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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Twineham St Peter


The Parish

The parish of twineham lies in central Sussex, in the heart of The Weald, and about 4 miles west of the new town of Burgess Hill. Twineham sits, in lanes, about a mile west of the a23 road which connects London with Brighton. There is very little to modern day Twineham, a mere scatter of farms and cottages across a broad area and with no real defined village as such. Modern Twineham parish is perhaps most famous, today, for the nearby Show Jumping course of Hickstead which hamlet has a presence on the A23 and which draws crowds every event for its display of horsemanship. At the time of this transcript, and indeed still, Twineham would have been a small farming community, situated between two branches of the River Adur it would have benefited from extensive water meadows for pasture as well as engaging in typical arable crops. The Adur drains the parish westwards turning south to reach the English Channel through the port of Shoreham. Twineham is sited at just 10 metres above the sea in gentle terrain, land rises northwards gently to reach around 60 metres. Twineham parish was fairly small by Sussex standards, covering just over 1,900 acres it would have supported a population of around 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Twineham was recorded under the manor of Benefield, a property of William de Warenne, a small place of 5 ploughs and the usual meadows & woodland.

The Church

St Peter's church sits at the end of the dead-end Church Lane which runs westward from Twineham's notional centre for almost a quarter of a mile. The church has a date which is scarce in English churches having been largely constructed during the Tudor period which succeeded the Perpendicular major church building era. These were turbulent times coming immediately after the Wars of the Roses and before the Reformation and abandonment of Catholicism and was a rare period for church building. Entirely built of brick due to local shortage of building stone, the church follows the standard pattern of nave, chancel (slightly lower) and western tower, in this case augmented only by a timber southern porch. Whilst unusual in its era there was clearly little to draw Pevsner's attention as his account is limited to a handful of lines. Church Lane ends in a small parking area and from here the church is a short walk away through a dense covert of trees, the church sits within a relatively small churchyard making for a challenge to adequately capture it.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 23rd May 1754 - 3rd June 1812 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par495/1/1/2
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 25th July 1813 - 30th April 1836 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par495/1/3/1
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number There are a few badly faded entries within this register but thankfully a good run of BTs makes the transcript more accurate than would otherwise be the case

Cowfold St Peter
Bolney St Mary Magdalen
Bolney St Mary Magdalen
Woodmancote St Peter
Hurstpierpoint Holy Trinity
Woodmancote St Peter
Albourne St Bartholomew
Hurstpierpoint Holy Trinity
Hurstpierpoint Holy Trinity

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 23/05/1754 John PHILPOT   Cowfold Mary CLARK    
2 06/04/1755 Thomas LANGRIGE     Mary GEERING    
3 15/06/1755 William GIBSON   Albourne Elizabeth HARLAND    
4 08/08/1756 Thomas AGGATE   Cowfold Mary STURT    
5 12/10/1756 Thomas SHIRLEY     Sarah FOWLER    
07/10/1758 Richard TWIST Widower   Ann BOURNE Single  
09/04/1761 Thomas WILLETT Single Cuckfield Sarah SIMONS Single  
20/10/1761 Thomas HOADLEY Single Shermanbury Mary KNIGHT Widow  
9 10/11/1761 Richard BATCHELOR Single Cuckfield Ann PENFOLD Single  
11/04/1763 James UPTAIN Single   Elizabeth JENNER Single  
17/05/1764 Henry STREET Single Henfield Elizabeth COX Single  
29/05/1764 William PENFOLD Single   Ann FOWLER Single  
15/05/1765 Nicholas WOOD Single   Elizabeth WOOD Widow  
11/06/1765 Richard HAMSHIRE Single   Elizabeth GOLDSMITH Single  
09/07/1765 Thomas SHIRLEY Single   Sarah PENTECOST Single  
01/10/1765 William SILSBY   Henfield Ann STENNING    
14/11/1765 Phillip BUTCHER     Sarah WOOLVEN    
14/08/1766 James WOOD     Maria STAPLEY    
18/10/1766 Joseph SILSBY   Henfield Martha GANDER    
29/05/1767 William HARLAND     Mary VALANCE    
23/10/1767 Thomas VIRGO     Hannah SHELEY   Shermanbury
07/03/1768 James HEASMAN   West Grinstead Ann WOOD    
10/11/1768 Richard HAMSHAR     Ann WOOD    
06/12/1768 John HENLEY   Horsham Sarah EMERY    
28/03/1769 Richard LASHMER   Woodmancote Anne POCKNEY    
14/11/1769 William STEDMAN     Anne STONESTREET    
15/01/1770 John ASHFIELD Single   Hannah VIRGOE Single  
16/04/1770 Henry MITCHEL Single   Sarah GILLAM    
19/04/1770 John GANDER     Anne THORP    
19/06/1770 William BROAD     Ann ELSEY    
08/04/1771 John MARCH Single Shipley Anne BRAVERY Single  
11/04/1771 William PARKHURST   Shipley Christian GANDER    
16/06/1771 Thomas BANDFORD   Henfield Ann BOWEL    
29/09/1771 William GREEN     Ann TAX    
19/11/1772 John REEVE     Mary MOBSBEY    
02/12/1772 Richard HEASMAN     Elizabeth PECKHAM   Bolney
05/04/1774 Thomas BLACKMER   Clayton Ann PARSONS    
19/05/1774 John WOOD     Elizabeth WOOD    
24/11/1774 Edmund DAVY     Elizabeth TURNER    
25/08/1776 Richard KNIGHT     Charity VERGO    
30/03/1777 William SIMMONDS     Elizabeth RIST    
01/04/1777 Anttell BOTTEN Widower Nuthurst Martha MATHEW    
08/04/1777 James BONIFACE   Woodmancote Ann STARELY    
26/04/1777 Henry WHITE Single   Sarah MITCHELL Single  
07/12/1777 William AGATE   Cuckfield Ann UWINS    
22/11/1778 John MASON Single   Mary STEDHAM Single  
16/02/1779 John WOOD     Mary WOOD    
24/03/1779 James BOLNEY   Bolney Sarah TURNER    
04/04/1779 Thomas WALDER   Cuckfield Sarah JENNER    
07/04/1779 John KNIGHT Single   Ann GEARING Single  
29/07/1779 Thomas VINCENT     Mary REEVE    
06/04/1780 Thomas GODDARD Single Woodmancote Jenney HARLAND Single  
22/05/1780 Thomas BATCHELOR     Susan BURLEY    
04/09/1781 William MASON Single Hurstpierpoint Ann GRAVELEY Single  
04/11/1781 John SUMMERS     Elizabeth RICHARDSON    
23/04/1783 Peter SMITH   Bolney Frances EVANS    
24/04/1783 John MULLIN Single Cuckfield Keziah WOOD Widow  
12/04/1784 Richard GREENFIELD Single Shermanbury Ann BLABBER Single  
13/04/1784 Thomas STARLEY Single   Martha BATCHELOR Single  
13/04/1784 Philip COOPER     Hannah STONER    
20/04/1784 William MARTIN Single   Jenny BLINK Single  
17/06/1784 Stephen SIMMONS Single   Sarah BURTENSHAW Single  
07/09/1784 John REEVE Widower   Elizabeth WICKHAM    
21/08/1786 Jephtha ARNOL Single Horsham Dianah WHALE Single  
12/10/1786 John MASON Widower   Martha SILBE Single  
13/10/1786 William MARTIN Single   Ann BATCHELOR Single  
21/04/1788 James GRAVELY Single   Mary MASON Single  
22/11/1788 Thomas SMITH Single Ewell, Surrey Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
07/04/1790 William BENNETT Single   Frances BOTTEN Single  
26/12/1790 John BLABER Single   Sarah WORSFOLD Single  
10/01/1791 John HAYLAR Single   Frances HARDOM Single  
29/07/1791 James MITCHELL   Cowfold Bet WOOD    
13/12/1791 Thomas GRAVELY Single Bolney Anne POTTER Single  
02/02/1792 David VIRGO Widower   Anne SELSBY Widow  
02/02/1792 Richard KING Single West Grinstead Jane PHILIPS Single  
17/05/1792 John ELLIS Single Shermanbury Elizabeth STENNING Single  
04/06/1792 John DENNETT   Woodmancote Sarah WOOD    
29/09/1794 Walter HURST Single Bolney Elizabeth HAMSHAR Single  
18/10/1794 Isaac BRANSDEN Single   Fanny WOOD Single  
19/10/1796 Charles CHATE Single Henfield Sarah GREENFIELD Single  
06/07/1798 Turner ATTREE   Shermanbury Sarah SIMMONDS    
08/04/1799 Thomas WHITE Widower Hurstpierpoint Susan MARTIN Single  
17/09/1800 Samuel SAYRES Single   Mary SIMMONS Single  
30/01/1801 James LASHMAR Single   Ann SILSBY Single  
30/01/1801 Edward HAMSHAR Single   Elizabeth SIMMONS Single  
20/03/1802 John MARTIN Single   Sarah MASON Single  
16/04/1802 James LISH Single   Elizabeth WADEY Single  
22/12/1802 William Hemsley WAGHORNE Single Slaugham Elizabeth SMITH Single  
28/01/1803 John STREET Single Ditchling Sarah WOOD    
15/08/1803 John BATEUP Single Bolney Sarah STOFFOLD Single  
03/04/1804 William BROOKS Single   Sarah SANDERS Single  
19/02/1805 James BROAD Single   Sarah BRISTOW Single  
20/01/1806 Edward ARNOLD Single   Sarah CARTER Single  
21/04/1806 John WATTS   St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey Marianne DAVEY Single  
20/05/1806 James LEOPARD Single   Ann WOOD Single  
06/09/1806 William LANDER Single   Elizabeth BANFIELD Single  
31/12/1806 Thomas KNAPP Widower   Mary MASON Single  
07/04/1807 Charles SAUNDERS Single   Mary WIGHT Single  
08/06/1808 Nicholas SAYRES Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
19/09/1808 Edward NETTLESHIP Single St Olave, Souhwark, Surrey Catharine DAVEY Single  
18/10/1808 Peter PETERS Single   Elizabeth MICHELL Single  
06/02/1809 Richard GORINGE Single Clayton Sarah WALKER Single  
22/09/1809 William SIMMONDS Single   Hannah RICHARDSON Single  
29/05/1810 Edward STENING Single   Ann OSBORN Single  
12/11/1810 Philip BARBER Single Bolney Susanna DAVEY Single  
03/12/1810 Job SAYERS Single   Mary STENING Single  
26/02/1811 William RIDELS Single Westmeston Sarah BURSBEE Single  
28/10/1811 William PENFOLD Single   Elizabeth STREATER Single  
03/06/1812 Robert PARSONS Single   Mary ROWLAND Single  
1 25/07/1813 James EMERY   Bolney Ann COX    
2 11/04/1814 Henry KING Single   Patience SAYRES Single  
3 21/12/1814 Charles MOORE     Mary WOOD    
4 27/08/1815 Richard CHERRYMAN Single   Sarah HEASEMAN Single  
5 16/04/1816 Peter PAIN Single   Sarah INGS Single  
6 08/10/1816 William SHARP   Capel, Surrey Mary WOOD Single  
7 08/04/1817 James MITCHELL Single Bolney Mary JENKINS Single  
8 03/02/1819 Moses SAYERS Single   Mary PRATT Single  
9 13/04/1819 Francis PEACHY Single   Mary PICKETT Single Hurstpierpoint
11 11/01/1820 Benjamin THORPE Single Shipley Elizabeth PARSONS Single  
12 18/01/1820 Charles PEACHY Single   Nanny DAVEY Single  
13 10/04/1820 James STUARD Single   Jane GORRINGE Single  
14 01/06/1820 William NICHOLAS Single Hurstpierpoint Sarah DEAN Single  
15 01/06/1820 John DUNGATE Single   Mary BARNET Single  
16 06/07/1820 William HOATHER Single St John The Baptist, Lewes Sarah TULLY Single  
17 16/03/1821 James GLAZEBROOK Single   Sarah MILES Single  
18 01/01/1822 John SAWYER Single Brighton Sarah PEACHY Single  
19 20/05/1822 William MATTHEWS Single   Abigail SAYRES Single  
20 23/10/1822 John PARSONS Single Hurstpierpoint Mary NYE Single  
21 18/06/1823 William PICKARD Single   Sally PACKHAM Single  
22 06/10/1823 George SIMMONS Single   Gainey BLUNDEN Single  
23 16/12/1824 Nicholas WOOD Single   Mary MILLS Single  
24 13/04/1825 Thomas TRUSLER Single Shermanbury Sarah ATTREE Single  
25 16/04/1825 Walter SIMMONDS Single   Elizabeth HOLDER Single  
26 27/10/1825 John HARWOOD   Wisborough Green Elizabeth WOOD    
27 29/10/1825 Layareth SAYERS Single   Milly OSBOND Single  
28 21/11/1825 Stephen MUGGERIDGE     Efegious WHILEY    
29 21/06/1826 William PAIN     Maria STILL    
30 14/10/1826 Aaron MASON Single   Elizabeth STUART   Hurstpierpoint
31 19/04/1827 James KING   Hurstpierpoint Mary SAUNDERS    
32 15/09/1827 John ROWLAND     Mary FOWLER    
33 10/04/1828 Henry HARWOOD Single Wisborough Green Fanny BOTTING    
34 07/05/1828 William GATFORD     Rebecca STREETTER    
36 10/11/1829 Charles PAPSWORTH     Mary BURTENSHAW   Hurstpierpoint
37 26/04/1830 Samuel STEYNING Single   Elizabeth Ireland BATCHELOR Single  
39 27/04/1831 Michael MATTHEWS Single   Anne SIMMONS    
40 06/09/1831 James STENNING Widower   Mary ALLEN Single  
41 10/09/1831 Shadrach SAYERS Single   Elizabeth MILLS Single  
42 31/01/1832 James MOBSBY Single   Elizabeth HEMSLEY Single  
43 04/05/1833 William WOLGAR Single West Grinstead Harriet SANDERS Single  
44 26/10/1833 Thomas STENNING Single   Elizabeth DAVEY Single  
45 19/05/1834 William KNIGHT Single   Mary TONSETT Single  
46 20/08/1834 Richard FILLERY Single Henfield Anna CHARMAN Single  
47 25/12/1834 Henry EVINS Single Bolney Sarah FAIRHALL Single  
48 07/12/1835 James SOPER Single   Harriet HARDING Single  
49 26/12/1835 Ely BLANCH Single   Harriet REEVES Single  
50 30/04/1836 William GALE Single   Priscilla WALDER Single  

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