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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Kirby Grindalythe St Andrew


The Parish

The parish or Kirby Grindalythe lies in the northern portion of Yorkshire's East Riding. Kirby Grindalythe is a small and compact village lying in the Yorkshire Wolds about 7 miles northwest of the market town of Driffield. Kirby Grindalythe sits in an area largely devoid of numbered main roads, the closest the B1253 road lies a little more than 2 miles west of the village and is part of a series of minor B roads connecting Driffield with Norton on Derwent. The Wolds are underlain by chalk and consequently the soils are thin and nutrient poor, sheep rearing would have dominated the landscape whilst some arable would also have been grown, today the latter is dominant due to modern fertilisers and heavy machinery. There is little surface drainage due to the porous chalk, but Kirby Grindalythe has a charming clear stream running through the main village street, the stream drains northeastwards but is intermittent on its way finally becoming sub-surface from Butterwick on its underground journey to the nearby North Sea. Kirby Grindalythe is sited, within this valley, at around 100 metres above the sea and is surrounded by swelling chalk downs rising to almost 200 metres to the southwest of the village. Parishes on the Wolds tend to be larger than those in lower-lying areas and Kirby Grindalythe was one of the greater in extent, covering almost 7,600 acres it would have supported a population of close to 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Kirby Grindalythe was returned as part of the manor of Turodebi, a personal holding of King William it offered just a pair of ploughs, a small meadow but did possess a mill.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits on the northern edge of the village, slightly uphill from the valley bottom and its chuckling clear stream. Sadly St Andrew is a church much modified over the years despite having its origins in the 12th century. Wat appears the oldest portion, namely the chancel which shows the Norman Romanesque style is, in fact, a rebuild in the same style dating from 1870s. The 13th century nave is also new and dates from that same rebuild. The only original piece is the western tower which remains from the 12th century Norman Romanesque period but is topped by a Perpendicular and 14th century bell stage and recessed spire. It is internally, however, that the most important work appears, the mosaic depicting the Ascension of Christ may be relatively modern, it dates from 1893, but it is a singular piece which Pevsner rightly describes as "amazing" and is well worth a visit to see. The lane on which the church stands parallels the valley running east to west with the church on the southern side, a small pull-in sits opposite the gated entrance but can be muddy. The churchyard is open and with no obstacles for photography, however it is a little tight to the southeastern aspect which is favoured making it difficult to get sufficiently far back to accommodate the extent of the spire.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 27th May 1754 - 26th November 1812 Borthwick Institute - York - Reference PR/K/G/1A Plain unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The register is affected at various times by instances of fading, bleed through and poor handwriting making for a possibility of misreads albeit hopefully few in number
2 19th June 1813 - 17th August 1836 Borthwick Institute - York - Reference PR/K/G/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The register is affected at various times by instances of fading and poor handwriting making for a possibility of misreads albeit hopefully few in number

Settrington All Saints
Wintringham St Peter
Wintringham St Peter
Settrington All Saints
Wharram le Street St Mary
Helperthorpe St Peter
Wharram Percy St Martin
Wharram Percy St Martin
Sledmere St Mary
Sledmere St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 27/05/1754 George RICHMAN Settrington Anne BREARLEY Single
2 11/06/1754 Richard BILLINGHAM Hovingham Jane BELLARBY
3 31/05/1755 Richard MARSTON Mary SIMPSON
4 07/08/1755 William POXTON Sarah MUNKMAN Single Westow
5 10/02/1756 William SKELLINGTON Jane BILLINGHAM Wharram Le Street
6 13/10/1756 Thomas ROBINSON Margaret WATSON
7 24/11/1757 William POXTON Mary GREY North Grimston
8 26/09/1758 George CLUBLEY Ann WRIGHT
9 05/04/1759 Thomas TWEDALE Elizabeth ABBERT
10 09/11/1759 William TODD Elizabeth MILBURNE
11 24/11/1759 John SNAITH Mary ADAMSON Sledmere
12 23/03/1761 Thomas WOOD Foxholes Anne ELSTON
13 30/04/1761 John JACKSON Pickering Elizabeth ADAMSON
14 11/06/1761 William TODD Ann CLARKSON
15 28/02/1762 Peter GRINDLEY Christiana PICKERING Allerston
16 01/05/1764 William WARD Mary GIBSON Weaverthorpe
17 12/08/1764 Thomas THOMPSON Isabel HOPKINSON
18 24/11/1764 William FREER Dinah LEA
19 04/05/1766 John SCOTT Ann HORSLEY
20 26/06/1768 Thomas TURNER Kirby Underdale Elen ROBISON
21 17/08/1768 Isaac NIXON Elizabeth BRANSBY Wharram Le Street
22 09/10/1768 John PETCH Mary BURGESS
23 03/09/1769 William PITCH Jane GREEN
24 15/05/1770 Joshua WEBSTER Ellis LEE
25 13/03/1771 Francis ROOKS Elizabeth WATSON
26 26/11/1771 William FOSTER Elizabeth CLARK
27 15/01/1772 Thomas BIELBY Sledmere Isabella CARR Single
28 02/05/1772 Milbourn BOTTRELL Mary BINNINGTON
29 12/05/1772 William SMITH Ann CLARK
30 19/08/1772 Samuel MILBOARN Elizabeth NEWLOVE Helperthorpe
32 09/08/1774 Francis HIDE Little Driffield Jane CLARK
33 22/08/1774 Melther GIBBION Flamborough Jane WATSON
34 21/07/1775 John SMITH Mary BOAST Cherry Burton
35 05/12/1775 Robert LANGDALE Mary SELLER
31 01/01/1776 John SMITH Mary HILL
36 01/01/1776 William BAKER Hannah WATSON
37 17/06/1777 Robert HOLMES Scampston Elizabeth SIMPKIN Single
38 24/08/1778 Thomas SNOWBALL Sarah BOTTERELL Single Westow
39 23/11/1778 Robert ELLIOT Hannah SPROXTON Single
40 25/11/1778 William KING Sledmere Jane HORSLEY
41 02/12/1779 John PEARSON Mary EDWARDS Single
42 06/12/1779 John BURKS Jane SHEELDS Single
43 02/05/1780 Thomas COOPER Reighton Mary LEE Single
44 15/08/1781 Thomas SAWDON Helperthorpe Hannah CHRISTELOW Single
45 24/11/1781 John SHERWOOD Mary WILSON Single
46 10/12/1781 Thomas EZARD Elizabeth TRANMAR Single Wharram Percy
47 15/04/1784 John LEE Sarah SUGDILL Single
48 01/07/1784 John SIMKIN Jane HUTHAM
49 25/07/1784 John CARR Jane WARD Single
50 25/11/1784 Christopher NEWLOVE Helperthorpe Esther SNOWBALL
51 28/12/1784 Christopher WILSON Christiana PAPE
52 28/12/1784 Richard HEWET Jane TINDALL
53 13/01/1785 Thomas POXTON Mary ADDISON
54 03/09/1786 Thomas SMITH Mary JACKSON
55 07/12/1786 Daniel Hard BATTLE Sarah SHAW Single
56 29/07/1787 Jeremiah KEMP St Michael, New Malton Jane LEEFE
57 19/11/1787 Thomas SNOWBALL Jane SIMPKIN
58 24/11/1787 John ADDISON Dinah BLENKING
59 06/12/1790 Richard MIDGELEY Single Hannah NICHOL Single
60 07/03/1792 William PICKERING Weaverthorpe Hannah SMITH Single
61 08/04/1792 Robert SMITH Dinah FREAR Single
63 22/09/1793 John DUNN Elizabeth HESP Single
64 14/10/1793 John CHRISTELOW Ellis WEBSTER Widow
65 14/11/1793 Christopher WOOD Norton Mary NEWLOVE
66 02/12/1793 Laonard RUSSELL Jane HESSEY Single
67 18/05/1795 Richard STANDELAND Frances ROBINSON Single
68 30/01/1796 Christopher DALE Ann SELLER Single Wintringham
69 12/08/1796 William LAMB Jane SCOTT
70 22/11/1796 Aaron BAGG Wharram Le Street Mary ALLINSON
71 16/08/1797 Robert SNOWBALL Elizabeth MILBOURN
72 10/10/1797 Samuel MILBOURN Charity SNOWBALL
73 23/10/1797 John SNOWBALL Mary BURTON Single
74 08/11/1797 John WILKINSON Mary MILBURN Single
75 30/01/1798 William PEARCY Bulmer Grace MENELL Single
76 20/02/1798 Thomas WINTER Wharram Percy Mary SELLES Single
77 27/02/1799 Robert BLANCHARD Single Hannah HAWKINS Single
78 22/05/1800 Ralph ROBINSON St Martin Micklegate, York Mary WATSON Single
79 01/03/1802 Thomas LOVELL Widower Hannah BAKER Widow
80 12/07/1802 Richard SELLER Single Weaverthorpe Lydia SPENCELEY Single
81 23/12/1802 Richard CLARK Single Mary SMITH Single
82 15/07/1803 David SMITH Single Elizabeth WALLIS Single
83 16/01/1804 Edward BOYS Single Frances ROUSBY Single
84 12/05/1804 William BROWN Single Ann BREWER Single
85 18/08/1804 William AKINS Single Hannah SIMPSON Single
86 12/12/1804 John LEE Widower Elizabeth PUCKERING Single
87 26/02/1805 Robert SHEPHERD Single Hannah FRANMER Single
88 07/05/1805 James BOREMAN Widower Martha RAWSON Widow
90 15/10/1805 Thomas TULLY Single Mary RELTON Single
91 28/04/1806 Robert SMITH Single Foxholes Hester FANMER Single
92 05/08/1806 William SAWDON Single Helperthorpe Isabella SNOWBALL Single
93 25/11/1806 William BLADES Widower Rillington Ann HUDSON Single
94 24/10/1807 Thomas RELPH Single Jane PARKER Single
95 02/11/1807 Thomas BLINKIN Single Ann SHARP Single
96 12/12/1807 James SAYER Single Frances TINDAL Single
97 21/05/1809 John SMITH Widower Jane BAXTER Single
98 15/07/1809 William SANDEMAN Single Ruth STEVENSON Single
99 26/04/1811 Charles HAYES Single Middleton On The Wolds Ann MONKMAN Single
100 10/10/1811 Thackery PETCH Ann WILSON Widow
101 30/11/1811 Thomas VOEX Single Jane HOPE Single
102 16/03/1812 Christopher DALE Widower Ann SPAVEN Single
103 09/11/1812 James SUGGITT Single Mary OXANDALE Single
104 24/11/1812 William BINNINGTON Single Eleanor LENG Single
105 26/11/1812 William KITSON Single Ann WALKER Single
1 19/06/1813 George BARKER Single Martha SELLER Single
2 06/12/1813 George WATE Single Hannah WATSON Single
3 07/05/1814 John RAPER Single Ann SODEN Single
4 26/11/1814 Thomas VAUX Single Mary GRAY Single
5 13/03/1815 Christopher WILSON Single Maria BARNBY Single
6 22/04/1815 John SIMPSON Single Hannah CARR Single
7 25/05/1815 Thomas COOPER Single Cloughton Ann SPINK Single
8 27/06/1815 Thomas GRAYSON Single Mary WILLIAMS Single
9 05/08/1815 Thomas WALGATE Single Weaverthorpe Hannah STAVELEY Single
10 25/11/1815 John CONSIT Single Mary WILKINSON Single
11 25/11/1815 James HOPE Single Huttons Ambo Ann HARRISON Single
12 23/12/1815 George CLARK Single Sledmere Jane ATKINSON Single
13 13/01/1816 Abraham LISTER Single Rachel TRANMER Single
14 01/05/1817 William Henry ADDEY Single Darfield Margaret KIRKBY Single
15 27/11/1817 John THOMPSON Single Jane GREEN Single
16 10/12/1817 Petch PADGET Single Bethiah FLINTOFT Single
17 22/07/1818 John THOMAS Single Jane PRESTON Single
18 19/09/1818 Henry PIERCY Single Ann GRICE Single
19 25/05/1819 Richard WRAY Single Elizabeth SPINK Single
20 29/05/1819 Henry LEAMON Single Mary SUTCLIFF Single
21 28/11/1819 Robert WRIGHT Single Jane GRICE Single
22 20/05/1820 William LOCKWOOD Single Wetwang Hannah MIDGELEY
23 27/01/1821 John RINGROSE Single Phoebe WILKINSON Single
24 30/05/1821 Moses BOGG Single Wintringham Elizabeth LAWSON Single
25 28/07/1821 William BARKER Single Mary GRICE Single
26 07/05/1822 William ROBINSON Single Pickering Ann HODGSON Single
27 14/01/1823 James KEMP Single Elizabeth WILSON Single
28 04/09/1823 Edward BARBER Single Helperthorpe Hannah MEGGINSON Single
29 14/10/1823 William DUNHAM Single Mary Ann FARAM Single
30 06/03/1824 Thomas HORSEMAN Single Foxholes Mary INGHAM Single
31 29/11/1825 Christopher SUMMERS Single Wintringham Mary ION Single
32 26/06/1826 Harper LAYTON Single Scrayingham Mary WALKER Single
33 06/10/1827 Thomas NICHOLSON Single Mary CRAWFORD Single
34 15/10/1827 William SNOWDON Single Weaverthorpe Mary PERROTT Single
35 10/03/1828 John DUNN Single Langton Mary HESLEWOOD Single
36 24/11/1828 Seth WARDELL Single Ann SCOTT Single
37 24/11/1828 John LAMB Single Sledmere Mary PUTSEY Single
38 26/11/1828 James KITCHEN Single Elizabeth BELLARBY
39 30/12/1828 James RAPP Single Norton Hannah SMITH Single
40 05/01/1829 Richard MIDGELEY Single Matilda COX Single Nafferton
41 20/01/1829 Thomas DRUMMONDS Single Middleton Jane TULLY Single
42 26/01/1829 William NICHOL Single Mary RUSSEL Single
43 21/02/1829 William CHAPMAN Single Weaverthorpe Hannah BOREMAN Single
44 02/04/1829 Robert SMITH Single Julia BRICKLEBANK Single
45 12/05/1829 William AKESTER Single Mary ADDISON Single
46 17/10/1829 Thomas Moon HAYES Single Ellen MEGGINSON Single Ebberston
47 28/11/1829 Isaac MORLEY Single Rachel SHIPLEY Single
48 29/11/1830 John WEALDS Single Sarah PEACOCK Single
49 28/03/1831 John WATSON Single Knapton Hannah BROWN Single
50 22/09/1831 Matthew DIXON Single Ann PICKERING Single
51 28/11/1831 John STEAD Single Ann MASON Single
52 19/04/1832 Thomas BRAWEL Single Mary WARD Single
53 28/05/1832 Charles CHARNOCK Widower Castleford Jane WALKER Single
54 07/07/1832 Richard LOVEL Single Sledmere Sarah PICKERING Single
55 29/11/1832 Thomas HULLAY Single Wharram Percy Sarah PICKERING Single
56 10/12/1832 John JEPHSON Single Elizabeth ADDISON Single
57 25/05/1833 John RAWLING Single Mary WILSON Single
58 12/08/1833 Robert WARD Single Ellen FARROW Single
59 19/11/1833 Dobson SHEPHERDSON Single Charlotte PERRETT Single
60 25/02/1834 Richard JOHNSON Single Cherry Burton Hannah BOGG Single
61 17/04/1834 John THOMPSON Widower Elizabeth THOMPSON Widow
62 23/08/1834 John PARRIT Single Elizabeth THOMPSON Single
63 20/12/1834 Philip WITHEL Single Ann RAPER Single
64 06/06/1835 William BUTLER Single Hannah KITSON Single
65 25/11/1835 John HOLMES Single Harriet BAGG Single
66 05/12/1835 Richard GRAY Widower Hannah RAWLIN Single
67 07/05/1836 Thomas MILNER Single Mary HILLABY Single
68 23/05/1836 Charles John HANNATH Single Great Driffield Mary RICHARDSON Single
69 17/08/1836 Thomas ADAMS Single Ruth BROADLEY Single

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