldham
06/02/1774 Charles LOMAX Oldham Mary SIMPSON Oldham
06/02/1774 Roger HOLT Tabatha BROOKS
07/02/1774 John CAPES Elizabeth KEY
13/02/1774 Edmund MELLOR Susan ASHWORTH
14/02/1774 John LEAH Oldham Mary HANKINSON Oldham
15/02/1774 Henry COWBURN Annis ECKERSALL
15/02/1774 Jeremiah DAWSON Alice BRIGGS
15/02/1774 John HARTLEY Mary BENT
22/02/1774 John WYLDE Mary CLEGG
22/02/1774 James TAYLOR Oldham Martha LONDWORTH Oldham
10/03/1774 John SIMPSON Elizabeth ECKERSALL
13/03/1774 Thomas KENWORTHY Margaret BOOTH
13/03/1774 Peter BLEASE Betty MILLS
15/03/1774 Thomas MILLET Margaret HOWORTH
17/03/1774 Richard TAYLOR Ann ECKERSALL
20/03/1774 Thomas CROSLEY Oldham Hannah BOOTH Oldham
21/03/1774 Jonathan KERSLEY Oldham Ruth CHAPEL Oldham
03/04/1774 John BUCKLEY Radcliffe Elizabeth MASON
05/04/1774 Ralph JONES Mary WOOLSTENHOLME
05/04/1774 Thomas GEE Mary OLDHAM Manchester
11/04/1774 Robert TAYLOR Radcliffe Martha DAVENPORT
11/04/1774 James BUCKLEY Oldham Betty GARTSIDE Oldham
17/04/1774 Charles MAWSON Ellen HOLME
26/04/1774 John WHITTAKER Mary BARLOW
30/04/1774 Robert JEPSON Oldham Sarah BEARD Oldham
03/05/1774 Samuel SYREY Elizabeth SCHOLES
03/05/1774 John BARLOW Alice KENYON Radcliffe
10/05/1774 Nathaniel WORTHINGTON Hannah FOX
10/05/1774 Timothy WOOD Mary MELLOR
12/05/1774 James DAWSON Martha JOHNSON
15/05/1774 John GRIMSHAW Oldham Mary YATES Oldham
16/05/1774 James TAYLOR Susan JACKSON Manchester
22/05/1774 James DAWSON Sarah HOWARTH
23/05/1774 James ASHTON Esther TIMPERLEY
24/05/1774 Thomas SHAW Martha SEDDON
26/05/1774 Ralph HEATON Ellen REDFORD
26/05/1774 George DAWSON Sarah WILBRAHAM
29/05/1774 John MELLOR Ann SPAUWELL
30/05/1774 Neddy JOHNSON Oldham Mary JONES Oldham
09/06/1774 James BIRCH Oldham Cleary PIXLEY Oldham
12/06/1774 James SUTCLIFF Oldham Martha HEWART Oldham
12/06/1774 Henry ASHWORTH Betty WALKER
12/06/1774 Samuel WILDE Oldham Mary HEYWOOD Oldham
16/06/1774 John Royle HUMPHEREYS Oldham Ann SHEPHERD Oldham
19/06/1774 Lawrence HARWOOD Oldham Jane LORD Oldham
21/06/1774 Peter BROOKES Oldham Jane DIMCUFT Oldham
26/06/1774 John FLETCHER Oldham Elizabeth FRANCE Oldham
26/06/1774 William SANDIFORD Betty BERRY
03/07/1774 David JENKINSON Hollinwood Ann CLAY Hollinwood
10/07/1774 Joseph STOTT Oldham Mary WILDE Oldham
11/07/1774 William WADDINGTON Oldham Mary HULME Oldham
17/07/1774 Samuel WILKINSON Oldham Alice GRIMSHAW Oldham
17/07/1774 James SHEPLEY Manchester Sarah BARLOW
24/07/1774 Robert OGDEN Oldham Matty CHADDERTON Oldham
24/07/1774 Isaac LEAH Oldham Martha BARLOW Oldham
25/07/1774 Thomas NEWTON Oldham Sarah LOMAX Oldham
01/08/1774 Thomas WOODWARD Oldham Ann OLDHAM Oldham
08/08/1774 James HOOMS Ann PICKLES
08/08/1774 John OGDEN Ann BUTTERWORTH
09/08/1774 Samuel MINUET Oldham Mary COTTRELL Oldham
09/08/1774 John LUND Whalley Elizabeth LANCASHIRE
16/08/1774 Robert HORROCKS Oldham Elizabeth SCHOLEFIELD Oldham
18/08/1774 Abraham KAY Ann HOLLAND
22/08/1774 Robert SIMPSON Mary GREENWOOD
25/08/1774 Thomas WOOD Lydia JONES
28/08/1774 John YALDING Oldham Alice LEES Oldham
28/08/1774 William COOK Mary OGDEN
28/08/1774 James LEES Oldham Sarah WHITEHEAD Oldham
28/08/1774 Edward MARSDEN Oldham Sarah SIDDAL Oldham
04/09/1774 John PARTINGTON Rachael RYLE
04/09/1774 Abraham HILTON Oldham Nancy MARSHALL Oldham
04/09/1774 John OGDEN Oldham Hannah KNOTT Oldham
05/09/1774 James MILLS Oldham Peggy KNOTT Oldham
05/09/1774 James WARD Oldham Mary HARDMAN Oldham
06/09/1774 Samuel RADCLIFFE Hollinwood Alice BOWERS Hollinwood
11/09/1774 Robert BRADSHAW Mary BLAKELY
12/09/1774 Luke LOFTUS Oldham Mary JOHNSON Oldham
15/09/1774 James PENNINGTON Oldham Mary PARK Oldham
18/09/1774 Jonathan HANMORE Hannah MORTON
18/09/1774 Isaac HOWORTH Peggy SCHOLEFIELD
20/09/1774 Stanley OLDHAM Mary DIXON
21/09/1774 Peter ALLEN Martha CROSS
23/09/1774 Joseph MARSH Oldham Esther LIGO Oldham
25/09/1774 John ECKERSALL Betty ASHWORTH
25/09/1774 John SCHOLEFIELD Hollinwood Ann BAMBER Hollinwood
03/10/1774 Alexander HOLT Oldham Alice HOLT Oldham
09/10/1774 Thomas TOWNLEY Oldham Sarah NORMANSALL Oldham
11/10/1774 William HOOLEY Fanny WALKER
16/10/1774 Joshua BATTY Hollinwood Mary HUGHS Hollinwood
18/10/1774 John COOPE Elizabeth ASTLEY
19/10/1774 Robert SHEPHERD Mary YEALEY
23/10/1774 Isaac TIMPERLEY Ann ASHTON
24/10/1774 Joseph MORETON Hollinwood Sarah STATHAM Hollinwood
27/10/1774 Mathew ASTLEY Alice MONKES
27/10/1774 John PLATT Oldham Betty OGDEN Oldham
30/10/1774 Benjamin GREAVES Ann BERRY
31/10/1774 John BRASSHAW Oldham Mary MILNES Oldham
31/10/1774 John ASHTON Oldham Ann TAYLOR Oldham
06/11/1774 Henry BUCKLEY Oldham Mary JACKSON Oldham
07/11/1774 James WILDE Oldham Ann SUTCLIFF Oldham
13/11/1774 James LEES Oldham Alice TAYLOR Oldham
13/11/1774 Alexander WALKDEN Margaret EMBERSON
14/11/1774 John HALL Hollinwood Betty GREAVES Hollinwood
14/11/1774 James NUTTALL Oldham Martha CHAPMAN Oldham
14/11/1774 John NIELD Oldham Mary DALTON Oldham
15/11/1774 John POWNALL Ann HOLT
15/11/1774 Joshua HARDMAN Mary HAMPSON
16/11/1774 George JOHNSON Oldham Betty DEARDEN Oldham
20/11/1774 Edmund TAYLOR Bury Sarah TAYLOR
21/11/1774 Josiah BRADLEY Oldham Hannah BARNS Oldham
23/11/1774 John PICKSTONES Betty OGDEN
27/11/1774 James CROMPTON Oldham Martha LAYLAND Oldham
29/11/1774 Robert HEYWARD Oldham Betty WHITEHEAD Oldham
30/11/1774 Mathew WOOD Oldham Mary HOLT Oldham
13/12/1774 Samuel STREET Ann BOLTON
25/12/1774 Thomas WEBSTER Oldham Esther ASHWORTH Oldham
26/12/1774 Edward WHITEHEAD Hollinwood Ann HALLOWS Hollinwood
27/12/1774 Isaac TAYLOR Oldham Hannah HALL Oldham
29/12/1774 Richard SMALLEY Blackburn Betty WALKER
01/01/1775 Henry SMITH Mary HARDMAN
03/01/1775 John CHAPMAN Sarah TILDSLEY
04/01/1775 James WILSON Ellen CHAPMAN
05/01/1775 Samuel TAYLOR Oldham Jane TAYLOR Oldham
05/01/1775 John LONGWORTH Bolton Alice WOLSTENHOLME
06/01/1775 John POTTER Oldham Pinion GARTSIDE Oldham
08/01/1775 Aaron BROADBENT Oldham Hannah POTTER Oldham
08/01/1775 Jonah STOTT Ann HOLT
14/01/1775 Edward RIGBY Oldham Margaret SAUL Oldham
18/01/1775 Thomas JOHNSON Ann THOMAS
19/01/1775 John HAYWARD Oldham Ann WARD Oldham
26/01/1775 Charles KEARSLEY Mary WILLIAMSON
01/02/1775 Thomas BATES Hollinwood Mary DUNSTER Hollinwood
06/02/1775 John WILDE Oldham Betty CHADDERTON Oldham
12/02/1775 James CLOUGH Oldham Mary ROSE Oldham
12/02/1775 Charles BIRCH Oldham Rachel HOWARD Oldham
12/02/1775 Samuel BRIERLEY Oldham Mary OGDEN Oldham
12/02/1775 William MAY Oldham Martha HULME Oldham
16/02/1775 John KERSHAW Oldham Mary OGDEN Oldham
17/02/1775 James BUTTERWORTH Oldham Mary NEEDHAM Oldham
19/02/1775 John COLLINGE Oldham Betty MILLS Oldham
19/02/1775 Thomas BARLOW Oldham Betty MELLOR Oldham
26/02/1775 Robert AUSTIN Hollinwood Ann ROBINSON Hollinwood
27/02/1775 Joseph SCHOLFIELD Oldham Jane WHALMSLEY Oldham
27/02/1775 Thomas HEYWOOD Oldham Betty MARSLAND Oldham
28/02/1775 James MELLOR Oldham Betty BENTLEY Oldham
28/02/1775 Jonathan WHITEHEAD Oldham Mally BENTLEY Oldham
28/02/1775 Joseph CHEETHAM Jane DYSON
28/02/1775 Richard BARLOW Bury Betty DIGGLE
28/02/1775 John NEWTON Alice GRIME
28/02/1775 Ellis GRIME Ann TURNER
14/03/1775 John BARBER Oldham Ellin HINDLEY Oldham
09/04/1775 Francis BOWEN Oldham Ellen HOPE Oldham
16/04/1775 John CHADWICK Oldham Sarah OGDEN Oldham
18/04/1775 Thomas WIDDOWS Oldham Ellin WRENCH Oldham
23/04/1775 Samuel STATHEM Oldham Nancy PRESCOTT Oldham
23/04/1775 Anthony ENNIS Oldham Jane DRUMMOND Oldham
24/04/1775 George COTTRELL Oldham Betty STEEL Oldham
26/04/1775 Thomas GAUNT Alice SMITH
01/05/1775 Samuel SUTTON Oldham Mary HOLT Oldham
02/05/1775 John BARLOW Oldham Mary JACKSON Oldham
04/05/1775 James WEEDER Oldham Martha BUTTERWORTH Oldham
07/05/1775 Samuel NAYLOR Oldham Mary HEAP Oldham
09/05/1775 James BRIDGE Hannah PARR
14/05/1775 Samuel BARNES Oldham Elizabeth BANKCROFT Oldham
15/05/1775 James HILL Oldham Betty HILTON Oldham
21/05/1775 Joshua WOOD Hollinwood Mary HIGGINBOTTOM Hollinwood
21/05/1775 Edmund FITTON Sarah TAYLOR
21/05/1775 William WORTHINGTON Ann KINSEY
22/05/1775 Benjamin WRIGLEY Oldham Mary ROADS Oldham
22/05/1775 John WHITEHEAD Oldham Sarah KIRK Oldham
22/05/1775 Samuel CHADWICK Jane SCHOLEFIELD
23/05/1775 John WROE Oldham Nancy WALKER Oldham
28/05/1775 William SIGGERS Oldham Esther TRAVIS Oldham
03/06/1775 Thomas BURCH Oldham Hannah HOWORTH Oldham
05/06/1775 John HESKITT Oldham Martha HOLLINWORTH Oldham
05/06/1775 David LINNEY Ann ENTWISTLE
07/06/1775 Samuel FIDDEWER Oldham Sarah HOLT Oldham
08/06/1775 Abraham HILTON Alice DAVENPORT
08/06/1775 Abraham ROSCOW Sarah HILTON
12/06/1775 Thomas BOARDMAN Ashton Under Lyne Margaret FARRAND
15/06/1775 James WHITTAKER Dorothy SMITH
18/06/1775 John RANDAL Hollinwood Esther HORRIDGE Hollinwood
18/06/1775 Thomas WALKER Oldham Ann BOTTOMLEY Oldham
18/06/1775 John SHEPLEY Middleton Mary MATTHEW
19/06/1775 James WOOLFENDEN Oldham Ellen MARLOR Oldham
25/06/1775 John ROBINSON Hollinwood Mary CROOSE Hollinwood
26/06/1775 James WOLSTENHOLME Priscilla BARLOW
04/07/1775 Richard MURRILL Oldham Ann CLAPPIN Oldham
09/07/1775 John ROYLE Hollinwood Ann ANDERTON Hollinwood
09/07/1775 Thomas PITTS Ann SMETHURST
09/07/1775 John Smith MACOM Oldham Sarah WILCOCK Oldham
09/07/1775 George RIDEINGS Ann HESKET
10/07/1775 Ralph SHEPHERD Oldham Mary KERSHAW Oldham
16/07/1775 John HAYWOOD Oldham Jane WALKER Oldham
16/07/1775 John HILTON Martha HILTON
16/07/1775 William PERRY Oldham Alice JONES Oldham
19/07/1775 Lawrence O'BRIEN Oldham Betty MARSDEN Oldham
24/07/1775 Richard ROBINSON Oldham Martha WILDE Oldham
28/07/1775 Lewis MELLEUS Oldham Ellen WATSON Oldham
28/07/1775 Thomas WIGGIN Oldham Mary BALDWIN Oldham
30/07/1775 John HOLLAND Oldham Mary STAPLETON Oldham
31/07/1775 Thomas BYRD Oldham Miriam CHEETHAM Oldham
06/08/1775 Thomas MELLOR Mary LEES
09/08/1775 Thomas SCHOLEFIELD Oldham Mary BOOTH Oldham
13/08/1775 Robert LEES Oldham Betty WHITTAKER Oldham
17/08/1775 Benjamin BAGSHAW Hollinwood Elizabeth SHORE Hollinwood
20/08/1775 Thomas MAKINSON Oldham Mary WHITEHEAD Oldham
20/08/1775 Philip UNWIN Alice COLLINGE
20/08/1775 Thomas WINTERBOTTOM Oldham Mary WHITEHEAD Oldham
27/08/1775 Robert HORROCKS Hollinwood Mary PLATT Hollinwood
27/08/1775 James HILTON Sarah WADKIN
27/08/1775 Robert TOMLINSON Oldham Mary NIGHTINGALE Oldham
27/08/1775 Simeon DYSON Sarah WRIGLEY
29/08/1775 Benjamin MARSLAND Oldham Ann HIBBERT Oldham
04/09/1775 John WITLOW Hollinwood Mary MAJOR Hollinwood
05/09/1775 Robert CLARK Mary STODDART
05/09/1775 Bryan BANKS Nancy CHEETHAM
05/09/1775 James CROMPTON Jane YOUNG Middleton
05/09/1775 John HEYES Oldham Mary LITHERLAND Oldham
06/09/1775 Robert MONRO Oldham Betty CHARLES Oldham
10/09/1775 Benjamin BAGSHAW Oldham Sarah JOHNSON Oldham
12/09/1775 Edward HOLT Sarah WOLSTENHOLME
17/09/1775 Charles WILLIAMS Oldham Alice PAINE Oldham
17/09/1775 Thomas HALL Oldham Elizabeth JACKSON Oldham
17/09/1775 Daniel LONGBOTTOM Oldham Betty WILLIAMSON Oldham
17/09/1775 William BUTTERWORTH Oldham Sarah WHITTAKER Oldham
18/09/1775 Abel WILDE Mary ANDREW
24/09/1775 William MANIKIN Oldham Betty PRESTON Oldham
26/09/1775 Abraham HEYWOOD Betty JACQUES
26/09/1775 Robert BOOTH Bury Betty STREET
26/09/1775 William SMETHURST Mary BUTTERWORTH
01/10/1775 George WATERS Oldham Betty BRUCKSHAW Oldham
01/10/1775 Thomas WORREL Oldham Mary JENKINS Oldham
01/10/1775 David WHITEHEAD Oldham Mary WINTERBOTTOM Oldham
03/10/1775 James KAY Ann WHITEHEAD
08/10/1775 John ROBESHAW Oldham Mary FLITTCROFT Oldham
09/10/1775 William PASS Oldham Mary GRIMSHAW Oldham
10/10/1775 William DIXON Mary HILTON
11/10/1775 James MILLS Oldham Esther WHITEHEAD Oldham
11/10/1775 James WHITEHEAD Hannah ASHETON
12/10/1775 William BOARDMAN Elizabeth PARTINGTON
17/10/1775 Richard OLDFIELD Hollinwood Elizabeth HAYNES Hollinwood
22/10/1775 Thomas TURNER Ann WHITEHEAD
23/10/1775 James BROADBENT Oldham Hannah BRIERLY Oldham
30/10/1775 John WHITWORTH Jane STRINGER
01/11/1775 John TRAVIS Mary MELLOR
06/11/1775 Charles MILLS Oldham Ann WAKES Oldham
07/11/1775 John BUCKLEY Oldham Mary BUCKLEY Oldham
07/11/1775 Jonathan DUCKWORTH Clemance BOOTH
12/11/1775 John WHITTAKER Oldham Hannah WORTHINGTON Oldham
15/11/1775 Thomas BLOMERLY Ann CARTER
19/11/1775 John WOOLFENDEN Hollinwood Sarah HARDMAN Hollinwood
19/11/1775 John MARLOR Oldham Betty FENTON Oldham
21/11/1775 Thomas WORSLEY Oldham Peggy TAYLOR Oldham
26/11/1775 Symon MELLOR Oldham Mary MELLOR Oldham
28/11/1775 Ralph BLAKELY Ann BROWN
28/11/1775 Joseph GARLICK Mary HOLT
03/12/1775 John GREEN Hannah PLATT
05/12/1775 James BUCKLEY Oldham Mary DRONESFIELD Oldham
11/12/1775 George CHADDERTON Oldham Martha HALLIWELL Oldham
17/12/1775 David LINSTER Oldham Ann WIGLESWORTH Oldham
17/12/1775 William HASLEHURST Oldham Nanny RAWLISON Oldham
19/12/1775 Thomas HELPS Oldham Jane BARLOW Oldham
21/12/1775 John HEARN Oldham Jane NISBERT Oldham
25/12/1775 John WAGSTAFF Oldham Mary SIMPSON Oldham
28/12/1775 Joseph DEAN Hannah SEXTON
31/12/1775 Rothwell LOMAX Oldham Mary ASPINALL Oldham
02/01/1776 James ROGERSON Sarah DUNKERLY
02/01/1776 William WRIGHT Hollinwood Mary BARBER Hollinwood
02/01/1776 James BOTTOMLEY Sally WOODHEAD
03/01/1776 James TAYLOR Oldham Mary TAYLOR Oldham
03/01/1776 John COOK Oldham Sarah BLAZE Oldham
04/01/1776 William OGDEN Mary REDFORD
07/01/1776 James SCHOLEFIELD Oldham Hannah CHEETHAM Oldham
14/01/1776 John CLEGG Oldham Catharine JOHNSON Oldham
16/01/1776 Joseph SCHOFIELD Hollinwood Loranaha BENNET Hollinwood
17/01/1776 James HOUGHTON Oldham Rosy CHEETHAM Oldham
19/01/1776 Thomas BENNET Oldham Ann HALL Oldham
21/01/1776 Abraham TAYLOR Oldham Mary BUCKLEY Oldham
24/01/1776 William GROVES Oldham Ann MATHER Oldham
28/01/1776 Thomas BEEVER Oldham Margaret MAKIN Oldham
30/01/1776 Robert REDFORD Mary YATES
04/02/1776 Ellis PIGGOT Oldham Mary OGDEN Oldham
11/02/1776 Thomas GLENSTON Oldham Mary JOHNSTON Oldham
11/02/1776 William BROWN Oldham Sarah SHEPHERD Oldham
13/02/1776 Jonathan MABBOT Oldham Sarah GILL Oldham
15/02/1776 John LORD Oldham Mary HOLT Oldham
19/02/1776 John SPAND Hollinwood Fanny FLETCHER Hollinwood
19/02/1776 James BRIDGEFORD Oldham Rebecca FIEUX Oldham
20/02/1776 James WILDE Oldham Mally FENTON Oldham
20/02/1776 George HOLT Elizabeth PEADFIELD
20/02/1776 Richard THORP Alice REDFORD
20/02/1776 James GREAVES Betty BUCKLEY
20/02/1776 John HOLT Esther BRADSHAW
23/02/1776 James WOLSTENHOLME Bowdon, Cheshire Betty MATHER
04/03/1776 James SHARROCKS Deborah YATES
04/04/1776 Samuel WINTERBOTTOM Oldham Sarah NEWTON Oldham
07/04/1776 Andrew CAMPBELL Oldham Mary HEYWOOD Oldham
07/04/1776 Roger ROYLE Mary SMITH
08/04/1776 William WHITEHORN Oldham Alice HALSTEAD Oldham
08/04/1776 Joseph POWNALL Hollinwood Alice WORTHINGTON Hollinwood
08/04/1776 William TINDSLEY Jane TURNER
08/04/1776 Isaac BOLTON Oldham Alice YATES Oldham
08/04/1776 James TAYLOR Mary BROOKS
09/04/1776 Samuel STANSFIELD Oldham Betty HEANTHORN Oldham
09/04/1776 Robert STANDRING Abigal BARRITT
10/04/1776 Ellis WHITAKER Oldham Ann OLDFIELD Oldham
16/04/1776 Joseph BROMILEY Bolton Ellen DAVENPORT
17/04/1776 David HALL Oldham Mary CHEW Oldham
18/04/1776 James KAY Jane BOOTH
21/04/1776 James GARTSIDE Oldham Betsy TRAVIS Oldham
21/04/1776 Joseph JACKSON Oldham Betty MELLOR Oldham
21/04/1776 James SPRIGHTLEY Oldham Alice MORTON Oldham
21/04/1776 Samuel MOSS Oldham Ann RICHARDSON Oldham
25/04/1776 Thomas GRINDRED Betty FISHWICK
28/04/1776 Benjamin MARCROFT Ann OLDHAM
05/05/1776 Richard HOLT Mary ASHWORTH
05/05/1776 James TAYLOR Jane HORROCKS
05/05/1776 William BAGSHAW Oldham Sarah HASLAM
12/05/1776 Thomas COOPER Headeth WALKER
12/05/1776 John SWIFT Oldham Sarah HIGHLEY Oldham
15/05/1776 John JOHNSON Hannah NEADEN
19/05/1776 John ROYLE Oldham Alice LAYLAND Oldham
23/05/1776 James COOKE Sarah MELLOR
26/05/1776 Hugh FITZPATRICK Oldham Mary NEEDHAM Oldham
27/05/1776 Isaac THORP Hollinwood Betty SIMPSON Hollinwood
27/05/1776 John DIXON Oldham Jane CHARLETON Oldham
28/05/1776 Joseph WHITAKER Sarah TURNER
30/05/1776 Richard SMITH Oldham Martha HORTON Oldham
30/05/1776 James BAMFORD Ann PARTINGTON
30/05/1776 James HEAP Oldham Mary MARSLAND Oldham
30/05/1776 William DUNSTER Sarah HULME
02/06/1776 Elijah ISHERWOOD Frances MACNABB
09/06/1776 Samuel TRAVIS Hollinwood Esther SHEPLEY Hollinwood
09/06/1776 Joshua ROYLE Mary WIELDING
12/06/1776 Michael BOWLES Oldham Jane DYSON Oldham
13/06/1776 Luke CLARK Oldham Mary WRIGLEY Oldham
16/06/1776 Thomas HERLOM Oldham Elizabeth WHITEHEAD Oldham
16/06/1776 John QUARTERMAN Oldham Betty HARLING Oldham
17/06/1776 Joseph LEES Saddleworth, Yorkshire Hannah WILDE Oldham
18/06/1776 Edmund GREAVES Sarah TAYLOR
23/06/1776 John JOHNSON Oldham Mary MILNE Oldham
23/06/1776 Samuel MONEYPENNY Oldham Margaret HUGHS Oldham
23/06/1776 Jonathan WORDSWORTH Oldham Ann CRITCHLOW Oldham
23/06/1776 James TURNER Oldham Alice WALKER Oldham
30/06/1776 Benjamin MARLOR Oldham Nancy WARDLEY Oldham
01/07/1776 John LORD Mary BOOTH
05/07/1776 Jonathan HULTON Ellen HULTON
07/07/1776 Thomas BULLOCK Sarah FLETCHER
07/07/1776 John NEWTON Oldham Elizabeth CARR Oldham
09/07/1776 Joseph BOUGH Oldham Mary HALL Oldham
10/07/1776 John GREENWOOD Jane TURNER
15/07/1776 Thomas SMITH Oldham Mary STOTT Oldham
15/07/1776 James BARLOW Esther RYLE
21/07/1776 William WILLIAMS Oldham Ann ARMSTEAD Oldham
22/07/1776 James TAYLOR Oldham Susannah HALLIWELL Oldham
22/07/1776 James MATHER Martha PARTINGTON
25/07/1776 Thomas COLLIER Ann BLAKELY
28/07/1776 Benjamin TIMPERLEY Oldham Mary NEWTON Oldham
28/07/1776 Joseph BROWN Elizabeth CHIPPINDALE
28/07/1776 Edmund ENGLAND Oldham Phebe TALLENTS Oldham
30/07/1776 Thomas CROMPTON Bury Frances HOPWOOD
02/08/1776 Joshua KERSHAW Oldham Ann BRIERLEY Oldham
04/08/1776 James BRADSHAW Oldham Martha BIRCHENOUGH Oldham
05/08/1776 Charles WORSLEY Hollinwood Ann HUFF Hollinwood
06/08/1776 Joseph SHAW Oldham Mary ALSOP Oldham
06/08/1776 James LEES Mary MATHER
08/08/1776 John TAYLOR Oldham Alice COLLINGE Oldham
11/08/1776 Joseph PARTINGTON Ellen KENYON
15/08/1776 Richard TAYLOR Oldham Mary FOSTER Oldham
18/08/1776 Robert PILKINGTON Oldham Mary CROMPTON Oldham
18/08/1776 John ISHERWOOD Mary COTTAM
19/08/1776 William MITCHELL Oldham Mary YOUEL Oldham
22/08/1776 Robert KNOWLES Manchester Deborah BARROW
25/08/1776 John SEDDON Betty SHUTTLEWORTH
01/09/1776 Daniel WHITEHEAD Oldham Ann TAYLOR Oldham
01/09/1776 Thomas BROUGHTON Hollinwood Isabel GUY Hollinwood
03/09/1776 Joseph WOLFENDEN Oldham Catharine WALKER Oldham
08/09/1776 John HEARNSHAW Oldham Elizabeth BRADSHAW Oldham
08/09/1776 James HARDMAN Oldham Alice HYDE Oldham
08/09/1776 George BROCKLEHURST Oldham Ann MARSHAL Oldham
08/09/1776 James WRIGHT Oldham Mary CLEGG Oldham
12/09/1776 David GOLDTHORP Oldham Mary BARKER Oldham
15/09/1776 Richard BERRY Oldham Betty WHITEHEAD Oldham
15/09/1776 John COOKSON Oldham Mary BARRITT Oldham
17/09/1776 James GREAVES Oldham Mary CHEETHAM Oldham
26/09/1776 Thomas BRADSHAW Esther HOLT Bury
01/10/1776 William PARTINGTON Hannah BERRY
01/10/1776 James ECKERSALL Ellen MATHER
01/10/1776 Robert BRIGGS Phillis THORP
02/10/1776 John RUSHTON Oldham Mary SHELMERDINE Oldham
03/10/1776 Jonathan MILLS Oldham Betty ASHETON Oldham
03/10/1776 Alexander BRADLEY Oldham Elizabeth LOWNS Oldham
07/10/1776 Thomas ASHWORTH Bolton Margaret CROMPTON
07/10/1776 William BAILEY Oldham Sarah BARNETT Oldham
07/10/1776 Matthew TRAVIS Oldham Jane BUCKLEY Oldham
08/10/1776 James NUTTAL Elizabeth ASHETON
14/10/1776 William SHARROCKS Martha GRIMSHAW
14/10/1776 Thomas SMITH Hollinwood Jane FLETCHER Hollinwood
16/10/1776 Peter PICKSTONE Sarah BARLOW
17/10/1776 John SCHOLES Oldham Mary DRONSFIELD Oldham
20/10/1776 Nathan ENTWISTLE Ann BATE
20/10/1776 James TRAVIS Oldham Sarah COLLINSON Oldham
29/10/1776 Peter WALKDEN Alice RAWSTERN
29/10/1776 Thomas CROSHAW Alice BARLOW
30/10/1776 James CLEGG Oldham Mary BUCKLEY Oldham
05/11/1776 Charles WOOLSTENCROFT Rebecca WOOLFENDEN
05/11/1776 Robert WOOFENDEN Oldham Mary OLDHAM Oldham
05/11/1776 John SCHOLES Mary STOTT
10/11/1776 Joseph MALLEY Hollinwood Elizabeth BOARDMAN Hollinwood
10/11/1776 Charles JEANS Oldham Elizabeth SHAID Oldham
17/11/1776 James MILLS Oldham Martha HOWARTH Oldham
17/11/1776 Abraham KNIGHT Jane MONKS
17/11/1776 John JACQUES Betty BOOTH
18/11/1776 James PARTINGTON Hannah GRIMSHAW
18/11/1776 Daniel ROBINSON Hollinwood Elizabeth NEWELL Hollinwood
21/11/1776 James ASHWORTH Mary HOWARTH
23/11/1776 John DUCKWORTH Oldham Betty FLITCROFT Oldham
24/11/1776 Joshua CROMPTON Jane WARDLE
28/11/1776 James ASHWORTH Mary WALKER
01/12/1776 James HILTON Sarah MARCROFT
03/12/1776 Robert SMITH Oldham Alice POOL Oldham
05/12/1776 James KENYON Mary GEE
08/12/1776 Samuel STOTT Oldham Alice CLEGG Oldham
08/12/1776 Royle DAVENPORT Ann RIDGWAY
16/12/1776 John HUNTER Mary CHARLETON
19/12/1776 John SMETHURST Oldham Jenny HOBSON Oldham
20/12/1776 Samuel GRUNDY Bury Mary KENNYON
22/12/1776 Ralph PARR Mary STREET
22/12/1776 James BAYLEY Oldham Martha WHITEHEAD Oldham
22/12/1776 Thomas TAYLOR Ann SHORE
25/12/1776 Benjamin SOURTON Oldham Betty JEBBSON Oldham
29/12/1776 James STOTT Oldham Sarah BUTTERWORTH Oldham
30/12/1776 John RENSHAW Oldham Mary HOUGH Oldham
01/01/1777 John DUNKERLY Oldham Susanna NEWTON Oldham
02/01/1777 James PERCIVALL Ann HOLT
02/01/1777 James CHATTERTON Ann MANGNELL Bolton
02/01/1777 Philip HULME Elizabeth DAWSON
06/01/1777 James JACKSON Oldham Sarah TETTLOW Oldham
07/01/1777 Thomas CROMPTON Mary COOPE
12/01/1777 Benjamin MANCHESTER Oldham Jane BARR Oldham
14/01/1777 Thomas SCHOLES Ann LANCASHIRE
16/01/1777 James GREENHALGH Mary HOBSON
16/01/1777 Thomas TAYLOR Oldham Betty DRONESFIELD Oldham
19/01/1777 William YOUNG Oldham Alice GRANT Oldham
19/01/1777 Benjamin BARRITT Oldham Sarah DAVENPORT Oldham
20/01/1777 John STOTT Oldham Nancy COLLIER Oldham
22/01/1777 John QUIN Oldham Peggy CHADDERTON Oldham
26/01/1777 James BLUNDRID Betty JACQUES
26/01/1777 Jonathan JACKSON Oldham Sarah SMETHURST Oldham
02/02/1777 Edmund KAY Martha SMITH
04/02/1777 John TAYLOR Oldham Ellen GREGORY Oldham
04/02/1777 Edmund BROMILY Sarah COLLINGE
07/02/1777 Abraham CLEGG Oldham Betty WILDE Oldham
09/02/1777 Thomas OGDEN Sarah HULME
09/02/1777 James BUCKLEY Ann GRINDRED
10/02/1777 Joseph WROE Elizabeth HEATON
11/02/1777 Thomas NORRIS Sarah LINLEY
11/02/1777 Joseph CHADDERTON Betty FLETCHER Bolton
11/02/1777 Richard HOLT Sarah BRIDGE
11/02/1777 Joseph BRAWKURST Oldham Rachael GARTSIDE Oldham
12/02/1777 James FLETCHER Hollinwood Jane NEWTON Hollinwood
16/02/1777 John HOWARD Sally WOOD
19/02/1777 Thomas SHEIL Ann CASTLETON
04/03/1777 John BLOMELEY Mary SEDDON
10/03/1777 Robert TAYLOR Mary JACQUES
23/03/1777 John MILLS Oldham Mally SMETHURST Oldham
30/03/1777 James MELLOR Betty BUCKLEY
30/03/1777 Jonathan MELLOR Oldham Betty HADFIELD Oldham
30/03/1777 John BLUNDRED Oldham Mary ARTHRAN Oldham
30/03/1777 Thomas CROMPTON Alice DAWSON
30/03/1777 Eli ECKERSALL Elizabeth HORROCKS
01/04/1777 Joseph GRIMSHAW Oldham Betty JANKEN Oldham
01/04/1777 Richard HORSFIELD Ellin PLATT Radcliffe
01/04/1777 James WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham Hannah TAYLOR Oldham
01/04/1777 Charles LOE Betty PERCIVAL
01/04/1777 William BAXTER Hollinwood Mary DRAKEFORD Hollinwood
02/04/1777 Nicholas RILEY Altham Grace HARDY
03/04/1777 John CROMPTON Manchester Ann SCHOLES
06/04/1777 William BOOTH Sarah WOLSTENHOLME
06/04/1777 Daniel BROADBENT Oldham Jane NICHOLAS Oldham
08/04/1777 Jonathan FARNWORTH Oldham Betty YATES Oldham
13/04/1777 Joseph MELLOR Oldham Mary BARNS Oldham
13/04/1777 John HALL Oldham Ann WHITTAKER Oldham
15/04/1777 John LEES Susan DAWSON
15/04/1777 James HALL Peggy HARRISON
20/04/1777 John BERRY Mary ENTWISTLE
20/04/1777 Isaac COCKER Oldham Betty COCKER Oldham
27/04/1777 John HURST Grace WAREHURST
27/04/1777 Richard BARLOW Radcliffe Lowis BARLOW
01/05/1777 John CLEGG Hannah MILLS
01/05/1777 John STANDRING Betty FOGG
02/05/1777 George GREAVES Hollinwood Isabell BUCKLEY Hollinwood
03/05/1777 George SPENCE Ann TURNER
04/05/1777 Peter PASS Hollinwood Mary SMITH Hollinwood
10/05/1777 Edmund WHITTWORTH Betty ANDREW
10/05/1777 Benjamin GRATRIX Jane HOWARD
12/05/1777 John BUSH Oldham Sarah SMITH Oldham
15/05/1777 John WARDLE Sarah HARDMAN
15/05/1777 Roger BROWE Oldham Frances SMITH Oldham
19/05/1777 John ASHETON Oldham Betty WINTERBOTTOM Oldham
19/05/1777 Abel LEACH Oldham Alice WHITTLE Oldham
19/05/1777 Thomas REDFORD Oldham Mary DAVENPORT Oldham
20/05/1777 Alexander CHADWICK Oldham Rachael BARLOW Oldham
21/05/1777 John BARLOW Hannah MANN
22/05/1777 William MATHER Sarah SMITH Radcliffe
22/05/1777 Daniel LEES Oldham Sarah BOOTH Oldham
24/05/1777 William ROEBUCK Oldham Elizabeth STEENSON Oldham
25/05/1777 Thomas MANNOCK Oldham Margrit HORROCKS Oldham
26/05/1777 Abraham MILLS Oldham Alice MARLER Oldham
29/05/1777 James GUEST Elizabeth WALKER
01/06/1777 Thomas ASHETON Alice HALL
03/06/1777 John HALKYARD Oldham Mally SMETHURST Oldham
08/06/1777 William SOWREY Oldham Mary POWNALL Oldham
09/06/1777 James AINSWORTH Oldham Mary BATTERSBY Oldham
15/06/1777 George WILDE Rachael LEACH
16/06/1777 John BUCKLEY Mally WOOD
19/06/1777 William HOLDEN Oldham Hannah WHITWHAM Oldham
22/06/1777 William REFORD Hollinwood Phebe SCHOFIELD Hollinwood
22/06/1777 John BLOMELEY Oldham Betty WILDE Oldham
22/06/1777 James HANSON Oldham Ann LEES Oldham
23/06/1777 James WINTERBOTTOM Oldham Mary MAYALL Oldham
29/06/1777 John LEES Hollinwood Hannah BRAYE Hollinwood
30/06/1777 Joseph SHEPLEY Oldham Ann WOOLLEY Oldham
01/07/1777 David JONES Oldham Mary HOLT Oldham
06/07/1777 John TONGE Oldham Margaret DUCKWORTH Oldham
06/07/1777 Levi TAYLOR Oldham Mary LEES Oldham
06/07/1777 William YATES Oldham Mary BARNES Oldham
06/07/1777 Richard COOPER Oldham Jane HATTON Oldham
06/07/1777 Joseph RENSHAW Martha URMSTON
06/07/1777 James OGDEN Margaret APPLETON
06/07/1777 William TINSLEY Hollinwood Fanny BERRY Hollinwood
06/07/1777 Daniel CHADWICK Oldham Elizabeth COE Oldham
08/07/1777 William COE Oldham Jane SLEETH Oldham
13/07/1777 Jonathan WARDLE Sarah WHITEHEAD
13/07/1777 James STURGEON Oldham Mary BENSON Oldham
13/07/1777 James TETLOW Oldham Hannah ANDREW Oldham
17/07/1777 Abraham WHITEHEAD Oldham Mary HILTON Oldham
20/07/1777 Lawrence HARWOOD Oldham Jane HIBBERT Oldham
21/07/1777 John HOLT Nancy FARRER
22/07/1777 George STEEL Oldham Ann GILVERTHORP Oldham
24/07/1777 James WRIGLEY Ann PICSTONE
28/07/1777 Thomas ASHTON Elizabeth JACKSON
28/07/1777 William PRIESTNAL Saddleworth, Yorkshire Alice WILDE Oldham
28/07/1777 Samuel JEPSON Oldham Sarah OWIN Oldham
29/07/1777 James MELLALIEU Middleton Mary TAYLOR
04/08/1777 James BRIERLY Oldham Mary BLOMERLY Oldham
06/08/1777 Thomas HOLLAND Alice JONES
07/08/1777 Josiah LANCASHIRE Betty SCHOLES
10/08/1777 Jonathan TAYLOR Oldham Jane SCOLEFIELD Oldham
10/08/1777 Henry SAMPSON Oldham Sarah BROWN Oldham
12/08/1777 John MORTON Hannah FISHWICK
15/08/1777 James WOOD Oldham Mary HILTON Oldham
19/08/1777 Isaac HEYWOOD Catharine ENTWISTLE
24/08/1777 James BRADLEY Oldham Martha WHITEHEAD Oldham
25/08/1777 William CONNOR Oldham Ann CONSTERDINE Oldham
31/08/1777 James MOORE Oldham Martha POWNALL Oldham
31/08/1777 James TURNER Hollinwood Betty SCOTCHSON Hollinwood
01/09/1777 Jonathan HARDMAN Oldham Sarah HORSEFIELD Oldham
01/09/1777 William CHADWICK Oldham Margaret TURNER Oldham
01/09/1777 John HILTON Oldham Martha WHITTAKER Oldham
01/09/1777 James CROMPTON Oldham Mary GARTSIDE Oldham
02/09/1777 John ASHETON Oldham Mary SCHOLES Oldham
07/09/1777 Benjamin MARTON Oldham Alice SAXTON Oldham
07/09/1777 William LEE Ann KAY
08/09/1777 Jonathan WHITTAKER Sarah BUTTERWORTH
08/09/1777 John WHITTWORTH Martha COLLINGE Deane
14/09/1777 James HOPPWOOD Oldham Joanna STANLEY Oldham
15/09/1777 John WAINWRIGHT Oldham Sarah BURTON Oldham
16/09/1777 Benjamin FITTON Oldham Mary BOOTH Oldham
18/09/1777 Robert HOPWOOD Ellen HURST
21/09/1777 John BUTTERWORTH Hannah OGDEN
21/09/1777 James DALTON Oldham Jane LOMAX Oldham
22/09/1777 James BERRY Mary DAWSON
22/09/1777 James DALTON Oldham Betty HALL Oldham
23/09/1777 Arthur ALLEN Alice GEE Deane
28/09/1777 Richard CANAVAN Oldham Ann THORP Oldham
28/09/1777 John BROWN Hollinwood Elizabeth VALANTINE Hollinwood
29/09/1777 John MILLS Oldham Hannah GARTSIDE Oldham
29/09/1777 James ROSCOW Ann GOULD
04/10/1777 James SCHOLES Tabatha SHARROCKS
05/10/1777 James HOLT Oldham Hannah DAVENPORT Oldham
06/10/1777 Barack WILDE Oldham Mary Tetlow KENYON Oldham
08/10/1777 Thomas RAYNOR Hollinwood Elizabeth BUCKLEY Hollinwood
12/10/1777 Thomas PRESTWICH Oldham Catharine MURRAY Oldham
12/10/1777 James GREAVES Oldham Lydia WALKER Oldham
12/10/1777 John SPENCER Oldham Sarah EDGE Oldham
14/10/1777 William SMITH Oldham Elizabeth JEPSON Oldham
14/10/1777 Nicholas GRIMSHAW Susanna BOARDMAN
19/10/1777 Henry HOLT Hollinwood Ellen HARDY Hollinwood
19/10/1777 James WILDE Oldham Sarah THORP Oldham
19/10/1777 Samuel TAYLOR Oldham Alice FITTON Oldham
27/10/1777 James ASHWORTH Oldham Deborah SCHOLFIELD Oldham
05/11/1777 John CLEGG Oldham Peggy WRIGLEY Oldham
05/11/1777 James KERSHAW Oldham Esther SHEPLEY Oldham
09/11/1777 Samuel LINNEY Hollinwood Mary PARKER Hollinwood
09/11/1777 Abraham OGDEN Oldham Hannah TAYLOR Oldham
10/11/1777 William DUNBABIN Oldham Sarah DUN Oldham
10/11/1777 William ROWBOTTOM Oldham Nanny ALCOCK Oldham
10/11/1777 Henry VEAREY Sarah WOOD
17/11/1777 John DEACON Oldham Sarah WOOSTENCROFT Oldham
17/11/1777 John REYNOLDS Oldham Mary MATHERS Oldham
20/11/1777 Richard HOLT Lois HORROCKS
23/11/1777 Robert LIGHTBOURNE Hollinwood Sarah DOE Hollinwood
23/11/1777 James KNOWLES Oldham Martha SCOFIELD Oldham
25/11/1777 John JOHNSON Ann SMETHURST Deane
30/11/1777 Joseph SEDDON Oldham Ann TAYLOR Oldham
01/12/1777 Timothy CHEADLE Elizabeth SHAW
02/12/1777 Charles DEAN Oldham Betty GRESBY Oldham
04/12/1777 Thomas LANGHORN Sarah RAWSTON
07/12/1777 John CREW Oldham Elizabeth MORTON Oldham
07/12/1777 Robert SCOTT Oldham Hannah WHITEHEAD Oldham
07/12/1777 John WILDE Oldham Ellen FITTON Oldham
08/12/1777 James GREEN Oldham Sarah OGDEN Oldham
08/12/1777 James WHITTAKER Oldham Mary WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham
09/12/1777 Abram HILTON Sarah HARDMAN
09/12/1777 Thomas CHANDLER Betty WHITTAKER
21/12/1777 Samuel POLLETT Hollinwood Catharine KERSLEY Hollinwood
21/12/1777 Peter MOORS Oldham Mary HAMOUR Oldham
25/12/1777 John ENTWISTLE Hollinwood Sarah GOSSLEAK Hollinwood
25/12/1777 Peter FIELDEN Oldham Mary HALL Oldham
28/12/1777 Edmund KERSHAW Middleton Margaret RAMSDEN
29/12/1777 John GREAVES Mary YATES
01/01/1778 Ormond DURDEN Oldham Margaret SUTCLIFF Oldham
01/01/1778 John WOOD Oldham Mary CLEGG Oldham
02/01/1778 Jonathan BARNS Oldham Ann LEES Oldham
04/01/1778 John KIVINSON Oldham Mary ALLUMS Oldham
04/01/1778 Walker ALLEN Hannah FLETCHER Radcliffe
04/01/1778 Moses PARTINGTON Mary FITTON
05/01/1778 Edmund GRINDRED Alice OGDEN
05/01/1778 John HOLLAND Esther WOOSTENCROFT
06/01/1778 James BRIERLY Hannah DAY
06/01/1778 Robert PENDLETON Sarah BRIERLY
06/01/1778 Joseph JONES Oldham Mary SCHOFIELD Oldham
06/01/1778 John HOLLAND Mary ASHWORTH
06/01/1778 Robert ASHWORTH Mary CROMPTON
08/01/1778 James HOWARTH Mary NEWBY
18/01/1778 James TAYLOR Oldham Betty DUCKWORTH Oldham
20/01/1778 James JOHNSON Ann ASHWORTH
24/01/1778 Caleb PHELPS Oldham Elizabeth CARPENTER Oldham
25/01/1778 John GORTON Oldham Betty MANFOR Oldham
25/01/1778 John SANDS Oldham Ann STOTT Oldham
03/02/1778 Jonathan STANWAY Saddleworth, Yorkshire Martha BROMILEY Oldham
03/02/1778 James WALLWORK Oldham Alice TAYLOR Middleton
05/02/1778 John DANIEL Oldham Ellen BANCROFT Oldham
05/02/1778 Thomas ASHETON Sally THOMPSON
08/02/1778 Thomas BERRY Oldham Martha ANDREW Oldham
10/02/1778 James HEYWOOD Oldham Clara STEVENTON Oldham
10/02/1778 John HODGSON Ann BERRY
10/02/1778 Thomas RAYNOR Ann BIRCH
10/02/1778 William MARLER Oldham Sarah TAYLOR Oldham
15/02/1778 Joseph LORD Oldham Mary CROXTON Oldham
19/02/1778 Aaron HEYES Oldham Ann TINDALE Oldham
22/02/1778 John LEECH Hollinwood Susan CROPPER Hollinwood
22/02/1778 Edmund LANSON Oldham Alice SPEAKMAN Oldham
27/02/1778 Jonas GRUNDY Mary SIMPSON
01/03/1778 Anthony BENNET Oldham Betty HYDE Oldham
02/03/1778 John HIGGINBOTTOM Oldham Ann TOWERS Oldham
03/03/1778 James HOLLAND Mary PICKSTONES
03/03/1778 James HADDOCK Nancy HAMPSON
03/03/1778 James BARLOW Oldham Mary LEE Oldham
03/03/1778 George HOWARTH Oldham Alice OGDEN Oldham
05/04/1778 William SHARP Oldham Mary HUSSEY Oldham
05/04/1778 Robert SHAW Oldham Mary DEAVIS Oldham
10/04/1778 Abraham TAYLOR Oldham Jane TAYLOR Oldham
19/04/1778 Thomas WILDE Oldham Betty LEE Oldham
20/04/1778 Thomas CHADWICK Oldham Mary WORRAL Oldham
20/04/1778 William ROBINSON Oldham Ann BOWKER Oldham
20/04/1778 Joseph CROMPTON Hollinwood Elizabeth BARNES Hollinwood
21/04/1778 James JOHNSON Oldham Ann DAVENPORT Oldham
21/04/1778 Ellias WHITTAKER Martha SEDDON
21/04/1778 Adam OLDHAM Mary WRIGLEY
21/04/1778 Robert CROSSLEY Ann NUTTAL
27/04/1778 Edward CASH Manchester Mary BRADBOURN
28/04/1778 James SIDDALL Ann TONGE Middleton
03/05/1778 Thomas LAWTON Mary JACKSON
03/05/1778 Ralph MARCH Oldham Mary BUTTERWORTH Oldham
10/05/1778 James BERRY Oldham Betty CHADWICK Oldham
17/05/1778 James DAWSON Esther BARLOW
17/05/1778 Richard HOLLAND Mary HALL
19/05/1778 John CASH Oldham Sarah ROYLE Oldham
24/05/1778 Kemfield DUMELO Oldham Betty WARDLEY Oldham
26/05/1778 John BERRY Mary WALKER
26/05/1778 Thomas COOK Alice TABLEY
26/05/1778 George ASHWORTH Sarah BLEAKELEY
29/05/1778 John HOLT Deborah WILDE
02/06/1778 Peter BRISCOE Oldham Betty MARTEN Oldham
07/06/1778 John WHITTAKER Oldham Ann TETLOW Oldham
07/06/1778 John HALL Oldham Mary TAYLOR Oldham
07/06/1778 James ORBISON Mary DAWSON
07/06/1778 James TAYLOR Ann ANDREW
07/06/1778 Josiah WOODE Hollinwood Elizabeth STOAKES Hollinwood
08/06/1778 Richard OGDEN Betty OGDEN Bury
08/06/1778 James CHAPMAN Mary BARLOW
10/06/1778 James FENTON Oldham Elizabeth WORTHINGTON Oldham
11/06/1778 Abram BUCKLEY Ann MOORE
11/06/1778 James BURDECAY Ann REDFORD
11/06/1778 Joseph HOLDSWORTH Mary ROTHWELL
12/06/1778 James BIBBY Oldham Mary BOOTH Oldham
12/06/1778 James TAYLOR Oldham Mary SANDS Oldham
17/06/1778 James SHOCROSS Oldham Mary PARKIN Oldham
28/06/1778 John TATTERSHALL Oldham Mary HEYWOOD Oldham
30/06/1778 John OGDEN Lettice LONSDEN
05/07/1778 James LEES Frances BROWN
05/07/1778 William WRIGLEY Oldham Molly GOODWIN Oldham
06/07/1778 James BRINDLE Oldham Esther SANDIFORD Oldham
12/07/1778 Thomas HARTLEY Oldham Elizabeth HIXE Oldham
12/07/1778 Peter ADSHEAD Hollinwood Mary HENSHAW Hollinwood
12/07/1778 Thomas HULME Oldham Molly HOBSON Oldham
13/07/1778 John BAYLEY Oldham Sarah COOPE Oldham
14/07/1778 John KERSHAW Oldham Sarah WHITEHEAD Oldham
19/07/1778 Ralph ASTLEY Alice HILTON
02/08/1778 Thomas SCHOLES Esther WRIGLEY
06/08/1778 Jeoffrey MERIDITH Oldham Martha BROWN Oldham
16/08/1778 Richard SCHOLES Oldham Ellen BUTLER Oldham
16/08/1778 John FITTON Susanna BERRY Bury
23/08/1778 John WORSLEY Oldham Hannah WARE Oldham
30/08/1778 John DITCHFIELD Wigan Sarah KENYON
30/08/1778 Robert POLLETT Ann SHUTTLEWORTH
30/08/1778 Charles HADKINSON Oldham Sarah BARNS Oldham
31/08/1778 Samuel BUTTERWORTH Oldham Sarah WOOLSTENCROFT Oldham
31/08/1778 Walter QUINTON Oldham Hannah HODGKINSON Oldham
31/08/1778 John BUTTERWORTH Alice BENTLEY
07/09/1778 James OGDEN Betty STANSFIELD
12/09/1778 William SMITH Oldham Jenny MARSHALL Oldham
13/09/1778 John GRIMSHAW Oldham Mary DEAVIS Oldham
13/09/1778 James LEES Oldham Elizabeth BLAZE Oldham
13/09/1778 George HAMPSON Hollinwood Mary FARLAND Hollinwood
14/09/1778 William BRAITHWAITE Oldham Jenny BRISCOE Oldham
16/09/1778 David SAXTON Hollinwood Ann HYDE Hollinwood
20/09/1778 James DORSET Oldham Elizabeth PICKERING Oldham
20/09/1778 Henry TAYLOR Ann FIELDING
20/09/1778 Thomas TOMKINSON Oldham Esther CROMPTON Oldham
21/09/1778 James HOPE Mary SCHOLES
21/09/1778 John GRIFFITHS Oldham Mary RYDER Oldham
23/09/1778 Robert BAMFORD Jane CHEATHAM
27/09/1778 John DAVIES Oldham Elizabeth EARNSHAW Oldham
28/09/1778 Ralph TAYLOR Oldham Sarah BAXTER Oldham
28/09/1778 John REED Oldham Elizabeth ROEBOTTOM Oldham
04/10/1778 William OWEN Oldham Sarah ROEBOTTOM Oldham
05/10/1778 John HALL Oldham Mary HOWARTH Oldham
06/10/1778 Robert BARLOW Middleton Jane BARLOW
06/10/1778 Richard LANCASTER Sarah HILTON
11/10/1778 Andrew HAMBLETON Oldham Elizabeth JENNINGS Oldham
13/10/1778 John BARNS Oldham Ann WILKINSON Oldham
15/10/1778 William DUNKERLEY Oldham Betty STOTT Oldham
18/10/1778 Jonathan SLAYTER Betty BAMFORD
18/10/1778 William HOWARTH Ellen BARLOW
18/10/1778 James BESWICK Mary TRAVIS
19/10/1778 Isackar THORP Betty HOWARTH
19/10/1778 Absalom TURNBULL Oldham Elizabeth LEEMING Oldham
20/10/1778 Benjamin VALLIANT St Michael On Wyre Alice WATSON Oldham
29/10/1778 Adam DAWSON Mary THORP
01/11/1778 Joseph WARD Oldham Ann HALL Oldham
02/11/1778 Thomas ROYLE Oldham Elizabeth HEYWOOD Oldham
03/11/1778 Charles POLLETT Elizabeth BROWN
05/11/1778 William HOWARTH Mary OGDEN
08/11/1778 Samuel SAXTON Hollinwood Betty BOWKER Hollinwood
09/11/1778 William PARR Elizabeth MILLS Whalley
15/11/1778 Edmund MELLOR Mary HOWARTH
17/11/1778 Charles CHAPMAN Elizabeth ECKERSALL
17/11/1778 William MORTON Alicia HORSFIELD
18/11/1778 Samuel WHITEHEAD Oldham Catherine EVENSON Oldham
22/11/1778 Samuel MARSH Oldham Alice MARSH Oldham
22/11/1778 Marsey CLARK Oldham Ann BEAKLEY Oldham
27/11/1778 John WILD Alice TAYLOR
28/11/1778 Joshua SNELSON Oldham Ellen HOLT Oldham
29/11/1778 John CROSSLEY Betty MORETON
06/12/1778 Jonathan SANKEY Oldham Ellen DEAVIS Oldham
07/12/1778 Robert HOWARTH Margaret BAMBER
07/12/1778 Robert HORROX Ellen FLITCROFT
13/12/1778 John CALLAND Oldham Ann WHITE Oldham
13/12/1778 John HURST Oldham Elizabeth HODGEN Oldham
13/12/1778 Thomas CHADWICK Esther TAYLOR
20/12/1778 Thomas WALKER Oldham Ann PEERS Oldham
20/12/1778 Edward SCHOLEFIELD Oldham Elizabeth MELLIDAY Oldham
21/12/1778 James BARLOW Oldham Betty BRIERLEY Oldham
22/12/1778 James BREADY Ann SMITH
31/12/1778 Abraham TAYLOR Oldham Nancey SAYVELL Oldham
04/01/1779 Timothy LAMB Oldham Margaret JOHNSON Oldham
05/01/1779 Joshua HOLT Oldham Hannah SHAW Oldham
05/01/1779 James CHAPMAN Martha HOLLAND
06/01/1779 Robert WOOLSENCROFT Oldham Betty CLEGG Oldham
08/01/1779 Hugh HEATON Ann DAWSON
09/01/1779 James UNSWORTH Rachael NUTTALL
10/01/1779 James SHARWIN Sarah MOLLINEUX
14/01/1779 Robert NEWTON Hollinwood Betty WRIGHT Hollinwood
14/01/1779 James CONNIFORTH Alice LORD
14/01/1779 Samuel SCOTT Rachael CROPPER
21/01/1779 John HARRISON Betty HIBBERT
28/01/1779 James CLEGG Oldham Sarah TAYLOR Manchester
30/01/1779 John HEYWOOD Mary JOHNSON
31/01/1779 John DREBLE Hollinwood Esther GLAVE Hollinwood
31/01/1779 John SCHOLEFIELD Oldham Sarah HEWARD Oldham
02/02/1779 James YATES Oldham Ann LILLY Oldham
04/02/1779 John HOLT Jenney CROSS
11/02/1779 William MOORE Hollinwood Esther BARNES Hollinwood
11/02/1779 William CRESSWELL Hannah LAMB
14/02/1779 John OGDEN Oldham Mary GOSSNORTH Oldham
16/02/1779 James BUCKLEY Fanny ASHWORTH
16/02/1779 James STAFFORD Oldham Hannah WALWORTH Oldham
16/02/1779 Thomas HORRIDGE Deane Betty JACKSON
22/02/1779 Richard OWEN Oldham Esther SCHOLEFIELD Oldham
14/03/1779 John BURCH Oldham Ann SMETHURST Oldham
30/03/1779 Samuel KAY Sarah MELLOR
30/03/1779 Abraham COCKER Oldham Ann WEEDER Oldham
04/04/1779 Thomas HUNT Ann HARRISON
04/04/1779 Thomas TAYLOR Oldham Sarah HARROP Oldham
05/04/1779 Joseph CLEGG Oldham Betty BUCKLEY Oldham
05/04/1779 John TAYLOR Oldham Mary SIMPSON Oldham
06/04/1779 James DAWSON Margarit ASSHTON
06/04/1779 James DAWSON Ellen COWBURN
06/04/1779 George ALBISON Sarah DAWSON
06/04/1779 Thomas THORP Oldham Martha WROE Oldham
06/04/1779 John DAVENPORT Martha HILTON
07/04/1779 Joseph BUCKLEY Oldham Mary TAYLOR Oldham
07/04/1779 John WHITEHEAD Sarah JOHNSON
08/04/1779 Thomas CONSTERDINE Ruth BRIERLEY
11/04/1779 John HARGRAVES Oldham Mary ATKINSON Oldham
11/04/1779 William HODSON Oldham Hannah BALCHER Oldham
12/04/1779 John WRIGLEY Oldham Sarah KERSHAW Oldham
18/04/1779 Richard FLETCHER Ann BIRD
18/04/1779 Thomas STOTT Mary TAYLOR
22/04/1779 George WHITTAKER Oldham Ann HAYSER Oldham
25/04/1779 John MONNOX Oldham Mary DENNIS Oldham
26/04/1779 Edward ROTHWELL Bury Esther MASON
30/04/1779 Matthew WILBRAM Alice FARRAR
04/05/1779 Darey LEVER Betty MARTEN
04/05/1779 James BOOTH Hannah DIXON
09/05/1779 John CHADWICK Catherine ASTLEY
09/05/1779 Thomas WATMOUGH Ann LEACH
11/05/1779 John HOLGATE Middleton Ann BOWKER
14/05/1779 Robert KAY Oldham Ann BLOMILY Oldham
16/05/1779 James BUCKLEY Jane HOLT
17/05/1779 William AXON Betty HIBERT
23/05/1779 Richard SANDIFORD Sarah TAYLOR
25/05/1779 Henry WILDE Oldham Ann LEES Oldham
25/05/1779 Peter CHADDERTON Martha CHADWICK
25/05/1779 John BABINGTON Oldham Mary PASS Oldham
26/05/1779 Thomas JONES Oldham Mary JONES Oldham
27/05/1779 James MILNE Ann BUTTERWORTH Rochdale
27/05/1779 Peter BAYLEY Oldham Prudence STOAKES Oldham
28/05/1779 Samuel TAYLOR Nancy PAGE
01/06/1779 John LEE Oldham Sarah JONES Oldham
03/06/1779 Richard BRADLEY Rachael COCKSHEAD
09/06/1779 Samuel SCHOLES Oldham Ellen HOERT Oldham
09/06/1779 John RADCLIFFE Saddleworth, Yorkshire Betty DRANSFIELD Oldham
13/06/1779 William DENERLEY Oldham Sarah STANNY Oldham
13/06/1779 James NABB Ann BARLOW
13/06/1779 Thomas CROFT Hollinwood Mary CULLAM Hollinwood
16/06/1779 James LAW Oldham Ann SCHOLEFIELD Oldham
20/06/1779 John TRITTON Hollinwood Martha COOPER Hollinwood
20/06/1779 Samuel KEMP Oldham Mally JACKSON Oldham
21/06/1779 Enoch ANDREW Saddleworth, Yorkshire Ann BUCKLEY Oldham
21/06/1779 William BROADEY Oldham Margarit RICHARDSON Oldham
27/06/1779 Hamer CROSS Bolton Mary DAY
27/06/1779 Rowland HILL Oldham Ann GERARD Oldham
01/07/1779 Robert TWAMLOW Oldham Nancy PEMBERTON Oldham
03/07/1779 William BARLOW Sarah BERRY
04/07/1779 John MELLOR Hollinwood Betty BUCKSTON Hollinwood
18/07/1779 John BROMILEY Oldham Hannah GREAVES Oldham
18/07/1779 Thomas ROYLE Oldham Ann BILLINGE Oldham
18/07/1779 Joseph WOOD Oldham Mary GROVES Oldham
24/07/1779 Joseph DENTON Oldham Elizabeth TAYLOR Oldham
25/07/1779 Isaac OGDEN Oldham Mary ADCROFT Oldham
25/07/1779 Samuel HARRISON Margaret PICKRING
27/07/1779 Robert HILTON Phebe WALKDEN
31/07/1779 Richard MASSEY Esther BROWN
01/08/1779 John BOWDEN Ann SNAPE
02/08/1779 John RANDLES Oldham Betty MARSHALL Oldham
08/08/1779 Robert HYDE Oldham Esther PRESCOTT Oldham
10/08/1779 Benjamin SIMPSON Oldham Ann GRIMSHAW Oldham
15/08/1779 Edward NEWMAN Oldham Catherine BARLOW Oldham
15/08/1779 Henry WHITTAKER Oldham Ann DUCKWORTH Oldham
15/08/1779 Edward HEYES Elizabeth SHAW
15/08/1779 James DEPLICK Oldham Elizabeth SIMPSON Oldham
17/08/1779 John HASLAM Ann HOLDEN Radcliffe
18/08/1779 Robert FISH Martha HATFIELD
22/08/1779 Joseph NEWTON Oldham Betty LEES Oldham
22/08/1779 James GREAVES Oldham Hannah WHITTAKER Oldham
23/08/1779 Joseph HILL Hannah HALL
23/08/1779 James MURPHY Oldham Winney KAY Oldham
23/08/1779 John GEE Oldham Elizabeth PRESTWICK Oldham
29/08/1779 John WHITTAKER Nancy TILSLEY
29/08/1779 Charles WILKINSON Oldham Mary STONES Oldham
29/08/1779 Abel BUCKLEY Sarah BUTTERWORTH
31/08/1779 William LLEWELYN Betty FLITCROFT Eccles
31/08/1779 Charles GOULD Oldham Mary BUXTONS Oldham
05/09/1779 Thomas MARSH Oldham Phoebe MILLS Oldham
05/09/1779 Samuel NEWBY Esther TAYLOR
06/09/1779 Abram MILLS Oldham Betty HEYES Oldham
12/09/1779 Isaac THORP Maria ELLER
12/09/1779 James WILDE Oldham Ann CLEGG Oldham
12/09/1779 Joseph TAYLOR Mary COOPER
13/09/1779 Peter ATKINSON Oldham Sarah SUTCLIFFE Oldham
13/09/1779 James ASHTON Martha DAWSON
14/09/1779 Matthew JONES Hannah HOLLAND
26/09/1779 Henry ROYLE Oldham Catherine BRITTERGH Oldham
28/09/1779 Thomas OGDEN Mary BAYLEY
28/09/1779 James OGDEN Betty DOOLEY
04/10/1779 Faulk HUGHS Oldham Ellen BARLOW Oldham
05/10/1779 Francis RIDINGS Oldham Elizabeth HOWERTH Oldham
05/10/1779 Thomas SEDDON Bolton Betty MASON
10/10/1779 Edward DODD Oldham Judith HARROP Oldham
11/10/1779 John TAYLOR Oldham Jane BOOTH Oldham
11/10/1779 John BELSHAW Oldham Elizabeth HAYESTON Oldham
12/10/1779 James WALKER Oldham Alice NOTT Oldham
12/10/1779 John BARLOW Mary GARTSIDE
17/10/1779 William SLATE Oldham Fanny WILKINSON Oldham
18/10/1779 Thomas HALL Oldham Ann OCKELSTON Oldham
24/10/1779 Joseph SHELMERDINE Oldham Alice ALLEN Oldham
24/10/1779 Edward GRISTWICK Oldham Mary CLARK Oldham
24/10/1779 George COOKE Oldham Hannah SCHOFIELD Oldham
26/10/1779 Joseph BROWN Martha ROGERSON
31/10/1779 Thomas GRIMSHAW Oldham Ruth SINGLETON Oldham
02/11/1779 Samuel WARDLEY Oldham Elizabeth DUCKWORTH Oldham
09/11/1779 William BESWICK Sarah BERRY
14/11/1779 Walker HORROCKS Jane OGDEN
16/11/1779 James CROSSLEY Sarah OGDEN
22/11/1779 Thomas KERBY Oldham Ann LAW Oldham
22/11/1779 Robert OGDEN Middleton Mary TONGE
23/11/1779 James KNOTT Oldham Alice BLOMILEY Oldham
24/11/1779 Josiah WARDLEY Oldham Ann SHIRES Oldham
26/11/1779 Thomas BLAKELY Ann DIGGLE Radcliffe
28/11/1779 John JACKSON Betty UNSWORTH
28/11/1779 Thomas KENYON Mary HOLLAND
30/11/1779 Samuel RAMSDEN Hannah RYDINGS
03/12/1779 John WADDINGTON Mary BRIARLEY
05/12/1779 George HOWARTH Oldham Hannah WINTERBOTTOM Oldham
05/12/1779 James BLINKHORN Oldham Esther TRAVIS Oldham
06/12/1779 John BUTLER Mary MOORS
12/12/1779 John SWARBRICK Oldham Rhoda GOODWIN Oldham
13/12/1779 William HEATH Oldham Elizabeth MOSS Oldham
14/12/1779 Joseph WIDDAL Oldham Martha HILTON Oldham
19/12/1779 Joseph HINMAN Oldham Rachael LEE Oldham
19/12/1779 John JONES Oldham Ann OSBALDESTON Oldham
21/12/1779 Charles KERSHAW Hollinwood Isabell WILLIAMSON Hollinwood
26/12/1779 Henry HARDMAN Oldham Mary MARSLAND Oldham
29/12/1779 Thomas STAPLETON Oldham Ann GALLIMORE Oldham

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