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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Chiselborough St Peter & St Paul


The Parish

The parish of Chiselborough lies in southern Somerset about 4 miles north of the market town of Crewkerne. Chiselborough is a small village which sits just east of the A356 road which connects Crewkerne with the busy A303 running from London to Exeter. Chiselborough is a rather scattered village with no real defined centre, it sits at the foot of Chiselborough Hill and perched above the course of the River Parrett. Like many Somerset parishes Chiselborough was engaged in farming, here pastoral farming dominated with the lush meadows of the Parrett's flood-plain providing rich grazing whilst tougher grass was the domain of sheep on the nearby hill. The Parrett drains the parish northwestwards running across the Somerset Levels and reaching the outer Bristol Channel through the port of Bridgwater. Chiselborough occupies a sloping site, properties at the A356 being 30 metres above the sea whilst those to the east rise to over 60 metres, land continues to rise in an escarpment to reach 131 metres on Chiselborough Hill. Parishes in this area are often small and Chiselborough was one of those, covering just under 750 acres it nevertheless could support close to 550 parishioners. In Domesday times Chiselborough was a holding of Count Robert of Mortain and an equally small place, offering just 5 ploughs, meadows & woodland but there was a mill.

The Church

St Peter & St Paul's church sits towards the River Parrett on the western edge of the settlement, accessed along the dead-end lane of Church Lane. The church is of ancient origin but has been much modified over the centuries. The central crossing tower is a feature of Norman era churches and Pevsner finds scattered remains of Norman Romanesque work in the form of a column and the bases of colonnettes at the meeting of nave with the crossing. The tower is later and shows the lancet windows characteristic of the Early English Gothic period albeit it towering spire, a landmark for many miles, is a 14th century Perpendicular embellishment. The chancel is next historically having been replaced in the 17th century whilst the nave, whilst showing the same Early English Gothic styles as the tower is as a result of the restoration of 1842. Church Lane is narrow but ends in a small turning circles cum parking area, enough only for a single car. The low wall of local stone is breached by piered and arched metal gates leading into a churchyard which is open, uncluttered and with no obstacles to the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th January 1755 - 13th September 1783 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/Chis/2/1/5 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting may lead to one or two misreads
2 29th May 1784 - 20th May 1796 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/Chis/2/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 23rd June 1796 - 30th March 1812 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/Chis/2/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 31st October 1814 - 1st June 1837 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/Chis/2/1/10 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
25/01/1755 Nicholas BAKER Widower Mary HUNT Single
10/02/1755 Thomas STRONG Beaminster, Dorset Betty BARTLET Single West Chinnock
29/10/1756 John GOLDRING Martha DAVY
08/06/1757 Thomas HUNT Susannah CHEEL Hinton St George
27/10/1757 John FORD East Chinnock Anne BARTLETT
03/01/1758 Robert BAYLY Martock Grace PITT
09/01/1758 John EGLAN Odcombe Jane LANE
07/02/1758 Thomas SINGLE Mary PITT
28/03/1758 William HOPKINS East Chinnock Mary STILL
29/10/1759 John OSBORNE Norton Sub Hamdon Susannah DAVY
07/04/1761 Thomas MURLEY Martha HOOPER West Chinnock
04/09/1761 Samuel PATTON West Chinnock Anne LANE
28/11/1761 Thomas MUDFORD West Chinnock Elizabeth FRY
05/01/1762 Roger MEECHAM Hannah SEWARD
04/01/1763 William MASTERS Susannah GAULER
25/05/1763 Thomas CHALKER Beaminster, Dorset Mary EDGAR
07/03/1764 Arthur DIBBLE Elizabeth PITTS Widow
19/05/1764 Giles GARD Elizabeth BULFORD
29/04/1765 Robert DAVY Grace DIBBLE
18/01/1766 James JENKINS Elizabeth GARD
04/02/1766 John BOUCHER East Coker Mary GREENHAM
10/02/1766 Jeremiah PEARCE West Chinnock Elizabeth PEARCE
11/02/1766 John MASON Elizabeth HUNT
21/04/1766 Robert SCOTT Mary SCOTT
28/05/1766 James HOCKEY Norton Sub Hamdon Jane HAYWARD
07/07/1766 Samuel GREENHAM Jane PATTEN Norton Sub Hamdon
28/08/1766 Robert DAVY Susanna TANNER
01/11/1766 Robert GIFFORD Anne GREENHAM
20/11/1766 Samuel CHICK West Chinnock Mary HALLET Haselbury Plucknett
06/01/1767 Joseph BAMBURY South Petherton Unity GAWLER
22/07/1767 George ENGLAND Lopen Elizabeth DAVY
19/10/1767 Samuel FORD West Chinnock Grace TANNER
04/04/1768 Edward SEAWARD Susannah GREENHAM
12/04/1768 John HUNT Susannah HOOD
27/07/1768 Thomas NAPPER West Chinnock Hannah CHANT West Chinnock
25/12/1769 Henry NAPPER Elizabeth GEAR West Chinnock
15/01/1770 John MEECHAM North Perrott Hannah GEAR West Chinnock
03/02/1770 Roger LANGDON Susanna HUNT
14/02/1770 William TIZZARD Netherbury, Dorset Mary STRONG
21/04/1770 William HAYWARD West Chinnock Elizabeth HAWKINS Middle Chinnock
05/06/1770 John ROBINS West Chinnock Ann FRY West Chinnock
15/08/1770 Henry FRY West Chinnock Margaret HAYWARD West Chinnock
10/12/1770 Joseph LANE West Chinnock Lydia GREENHAM
16/12/1770 Joseph LANGDON Elizabeth BURGESS
09/01/1771 Samuel SEAWARD Anne WHEATLEY
21/05/1771 William CURTIS Anne GUDGE West Chinnock
05/12/1771 Richard WELLS Jane LANE West Chinnock
17/04/1773 William MOREY Wayford Martha HUNT
13/07/1773 John LANGDON Anne CLEAL
12/01/1774 Jonathan BISHOP Mary SANDIFORD
04/09/1774 John BUTLER Priscilla DAVIS
19/12/1774 John PAUL West Chinnock Elizabeth DIBBLE
11/05/1775 William SEAWARD Mary HALLET
17/06/1775 John FORD West Chinnock Mary WILLS West Chinnock
05/07/1775 William MUDFORD West Chinnock Mary CHANT West Chinnock
16/12/1775 George LANGDON Jane LANGDON
09/05/1776 Anthony SLADE Hannah LANG
29/06/1776 Peter SEAWARD Keziah GILLET
05/08/1776 Joseph PITTS Anne DIBBLE
30/08/1776 John GAN Mary GARRET Norton Sub Hamdon
02/12/1776 Thomas SINGLE Elizabeth PARKER
22/12/1776 Joseph FORD West Chinnock Mary BULFORD
20/01/1777 Edward MURLEY West Chinnock Mary TAYLOR
01/05/1777 Andrew ADAMS West Chinnock Mary SLADE West Chinnock
27/09/1777 Matthew GAWLER Elizabeth GARD
11/10/1777 Charles LANGDON Anne BAYLY
25/10/1777 John BUTCHER Elizabeth GAWLER
06/12/1777 Charles LANGDON Mary NEAVIS
24/03/1778 John CHANT West Chinnock Jane FORD West Chinnock
14/04/1778 George NEWMAN West Chinnock Ruth BISHOP Bradford Abbas, Dorset
13/05/1779 John ELLGRO Susannah HANNING
30/05/1779 Edward BURGESS Susannah HALLET
18/11/1779 Joseph GREENHAM Widower Mary MURLEY Widow West Chinnock
21/08/1780 Richard PATTEN West Chinnock Anne PATTEN West Chinnock
15/10/1780 John HALLET West Chinnock Elizabeth GIBBONS West Chinnock
21/10/1781 Anthony PATTEN West Chinnock Martha CHANT West Chinnock
02/02/1782 Thomas FORD West Chinnock Anne BULFORD
17/12/1782 John WATTS West Chinnock Susannah GEER West Chinnock
07/05/1783 Samuel GREENHAM Unity LANGDON Single
01/07/1783 John BURGES Mary PITT Single
13/09/1783 John TAYLOR Susannah SINGLE Single
1 29/05/1784 Samuel BURGES Mary RENDALL Single
2 27/09/1784 John HAMLYN Susannah DAVY Single
3 21/05/1786 Thomas ROWSELL Elizabeth PATTEN
31/12/1786 John DAVEY West Coker Grace BAILEY
24/06/1787 Edmund HOOKER Susanah SEAWARD
16/12/1787 Thomas JEANES South Petherton Jemmima CHANT West Chinnock
08/01/1788 Charles HALLETT Ann GIBBONS
27/07/1788 Samuel BAWLEH Sarah HALLETT Single
04/04/1790 William PARKER Ann SINGLE
18/02/1791 John BAGG Norton Sub Hamdon Sarah SINGLE
01/05/1791 John HALLET Elizabeth EADES
25/08/1792 John LANGDON Ann GARD
20/05/1793 William BARTLETT East Chinnock Susanna HUNT
16/07/1793 William DIBBLE Ann PITT
04/11/1793 John DAVEY Susannah NAVIES
16/06/1795 Joseph TEMPLEMAN Middle Chinnock Sarah DIBBLE
20/05/1796 Joseph CHANT Ann BAMBURY
1 23/06/1796 Richard GAWLER Jane GREENHAM
2 24/05/1797 William GIFFORD Rebecca SINGLE
3 25/10/1797 Isaac DIBBLE Mary CHUBB Merriott
4 16/12/1797 Thomas JEANES South Petherton Jemmima CHANT West Chinnock
5 05/05/1798 Simon DODGE Elizabeth SEWARD
6 06/05/1798 Hugh LAWRENCE Martha GARD
7 04/06/1798 George HOLLAND Ann LANGDON
8 01/04/1799 John CHICK West Chinnock Rhoda CHANT West Chinnock
9 17/07/1799 Robert GENGE Mariah SANFORD
10 13/01/1800 William JAMES Ruth GARD
11 03/02/1800 John SINGLE Susanna PITMAN Norton Sub Hamdon
12 02/06/1800 William BRAINE Merriott Mary CLEALE West Chinnock
13 28/08/1800 John DRUCE Grace LANGDON
14 23/05/1801 William FORD Norton Sub Hamdon Mary FORD
15 08/10/1801 William GARD Mary ADAMS West Chinnock
16 15/12/1801 Joseph FORD West Chinnock Ann CLEALL West Chinnock
17 05/06/1802 John SAUNDERS West Chinnock Priscilla DAVEY
18 13/02/1803 William SAGE West Chinnock Rachel STINTON West Chinnock
19 04/07/1803 Charles LANGDON Single Ann MOREY
20 22/08/1803 Thomas SINGLE Widower Susanna SINGLE Widow Norton Sub Hamdon
21 29/10/1803 George DRUCE Single Elizabeth SLADE Single
22 09/11/1803 George GOULD Single West Coker Martha MOREY Single
23 19/03/1804 William SLADE Single Mary SEWARD Single
24 13/09/1804 William LANGDON Single Elizabeth GAWLER Single
25 13/01/1805 John BURGESS Single Ann COSSINS Single
26 08/06/1805 Robert LANGDON Sarah LANGDON
27 24/06/1805 John PITT Mary GIFFORD
28 03/07/1805 George FARNHAM Elizabeth GEAR
29 05/12/1805 Samuel LANGDON Hannah HALLET
30 25/11/1806 Richard Newbury MATTHEWS Single West Chinnock Jane BUCKRELL Single
31 31/12/1806 George TAYLOR Mary GAWLER
32 18/04/1807 Thomas PATTEN Elizabeth BURGESS
33 28/07/1807 Abraham OSBORNE Merriott Hannah HALLETT
34 20/10/1807 Samuel BURGESS Anne CROCKER
35 28/04/1808 Samuel SEWARD Elizabeth LANGDON
36 08/05/1809 Peter SEWARD Martha TIZARD
10/08/1809 Isaac GARD Mary BULFORD
02/10/1809 John RAISON Mary LANGDON
04/11/1809 Joseph CHANT West Chinnock Hannah GARD
27/02/1810 Joseph ROBINS Mary LANGDON
23/04/1810 Samuel GARD Ann BURGESS
14/07/1810 Edward LANGDON Rhoda GARD
14/07/1810 William BULFORD Jemima GARD
15/12/1810 Simon GEAR Yeovil Rebecca LANGDON
23/11/1811 Lionel HARRISON Odcombe Ann LANGDON
25/11/1811 George BISHOP West Chinnock Mary TAYLOR
03/02/1812 John FOWLER Rebecca GARD
08/02/1812 John DODGE Hannah EGLIN
30/03/1812 George GARD Ann GARD
1 31/10/1814 John HALLET Maria SEWARD
2 10/11/1814 William EGLAN Grace BARGERY
3 04/09/1815 Samuel LANG South Petherton Mary FORD
4 26/10/1815 William DRUCE Mary SEWARD
5 28/02/1816 James CARIES West Coker Sarah DODGE
6 27/05/1816 Robert CHANT Harriet GARD
7 06/06/1816 Edward SEWARD Keziah SEWARD
8 11/02/1817 Giles TEMPLEMAN North Perrott Elizabeth BUCKRELL
9 12/02/1817 Samuel MASTERS Martha SEWARD
10 16/06/1817 Samuel DRUCE Sarah FORD
11 07/07/1817 Mark LANGDON Sarah GREENHAM
12 08/04/1819 Daniel BURGESS Hannah LOVEN
13 05/12/1819 George BAGG Stoke Sub Hamdon Elizabeth FORD
14 24/02/1820 John MITCHERN Jemima OSBORN
15 29/01/1821 George RAYSON Ann LAWRENCE
16 29/03/1821 George HALLETT Jemima HAMLYN
17 05/03/1822 William SEWARD Joan PRINCE
18 18/04/1822 William DAVEY Elizabeth GALLETT
19 23/04/1822 Charles ROWSELL Mary WINSOR
20 18/10/1823 William BROOKS Priscilla SANDERS
21 19/04/1824 Robert HALLERT North Perrott Elizabeth WARREN West Chinnock
22 06/05/1824 William LANGDON Widower Mary BURT Melcombe Regis, Dorset
23 25/06/1824 Robert HALLETT Mary Ann HALLETT
24 13/02/1825 George CHANT West Chinnock Sarah HAYWARD West Chinnock
25 04/04/1825 John DRUCE Mary LAWRENCE
26 06/07/1825 William LANGDON Ann BISHOP
27 16/07/1825 George LANGDON Hannah HOCKEY
28 12/11/1825 James LANGDON Sarah TILLEY West Chinnock
29 07/02/1826 William PETTY Elizabeth HOLLAND
30 07/02/1826 John HAWKINS Norton Sub Hamdon Elizabeth GENGE
31 22/05/1826 George HALLETT Priscilla LANGDON
32 11/06/1826 Thomas STANTIN Diana RODGERS
33 07/08/1826 Charles DAVEY Mary DRUCE
34 04/09/1826 John HALLETT Maria LANGDON
35 05/10/1826 William PARKER Ann GIFFORD
36 24/11/1826 Peter SEWARD Widower Elizabeth TAYLOR Widow
37 16/07/1827 Lionel HARRISON Widower Maria DRUCE
38 06/12/1827 David HOCKEY Elizabeth ADAMS
39 17/05/1828 William BULFORD Rhoda LANGDON
40 30/10/1828 George DRUCE Ann LAURENCE
41 22/08/1829 Simon LANGDON Elizabeth DRUCE
42 10/10/1830 Samuel PATTEN Elizabeth LANGDON
43 23/11/1830 Joseph PARKER Mary Ann GARD
44 26/03/1831 Robert SEAGER Ann HOCKEY
45 21/05/1831 William PEARCE Middle Chinnock Anna DOMMETT
46 28/07/1831 John TAYLOR Single Mary SEWARD Single
47 08/10/1831 Matthew HOCKEY Elizabeth ROBINS
48 30/10/1831 John HUNT Mary HARDING Middle Chinnock
49 08/11/1831 William HUNT Ann PETTEY
50 07/01/1832 Uriah LANGDON Single Judith EDWARDS Single
51 29/11/1832 John GARD Widower Mary EAMES Widow
52 28/05/1833 George FURZER Single West Chinnock Mary Ann PULMON
53 18/06/1833 Thomas TAYLOR Single Elizabeth HARRISON Single
54 20/07/1833 William LAWRENCE Single Mary MASTERS Single
55 26/12/1833 William DRUCE Widower Elizabeth SEWARD Single
56 03/05/1834 Edward SEWARD Single Mary Ann PARKER Single
57 07/12/1834 James LANGDON Widower Ann GARD Widow
58 30/12/1834 Thomas GARD Single Mary FORD Single
59 03/06/1835 Robert DRUCE Single Ursula GARD Single
60 13/06/1835 Joseph LANGDON Single Mary ROBINS Single
61 20/06/1835 William GREENHAM Single Frances GARD Single
62 14/07/1835 Edward LANGDON Single Susanna SEWARD Single
63 14/07/1835 John LANGDON Single Hannah CHANT Single
64 06/03/1836 Isaac LANGDON Single Sarah DRUCE Single
65 24/07/1836 James LANGDON Single Ann EDGAR Single
66 06/02/1837 Samuel BARGERY Widower Mary BURGESS Single
67 06/02/1837 John DODGE Single Anne BURGESS Single
68 13/02/1837 James DIBBLE Single Eliza TEMPLEMAN Single
69 01/04/1837 Samuel GENGE Single Mary TAYLOR Single
70 06/04/1837 James HALLETT Lydia DAVEY
71 01/06/1837 Samuel GREENHAM Single Ann PITT Single

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