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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Imber St Giles


The Parish

The parish of Imber lies in west central Wiltshire about 6 miles northeast of the market town of Warminster. Imber is nowadays largely inaccessible as it was commandeered by the military as a tank training area during World War 2 and has never been relinquished. Formerly completely out-of-bounds the village, largely destroyed, can now be visited during grace-and-favour events usually prompted by visits to St Giles' church where sporadic services are still held. At the time of this transcript Imber, at the heart of Salisbury Plain, would have been dominated by sheep rearing, the chalk down being covered with lush short turf for feeding the same. Today, despite the military exclusion, the land is still leased for farming around the tanks and other hardware, but arable farming predominates. The chalk is highly porous so there is no surface drainage in the area, in peri-glacial times valleys drained southwards to the River Wylye and dry valleys describe that former drainage pattern today, the Wylye joins the Wiltshire Avon at Salisbury and thence to the English Channel through Christchurch Harbour. Imber is sited at around 120 metres above the sea in rolling chalk downland, the swelling downs rise locally to heights of almost 230 metres on the Imber Range Perimeter Path which grants access to the edges of the training area. Imber parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering just over 3,000 acres it would have supported close to 400 parishioners, all parishioners with the exception of a few tenant farmers were removed during the military acquisition. In Domesday times Imber was a tiny place, held by Ralph de Mortimer it could muster just a single plough and a small pasture.

The Church

St Giles' church was, at the date of Pevsner's 1963 edition, closed, locked and gutted, today, at least, one can visit St Giles during carefully managed visits to enable former residents to place flowers on graves and to hold services for Easter & Christmas etc. A parade of buses traverse the Downs from Warminster escorted by sundry military personnel and machinery. The church has its origins during the 13th century, although externally it is all of the Perpendicular style, the arcades show Early English Gothic detailing to confirm those dates. Otherwise the church was substantially rebuilt during the great church-building era of the late 14th/early 15th centuries.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 26th May 1754 - 28th December 1812 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference - 1026/3
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 12th July 1813 - 15th May 1837 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - Reference - 1026/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

East Coulston St Thomas a Becket
Erlestoke St Saviour
Great Cheverell St Peter
Little Cheverell St Peter
West Lavington All Saints
Edington St Mary, St Katharine & All Saints
Heytesbury St Peter & St Paul
Tilshead St Thomas of Canterbury
Chitterne All Saints
Heytesbury St Peter & St Paul
Heytesbury St Peter & St Paul
Knook St Margaret
Chitterne All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 26/05/1754 Robert GREEN   Market Lavington Sarah ORCHARD Single  
2 08/09/1754 John BRITTAN     Ann PAIN Single  
3 18/11/1754 James VALLIS     Mary RANSOM Single  
4 07/04/1755 Thomas RANSOM     Rebecca SAUNDERS Single  
5 01/01/1756 Charles ALDRIDGE Single Warminster Elizabeth MOORE Single  
6 16/04/1757 Thomas WASTFIELD Single   Ann COLLINS Single  
7 08/05/1757 John DANIEL Single   Frances CARTER Single  
8 29/09/1757 Thomas GRANT Single   Mary TAYLOR Single  
9 29/10/1757 Robert SNOOK   Maddington Mary BROCK Single  
10 29/12/1757 George CLEM   Warminster Sarah POTTER Single  
11 02/05/1758 William BROCK Widower   Joan BARTLETT Widow  
12 06/01/1759 David BROCK Widower   Ann DANIEL Single  
13 24/02/1759 William POTTER Single Berwick St James Christian COLLINS    
13 24/02/1759 William POTTER Single Berwick St James Christian PEPLAR    
14 02/09/1760 William STYLES Widower   Mary RANSOM Single  
15 16/10/1760 John COLLENSE     Ann POTTER    
16 16/10/1760 John BARTLET     Mary GRANT    
01/07/1761 Simon NORMAN     Ann GARRAT    
12/10/1761 Thomas COLLINS Single   Sarah GRANT Single  
18/01/1762 John BRAY     Mary TUCKER    
05/01/1763 Robert PRICTER   Potterne Sage MADEN Single  
06/10/1763 John PARKER   Warminster Hannah BRITTAIN    
15/12/1763 John George EDWARDS Widower Tilshead Ann TINKER Single  
11/08/1764 Thomas GIBBS     Betty OLDING    
27/05/1765 Thomas AMER     Marsilla EVERLY    
10/08/1765 Thomas FOUNDS     Jane BRITTAN    
30/12/1765 Thomas GIBBS     Frances MEAD Widow  
22/11/1768 Isaac DUCK     Jane NASH    
03/03/1769 Levy MABBOT   Tilshead Betty MUNDAY Single  
07/08/1769 Joel DANIEL     Hannah BLAKE Single  
26/12/1769 John GRANT     Ann BEAVAN Single  
04/01/1770 William GUY     Elizabeth COLLINS Single  
06/02/1770 John BROWN     Mary WILLISS Single  
14/05/1770 John GIBBS     Joanna BAILEY Single  
01/08/1770 William HAYTER Widower   Sarah SCAMMELL Single  
31/01/1771 Matthew MUNDAY     Ann PEARCE Single  
12/03/1771 George SCAMMELL Single   Mary TUCKER Single  
17/04/1771 Stephen OFFER   Enford Sarah WILLIS Single  
02/03/1772 Solomon MUNDAY     Ann BUNGY    
08/10/1772 Thomas PEARCE Widower   Ruth HAYWARD Single  
31/12/1772 William MATTHEWS     Sarah FOUND    
01/03/1774 James MEAD   Great Cheverell Grace PORRIT Single  
07/09/1774 Emanuel HALL     Mary MORGAN   Warminster
01/12/1774 William COTTELL     Betty MOORE    
18/05/1775 Edward FRICKER   Wylye Sarah DANIELL    
31/05/1775 William FORD     Ann BARTLETT    
09/04/1776 William MEAD     Mary RANSOM    
08/07/1776 William GUY Widower   Martha PAIN Single  
21/08/1776 John POWELL     Henrietta GARRETT    
10/10/1776 Moses RANKENS     Betty BARTLETT    
17/10/1776 John POTTER     Elizabeth BARTLEY    
17/10/1776 John CARTER     Alice SCAMMELL    
31/03/1777 Thomas CARTER     Ann MEAD    
31/03/1777 Jonas POTTER     Mary CARTER    
17/11/1777 Drew BISHOP   Sutton Veny Rebeckah SCAMMELL    
17/11/1777 Christopher MATTHEWS     Betty WHOTLEY    
08/12/1777 Nicholas BRUNSDEN     Grecian OFFER    
20/04/1778 John WHATLEY     Hannah BLAKE    
19/10/1778 Thomas PEARCE   Codford St Peter Betty SMITH    
27/03/1780 Henry TINAMS     Betty MEAD    
30/07/1781 Richard SMITH     Roseanah CARTER    
17/09/1781 Thomas BALL     Elizabeth COLLINS    
28/10/1782 Jeremiah COCKERELL     Betty SWIFT    
17/11/1783 James BARTLEY     Betty PAINE    
14/04/1784 John CARTER     Bethiah PERRET    
19/04/1784 Thomas MORGAN     Mary POTTER    
23/09/1784 James BROWN     Sarah PEARCE    
03/04/1785 Richard SMITH     Sarah RANSOM    
27/07/1785 Richard PEARCE   Warminster Ann WASTFIELD    
08/11/1785 John PEARCE     Betty AMOR    
26/12/1785 Thomas WASTFIELD     Hannah SCAMMELL    
13/02/1786 Thomas COLLINS     Mary BEAVEN    
13/02/1786 Matthew MUNDAY     Ann BRAY    
20/02/1786 Samuel MUNDAY     Jane SMITH    
04/04/1786 Edward CARTER     Mary WHITE    
22/05/1786 James TINNAMS     Elizabeth POOL    
14/08/1786 Edward PIERCE     Mary WHATLEY    
25/09/1786 John TANNER   St Thomas, Salisbury Sarah CHURCHILL    
14/10/1786 John CARTER Widower   Elizabeth CLEM    
07/04/1787 Jacob CHURCHILL     Eleanor RANDALL Single  
24/02/1788 James POTTER Widower   Emilia GRANT Single  
20/01/1789 William GREEN Single   Sarah COLLINS Single  
05/01/1791 William HAYNES Single West Lavington Eleanor CLEM Single  
26/12/1791 William GRIFFIN   Edington Mary COLLINS Single  
24/01/1792 Philip SCAMMELL     Ann DEANE Single  
13/02/1792 John DANIEL     Sarah BARTLETT Single  
15/05/1792 John STAPLES     Mary WASTFIELD Single  
28/05/1792 Thomas EARLY     Harriet CARTER Single  
01/08/1792 Jeremiah COCKRELL     Rebekah HERVEY Single  
07/01/1793 Thomas GRANT     Catherine SMITH Single  
01/04/1793 William COLLINS     Hannah MEAD Single  
29/08/1794 William CARTER     Mary MONDAY Single  
09/04/1798 James SCAMMELL     Betty MABBETT Single  
19/04/1798 William GREENLAND   Westbury Mary MELSOM Single  
20/05/1798 William BROWN     Susannah DRAPER Single  
26/06/1798 Matthew MONDAY     Jane GRANT Single  
10/01/1799 Thomas BRADSHAW   Frome, Somerset Elizabeth GIBBES    
25/02/1799 John HARRIS   Woodford Ann THORNTON Single  
29/08/1799 John HAWKINS     Anna DANIELL    
10/12/1799 George CLEM     Elizabeth SMITH    
26/12/1799 George SCAMELL Widower   Ann MUNDAY Single  
19/05/1800 John HICKS   Stourton Caundle, Dorset Diana PATIENT Single  
27/11/1800 William MATHEWS     Mary POTTER Single  
02/12/1800 John MEAD     Hannah GRANT Single  
28/07/1801 Joseph DANIELL Single   Catharine TINNAMS Single  
28/07/1801 Joseph DANIELL Single   Rebecah MEAD Single  
08/11/1802 William COOK Single   Mary GUY Single  
08/11/1802 John DANIEL Single   Betty CARTER Single  
22/05/1806 Thomas HAYTER Single   Jane DEANE   Chirton
08/07/1806 Thomas BASSE     Mary CARTER    
16/10/1806 Jacob CARTER     Ann MATHEWS    
05/11/1806 John GIBBS Single   Sarah HAYTER Single  
16/11/1807 William ALEXANDER     Kezia BARTLET    
18/11/1807 Thomas HAWKINS     Ann MUNDAY    
25/02/1808 Mathew DEAN     Mary GIBBS    
04/08/1808 William CRUSE     Jane WHITE    
08/11/1808 John GRANT     Hannah CRUSE    
08/11/1808 David MEAD     Ann PEARCE    
20/11/1809 Jacob DOEL   Westbury Hannah POTTER    
12/12/1809 Thomas MUNDY     Dinah CARTER    
06/08/1810 Thomas HAWKINS Widower   Jane BRUNSDEN Single  
01/04/1811 Thomas GIBBS     Hannah DEAN    
04/06/1811 John CARTER     Sarah MATHEWS    
15/07/1811 James FORD     Elizabeth COCKREL    
13/07/1812 Daniel DEAN     Jane TINNAMS    
03/08/1812 Edward GODDARD   Warminster Elizabeth HAWKINS    
14/09/1812 William ARCHER     Sarah TINNAMS    
28/12/1812 George THOMPSON     Christian PEARCE    
1 12/07/1813 James MEAD     Mary MUNDAY    
2 25/12/1813 Richard HANDOCK   Tilshead Sarah CARTER    
3 11/04/1814 William GIBBS     Mary MEAD    
4 11/04/1814 Thomas FOUND     Frances BRUNSDEN    
5 12/09/1814 Thomas NEALE     Practice CARTER    
6 12/12/1814 William MAISH     Sarah DANIELLS    
7 02/01/1815 Thomas PEARCE     Mary CREWS    
8 16/02/1815 William PEARCE     Martha HEALSTONE    
9 16/02/1815 James CARTER     Elizabeth CARR    
10 27/03/1815 Joseph CARTER     Jane HAWKINS    
11 20/11/1815 John COLLINS     Jane CARTER    
12 31/12/1815 William DANIEL     Elizabeth SCAMMELL    
13 06/05/1816 Thomas SLOPER     Hannah NEWBURY    
14 17/12/1816 John SNELGROVE     Euphemia WASTEFIELD    
15 13/01/1817 Leonard POTTER     Prudence GRANT    
16 03/03/1817 James MATTHEWS     Martha CREWS    
17 03/11/1817 Joseph PIERCE     Mary PIERCE Single  
18 19/11/1817 James DARK Single   Charlotte DEAN Single  
19 30/12/1817 Joseph ALLFORD     Jane PAYN Single  
20 06/05/1818 William GRANT Widower   Elizabeth GODDEN Single  
21 19/07/1818 William MATTHEWS Single   Roseanna HAWKINS    
22 09/08/1819 George FOUND Single   Ruth MEADON Single  
23 09/08/1819 William HAINES Single   Elizabeth BLAKE Single  
24 13/01/1820 Richard EDMONDS Single Wilcot Kezia DEAN Single  
25 08/02/1820 Daniel MATTHEWS Single   Eleanor CARTER Single  
26 11/09/1820 Edward PEARCE     Anna HAWKINS    
27 24/07/1821 William MATTHEWS Single   Sarah HARDING Single Warminster
28 05/12/1821 William DANIEL Single   Harriot CARTER Single  
29 14/03/1822 William FOUND Single   Christian GREEN Single  
30 16/07/1822 James BLAKE Single   Ruth CARTER Single  
31 28/08/1822 John BRINSON Single   Ann BLAKE Single  
32 05/05/1823 William BOLTER Single Little Cheverell Mary GRANT Single  
33 26/06/1823 William GRANT Single   Sarah CARTER Single  
34 28/07/1823 William PERROT     Priscilla MACLEAN    
35 28/07/1823 John CREWS     Maria DANIELS    
36 15/09/1823 Thomas MEADEN Single   Sarah PEARCE Single  
37 22/12/1823 George FOUND Widower   Sarah MONDAY Single  
38 06/05/1824 William MEADEN Single   Sarah PRICE Single  
39 20/08/1824 James SMITH Single   Hannah COCKRELL Single  
40 13/12/1824 John POTTER Single   Rebecka MEADON Single  
41 24/04/1825 James CREWS Single   Ann GAMLING Single  
42 26/07/1825 Samuel TUCKER Single   Harriet Sophia Wilkins MILLARD Single  
43 05/12/1825 Robert GODDARD Single   Jemima DANIEL Single  
44 12/07/1826 John HAINES Single   Sarah CARTER Widow  
45 19/10/1826 Thomas Joseph Wilkins MILLARD Widower   Sarah HIGHETT Widow Westbury
46 04/02/1827 Thomas KING Single Heytesbury Elizabeth PEARCE Single  
47 24/05/1827 Robert CARTER Widower All Saints, Chitterne Hannah DANIELL Single  
48 16/09/1828 Walter TUCKER Single Warminster Mary Anne HAYTER Single  
49 05/10/1828 Josiah DANIELL Single   Hannah CARTER Single  
50 27/10/1828 Daniel MATTHEWS Single   Diana FOUND Single  
51 30/12/1828 George LEAN Single Totteridge, Hertfordshire Elizabeth STAPLES Single  
52 13/07/1829 Stephen PEARCE Single   Louisa SMITH Single West Lavington
53 13/07/1829 John CREWS Single   Anne DANIEL Single  
54 13/07/1829 Michael POTTER Single   Rosanna CARTER Single  
55 31/08/1829 John COLLINS Widower   Anne BRINSDON Widow  
56 25/12/1829 George HAINES Single   Eliza MATTHEWS Single  
57 10/05/1830 John CLEMENT Single   Susannah MEADEN Single  
58 08/11/1830 James WYATT Single   Mary DANIEL Single  
59 08/11/1830 John TINNAMS Single   Eliza PEARCE Single  
60 25/12/1830 John DAVIS Single   Jane FOUND Single  
61 22/03/1831 Daniel MATTHEWS Widower   Jane DEAN Widow  
62 17/10/1831 James POTTER Widower   Christian FOUND Widow  
63 27/11/1831 William GRANT Widower   Charlotte ORAM Single  
64 03/07/1832 William POTTER Single   Emma CARTER Single  
65 04/08/1833 James MACKLIN Single   Anne DRUET Single  
66 14/09/1833 Joseph FOWN Single   Elizabeth MADDOCKS Single  
67 14/09/1833 Jacob CREWS Single   Lydia MEADEN Single  
68 24/12/1833 William HAYTER Single   Lucy BRADSHAW Single  
69 25/12/1833 David MEADEN Single   Hannah HAINES Single  
70 29/01/1834 Thomas FOWN Widower   Sarah BROWN Single  
71 23/12/1835 William COCKERELL Single All Saints, Chitterne Euphemia DANIEL Single  
72 25/12/1835 Charles GRANT Single   Emily MATTHEWS Single  
73 11/04/1836 John HAWKINS Single   Elisabeth GRANT Single  
74 19/06/1836 John PEARCE Single   Louisa PEARCE Single  
75 11/09/1836 Michael POTTER Widower   Ann NASH Widow Codford St Peter
76 10/11/1836 Richard BOURNE Single Stert Rebecca Emma HOOPER Single  
77 05/02/1837 John CREWS Widower   Sarah COCKERELL Single  
78 18/02/1837 James ALEXANDER Single   Eliza CARTER Single  
79 26/02/1837 George GIBBS Single   Maria CARTER Single  
80 26/02/1837 John GRANT Single   Elisabeth MEADEN Single  
81 30/04/1837 William MARSH Widower   Sarah CREWS Single  
82 15/05/1837 Silas MEADEN Single Warminster Sarah MARLANE Single  

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