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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Weston St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Weston lies in northeastern Suffolk about 3 miles south of the market town of Beccles. Weston is very small, little more than a hamlet, and sits just east of the A145 road which connects Beccles through to the A12 at Blythburgh. It is presumed that Weston was an estate parish where all land was held by a single landowner and in-migration discouraged as no distinct village has developed. Having said that this is an area with many parishes cheek-by-jowl and despite food quality arable farmland each parish would have held a small population. Like most Suffolk parishes Weston would have been dominated by arable farming and today the broad fields of cereal, oilseed and beet still dominate the landscape. Weston is drained eastwards by the headwaters of the Hundred River which makes its way the short distance to the North Sea reaching it just south of Kessingland. Weston is sited at around 15 metres above the sea in rather gentle landscape where local heights rarely reach above 30 metres for many miles. Weston parish was fairly typically sized for this area, covering just over 1,500 acres it would have supported a population of close to 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Weston was held by no fewer than 4 landholders, including King William, himself, collectively the parish could offer just 6 ploughs together with meadows and patches of woodland.

The Church

St Peter's church sits around 100 yards east of the A145 on the southern side of Church Lane which heads towards Ellough. There are traces of Norman age fabric but they are traces, a blocked widow in the nave and the restored southern doorway. The chancel of the church is somewhat later and in the Early English Gothic style of the 13th century, showing the lancet windows of that period. Both nave and western tower are a little later and Decorated in style. The southern doorway was restored and turned to brick in Tudor times and the church received the usual Victorian restoration to arrive at today's church. Church Lane is narrow but a verge outside the wooden gates of the churchyard permits a car to park. A pathway leads the way to the church which is set well back from the road in the southern quadrant of the churchyard, this places it close to the trees of the southern border and dies somewhat limit the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 31st August 1754 - 2nd June 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Lowestoft - Reference - 164/D/4/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 13th February 1813 - 4th October 1836 Suffolk Record Office - Lowestoft - Reference - 164/D/4/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Ringsfield All Saints
Beccles St Michael
Worlingham All Saints
Ringsfield All Saints
Ellough All Saints
Redisham St Peter
Shadingfield St John the Baptist
Ellough All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 31/08/1754 Thomas CARTHEW     Elizabeth MORDEN Single  
2 01/03/1756 William LARK Widower   Sarah LILLY Single  
3 18/07/1758 Thomas HAYS Single Frostenden Susanna HUNT Single  
5 16/10/1758 John BALLS Single   Susanna WATTS Single  
4 21/11/1758 Henry RUMSBY Widower   Mary CRETEN Single  
6 05/12/1758 William LEWIS Single   Matthew AUGER Single  
7 16/01/1759 Groves CLEVELAND Single   Mary LIFFEN Single  
8 20/08/1759 Stephen LILLY Single   Elizabeth LIFFEN Single  
10 13/10/1760 William BALLS Single   Sarah CLARKE Single  
9 13/10/1760 Robert LIFFEN Single   Martha DAWSON Single  
11 13/07/1761 Samuel SAYER Single Mettingham Hannah WATLING Widow  
12 10/08/1761 William GRAY Single   Hannah LILLESTONE Single  
13 25/10/1761 Robert COCKRILL Single   Mary LEGGITT Single Shadingfield
14 24/12/1761 Henry BEECROFT Single   Hannah RIVETT Single  
15 05/07/1763 Robert NICHOLS Widower Sotterley Anne KEABLE Widow  
16 19/08/1764 John PRESS Widower   Elizabeth LIMMER Single  
17 11/02/1765 George PRATT Single   Susanna BULLEIN Single  
18 11/11/1766 Robert RIVETT Single   Jane STROWGER Single Beccles
19 02/12/1766 Thomas LANE Single Barsham Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
20 21/01/1767 Edmund CABLE Widower Wissett Martha PEAK Single  
21 22/01/1767 William PEAK Single Wenhaston Margaret LAST Single  
22 10/06/1770 William THAXTER Single   Easter CABLE Single  
23 07/08/1770 William BACHELOUR Single   Elizabeth ANDREWS Single  
24 18/03/1771 Henry LIFFEN Widower   Martha WADE Single  
25 25/06/1771 Roger BEAUMONT Single Gorleston Mary LAST Single  
26 27/04/1772 John MINISTER Single   Susanna WELTON Single  
27 06/05/1772 William DEVEREUX Single   Elizabeth ELLIS Single  
28 20/04/1773 John FOREMAN Single   Mary GILLMAN Single  
29 14/02/1774 Charles FISK Single   Penelope IRELAND Single  
30 19/10/1775 Charles SEELER Single   Anne THURREL Single  
31 02/01/1776 William PIERSON Single Shadingfield Elizabeth ANDREWS Single  
32 14/07/1776 John DORKINS     Rebekah PAGE   Redisham
33 07/09/1777 James FOUNTAIN Single   Elizabeth HITCHAM Single  
34 07/05/1778 Samuel MORTIMER Widower   Anne LAST Single  
35 01/12/1778 John CANN Single   Elizabeth WHITING Single  
36 18/01/1779 James VEAL Single Ringsfield Susanna FISKE Single  
37 26/04/1779 Thomas ELLIS Single   Rebekah BIRD Single  
38 02/02/1780 Robert EBBAGE Single   Elizabeth ELLIS Single  
39 20/11/1780 John MOOD Single   Frances GRIMBLE Single  
40 23/08/1781 Samuel LOMMES Single   Susanna BOILES Single  
41 05/07/1784 Timothy MOOR Single   Jemima ADAMS Single  
42 12/07/1784 Jonathan PAGE Single North Cove Mary DODDINGTON Single  
43 25/10/1784 Jonathan DOWNING Single   Jemima BARNES Single  
44 23/01/1786 George PRATT Widower   Elizabeth WATLING Single  
45 30/06/1786 William NUNN     Mary JINKERSON    
46 17/10/1786 James COLE Single   Susannah CLEVELAND Single  
47 27/11/1786 John BALLS Widower   Rebecca WINYARD Widow  
48 20/10/1789 Francis BALLS Widower Redisham Elizabeth BUTTON Widow  
49 27/12/1790 William CATCHPOOL Single   Hannah MOOR Single  
50 09/02/1791 Robert BEALY Single   Mary LILLY Single  
51 13/06/1792 John HOTSON Single Bergh Apton, Norfolk Mary SCARLETT Single  
52 03/07/1792 Zechariah STEBING Single   Susannah ELLIOTT Widow  
53 07/08/1792 James BALLS Single   Sarah PREW Single  
15 13/11/1792 William CHITTEL Widower   Elizabeth COCKRELL Single  
16 13/11/1792 Richard CROUCHAM Single   Elizabeth PRATT Single  
15/02/1794 Thomas GOODING Single Westleton Elizabeth LARTER Single  
28/04/1794 John MADDESON   Shadingfield Mary ALDRED Single  
26/06/1794 Robert BETTS Widower   Mary GRIMBEL Single  
17/02/1795 Samuel GOODINGS Single   Anne RAYNER Single  
10/10/1795 Jeffery EDWARDS Single   Elizabeth LILLY Single  
11/10/1797 William LANGLEY Single   Anne FAIRWEATHER Single Beccles
11/10/1797 William BLOWERS Single   Susanna BARBER Single  
18/02/1799 Samuel CLARK Single   Mary LANGLY Single  
13/05/1799 James PALLOND Widower   Mary SAMSON Single  
12/08/1799 William BLOCK Single   Margaret DUNN Single  
14/10/1799 John ANDREWS Single Westhall Amy COCKRILE Single  
31/01/1800 Joseph TURREL Single   Christiana VALE Single  
12/10/1801 David PEACHEY Single   Mary GODDARD Single  
23/09/1802 John STROULGER Single Halesworth Ann NICOLS Single  
11/10/1802 Joseph HAMMOND Single Ellough Ann TURRELL Single  
19/12/1803 Samuel ADAMS Single Frostenden Mary VINYARD Single  
25/04/1804 Richard FAIRWORTH Single Shadingfield Elizabeth HOWE Single  
10/11/1804 Martin GIBSON Single Laxfield Lydia WHISKIN Single  
11/11/1805 Charles GIBSON     Elizabeth NICHOLES Single  
07/12/1806 John HOWARD Single   Elizabeth BEECROFT Single  
24/12/1806 Israel ROUSE Single   Hannah LANGLEY Single  
21/01/1807 John SARLES Single   Catherine LANGLEY Single  
08/06/1807 Gunton POSTLE Single Ringsfield Mary CARJAT Widow  
19/10/1807 John SCARL Single   Martha MANN Single  
10/11/1807 Philip PRATT Single   Sarah SIMONDS Single  
14/09/1809 Robert STEPHENS Widower Halesworth Henson HOWARD Single  
12/10/1809 Benjamin ELVIN Single   Rachel NORMAN Single  
19/02/1810 Joseph GRAY Single Gisleham Susanna BALLS Single  
20/03/1810 James FEVYEAR Single Sotherton Jemima BROWN Single  
25/02/1811 Orston FISK Single   Ann CURTIS Single  
13/01/1812 William BECK Single   Susan HINKMAN Single  
06/04/1812 Joseph HAWARD Widower   Sarah BALLS Single  
02/06/1812 Samuel BALLS Single   Martha BETTS Single Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
13/02/1813 Robert NORMAN Single   Sarah FORSTER Single  
1 15/04/1813 Richard BOON Single Geldeston, Norfolk Charlotte BAYLEY Single  
2 20/05/1813 William LING Single   Charlotte LAST Single  
3 05/07/1813 William SMITH Single   Ann PRATT Single  
4 02/12/1813 Thomas BISHOP   Chediston Louisa HAWARD Single  
5 17/10/1814 James JUDD Single   Mary CROFT Single  
6 06/08/1816 William WEST Single   Elizabeth FLOWERS Single  
7 17/02/1818 James KEY Single Redisham Ann FOULGER Single  
8 13/07/1818 William WINKFIELD Single   Elizabeth TOVEL Single  
9 14/09/1820 Robert JEX Single   Phoebe GALER Single  
10 13/11/1820 David ALDRIDGE Single   Mary Ann LADBROOKE Single  
11 15/01/1821 William HAMMOND Single   Ann SMITH Single  
12 18/06/1821 Jonathan CHENERY Single   Mary FLEGG Single  
13 27/01/1822 Charles PULFORD Single South Elmham St Margaret Martha WINYARD Single  
14 24/02/1822 John BLOWERS Single   Mary BALLS Single  
15 29/04/1822 Robert BROWN Single   Hannah HOLLAND Single  
16 09/12/1822 Henry BROWN Single   Mary BATTLEDOR Single  
17 24/08/1823 John TURNER Single   Harriet JUBY Single  
18 30/09/1823 John REYNOLDS Single Shadingfield Sarah SMITH Single  
19 03/11/1823 Edward WAY Single   Lucy BAILY Single  
20 11/10/1824 John BROWN Single   Susan TYRRELL Single  
21 09/12/1824 Noah TALBOT Single   Sophia LAWS Widow  
22 05/09/1826 Joseph COLE Single   Maria COON Single  
23 18/09/1826 John CANDLER Single   Susanna LANGLEY Single  
24 04/10/1826 John RACKHAM Single   Elizabeth BALLS Single  
25 28/10/1827 James FOULGER Widower   Martha ROBERTS Single  
26 26/05/1828 Peter SMITH Widower   Jemima COLE Single  
27 31/10/1828 William BLOWERS Single   Mary Ann WILSON Single  
28 02/11/1829 David PAGE Single   Martha BALLS Single  
29 16/12/1829 Edmund BAILY Single   Maria BRUNNING Single  
30 24/02/1832 John HANSET Widower Ilketshall St Andrew Phobee ALDRED Widow  
31 11/06/1832 William BROWN Widower   Hannah READ Single  
32 01/07/1832 Joseph WEAVERS Single   Elizabeth SARBUTT Single  
33 30/07/1832 John FISK Single Pakefield Ann HAWARD Single  
34 11/09/1832 William BATTRAM Widower   Maria CLARK Single  
35 26/11/1832 Henry WILSON Single   Martha CROWFOOT Widow  
36 14/09/1835 Henry STAMMERS Single   Mary LANGLY Single Henstead
37 14/01/1836 Richard DUNNETT Single Uggeshall Elizabeth KING Single  
38 04/10/1836 James SAMSON Single   Charlotte LING Single  

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