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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Hurstpierpoint Holy Trinity


The Parish

The parish of Hurstpierpoint lies in southern central Sussex about 9 miles north of the coastal resort & town of Brighton. Hurstpierpoint is a large village and previously a small market town which sits just under a mile east of the A23 road which connects Brighton with London. In medieval times Hurstpierpoint was granted a market and its corn market was, for a time, an important local trading point. Market status has faded over the centuries but Hurstpierpoint remains a large settlement. The centre sits at the crossroads of B2116 & B2117 but the village extends north from that junction for almost a mile whilst along the B2116 it is almost contiguous with Hurst Wickham & Hassocks to the east. Today Hurstpierpoint is also something of a dormitory settlement for its larger southern neighbour across the Downs. The Wealden area is notable for having a mixed farming economy and Hurstpierpoint's acreage was in the majority arable but with a substantial area set to pasture. Hurstpierpoint is drained westwards by a series of small streams heading for the River Adur which, turning southwards, cuts a swathe through the chalk of the South Downs to reach the English Channel through the port of Shoreham by Sea. Hurstpierpoint sits within Sussex' Weald at around 50 metres above the sea, the southern view, however, is covered by the heights of the South Downs where the chalk ridge reaches over 200 metres on nearby Wolstobbury Hill topped by its ancient hill-fort. Wealden parishes are either small or large with little in-between, Hurstpierpoint parish was one of the latter, covering almost 5,000 acres it would have supported a population of just over 2,100 parishioners. In Domesday times Hurstpierpoint was also one of the largest settlements in this area, held by William de Warenne it could offer an impressive 23 ploughs, the usual meadows & woodland and had 3 mills, a wealthy place which was amongst the largest 20% of settlements in the book.

The Church

Holy Trinity church sits just west of the main crossroads within the small town, on the southern side of the B2116, High Street at this point. Sadly this is not an ancient medieval masterpiece, not, indeed, the venue for the weddings listed here. The original 14th century church was removed by the middle of the 19th century and Holy Trinity built between 1843 and 1845 to replace it, some evidence states the original church as being dedicated to St Lawrence, all traces of that church have been removed. Today's church is a typical large and prosperous town church built in the same 14th century style as would have been the original church. A large church of five bays topped off with a northwestern tower complete with steeple, it certainly dominates the town skyline. Parking is not permitted close to the church, there is a small parking area westwards along the B2116, the churchyard is flush with and elevated above the road, there being no pavement it is a little tricky to access through the lychgate that fronts High Street. Once within there are no significant obstructions to photography albeit the placing of the tower on the northwestern corner makes for a tricky subject on a sunny day.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th May 1754 - 24th April 1837 West Sussex Record Office Bishops Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 5 Register - the condition of this register is such that the transcript carries a "health warning" as to the likelihood of being substantially incorrect The original registers of this parish are so badly damaged by water ingress and mold as to be almost illegible in any meaningful way. This has been mitigated by drawing these entries from the surviving Bishop's Transcripts

Bolney St Mary Magdalen
Twineham St Peter
Bolney St Mary Magdalen
Uckfield Holy Cross
Uckfield Holy Cross
Twineham St Peter
Albourne St Bartholomew
Clayton St John the Baptist
Newtimber St John the Baptist
Pyecombe The Transfiguration
Clayton St John the Baptist

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
06/05/1754 John STANDING Elizabeth HUBBARD
23/07/1754 Samuel GEAR Mary TERRY
31/07/1754 Thomas YOUNG Elizabeth REEVE
15/10/1754 John JUPP Mary LELLIOT
31/03/1755 Richard DYKES Ann PARSONS
12/04/1755 William DUDLEY Sarah PICKNALL
12/04/1755 John POLLINGTON Catherine COX
29/06/1755 Richard HAYBEATLE Mary BISHOP
29/08/1755 George WELLING Abigal FRENCH
05/09/1756 James HOLDEN Mary BIGNAL
08/11/1756 John LANGRIDGE Mary HOLDEN
20/12/1756 Thomas KING Jane PRATT
14/04/1757 Richard HARLAND Mary GATLAND
19/04/1757 Richard LASHMERE Catherine WEEKS
02/06/1757 Thomas HERRIOT Ann MARCHANT
07/09/1757 Charles GREFFEN Sarah REAVE
05/04/1758 Thomas DEANE Philedelfeah CAFFEN
11/05/1758 John WHITE Martha TULLEY
14/08/1758 Thomas MARCHANT Elizabeth MORTON
17/09/1758 PENFOLD Sarah NY
15/04/1759 William MITCHELL Elizabeth MORLY
12/07/1759 William BURT Ann WOOD
07/01/1760 Jeams BURCHWELL Philedelphiah MURELL
09/04/1760 Richard POCKNEY Elizabeth FOSTER
22/04/1760 John PECKNELL Ann PAINE
22/05/1760 Richard HUTSON Elizabeth TIPPEN
24/06/1760 John HARRISS Jane HINDERSON
21/07/1760 Jeams GANDER Judah GRINFIELD
23/11/1760 John HERIOTT Mary DUBEY
09/01/1761 John STANDING Elizabeth HAILER
02/02/1761 Jesper STILL Elizabeth MAY
12/07/1761 Thomas NY Mary CLEARE
10/08/1761 George LINDFIELD Ann MASON
28/09/1761 Thomas PENFOLD Ann DUNEY
29/09/1761 John WICKS Sarah FRENCH
04/10/1761 Henry DALE Sarah LINDFIELD
05/12/1761 Thomas TYMSON Sarah HOLEMAN
26/12/1761 William PENTICOST Ann BELLIS
07/01/1762 William GODMAN Lideah PARKER
12/04/1762 John POWEL Susanah ATTREE
12/04/1762 James POCKNEY Sarah LINDFIELD
13/04/1762 James NY Cloea WHITE
22/04/1762 John TURNER Mary DODSON
04/05/1762 John MILES Mary GEARE
05/05/1762 Henry GANDER Elizabeth HARLAND
30/06/1762 Samuel JUNEPER Ann WAIMEK
10/08/1762 Thomas WHITE Elizabeth HOLEMAN Widow
16/09/1762 Francis JENNER Mary COMBER Widow
08/10/1762 Thomas BAILLEY Elenor HUBARD
15/02/1763 John BINE Ann GEARE Widow
03/04/1763 Joseph GREENAWAY Elizabeth WEBB
03/04/1763 James WHITE Ann ADAMS
10/04/1763 Mathew MILLS Sarah HASELGROVE
18/04/1763 Henry MORLY Martha PATCHING
05/05/1763 William PIERCE Jane HAINS
18/05/1763 Michael HOOKER Mary STIANT
26/02/1764 Nathaniel AVARY Elizabeth HAINS
22/04/1764 Edward PELE Elizabeth GEARE
30/04/1764 Thomas BURTTON Elizabeth AVARY
30/04/1764 Thomas HACKER Mary VURGO
15/06/1764 Thomas WHITE Sarah BULL
10/07/1764 Charles FRENCH Sarah BARBER
08/09/1764 Stephen CAVE Ann BRECK
15/11/1764 Thomas GREENAWAY Sarah MARCHANT Widow
12/04/1765 William WICKS Elizabeth HOLLINGDALE
28/04/1765 John PACKHAM Mary GRANT
30/04/1765 Edward TOMSET Sarah FULLER
26/09/1765 Francis JENNER Elizabeth HICKS
04/02/1766 John JENNER Mary PARSON
08/04/1766 James KOWLS Susanna WICKS
27/05/1766 John COLGET Mary READ
12/08/1766 Lenard BREDE Elizabeth BURTENSHAW
25/11/1766 Richard FILLDERS Elizabeth PECKNELL
27/11/1766 George COURTHROP Frances CAMPION
23/04/1767 William SPRATLY Sarah OARHAM
12/05/1767 James BOLTEN Sarah CHASMER
28/05/1767 John HARDING Ann HOLMAN
29/07/1767 John WICKS Elizabeth MITCHELL
22/10/1767 Thomas CRIPS Sarah BUCKWELL
12/04/1768 Richard GORRINGE Margaret JUPP
14/04/1768 Richard KING Jane HARLAND
04/07/1768 John CLARK Ann DODSON
27/12/1768 James PAYNE Ann MURREL
05/04/1769 Richard HERRIOTT Anne SHORT
07/04/1769 Richard BURTENSHAW Mary MARSHALL
10/04/1769 Joseph HARLAND Hannah WOOLGAR
20/04/1769 Edward HARLAND Susan HOLCOMB
16/05/1769 John PRAT Sarah BETTYBAND
08/12/1769 Thomas JUPP Anne FRENCH
26/01/1770 John ROOK Sarah MORLEY
11/02/1770 Edward TOMSET Jane MITCHEL
19/04/1770 Henry FOWLER Mary HARLAND
22/05/1770 William MARSHALL Ann BORRER
05/06/1770 John HUTSON Mary BUCKWELL
09/06/1770 William WHITE Ann JUPP
26/06/1770 Edward PORT Mary BEATY
27/06/1770 John HARRISS Elizabeth HUTSON
06/09/1770 William KING Ann BETTYBAND
27/09/1770 Thomas MITCHELL Elizabeth DAVEY
08/04/1771 Richard BONNIFACE Ann WHITE
08/04/1771 William ELMS Sarah DAVEY
08/04/1771 John BRETT Hannah HARLAND
09/04/1771 Jacob BARNARD Elizabeth MITCHELL
04/06/1771 William HENTY Mary HOLDEN
04/07/1771 Henry DAVEY Ann BUCKWELL
20/09/1771 Richard GODDARD Eleanor ASHBY
11/10/1771 Thomas COOTER Elizabeth CHASEMORE
08/01/1772 Thomas JEWEL Sarah MORLY
21/02/1772 William IFOLD Elizabeth MAY
25/02/1772 James WHITE Sarah TIPPEN
19/04/1772 John GREENFIELD Ann THOMAS
21/05/1772 Thomas PRATT Susannah PECKHAM
10/09/1772 Thomas HOWARD Mary LEAKE
17/09/1772 William PHILPS Elizabeth CLEAR
08/10/1772 John MARSHALL Mary PRATT
03/12/1772 Michael FARNCOMB Lucy LAUGHAM
11/04/1773 William PANNETT Mary GILES
11/04/1773 Thomas READ Elizabeth STEPNEY
30/04/1773 George EVANS Sarah BARNETT
06/05/1773 Henry HOLDER Martha BARTLEY
20/05/1773 John RICHARDSON Mary KITE
28/09/1773 William SMART Ann HASLEGROVE
13/04/1774 John BURTON Ann HYDER
27/04/1774 John STEEL Fanny PANNETT
08/05/1774 William VIRGO Catherine PANNETT
07/06/1774 William BARBER Ann COOK
19/06/1774 John HERRIOTT Sarah VINAL
29/08/1774 David VIRGO Amy MARTIN
17/11/1774 James FAIRAL Abigail HARLAND
05/12/1774 Thomas GILES Elizabeth DAVEY
06/05/1775 Richard WOOD Sarah PELL
16/05/1775 Edmund PRONGER Susannah DAVEY
29/05/1775 John POLLINGTON Sarah HOLDEN
12/10/1775 James COOPER Ann LEAKE
23/11/1775 William CROSSKEY Susan THOMAS
19/12/1775 Thomas HASLEGROVE Elizabeth MORRIS
13/02/1776 John VIRGO Susannah GEARING
07/04/1776 Richard SYLVERSON Sarah HARLAND
08/04/1776 Henry HAYLER Mary STILL
11/04/1776 Richard BERRY Sarah BRIGDEN
23/04/1776 John SAUNDERS Elizabeth WICKHAM
27/06/1776 John BASTENTHORPE Martha KID
30/06/1776 Thomas PIERCE Mary ASHFOLD
14/12/1776 James FARRINDON Elizabeth NORTON
08/05/1777 William CARRENDEN Sarah HARLAND
17/05/1777 Henry GANDER Hannah JENNER
07/11/1777 Edward GILES Mary VINCENT
07/11/1777 William HORLY Mary KING
19/04/1778 George FULLER Zilpah THOMPSETT
23/04/1778 John PACKHAM Sarah ASHFOLD
12/05/1778 Henry WICKHAM Sarah ELLIOTT
19/05/1778 John JOHNSON Mary GREENAWAY
14/07/1778 Samuel WOOD Jenny KING
29/07/1778 Thomas GOLDS Ann MAY
13/10/1778 Richard MOCKFORD Jude COX
04/04/1779 Henry STEVENS Mary LANGRIDGE
12/04/1779 Richard GODLEY Jane LAMBERT
02/05/1779 Richard DAVY Mary RAWLEY
20/06/1779 William TULLETT Phoebe VIRGO
25/06/1779 Richard EDWARDS Rebecca ALFREY
14/10/1779 James WOOD Elizabeth DAVY
15/11/1779 William NASH Frances ROBERTS
16/11/1779 James BIGNALL Sarah DAVY
30/12/1779 John PILBEAM Sarah FRENCH
06/04/1780 Thomas GREENFIELD Jenny PECKHAM
13/04/1780 William PIERCE Lydia SHORT
15/06/1780 William HAMPER Elizabeth LONGMORE
03/07/1780 William HOLMER Ann NORTON
23/11/1780 John FLINT Deborah DAVY
02/01/1781 Abraham NICHOLAS Nanny FLINT
08/02/1781 Richard GLAZEBROOK Elizabeth SEAL
09/02/1781 Thomas STANDLEY Rebecca STEPNEY
15/04/1781 Thomas MITCHELL Mary FOWLER
11/07/1781 Thomas DAINES Sarah LONGMER
17/07/1781 John SAYERS Sarah KING
25/09/1781 Henry WOOD Mary CHAFFIN
30/10/1781 James BRIGDEN Ann PIERCE
07/11/1781 Richard HOLDER Nanny PENFOLD
01/01/1782 Thomas PARSON Fanny HUTSON
15/01/1782 John FRENCH Margaret BELCHAMBER
02/03/1782 John JENNER Hannah WALLER
23/04/1782 William RICHARDSON Sarah BOWEL
24/04/1782 John POWEL Ann JUPP
07/05/1782 John NORMAN Philadelphia DEAN
09/05/1782 William SAYER Ann KING
03/08/1782 Arthur GARTON Hannah PIERCE
07/08/1782 William POLING Ann EDWARDS
07/11/1782 Francis SPRATLY Ann HERRIOTT
20/02/1783 George GILES Phoebe PANNETT
01/04/1783 Edmund DAVY Mary WICKHAM
29/05/1783 Henry YOUNG Ann SEAGROVE
05/06/1783 George HUGGITT Hannah JAY
05/09/1783 Thomas NICHOLAS Philadelphia HOWARD
28/10/1783 William PETTET Elizabeth JUPP
14/11/1783 Francis RICHARDSON Sarah JENNER
21/11/1783 George ROWLIN Charity POCKNEY
23/02/1784 Richard HERRIOT Sarah TULLY
03/05/1784 Peter MORFEE Elinor MARCHANT
07/05/1784 Thomas WICKHAM Sarah BURT
30/05/1784 John STILL Lydia VIRGO
03/06/1784 Henry BURRY Elizabeth BURTENSHAW
09/06/1784 Henry WOOD Sarah WOOD
16/11/1784 John HYDER Elizabeth WICKENS
17/11/1784 George WELLINGS Barbara BARTLEY
20/11/1784 Michael DENMAN Elizabeth HUBBARD
29/03/1785 Richard KNIGHTS Mary MARCHANT
11/04/1785 William GODDARD Frances GODDARD
15/05/1785 Henry PECKHAM Mary RICE
26/08/1785 John BUCKE Amy NORTON
23/09/1785 Joseph CHANDLER Ann ENGLISH
25/10/1785 John GROVES Jane MORRIS
08/12/1785 William ACTON Bab LONGMER
17/04/1786 James DAVEY Ann PURVEY
09/05/1786 Thomas CROSSKEY Jenny MITCHELL
12/08/1786 James WEEKES Elizabeth WOODGATE
11/09/1786 William WASHINGTON Ann RICE
17/10/1786 Peter TULLETT Mary PESKETT
22/10/1786 Henry DENMAN Sarah SMITH
06/12/1786 James STENING Ann STILL
29/01/1787 George EMERY Ann WINTON
06/02/1787 John MARCHANT Mary SPRATLEY
11/04/1787 Thomas KNIGHT Mary EDE
01/05/1787 John DUDNEY Ann RICHARDSON
05/06/1787 Thomas SAYERS Philly WHILDERS
01/07/1787 Thomas BARTLEY Ann KING
06/09/1787 William KING Sarah SAYERS
27/09/1787 John KING Mary NYE
13/05/1788 Thomas MEASOR Sarah TAYLOR
17/07/1788 Daniel BASTOO Sarah SPRATLEY
21/10/1788 James MITCHELL Sarah BROWN
21/10/1788 Richard BURTON Ann ORAM
06/11/1788 George BRAYNE Sarah PILBEAM
11/02/1789 William STANFORD Elizabeth AVERY
24/02/1789 Thomas PRATT Elizabeth PESKETT
11/03/1789 James OCKENDEN Mary SAYERS
03/08/1789 James PARKER Sarah BAGNALL
10/08/1789 John Pelham ROBERTS Lydia AVERY
12/08/1789 Henry MITCHELL Ann WHITE
09/12/1789 John STRUDWICK Mary MORLEY
09/02/1790 Richard SAYERS Ruth PETERS
20/04/1790 Samuel STANDING Elizabeth MITCHELL
06/05/1790 Charles STILL Ann BURTENSHAW
30/11/1790 Samuel GEER Sarah POCKNEY
28/12/1790 Thomas ROWLAND Sarah TERRY
06/03/1791 William WASHINGTON Lydia WHITE
26/04/1791 John BUCKMAN Jane WHITE
28/04/1791 William BURTENSHAW Elizabeth POCKNEY
05/07/1791 Robert PRONGER Sarah TAYLOR
21/09/1791 Thomas FRENCH Ann SIMMONDS
23/09/1791 James ROBINSON Elizabeth STILL
11/10/1791 James HOBDEN Mary SAYERS
25/10/1791 Richard WEEKES Elizabeth PECKHAM
06/12/1791 John LANGRIDGE Sarah SCRASE
08/04/1792 James HEMSLEY Jenny BURTENSHAW
09/04/1792 Edward BURTENSHAW Christian POCKNEY
13/04/1792 Henry RICHARDSON Eliza GORRINGE
13/04/1792 John REWEL Ann GANDER
08/05/1792 Thomas WHITE Elizabeth DUNTON
13/07/1792 George CRIPPS Sarah TULLEY
20/09/1792 William NYE Mary BROWN
28/12/1792 George HOWEL Susanna TAYLOR
04/04/1793 James GANDER Sarah VERRALL
16/04/1793 John PECKHAM Mary STONER
26/04/1793 Thomas GANDER Ann PECKHAM
28/05/1793 William PARKER Elizabeth MILES
25/06/1793 John WOOD Jane SAYERS
07/07/1793 Thomas MILES Ann BRETT
21/08/1793 James SAUNDERS Sarah MILES
10/09/1793 Joseph HYDAR Elizabeth BROAD
21/09/1793 William MILES Barbara BURTON
09/10/1793 William STILL Frances LINCER
27/10/1793 William STANDING Lucia NORMAN
29/10/1793 Edward PORT Ann MITCHELL
03/03/1794 William MORLEY Hannah LAKER
03/07/1794 Henry RADFORD Elizabeth GUY
01/09/1794 William VINALL Elizabeth WHITEMAN
06/11/1794 James GLAZEBROOKE Jenny ROACH
07/11/1794 Richard PETERS Jane CRIPS
15/11/1794 John JENNER Mary BLABER
17/11/1794 Charles WALLER Frances NASH
22/01/1795 Francis JENNER Sarah WOOD Widow
13/05/1795 James WADY Elizabeth WHITE
15/05/1795 John HARRIS Sarah KING
26/05/1795 George BUCKWELL Susanna KING
20/10/1795 William HILLMAN Susanna PRONGER
15/11/1795 James HUDSON Mary BOWLEY
03/12/1795 John ASHFOLD Charity BROWN
04/01/1797 Richard TULLY Sarah BUCKWELL
18/01/1797 John NYE Ann STILL
06/02/1797 William LLOYD Elizabeth PUTTOCK
04/04/1797 Henry GEER Frances LANGRIDGE
08/04/1797 David GODDARD Lucy TUZACK
17/04/1797 William MARSHALL Jane MILLS
17/04/1797 Benjamin GOLDSMITH Martha BOKEN
21/04/1797 John CLEAR Charlotte HERRIOTS
23/04/1797 Henry EMERY Elizabeth FOREMAN
26/04/1797 James BART Lucy WICKHAM
09/05/1797 Samuel YOUNG Hannah CAIN
02/06/1797 William WEEKS Ann LINSUR
13/06/1797 John BURT Audry DAVY
16/10/1797 Richard DAVY Sarah STILL
02/11/1797 James HARLAND Martha BUDGEN
07/11/1797 Thomas WADY Sarah BIGNELL
07/03/1798 Richard BACKHURST Ann WOOD
28/03/1798 William JEFFERY Mary WOOD
05/04/1798 James BIGNAL Elizabeth TATNEY
09/04/1798 Henry PICKETT Sarah COOTER
18/04/1798 Thomas MARCHANT Elizabeth DODSON
27/11/1798 Richard SIMMONS Mary STILL
27/11/1798 George GILES Jane STILL
11/01/1799 James WHITE Mary SIMMONDS
15/03/1799 James SHOULDER Sarah SLATER
20/08/1799 Thomas BRISSENDEN Hannah HOCKHAM
08/09/1799 Henry WADY Frances NYE Widow
11/09/1799 Samuel SALCOMB Sarah MARSHALL
26/10/1799 Thomas CARR Jane MITCHELL
19/11/1799 George COOKE Tortworth, Gloucestershire Ann CLARKE
27/11/1799 Richard BURCHETT Catherine WICKS
15/12/1799 Thomas ORAM Elizabeth PACKHAM
23/06/1800 Henry HOLDER Sarah POTTER
27/08/1800 John PETERS Ann CARRENDEN
24/09/1800 Peter GARD Charity ENGLISH
17/10/1800 Richard DUNTON Jane TUGWELL
30/10/1800 Richard NYE Elizabeth HOLDER
10/02/1801 Jonathan BOTTING Ann SAYERS Widow
08/04/1801 John BANFIELD Ann WADEY
26/05/1801 John CORNEY Elizabeth ENGLISH
19/07/1801 Henry PATCHING Sophia REDING
04/10/1801 William GILES Ann BISHOP
03/11/1801 James BARTLETT Sarah BEATY
07/04/1802 George WORSFOLD Elizabeth MILES
19/04/1802 Richard CLARK Newtimber Barbara EDWARDS
30/05/1802 William STILL Sophia PESKETT
10/06/1802 John WHITE Frances TUGWELL
14/06/1802 Edward GRAY Charlotte SKELTON
07/07/1802 Thomas PRONGER Mary POYNEY
08/08/1802 John HIDER Sarah DENMAN
10/10/1802 William HILMAN Mary PORT
11/10/1802 William WICKES Barbara PIERCE
09/11/1802 John BATCHELOR West Grinstead Ann HARMES
14/01/1803 William COZENS Hannah STEVENS
07/02/1803 James WHITE Elizabeth BLACKAMOOR
21/08/1803 Richard MADLEN Sarah JENNER
06/10/1803 William MADLEN Lingfield, Surrey Frances MITCHELL
16/10/1803 Richard PACKHAM Ditchling Jane WHITE
03/11/1803 John PAYNE Mary STANDING
23/01/1804 Arthur BURCHETT Sarah CURRENDEN
31/01/1804 George HARDS Elizabeth OCKENDEN
04/03/1804 Francis BISHOP Ann EMERY
11/04/1804 William SIMMONDS Esther FRENCH
17/04/1804 William SAYERS Elizabeth SHIRLY
17/04/1804 James BOTTING Elizabeth GROHAWK
15/05/1804 Henry MUZZET Hannah WICKS
19/06/1804 Henry BISHOP Sarah TOMSETT
26/06/1804 Thomas CRIPPS Jane GARTON
17/07/1804 William ELMES Rottingdean Elizabeth DAVY
30/07/1804 William SLATER Sarah WOOD
04/09/1804 Henry STEVENS Sarah SPRATLEY
18/09/1804 Richard MILLER Ann RICHARDSON
15/10/1804 Edward PRAT Elizabeth WEBBER
15/10/1804 Henry GORINGE Clayton Martha GANDER
22/10/1804 James LAKER Ann GORINGE
07/11/1804 John ARFORD Ann OCKENDEN
12/11/1804 Thomas KING Ann SAYERS
20/11/1804 John MARCHANT Sarah PRATT
21/01/1805 William CROSKEY Ann WOOLVEN
19/02/1805 John Pelham ROBERTS Mary Ann BORRER
02/05/1805 Henry PIERCE Sarah WADEY
24/06/1805 Nathaniel COULSTOCK Sarah STANING
01/12/1805 George REEVES Ann EDWARDS
19/12/1805 James PIERCE Sarah SAYRES
13/01/1806 Hampton WICKES Brighton Sarah BORRER
31/03/1806 Daniel HARLAND Mary HUNTER
15/04/1806 Richard WHITE Mary PAYNE
17/04/1806 James JOHNSON Catherine WESTOVER
18/10/1806 Henry SILSBY Mary ATTREE
27/10/1806 Thomas WICKHAM Mary POTTER
02/12/1806 Luke LANE Dinah FLINT
30/01/1807 Thomas NICHOLS Lydia EDE
31/03/1807 John CHATFIELD Sarah PORT
10/07/1807 Charles BURCHETT Brighton Ann TROWER
14/09/1807 Thomas PIERCE Mary STILL
04/10/1807 John HARDS Clayton Elizabeth HASELGROVE
05/10/1807 John STEVENS Frances VIRGO
12/12/1807 Thomas LANDER Frances EDWARDS
07/04/1808 Thomas BURNETT Clayton Susanna SIMMONDS
31/05/1808 John ELLIS St Michael, Lewes Ann CHANDLER
01/06/1808 Charles FRENCH Elizabeth WALLER
24/06/1808 John GEERE Keymer Sarah NEWENHAM
14/07/1808 Richard DAVIES Sarah COVELL
02/10/1808 Edward MITTON Sarah GANDER
12/10/1808 Edward MITCHELL Newtimber Ann CHATFIELD
13/10/1808 Edward ROWLAND Sarah BROOMFIELD
16/01/1809 Peter HOWELL Single Abby PRICE Single
07/02/1809 William BROOMFIELD Single Ann HOLAWAY Single
10/04/1809 James GILES Single Anne MITCHEL Single
16/04/1809 George THOMAS Single Ditchling Elizabeth ROWLAND Single
24/04/1809 James HILLMAN Single Sarah MERCER Single
30/01/1810 John MORLEY Widower Sarah PETERS Single
15/04/1810 Thomas DAVEY Jane BEACON
17/04/1810 Henry GEERE Widower Jane OCKENDEN Widow
03/07/1810 Thomas HEASMAN West Grinstead Sarah HERYETT
03/11/1810 Edward BATCHELOR Single Ann STEVENS Single
25/11/1810 James CURRENDEN Single Mary PROUDLY Single
28/11/1810 William JENDEN St Peter The Great, Chichester Hannah HENRY
24/07/1811 James GODSMARK Single Sarah HIDER Single
11/10/1811 John SPRINGATE Single Amy BOURN Single
12/10/1811 Henry CLEAR Single Ann HOLDEN Single
04/11/1811 Nathaniel BOWER Single Mary Ann WEEKES Single
10/03/1812 Henry SHETON Garry GANDER
14/04/1812 Thomas LEGG Patcham Lydia WHITE
21/04/1812 Hasted STUBBS Keymer Catherine DAVEY
05/05/1812 William WICKS Mary PARKER
21/05/1812 Thomas CROSSKEY Mary WOLGAR
06/10/1812 Stephen BROWNE Keymer Susanna PRATT
08/10/1812 William GOLDSMITH Portslade Lydia SPRATLEY
26/10/1812 William GANDER Jane GODLY
03/11/1812 Richard SIMMONS Jane SAYERS
03/11/1812 William WOOLVIN Ann WEBBER
07/11/1812 Thomas KNIGHT Sarah HAIMES
02/12/1812 Edward MAY Hangleton Mary FLINT
1 13/02/1813 Thomas HALLETT St Thomas, Lewes Ann GEERING
2 14/02/1813 George LANGRIDGE Elizabeth DAVEY
3 09/05/1813 John HIDER Widower Mary HILMAN Widow
4 10/06/1813 Daniel HOLLINGDALE Widower Ann GANDER Widow
5 27/07/1813 John SAYER Mary VINAL
6 13/10/1813 Joseph KING Single Elizabeth NYE Single
7 25/10/1813 James HILL Single Lucy ELTON Single
8 26/10/1813 Richard MARSHAL Single Brighton Anne HAMPER Single
9 16/12/1813 John MARCHANT Single Lucy FRENCH Single
10 12/03/1814 William KING Single Ditchling Sarah HALL Single
11 12/04/1814 John SHOESMITH Single Hartfield Mary FOSTER Single
12 12/04/1814 William SHOESMITH Single Hartfield Jane WHITE Single
13 12/04/1814 John PELLING Single Newtimber Esther BURTON Single
14 19/05/1814 Robert HARMES Single Anne TURNER Single
15 20/10/1814 Thomas SLAUGHTER Single Elizabeth FLINT Single
16 24/10/1814 George BUTT Single Elizabeth MARCHANT Single
17 16/01/1815 Henry AYRES Single Esther GLAZEBROOK Single
18 04/02/1815 Thomas PARKER Single Brighton Anne BROWNING Single
19 24/04/1815 John STARLEY Single Albourne Barbara WADEY Single
20 26/04/1815 Thomas Lovess TRUSELER Single Sarah Anne PACKHAM Single
21 06/05/1815 William HARMER Single Sarah TULETT Single
22 16/05/1815 Henry STEPNEY Single Elizabeth EDWARDS Single
23 20/05/1815 James PARKER Widower Elizabeth HARLAND Single
24 19/06/1815 John HARMES Single Mary HARWOOD Single
25 07/08/1815 Stephen STEVENS Single Goring Mary Fashion COURTNESS Single
26 12/02/1816 William HUMPHREY Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
27 06/04/1816 John Bassett HALLET Single Ditchling Charity ROWLAND Single
28 06/04/1816 George COURTNESS Single Anne MITCHELL Single
29 11/05/1816 Henry KNIGHT Single Henfield Elizabeth MASON Single
30 14/05/1816 Thomas MILLER Single Elizabeth EDE Single
31 13/08/1816 William ELLIS Single Sarah BISHOP Single
32 24/08/1816 James FAULKNER Single Susanna WOOD Single
33 16/10/1816 James LEE Single Amy CRUNDEN Single
34 21/10/1816 William WICKS Single Brighton Martha ELLIS Single
35 18/02/1817 Thomas HARRIS Single Catherine CARTER Widow
36 07/04/1817 Richard TALMEY Single Sarah BROOKER Single
37 04/06/1817 Henry PIERCE Widower Anne MARCHANT Single
38 16/08/1817 Richard SAYERS Single Mary STANDING Single
39 22/11/1817 John KING Single Elizabeth SAYERS Single
40 01/03/1818 George GILES Single Anne COURTNESS Single
41 04/03/1818 Henry BURTENSHAW Widower Ann MUZZELL Widow
42 16/03/1818 John GUMBRELL Single Poynings Sarah KING Single
43 25/03/1818 Thomas DOWNER Single Sarah GANDER Single
44 12/04/1818 Henry HIDER Single Sarah DAVEY Single
45 25/07/1818 Henry SIMMONDS Single Jane NYE Single
46 21/09/1818 Henry GANDER Single Elizabeth SAYERS Single
47 05/10/1818 William CHATFIELD Single Clayton Martha KNIGHT Single
48 12/10/1818 William WICKHAM Single Lydia GANDER Single
49 12/10/1818 Edmund STANDING Widower Anne TALMEY Widow
50 18/10/1818 William MITTEN Single Elizabeth PETT Single Sidmouth, Devon
51 23/10/1818 John MARCHANT Single Mary HUMPHREY Single
52 27/10/1818 William RANDELL Single Sarah DAVEY Single
53 23/02/1819 Joseph CHANDLER Single Jane BATCUP Single
54 17/03/1819 Henry HOLMAN Single Frances GATES Single
55 10/04/1819 William KNIGHT Single Mary BRAYNE Single
56 14/04/1819 William BARTLEY Single Frances WEEKS Single
57 02/05/1819 William ALDRIDGE Single Sophia FRENCH Single
59 04/08/1819 James William RIDLEY Single Esther MITCHELL Single
58 16/08/1819 Richard SAYERS Single Mary STANDING Single
60 26/09/1819 Richard NYE Widower Elizabeth MEWETT Single
61 12/10/1819 John SIMMONDS Single Mary MITCHEL Single
62 12/10/1819 Henry WICKHAM Single Arthing VINCENT Single
63 01/11/1819 Thomas BAMFIELD Single Sarah JOHNSON Widow
64 15/11/1819 James MARCHANT Lindfield Jane KING
65 23/03/1820 James EAGER Single Sarah RIDDEL Single
66 02/04/1820 Philip GRINSTED Single Charlotte HUDSON Single
67 16/04/1820 Henry BOTTING Single Barbara MARSHALL Single
68 18/04/1820 John GEARE Single Newtimber Sarah EDWARDS
69 15/05/1820 John HEALY Single Sarah GODLEY Single
70 06/08/1820 William MILLER Ann PENFOLD
71 08/10/1820 Charles ELLIOT Widower Ashurst Sarah MATHEWS Single
72 27/12/1820 Thomas HOLLINGDALE Philadelphia SANDELS Chailey
73 15/03/1821 James BONNIFACE Henfield Sarah SIMMONDS
74 16/07/1821 William DAYNES Elizabeth CHANDLER
75 09/09/1821 William Hollingdale MITCHELL Lydia STANDING
76 16/09/1821 John JUPP Single Anne SIMMONDS Single
77 20/09/1821 Charles BARTLEY Single Mary MAXWELL Single
78 06/10/1821 James HILLARY Single Elizabeth ASHFOLD Single
79 14/10/1821 Thomas GANDER Single Mary CROSKEY Single
80 16/10/1821 James SPRATLEY Single Elizabeth WHITE Single
81 17/10/1821 John Steele GARDINER Single Mary Ann MARSHALL Single
82 21/10/1821 William SPRATELEY Hannah WALLACE
83 31/10/1821 John HILLARY Harriet NICHOLAS
84 27/01/1822 James BURT Single Elizabeth GANDER Single
85 17/02/1822 David MITCHELL Widower Brighton Jane KING Single
86 12/04/1822 John Sturck LAMPRIERE Single Charlotte HOWELL Single
87 29/04/1822 John ELLYATT Single Nanny SHERLOCK Single
88 31/07/1822 William MYERS Single Lucy ORAM Single
89 10/08/1822 Adam ADAMS Single Mary CRIPPS Single
90 13/10/1822 Peter SAYERS Single Elizabeth BURTENSHAW Single
91 27/10/1822 William MATTHEWS Widower Ann BAMFIELD Widow
92 06/01/1823 William VINALL Single Henfield Elizabeth DAVEY Single
93 25/01/1823 Henry MILLER Single Ann WHITE Single
94 04/05/1823 Henry HENTY Single Mary Ann MITCHELL Single
95 16/06/1823 Edward CORNFORD Single Brighton Sarah MITCHELL Single
96 14/07/1823 Thomas PAGE Single Hannah HUMPHREY Single
97 13/12/1823 William NADEY Single Charlotte EDWARDS Single
98 05/01/1824 Eneas BOTTOMLEY Single Jane PARKER Single
99 02/03/1824 Joseph Holman DICKINSON Single Lydia WHITE Single
100 03/08/1824 William WHITEING Single Louisa COMBER Single
101 08/08/1824 William GANDER Single Amy PACKHAM Single
102 24/08/1824 Edward PICKETT Single Mary CHANDLER Single
103 27/10/1824 Peter MANNINGTON Single Patcham Elizabeth JENNER Single
104 19/01/1825 Joseph CHANDLER Widower Mary MOORE Single
105 09/02/1825 Stephen HEASMAN Bolney Emily BROWNING
106 02/04/1825 James HAZLEGROVE Single Mary PORT Single
107 01/05/1825 James GANDER Widower Elizabeth FRENCH Single
108 01/06/1825 Daniel JENNER Albourne Frances GLAZEBROOK
109 04/06/1825 Henry BRITT Single Albourne Eliza GLAZEBROOK Single
110 11/06/1825 John TALMAY Single Sarah GEERE Single
111 26/06/1825 John HANDING Widower Frances KNIGHT Single
112 11/07/1825 Richard NYE Single Jane GILES Single
113 26/09/1825 George COTTINGHAM Single Keymer Jane STARLEY Single
114 07/10/1825 Richard HARMES Single Jenny PRATT Single
115 04/02/1826 Henry PIERCE Single Sarah BISHOP Single
116 08/02/1826 Henry UPTON Single Sarah Ann PACKHAM Single
117 28/02/1826 John STANDEN Single Cuckfield Ann TALMEY Single
118 06/04/1826 Joseph FAIRS Single Philadelphia RICHARDS Single
119 14/06/1826 Thomas KING Single Susanna HOLMES Single
120 09/07/1826 Thomas KING Single Susanna HOMON Single
121 30/07/1826 Thomas STANDING Single Patience TALMAY
122 17/10/1826 Henry KING Single Elizabeth BATCUP Single
123 25/10/1826 Thomas SAYERS Single Jane WHITE Single
124 19/11/1826 Henry JUPP Single Susanna SYMONDS Single
125 18/02/1827 William RICHARDSON Single Maria MILES Single
126 29/04/1827 James WHITE Single Jane MARTIN Single
127 21/06/1827 Richard DAVEY Single Sarah ATTRELL Single
128 24/08/1827 Henry MUZZELL Widower Mary Ann SMITH Single
129 02/09/1827 Richard Burtenshaw COX Single Sarah Ann WHITING Single
130 30/09/1827 David ELLEY Single Ann BROWN Single
131 07/10/1827 William FULLER Single West Grinstead Sarah SIMMONDS Single
132 20/10/1827 William SAYERS Single Elizabeth KING Single
133 26/10/1827 Nathan KING Single Bramley, Surrey Harriet BURNETT Single
134 12/12/1827 William LEPPARD Single Sarah HULETT Single
135 15/12/1827 James ADAMS Single Clayton Elizabeth MARTIN Single
136 28/01/1828 Peter PARKER Single Mary MARCHANT Single
137 12/04/1828 James JUPP Single Elizabeth NYE Single
138 01/05/1828 John CHATFIELD Single Eliza BARBER Single
139 04/05/1828 Henry PACKHAM Single Lindfield Martha BURRY
140 05/05/1828 Henry PAUL Lewes Sarah GANDER
141 19/05/1828 John BRIDGER Single Charlotte NYE Single
142 26/08/1828 Michael BOLTING Single Twineham Sarah WILSON Single
143 29/10/1828 William TAYLOR Clayton Celia PACKHAM Single
144 12/02/1829 Thomas YOUNG Single Southwick Harriet HIDER Single
145 06/06/1829 John CLARK Elizabeth PIERCE
146 22/06/1829 James PENFOLD Rottingdean Sarah MARSHALL
147 13/09/1829 Thomas MILLER Widower Mary STEEL Single
148 16/11/1829 James BURCHFIELD Widower Hannah GODDARD Single
149 23/02/1830 Thomas WOOD Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Mary RANDELL Single
150 05/04/1830 Henry PACKHAM Widower Clayton Sarah DURRANT Single
151 12/04/1830 William MARTIN Single Mary SIMMONDS Widow
152 24/07/1830 William NYE Single Mary WHITE Single
153 22/10/1830 Isaac SAYERS Single Ann WOOD Single
155 24/10/1830 Elliot BURT Single Maria STANDING Single
156 31/10/1830 Samuel STEPHENS Single Frances HIDER Single
157 14/02/1831 James BURT Single West Tarring Jane DAVEY Single
158 05/04/1831 John PIERCE Widower Jane DAVEY Widow
159 13/04/1831 John DEWDNEY Sarah RAMSHAR Single
160 16/04/1831 William DAVEY Single Jane SMITH Single
161 29/05/1831 Henry STILL Single Sarah KNIGHT Widow
162 25/10/1831 Edward HEBDEN Single Ditchling Elizabeth MALEY Single
163 07/12/1831 Henry BROWN Single Mary Ann WHITE Single
164 08/06/1832 Henry SAYERS Single Emma Sayers VINALL Single
165 02/08/1832 Michael BROMLEY Single Ann HOLDSWORTH Single Reigate, Surrey
166 27/10/1832 Allen MITCHELL Single Sarah BURT Single
167 20/02/1833 James HARLAND Single Sarah RICHARDSON Single
168 31/03/1833 Stephen CROSSKEY Single Phoebe MILLER Single
169 12/05/1833 William GODDARD Single Eleanor PIERCE Single
170 02/07/1833 Adam ADAMS Widower Jane LENNARD Single
171 21/07/1833 Michael MARCHANT Single Harriet HOGSFLESH Single
172 30/07/1833 William HOLE Single Mary Ann PIERCE Single
173 26/08/1833 William DORKINS Single Harriet WICKS Single
174 13/09/1833 William SAYERS Widower Sarah SAYERS Single
175 17/12/1833 Richard WEEKES Single Mary MARSHALL Single
176 22/01/1834 Charles SHAROOD Single Brighton Lydia EDWARDS Single
177 28/03/1834 Thomas HOLE Single Patience PIERCE Single
178 28/03/1834 James PIERCE Single Sarah DEWDNEY Single
180 31/03/1834 James ELLIS Single Ellen HENLEY Single
181 05/04/1834 James SIMMONDS Single Ann SAYERS Single
179 29/04/1834 Thomas BOWYER Single Lydia EDWARDS Single
182 02/06/1834 John SIMMONDS Keymer Ann STENNING Single
183 23/08/1834 James EMERY Widower Ann SHARP Widow Brighton
184 01/10/1834 John MORGAN Single Anne CRABTREE Single
185 11/10/1834 David STEELE Single Mary JULET Single
186 07/03/1835 James MEADS Single Keymer Sarah PRATT Single
187 26/03/1835 Samuel STONER Single Harriett WHITE Single
188 11/04/1835 John GODDARD Single Ann MILLS Single
189 20/04/1835 John STILL Single Catherine BURTENSHAW Single
190 30/04/1835 Henry BURTENSHAW Single Mary RICHARDSON Single
191 03/05/1835 Jeremiah BARTLEY Single Sarah BROOMFIELD Single
192 18/05/1835 George NEEDS Single Ann STEVENS Single
193 04/06/1835 David KING Single Jemima KING Single
194 08/06/1835 William SIMMONDS Single Sarah TULLEY Single
195 12/08/1835 Thomas GOODERE Brighton Mary BROWN
196 19/10/1835 William Peter PETERS Single Jane SHOULDERS Single
197 10/11/1835 William SMALL Single Jane WICKS Single
199 03/02/1836 Henry Wood ROWLAND Single Elizabeth TURNER Single
200 08/02/1836 Hampston WICKS Widower Phylia ELLIS Widow
202 07/04/1836 James STANDING Single Barbara DAVEY Single
201 17/04/1836 Henry MITCHEL Single Sarah MORLEY Single
203 23/04/1836 William HARMES Single Mary WHEELER Single
204 23/04/1836 Thomas WHITE Single Hannah CROSKEY Single
205 30/04/1836 Thomas WADEY Single Ann DOWLEN Single
206 07/05/1836 John MURRELL Single Brighton Caroline UWINS Single
207 10/05/1836 William HOLLAMBY Single Streat Sarah WEST Single
208 21/05/1836 John MILES Single Sophia BURTENSHAW Single
209 04/07/1836 Henry WICKHAM Single Eliza PIERCE Single
210 08/10/1836 James WADEY Single Elizabeth BURCHETT Single
211 22/10/1836 Jeremiah KING Single Ann BANFIELD Single
212 04/02/1837 William LEWRY Single Eleanor GODDARD Widow
213 13/02/1837 David WALLER Single Ann TIDEY Single
214 12/03/1837 John KING Single Clayton Lydia RICHARDSON Single
215 25/03/1837 James BURCHFIELD Single Eliza BAKER Single
216 02/04/1837 William BURTENSHAW Single Jemima STEVENS Widow
217 08/04/1837 Henry RICHARDSON Single Ellen SAYERS Single
218 24/04/1837 Richard STEVENS Single Elizabeth SAYERS Single

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