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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Albourne St Bartholomew


The Parish

The parish of Albourne lies in southern central Sussex about 2 miles west of the small market town of Hurstpierpoint. Albourne once sat on the busy London to Brighton A23 road, which has nowadays been upgraded to dual-carriageway and moved to the east, the former route being renumbered as B2118. The presence of the major coaching route to the sea saw Albourne greatly expand in Victorian times to serve this transient community, prior to that it was just a rather average mid-sized farming village. Albourne is drained westwards by a small tributary of the Adur which is joined to the northwest of Henfield, the Adur reaches the English Channel through the port of Shoreham on Sea. Albourne is sited at around 40 metres above the sea in fairly tranquil Wealden countryside, local heights within a couple of miles rise to no more than 60 metres whilst the escarpment of the South Downs dominates views to the south. Albourne parish was fairly typically sized for a Wealden parish, it covered close to 1,400 acres and its population would have risen during the period of this transcript to almost 400 parishioners. Albourne is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book which has many areas of waste within the Weald.

The Church

St Bartholomew's church actually sits at Albourne Place almost 3/4s of a mile southwest of the village and accessed along a narrow and winding dead-end lane. Sadly the church is a Victorian replacement for Albourne's original building although the architect has copied the styles of the former building indicating that what is lost was a Norman Romanesque origin in the 12th century. The building that now stands here is not the venue for the following marriages having been built in 1859. Whilst the church is maturing into a picturesque part of the landscape it clearly did not excite Pevsner who's text is short and largely descriptive. Church Lane heads westwards from the B2118 before turning sharply south to the church where parking is available on the often muddy verges. The churchyard is surrounded by a mid-height local stone wall and is compact with trees tight to the favoured southeastern aspects which take way the better angles for photography,

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th February 1755 - 26th April 1757 West Sussex Record Office - Chichester - Reference PAR226/1/1/2 Plain unruled book a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke';s segregation requirements Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Badly faded requiring assistance from the BTs to achieve a transcript
2 2nd January 1759 - 21st May 1785 West Sussex Record Office - Chichester Bishop's Transcripts on loose leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The marriage register for this period has been lost, BTs were used to retrieve at least some of these entries, the quality was very mixed and some misreads are likely, also there are certain gaps
3 1786 - 1812

Marriages were not recorded in the BTs for this period
4 16th August 1813 - 24th February 1837 West Sussex Record Office - Chichester - Reference PAR226/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Twineham St Peter
Hurstpierpoint Holy Trinity
Hurstpierpoint Holy Trinity
Woodmancote St Peter
Hurstpierpoint Holy Trinity
Poynings Holy Trinity
Poynings Holy Trinity
Newtimber St John the Baptist

1760 1770 1780 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
05/01/1754 Edward BURTENSHAW

Elizabeth PARSONS
11/02/1755 William JOHNSON
Hurstpierpoint Martha HARDS

29/02/1756 John MILES

Susan BOON

07/05/1756 Thomas JUDEN


17/06/1756 William KING


23/08/1756 Charles MATHEW


22/11/1756 Thomas HARRISON

20/12/1756 William BURTSHALL
Sullington Ann SAVAGE

26/04/1757 Michael HOOKER
West Grinstead Susannah JUPP

02/01/1759 Thomas CARE

Elizabeth GROVES

22/07/1759 Edward HARLAND

Sarah DAVY

11/09/1759 John BELCHAMBER


27/10/1760 Arthur LONGHURST
Steyning Jenny KING

11/01/1762 James HEATHER

Elizabeth GILLHAM

23/02/1762 John MARTIN
Woodmancote Ann PANNELL

13/04/1762 Francis STILL


15/04/1762 James HUDSON

01/09/1765 Thomas HASELGROVE
Hurstpierpoint Ann WEST

10/12/1765 Richard BLABER
Upper Beeding Ann GROVES

03/02/1767 Henry BRAVERY

Elizabeth GANDER

29/09/1768 John LANGRIDGE
Hurstpierpoint Mary WILSON

17/11/1768 James BANKS
Keymer Ann GILLAM

17/12/1768 Richard HOLLINGDALE
Newhaven Elizabeth KIDD

14/10/1772 John NICHOLSON

Sarah GEER

04/10/1774 John ALSOP
Sunbury, Middlesex Elizabeth NOWLS

10/10/1774 William GANDER


27/01/1777 Thomas JUPP


13/10/1777 John GILLHAM


23/04/1778 Zaccheus STAKER


30/04/1778 Charles MITCHELL


27/06/1778 Richard HOLMAN


12/10/1778 Thomas CARE


08/11/1779 William BUTLER


28/03/1780 Henery HANSON

Katherine HARRISON

11/12/1780 William HILL
Henfield Katherine CHALE

04/09/1781 William MAFFIN


04/11/1781 John SUMERS


23/11/1781 William LAUNDER

27/08/1782 James INGS

Elizabeth GUILHAM

17/02/1783 Thomas HOLMAN


21/05/1785 John WICKHAM


1 16/08/1813 Frederick BOORE Single All Saints, Lewes Mary HANSON Single
2 08/01/1814 James ROBINSON Single
Lydia PETERS Single
3 10/04/1815 Henry DENMAN Single
Ruth TUGWELL Single
4 24/04/1815 James FRENCH Single
Elizabeth STARLEY Single
5 24/04/1815 William HIDER Single Hurstpierpoint Mary BLABER Single
6 04/11/1815 Philip GROVES Single
Martha PHILLIPPS Single
7 09/04/1816 William MANSELL Single Upper Beeding Charlotte SHOULDER Single
8 07/07/1816 Thomas LEWRY Single
Sarah PESKITT Single
9 17/05/1818 William BLABER Single
Jane HUDSON Single
10 22/03/1819 William DANNELS Single Steyning Sarah SHARP Single
11 13/02/1820 William HUDSON Single
Jane KING Single
12 08/05/1820 William HOLDER Single
Mary Ann SAYERS Single
13 22/04/1821 William STANDEN Single
Barbara BLABER Single
14 25/04/1821 William BENNETT Single
Sarah GANDER Single
15 04/06/1821 Charles MORRIS Single Henfield Mary Ann BENNET Single
16 15/10/1821 William CATE Single
Ann BRITT Single
17 20/10/1821 John BOORER Widower Portslade Sarah Anne HALL Single
18 06/12/1821 John STANDEN Single Hurstpierpoint Ann KNIGHT Single
19 09/12/1821 William RICHARDSON Single
Mary KING Single
20 07/01/1822 William HALL Single
21 03/02/1822 Thomas MONNERY Single Henfield Elizabeth BENNETT Single
22 22/04/1822 Henry WADEY Single
Phillis LANDER Single
23 18/08/1822 John BLABER Single
Sarah STARLEY Single
24 26/07/1823 Edward FOWLER Single Woodmancote Mary SCRASE Single
25 20/10/1823 Daniel STARLEY Single
26 09/05/1824 Leonard STARLEY Single
Caroline WADEY Single
27 15/11/1824 John MARKWICK Single Barcombe Ann STARLEY Single
28 07/04/1826 George DAVEY Single Hurstpierpoint Eliza HILL Single
29 31/10/1827 Peter PRATT Single
Harriett MITCHELL Single
30 17/05/1828 James PELLEN
Steyning Ann BOWEL

31 27/07/1828 Thomas LEWRY


32 28/09/1828 William HOLDER


33 22/12/1828 John KING


34 12/07/1829 John KING


35 04/12/1829 Richard BLABER

Elizabeth BRITT

36 10/01/1830 William PEACOCK

Elizabeth BOWELL

37 14/02/1830 Philip SAYERS


38 31/05/1830 Thomas CHATFIELD

Martha THORP

39 12/11/1830 Henry Barker MORRELL


40 10/04/1831 John GILES

Elizabeth NICHOLAS

41 25/12/1832 William KNAPP Single Twineham Harriet STILL Single
42 02/02/1833 Thomas LEWRY Widower
Jane PARSONS Single
43 19/05/1833 Henry LANDER Single Hurstpierpoint Mary BATCHELOR Single
44 20/07/1833 Richard KING Single
Harriet PELLING Widow
45 17/11/1833 James GILES Single
Mary HENDLEY Single
46 22/01/1834 Samuel THOMAS Single
Catherine KING Single
47 13/04/1834 James HILLS Single
Jane BONIFACE Single
48 06/12/1834 Henry CHATFIELD Single
Harriott BROWNINGS Single
49 20/02/1835 William Burtenshaw KING Single
Maria BLABER Single
50 09/04/1836 John SAUNDERS Single Twineham Sarah PEACOCK Single
51 16/06/1836 William Blackstone LEE Single St Michael, Winchester, Hampshire Elizabeth THOMSON

52 03/07/1836 John BRITT Widower
Sarah KING Widow
53 15/12/1836 Richard FRANGMER Single Patcham Mary BRITT Single
54 24/02/1837 Edward WARD Single Henfield Elizabeth Robinson PETERS Single

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