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North Grimston St Nicholas


The Parish

The parish of North Grimston lies in Central Yorkshire, within the East Riding it sits in the northwestern corner close to the border with the North Riding. North Grimston is located about 4 miles southeast of the market town of Malton and sits on the B1248 road which connects Malton with Beverley. North Grimston is a relatively small village which sits at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds on a series of double-bends where the B1248 begins its climb on to the Wolds. At the time of this transcript, and still today, North Grimston was a farming community with a mixed regime, albeit more arable predominates today in this age of heavy machinery. North Grimston is drained by the Settington Beck which heads off northwards, it soon reaches the Derwent and does an about-face to head southwestwards to eventually join the mass of rivers entering the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. North Grimston is sited at around 60 metres above the sea but land rises immediately to both south and east onto the Wolds where local heights top out at over 170 metres on Duggleby Wold a mile to its east. North Grimston parish was fairly typically sized for this area, covering around 1,350 acres it would have supported a population of just under 200 parishioners. In Domesday times North Grimston was a small and insignificant place yet shared 3 ways, the lion's share in the hands of Hugh son of Baldric, with a lesser portion held by the Archbishop of York whilst King William maintained an interest too; collectively the parish could only offer 4 ploughs with no other discernible assets listed.

The Church

St Nicholas church sits a little west of the village and north of the B1248. The church has early origins which Pevsner dates to the fashion change between Norman Romanesque and early English Gothic. Romanesque styling is shown by a chancel window and the chancel arch together with the corbel table, whilst the lancet windows of the western tower and the dog-tooth moulding in the southern doorway are Early English Gothic motifs. A few relatively small changes took place during the great church- building era of the Perpendicular but only minor details are reflected in this church. For once the extensive improvements came in the 17th century, the entire southern side of nave and chancel east of the porch are clearly of this date. The church sits well back from the B1247, a sign in the hedgerow and metal gates marking the tree-lined path which runs towards it. Once within the churchyard has few impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1st September 1754 - 17th October 1812 Borthwick Institute - York - Reference - PR/N/G/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 3rd September 1813 - 16th April 1836 Borthwick Institute - York - Reference - PR/N/G/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Settrington All Saints
Settrington All Saints
Settrington All Saints
Langton St Andrew
Wharram le Street St Mary
Birdsall St Mary
Birdsall St Mary
Birdsall St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 01/09/1754 George RICHMOND     Ellen PERROT    
2 01/01/1755 George JOHNSON Single Howden Jane KIVIS Widow  
3 05/09/1756 George MARSHALL     Jane ARNALL   Settrington
6 18/12/1757 John SELLER     Ann GREY    
9 27/02/1759 Thomas ARNOT   Hovingham Mary LYON    
10 25/11/1759 Robert LAWSON     Mary MUNCKMAN    
12 01/07/1760 John BOTTERELL     Jane TATE    
13 23/12/1760 Thomas COVERDALE     Mary CRAWFORD    
14 31/01/1761 Anthony ROUSBY     Elizabeth PATTRICK   Norton
15 05/05/1761 John WETHERELL     Elizabeth SIMPSON   Huttons Ambo
16 07/02/1763 Richard SPAVIN   Pickering Elizabeth PECKSTON Single  
17 28/11/1763 William SIMPCHIN   Settrington Mary ANDERSON    
18 12/05/1764 Richard WEBSTER   Kirby Grindalythe Abigail BRISCOE    
19 23/11/1767 John PEXTON   Fridaythorpe Elizabeth SUGGET    
20 09/02/1768 Thomas WEST   Settrington Elizabeth BRILBY    
21 26/11/1768 John OXENDEN     Elizabeth BAXTER    
22 26/11/1769 John LOWSON     Ann HOLMES    
23 29/12/1772 Thomas CROSS     Frances READ    
24 02/12/1773 John BRILBY     Elizabeth TATE   New Malton
25 02/05/1774 Richard RACE   Wharram Percy Elizabeth WALE    
26 19/11/1774 George RICHMOND     Margaret DAWSON    
27 14/01/1775 John GIBSON     Ruth OXENDALE    
28 02/02/1775 Thomas WIGGINS   Market Weighton Ellen DOWSER    
29 27/11/1775 William BROOK   Barningham Hannah ANDERSON    
30 05/12/1775 Henry KING     Christiana BOTTERILL    
31 22/01/1776 Joseph READ     Ann HICK    
32 05/11/1780 John DALE   Huttons Ambo Elizabeth CROSBY    
33 27/11/1780 Francis SELLER     Mary DODD    
34 24/11/1781 Thomas PEARSON     Elizabeth ANDERSON    
35 25/12/1782 John BOTTRIL     Ann BAXTER    
36 01/12/1783 William SOLLID     Mary MARSA    
37 19/01/1784 John PIERSON     Mary CROSS   Settrington
39 12/07/1785 George RICHMOND   Settrington Jane CATTLE    
40 25/01/1787 Jonathan BOOTH   Birdsall Hannah OXENDALE    
41 08/05/1787 Thomas TINSLEY     Frances DALE    
42 23/10/1787 William CREYKE   Burythorpe Jane MARSHALL    
43 11/11/1787 Francis ARNELL     Diana THURLEY    
44 24/02/1789 George SIMPSON     Mary BANKS    
45 31/08/1789 William SPAVIN     Isabella SCORR    
46 17/08/1790 Richard BEILBY     Elizabeth HAW   Norton
47 07/09/1793 Thomas DUNN     Jane OXENDALE    
48 02/12/1793 John SANDERSON     Jane BEILBY    
49 25/11/1797 Thomas WALLER   Birdsall Hannah WELBURN    
50 26/06/1798 William KNEWSHAW     Ann DALE    
51 22/09/1798 William PENTY   Sledmere Elizabeth DALE    
52 18/05/1799 James DALE     Elizabeth AVISON   Birdsall
53 26/11/1799 John BOYES Single   Elizabeth HARPER Single Fridaythorpe
54 31/12/1799 William KIRBY   Kirby Underdale Ann WILSON Single  
55 19/03/1800 James MARSHALL     Margaret DOVE   Birdsall
56 01/10/1800 John HURST     Betty ROBINSON Single  
57 26/07/1802 John MAW   Langton Ann PEXTON Single  
58 14/05/1803 Daniel FEASTER Single   Mary RICHMOND Single Knapton
59 06/10/1804 James FISHER     Elizabeth HERBERT    
60 23/11/1805 John ALLEN     Mary MONKMAN    
61 03/12/1808 John PECKSTONE     Margaret WAILES Single  
62 08/04/1809 Thomas BULMER     Ann THOMPSON Single  
63 27/07/1809 John SUMPNER   Sutton Upon Derwent Betty BEILBY    
64 28/12/1810 James NAGGS   Sherburn Mary BEILBY Single  
65 13/07/1811 Robert COULTAS     Ann MARSHAL Single  
66 23/11/1811 Edward KNEESHAW Widower   Elizabeth BAXTER Single  
67 25/11/1811 William MILLIONS     Mary WALKER Single  
68 20/09/1812 Thomas REEVELEY     Mary WRIGHT Single  
69 17/10/1812 Peter WILSON   Helperthorpe Sarah WARDLE Single  
1 03/09/1813 William COUPLAND     Esther CRAGGS Single  
2 19/01/1815 Cornelius WALES     Hannah WOOD Single  
3 04/11/1815 Richard SELLER     Ann CARR    
4 00/00/1816 John FOORD   Settrington Hannah HARDY    
5 23/01/1817 John BEILBY     Margaret OWSTON   St Michael, New Malton
6 19/12/1818 Thomas KITCHING   New Malton Margaret WARDELL    
7 15/12/1819 Jonathan TATE     Hannah KNEESHAW   Huttons Ambo
8 20/06/1820 George SALVIDGE   Sproatley Mary WARDELL    
9 04/11/1820 Francis ROBSON     Mary Ann SELLER    
10 02/07/1821 John DUN     Mary ROBSON    
11 27/08/1821 Benjamin CARR     Susannah DIXON    
12 24/09/1821 William WILKS     Margaret STEEL    
13 27/02/1822 John HABKIRK   Settrington Mary JOHNSON    
14 19/04/1823 Francis MITCHELL     Jane WARLEY   Wharram Le Street
15 28/01/1824 Richard GREY   Osmotherley Mary BELLERBY    
16 05/02/1825 Abraham SPAVIN     Mary SOLLITT    
17 23/05/1825 John BIGLAND   Swine Anne WARDELL    
18 08/08/1826 Thomas SKELTON   Coxwold Ruth SPANTON    
19 13/06/1828 John WARLEY   Wharram Le Street Elizabeth WILSON    
20 25/04/1829 Robert SELLAR   Wintringham Helen MITCHELL    
21 15/06/1829 James GREEN   Bainton Elizabeth NICHOLSON    
22 11/09/1831 William GOTT   Kirby Grindalythe Mary DUN    
23 05/12/1831 George FISHER     Mary KNEESHAW    
24 21/05/1832 William RICHARDSON   Kirby Grindalythe Mary SHIRES    
25 16/12/1834 George GRAY     Sarah NICHOLSON    
26 24/11/1835 William SMITH     Jane COULTAS    
27 26/11/1835 Mark HODGSON     Mary Sarah ROBINSON   Wharram Le Street
28 05/12/1835 Charles TURNER     Catharine GREEN    
29 16/04/1836 David STABLER   Warter Jane ANDERSON    

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